Top 5 Mods Full Week! in Whitty, Hex, Tricky, Miku & Sarvente - Friday Night Funkin Mod #1

Mar 28, 2021
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This mod is cool, Excellent Full Week... Whitty, Hex, Tricky, Hatsune Miku & Sarvente become Boss?
All Week using bot
Sorry, i got copyright music just miku...
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This mod is the inspiration for the Full Week Series
Friday Night Funkin' #4 (Hard Mode)
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1. Whitty Full Week
2. Hex Full Week
3. Tricky Full Week
4. Hatsune Miku Full Week
5. Sarvente Full Week
00:00​ Info
00:10​ Phase 1 Whitty - Lo Fight
02:27 Phase 2 Whitty - Overhead
04:56​ Phase 3 Whitty - Ballistic
08:08​ Phase 1 Hex - Dunk
11:56​ Phase 2 Hex - Ram
14:33​ Phase 3 Hex - Hello World
17:17 Phase 4 Hex - Glitcher
21:18 Phase 1 Tricky - Improbable Outset
23:25​ Phase 2 Tricky - Madness
26:27​ Phase 1 Miku - Popipo
28:12 Phase 2 Miku - Aishite
30:05 Phase 3 Miku - Siu
32:24​ Phase 4 Miku - Disappearance
34:16​ Phase 1 Sarvente - Parish
36:27 Phase 2 Sarvente - Worship
38:46 Phase 3 Sarvente - Zavodila
42:02​ Phase 4 Sarvente - Gospel
45:41 Outro
#FNF #FridayNightFunkin

  • i'm sorry. only miku got copyright music Phase 1-4

    Helios WhitestarHelios Whitestar13 days ago
    • Dang it

      Puchii LopezPuchii LopezDay ago
    • its ok

      dimas prastiodimas prastioDay ago
    • F

      CatNip PlaysCatNip PlaysDay ago
    • Okay not sorry for the música popipo

      melany gomezmelany gomezDay ago
    • I am a fan I love your videos

      Lariah LariahLariah Lariah6 days ago
  • What is GF scared from Bomb Dude thunder Russian dudes that have loud voice

    FoxyGoesGamerFoxyGoesGamer4 hours ago
  • What makes the phase 4 gospel so hard is the arrows it looks so weird so it makes it hard

    Xxgg_bruhxX ggsgrtdgXxgg_bruhxX ggsgrtdg4 hours ago
  • si 😊

    Mireya Ortuño LópezMireya Ortuño López4 hours ago
  • 3:15

    Ou EmanivongOu Emanivong4 hours ago
  • Siu my favitore

    hung nguyenhung nguyen4 hours ago
  • The mid night masses and hex is ma fav mod they have the best music

    Xxgg_bruhxX ggsgrtdgXxgg_bruhxX ggsgrtdg4 hours ago
  • how to scare girlfriend: a literal demon: no a whole clown: no a literal robot glitching because of a virus: no a russain man: YES

    epic gamerepic gamer4 hours ago
  • 26:27

    e0w0e《{요미}》e0w0e《{요미}》4 hours ago
  • You need to rest :

    I’m wingo Yeah I’m wingoI’m wingo Yeah I’m wingo5 hours ago
  • Sarv: A devil Bf: cool do I give a fu-

    Josie GamesJosie Games5 hours ago
  • Tricky:*dying* GF: *just vibing to nothing*

    kaiokaio5 hours ago
  • Whitty: sings in anger Hex: sings for fun Glitched Hex: sings to save himself Tricky: sings in pain Miku: sings for her fans Sarv: sings to invite people to the church Ruv: sings to give work to the ambulance

    10 IQ_ Playz10 IQ_ Playz5 hours ago
  • Why Japanese

    KENTKENT5 hours ago
  • 32:24 The Silence of Hatsune Miku

    EggHeadNoobEggHeadNoob5 hours ago
  • Whitty: I don’t want anyone I am here *also whitty* demon noises and breaking the sound barier

    Du_ckyDu_cky5 hours ago
  • Miku: po-

    Gacha TimothyGacha Timothy5 hours ago
  • To know who tricky is you have to watch the the madness combat series there should be a video that shows when he is on it's called the entire madness combat series but only when tricky is on

    unspeakableplayz 1243unspeakableplayz 12435 hours ago
  • B V B B N J B G N D M

    unknown playerunknown player5 hours ago
  • is there a mod were all of them are merged in 1 one game?

