TOp 25 🌷🌸 Oh mY GoD, i tHiNk I'm DyiNg MemE 🌷🌸 Meme || [Ep.1] 👑 gAcHa LiFe & GaChA cLuB✔️❤️

Apr 5, 2021
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TOp 25🌹🌼 Oh mY GoD, i tHiNk I'm DyiNg MemE 🌼🌹Meme || [Ep.1] 👑 gAcHa LiFe & GaChA cLuB✔️❤️
W A T C H I N G ! !
S U B S C R I B E F O R M O R E :D

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  • Hi love your videos btw I am new and please can I have a shout out 😃

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  • It sounds like rlly in stead of I think

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  • fr-

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  • 2: the girl wearing demon but she went to heaven

    catluv XDcatluv XD58 minutes ago
  • 7:10 Dude: 35% good Angel: Heaven you shall go Me: -calls god and tells him that the angel let him go to heaven and he had 35% of good God: replaces the angel

    Daniel AlmaguerDaniel AlmaguerHour ago
  • 1:45 that's why you shouldn't joke about serious things, maybe one day it will happen to you, and your friends will think your joking because you did a prank about dying in the past.

    ɪᴛᴢ_ᴊᴀɴᴇ シɪᴛᴢ_ᴊᴀɴᴇ シHour ago
  • moral of the story: dont be like that time a boy was looking after the sheep and he cried "wolf" 50 times.

    most shortest namemost shortest nameHour ago
  • So this trend is basically just 'The boy who called wolf'?

    H0b l3H0b l32 hours ago
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  • I love how you steal things.

    road•killroad•kill2 hours ago
  • 3:16 i dont liek wher dis is going

    •Yokie• Kitty••Yokie• Kitty•2 hours ago
  • Don’t joke about dieing

    Elite_Knightx SarethElite_Knightx Sareth3 hours ago
  • mother god senses are tinggleing lol

    James BranninJames Brannin3 hours ago
  • im a huge fan can i get a shout out?? im also new T>T lol

    James BranninJames Brannin3 hours ago
  • Has anyone thought that in the villains perspective they were good guys and satan is an angel and the angel is the devil

    Elite_Knightx SarethElite_Knightx Sareth3 hours ago
  • excuse me may i ask what its saying 6:14 into the vid?

    Gacha_ WolfGacha_ Wolf3 hours ago
  • Mayictor

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  • 8:16 kimetsu no yaiba

    MariJo Rodríguez GonzálezMariJo Rodríguez González5 hours ago
  • when i says 100 me be like: but.. but... thats not possible....

    ivan prencivan prenc5 hours ago
  • 0:43 Oh my gawd I'm fuking dying

    t s u r y k i . . .t s u r y k i . . .5 hours ago
  • :( f por lo que mueren =_=

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  • 2:48 omg if you thought you were dying then why wouldn’t you go to a hospital? 🤨

    •sweetkiwis••sweetkiwis•10 hours ago
  • Remember. The boy who cryied wolf. The third time no-one came.

    Barbara BradleyBarbara Bradley11 hours ago
  • Loll

    Pumpkin xBuddyPumpkin xBuddy11 hours ago
  • 4:24 I like this part!!

    Keisya Gacha CHツKeisya Gacha CHツ11 hours ago
  • Hope this is corona virus and the prank at 8:56 at this video

    Jeerho XyrisJeerho Xyris12 hours ago
    • You know why i said corona because its quarantine

      Jeerho XyrisJeerho Xyris12 hours ago
  • Nice and can I have a shout out pls :

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  • Oh my god I think I'm dying!!! *7yr old me in the swimming pool pretending to be sinking to see what my parents and siblings do.*

    Nyen KetNyen Ket14 hours ago
  • Gacı lıyfe .d

    CanDesignCanDesign14 hours ago
  • Lesson Learnd help anybody even tho they do pranks a lot u must help

    Salina YusofSalina Yusof15 hours ago
  • Me: tells my mom I feel sick every single day, Her: telling me I’m overreacting Me: *ends up having a virus that eats me from the inside* 😀

    •macha_møcha ••macha_møcha •16 hours ago
    • Have no idea how you are alive and commenting this if there is a virus that does that- I just checked and there’s no such thing as a sort of virus that eats you from the inside out, there’s a bacteria but i doubt you have it, i’m sorry if you really do but it’s just unexpected for people to say this-