    Alejandro RamírezAlejandro Ramírez5 hours ago
  • Im censored, on the phase 3 of tricky

    BunnyBunny5 hours ago
  • Dkdkdkddk

    Mink WMink W5 hours ago
  • was boutta watch then saw them mid roll ads. might as well watch tv at that point 💀

    JengaJenga5 hours ago

    Kotah SchwartzKotah Schwartz5 hours ago
  • How TF is gf not scared at dollar store pennywise but is scared of a f'n russuin with corps husband's voice and bf ain't scared of shit

    Nadir MarinNadir Marin5 hours ago
  • Hex 4 it hits different I could listen to it all day

    Nadir MarinNadir Marin5 hours ago
  • yêu cầu vồng ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🌈

    Phương Dung PhạmPhương Dung Phạm5 hours ago
  • Whitty: Obortion of a rapping bomb. Tricky: A rip off of Ronald Mcdonald and Pennywise but hes a green alien while having a seizure. Hex: R2-D2 and Jenny Wakeman had a child. Miku: Is somehow sibilings with The Boyfriend Sarvente: Why is she a nun but then, she turns into some depressed edgy e-girl lookin satans love child obortion.

    Eva Ellery SiaosiEva Ellery Siaosi6 hours ago
  • 25:14 tricky note is blood

    Warung PojokWarung Pojok6 hours ago
  • 34:16 why would they rap battle when they need to go find the toilet. In the middle of the rap battle they would just say I need to go to the bathroom real quick rap battle me after

    Melody YangMelody Yang6 hours ago
  • On the 4th one I didn’t hear the girl sing?!

    Austin playzAustin playz6 hours ago
    • And the 5th one makes my nightmares go away

      Austin playzAustin playz6 hours ago
  • Bee bo bee be boo be bo bee boo be bo bee boo bo

    Tofu EspacialTofu Espacial6 hours ago
  • 1+1= ...ดูเพิ่มเติม

    กัญญารัตน์ ใบอุบลกัญญารัตน์ ใบอุบล6 hours ago
  • wander how hes useing a mod

    AmberlyAmberly6 hours ago
  • Me cago :(

    Felipe VelardeFelipe Velarde6 hours ago
  • Bep bup its spookymont

    Coca de PiñaCoca de Piña6 hours ago
  • Ay qué chido

    sorteio Benjamín opinoyuglsorteio Benjamín opinoyugl6 hours ago
  • How do you get the game

    Anthony lolAnthony lol6 hours ago
  • It’s nice how u fit them all in 1 video, but I find it pretty annoying that u just clusterfucked every single key word possible into 1 video without even proper grammar. It’s a nice vid tho

    IcyIcy6 hours ago
  • E e aea o

    Isamarys SolorzanoIsamarys Solorzano6 hours ago
  • 42:22 R34: Now this is when the big bucks are gonna start rolling in

    Stolas OwlStolas Owl6 hours ago
  • 0:51

    Leonel ChLeonel Ch7 hours ago
  • 0:51 y 29:12

    Leonel ChLeonel Ch7 hours ago
  • Its' miku bug!?

    João_gamer plays e animaçõesJoão_gamer plays e animações7 hours ago
  • 0:51

    Leonel ChLeonel Ch7 hours ago
  • 0:5

    Leonel ChLeonel Ch7 hours ago
  • 0:5 bomba

    Leonel ChLeonel Ch7 hours ago
  • omg

    Marco OrdunaMarco Orduna7 hours ago
  • There something wrong with Miku person is gone

    ANGEL MAYANGEL MAY7 hours ago
  • 9:19

    maggy Magdalenamaggy Magdalena7 hours ago
  • COOL 😎

    ANGEL MAYANGEL MAY7 hours ago
  • 👍100000

    DuduDudu7 hours ago
  • Hex Easiest In My Oppinion

    ItsEnchantedApple0ItsEnchantedApple07 hours ago
  • In Mid-Fight Masses,am I the only one who thinks Parish is better than Worship,Zavodila and Gospel?

    Minerva FerrerMinerva Ferrer7 hours ago
  • Miku in phase 4: i can do like balistic (cant talk to loud and fail)

    César 137rk JOGOSCésar 137rk JOGOS7 hours ago
  • Whitty Phase One Is My Favourite So Far

    ItsEnchantedApple0ItsEnchantedApple07 hours ago
  • hi. I’m not a bot don’t report me pls.

    HiHi7 hours ago
  • exelent

    carmen Lozanocarmen Lozano7 hours ago
  • ⬇️↘️⬇️↘️↘️⬇️↘️↘️↘️⬇️↘️⬇️↗️↙️⬇️↘️⬇️↘️⬇️↘️↗️⬇️↘️⬇️⬆️↘️⬆️↗️↘️⬆️⬇️↗️↘️↘️↙️↙️↘️↙️↘️↙️↘️

    Lindsey LeeLindsey Lee7 hours ago
  • 🤔😕😲😤😪💩💩💩💩😈

    Tizi089 RojasTizi089 Rojas7 hours ago
  • My favorite part 20:27

    Nightmare golden Outline dark piggyNightmare golden Outline dark piggy7 hours ago
  • 👍100

    DuduDudu7 hours ago
  • 🌀🌀 O

    Lindsey LeeLindsey Lee7 hours ago
  • la tarea en primero:0:00 la tarea en cuarto:40:27 la tarea en sexto:40:17(velocidad x2 hay que poner)

    Horacio TalaveraHoracio Talavera7 hours ago
  • Can I do the 100th comment???

    Lindsey LeeLindsey Lee7 hours ago
  • Not gonna lie but Sarvente might be right BECAUSE people can't go to a church like on Tuesday or whatever day except Sunday so I think it's keith and the girlfriends fault for just coming in the church for no reason

    Kelvin The koalaKelvin The koala7 hours ago
  • This is the 10th comment : and I have no clue how much I love it lol I love the app it has to do so much better and more like it has been the app for the iPad app for a good rating of it and it is sus it has been crashing since the update and it crashes all over time I get it and I have no problem downloading this game I have to get a call to fix the iPad version and it crashes all my iPad to get a new update and I get to see the update and it crashes all my iPad

    Lindsey LeeLindsey Lee7 hours ago
  • 1234567890@#$&*()’”%-+=/;:,.€£¥_^[]{}§|~…\!?

    Lindsey LeeLindsey Lee7 hours ago
  • We can all agree that Miku looks like a five year old raging in fortnite in her last phase

    Janice BoweJanice Bowe7 hours ago
  • ________________________ WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA _________________________

    Lindsey LeeLindsey Lee7 hours ago
  • 👍100

    DuduDudu7 hours ago

    Danillo ZanarelliDanillo Zanarelli7 hours ago
  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Os canais são muito legais

    DuduDudu7 hours ago
  • Do robot had d****?

    this is sisiwthis is sisiw7 hours ago
  • Imagine tricky phase 3

    Anime God PlaysAnime God Plays7 hours ago
  • For the Hatsune Miku part, the sound cut off

    Mia McBrideMia McBride8 hours ago
  • Русские вы живы?!🗿

    KushinaKushina8 hours ago
  • 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 love that ♥ ❤ 💖 🎶 💕 😍 ♥ ❤ 💖 🎶

    darryl gardnerdarryl gardner8 hours ago
  • How is he not missing or maybe hes not playing bc theres no way he can hit all the the notes

    Maria ArroyoMaria Arroyo8 hours ago
  • لفلث

    sy / اس وايsy / اس واي8 hours ago
  • 27:16 if you pause it you can see a person with a thing like whitty's it him

    Olga OliveiraOlga Oliveira8 hours ago
  • Ruv: i'd say break a leg but i might end up breaking yours literally and i'm going to make this as painful as possible for you... BF: * just ok with it * Ruv: ...and your little girlfriend BF: *W H A T D I D U S A Y?*

    iBlossom_XiBlossom_X8 hours ago
  • Bro you’re so good

    Vered BarVered Bar8 hours ago
  • Me who has a minigun pointed at my keyboard: WHO NEEDS A BOT WHEN I GOT THIS!!!

    Josh KnobelJosh Knobel8 hours ago
  • Witty was here!?

    Fabiola Filippin MonteiroFabiola Filippin Monteiro8 hours ago
  • Boyfriend soloing aishite is kinda funny to me idk why

    Keracen The CatgirlKeracen The Catgirl8 hours ago
  • Assisti todos os seus vídeos

    Cleiber MotaCleiber Mota8 hours ago
  • UOL

    Cleiber MotaCleiber Mota8 hours ago
  • Yo soy ruv el ruso metalero

    bautista parolobautista parolo8 hours ago
  • insane bro

    draker boomdraker boom8 hours ago
  • What happened to the miku one?

    Raquel BrionesRaquel Briones8 hours ago
  • Girlfriend when scary characters sing 😖😖😖😖😖😖 when boyfriend sings 😀

    PokeyWatchesYTPokeyWatchesYT8 hours ago
  • LI

    Spider manSpider man8 hours ago
  • Who ever is singing this your AWSOME!!!

    gamer maddisongamer maddison9 hours ago

    이진영이진영9 hours ago
  • 🤩😵😨(TT:0

    Cleiber MotaCleiber Mota9 hours ago
  • Anyone else think that sarvente's voice sorta sounds more like an instrument lol

    AnavikNikoDuzReactionsYTAnavikNikoDuzReactionsYT9 hours ago
  • witty Electric guitar: tricky scari clown noise: Ruv shaking the whole church me what the hell

    aiden kalayanamitraaiden kalayanamitra9 hours ago
  • Favority 29:13

    Gabriel ytGabriel yt9 hours ago
  • How do u connect speakers in the Nevada desert? 😂

    Unknown PersoUnknown Perso9 hours ago