      Mikey PlayzzzMikey Playzzz12 hours ago
  • The second one was funni

  • This is stuck in my head I’m playing it everyday and imma make one

    Mochiland 2000Mochiland 200016 hours ago
  • 0:21 no entendi ;-; ¿eso es algo bueno no?:v Edit:por favor no digan que soy la única que habla español 😔xd

    La melodie UwULa melodie UwU16 hours ago
  • 0:45 oh my gosh hahah oh dear

    Kimberly OukKimberly Ouk17 hours ago
  • fact they wont help they will stand there and die also

    brooklynn cooperbrooklynn cooper17 hours ago
  • fact -they will yell-they will see u faint- they cheack on u- they cry- they die also -real fact

    brooklynn cooperbrooklynn cooper17 hours ago
  • i love the second one XD

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  • does this mean that the more physically hurt you are, the more good? Only Jesus and Mary are perfect

    Natalie KwanNatalie Kwan18 hours ago
  • ... amongus

    Water Guy AlaliWater Guy Alali18 hours ago
  • God is black not white

    Kylee RussellKylee Russell18 hours ago
  • At normal it sounds like omg i feel exsiting

    Eden WoodridgeEden Woodridge18 hours ago
  • Y que pasa si eres muy buena persona pero eres Homosexual? Solo por eso te vas al infierno o como funciona? .-.

    arneliuxarneliux19 hours ago
  • so best when deku dead hahahhahsshashshshs its prank so sad when deku dead

    pink unicornpink unicorn19 hours ago
  • 7:19 what about doggy? He is better than that disgusting rabbit

    bobamilk :VvVVvVVvVVvvVvbobamilk :VvVVvVVvVVvvVv19 hours ago
  • The first one tho

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  • Ya Tuhan, saya pikir saya sekarat

    •ɴᴀʏᴀsʜ_ᴇᴅᴛxᴢ••ɴᴀʏᴀsʜ_ᴇᴅᴛxᴢ•20 hours ago
  • May we get a moment of peace for uraraka (plays scene where uraraka floats up in air)

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  • I like ittttt

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  • the boy who cried wolf

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  • 3:16 deku is gay

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  • why is death and murder a trend? this is fucked up.

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  • I love the fanf one

    Xxrosexx •_•Xxrosexx •_•23 hours ago
  • Fun fact:There no people that never did something wrong..

    [B]-[O]-[N]-[K][B]-[O]-[N]-[K]23 hours ago
    • And it's not funny that your joking to your bff if you feel dying because if you say that it's just making your bff feel uncomfortable and you may getting a karma..

      [B]-[O]-[N]-[K][B]-[O]-[N]-[K]23 hours ago
  • I hate the nurse in the first one omggg

    「Genshin Guide」「Genshin Guide」23 hours ago
  • Funeral: He/she last words were “omgg think I’m dying”

    Tierney!thatsmynameTierney!thatsmynameDay ago
  • Aquí está el comentario en Español que tanto buscabas nwn🌌✨

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    Elisandra Silveira TeixeiraElisandra Silveira TeixeiraDay ago
  • Marinette is sorta mean tho

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  • 0:12 if your guys her haters She need love too!

    xXcoolvibes._. XxxXcoolvibes._. XxDay ago
  • :)

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    Richard miguel332Richard miguel332Day ago
  • The second one is just hilarious she just dies as soon as she goes to hell

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  • I am new too!

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  • Hi I’m new and i here if you say there name 3 time you get pinned so lets try M I O K A Y M I O K A Y M I O K A Y

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  • The first one angel be shocked that the main character is good even tho half the time its like that

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  • Amazing editing by the by i love your videos by the way can I have a shout out? 😅

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  • (Me seeing mha) Me:I’m drawing all might true form when blood is coming from his mouth

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  • I don’t get how people find Gacha people dying entertaining- But I know I do..-

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  • 8:50 dang it was just a joke didn’t have to make it real -3-

    _-Y a p z-__-Y a p z-_Day ago
  • Hello but what I hear is oh my god I think I’m excited lol

    •Boyfriend• [Fnf]•Boyfriend• [Fnf]Day ago
  • 8:48 did you really have to kill your "friend" over some stupid joke ya made bobZ? did ya really?

    Gacha NecessaryGacha NecessaryDay ago
  • I m sorry lila

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  • moral of the story: the nicest people die the most painful and brutal death

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