Top 15 Tips & Tricks in Among Us | Ultimate Guide To Become a Pro #3

Oct 13, 2020
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Top 15 Tips & Tricks in Among Us | Ultimate Guide To Become a Pro #3
Win by completing tasks to prepare the ship or ejecting all impostors
React quickly to find the imposter
Check the admin map and security cameras to keep tabs on other Crewmates

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  • Part 4

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  • You know you can walk around while having the sabotage menu open

    Zach PlowmanZach PlowmanHour ago
  • Mobile players be like: I see no god ....EXCEPT FOR ME

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  • Thanks it was os useful and interesting and specialy the align task ii hope the another part

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  • Can you make video on tips and tricks in polus (among us ) map

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  • Hello

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  • Fun fact: I find tons of impostors So I call meetings The idiots vote me when I say who is the impostor

    Dom B MTBDom B MTB2 hours ago

    Among us devilAmong us devil2 hours ago

    Among us devilAmong us devil2 hours ago

    Among us devilAmong us devil2 hours ago
  • Man please do pubg mobile tips and tricks 😰😰😢😭

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  • What if the imposter opens sabotage then walks up to the cams? 2:09

    Mr ScalesMr Scales3 hours ago
  • Me Crewmate:who and where? Otheres:hmm ur kinda sus

    ツSanchezツSanchez3 hours ago
  • Indian Legend player Pubg mobile Lite | Who Just play with Juban | A very Sad Facecam video.

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  • The tip in 3:11 i discovered accidentally:)

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  • Why didn't u make clash royale vids?

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  • when I first did the trash task I thought I was supposed to get the diamond out 🤡

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  • I used these Tips!

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  • Can we hit 100k without any vids?

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  • Buddy, people can sabotage and walk to a vent or camera until they sabotage.

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  • egg

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  • Your sabotage tip is only half right. It does cover the button, but if they click on it before they walk near the computer/button/vent they can still sabotage even while in those positions. When playing against people/friends whom I know are smart enough to look for that sort of thing, I do this intentionally to throw them off.

    EstelleseEstellese7 hours ago
  • When pubg banned everyone in among us

    Masood EjazMasood Ejaz7 hours ago
  • bro why are u giving tips wtf 😂

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  • Ummm actually sabotages can be done on vents and on security, its just that the impostor needs to open the sabotage window before they stand there. I know because i have fooled people by doing that myself :) Just wanted to let ya know.

    Sarah SSarah S8 hours ago
  • 2:21 but onaly the inpostor can vent lol

    Michał KlatosMichał Klatos9 hours ago
  • Plz tell me how to change the killcool down

    nezuko kamadonezuko kamado9 hours ago
  • It isn’t impossible to do a sabotage when you are at cams just click sabotage before you go to cams and you can sabotage!

    LoserLoser9 hours ago
  • I can do that its easier

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  • Estoy haciendo spam hacia mi servidor de discord por qué me ha llevado mucho tiempo y megustari que os unierais o al menos os paséis por allí gracias

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  • Can you please make part 4? I subbed and like I like the tips and tricks!

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  • Scary haha

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  • 1 MORE TIP :- Steps :- • Open "among us" game • Click on the - "settings icon" • Then click - "data" • "TURN OFF" personalised adds there you go.. you wont get adds !! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

    Shailendra ChandrasekaranShailendra Chandrasekaran9 hours ago
  • I found one tip... U can open sabotage map and be near vent or computer in security, then u can click on sabotage u want and nobody can say on meeting what it's u.

    Алина НовиковаАлина Новикова10 hours ago
  • 2:07 you can click samotage and walk to cams and you can samotage but can't watch cams untill you leave the sabotage menu

    Skaut _007Skaut _00711 hours ago
  • i know all of those xD

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  • I know all this but listening to it is satisfying

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  • Hey I am better than you ok

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  • It's imposter

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  • Face reveal ( so big fan )

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  • 2:13 the imposter can open the map first when entering the security then stand near the cams and crewmates wont notice

    AB54RAB54R14 hours ago
  • Myth:There is arrow upper side on card swip go according to it and then task will happen

    lady buglady bug14 hours ago
  • 2:10 sometimes there is more than 1 imposter so the other imposter could do it

    R ejectR eject14 hours ago
  • 2:39 not everytime i see you never played with randoms

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  • 1:10, 1:32, 3:01

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  • My friend ,you are an inspiration for my videos , I thank you soo much for what ur doing and I rly hope u will continue to do it a huge amount of time from now on !!! And my biggest dream is that one day , after and if i will become a better youtuber mby we could play together in a vid , until then I will try to make videos at least half as good as yours !!! I wish u all the well in the world !! !!!!!

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  • My only concern is reactor. If you vent to reactor people can suspect that you are the imposter because there are security cams so if they don't see you walk in the only other way you got in there is the vent. I am not trying to hate on you this is a question i have.

    Dakota PeaksDakota Peaks15 hours ago
  • bro, i was playing the game, i was the imposter, a GIRL said im the imposter and everyone voted me pls do something for this

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  • More pls

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  • In pubg mobile

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  • Only legends know the thumb nail changed

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  • Эммм, а нельзя включить карту саботажа и потом встать на люк?

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  • Is it just me or is this SOO HELPFUL

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  • When you are garbage even after watching this video :(

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  • The sec subotage u can do click subotage before you go on the place that confirm you your not impostor

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  • The swipe card task tip does work!

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  • Tip: swipe 3 or 4 time in card swipe

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  • i vented as crewmate in among us

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  • I'm wondering if the SAM in the game was me cause I changed my name 🤔 Lol i wanna know 😅 🤣

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  • Thanks nice tricks and stuff!

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  • Part 4

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  • alot of good information

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  • the kill cooldown also freezes when you're trying to fix lights

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  • 4:14 why I don't have this computer?

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  • Can you please do more among us vids please

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  • استطيع ان افهل سبتاج لو كنت عند الكامرة

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  • Can you make more pubgs vids plas😭😭😭

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  • thanks for the tricks it really help me

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  • Second part delete ker cer

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  • gullible kids: **sees clickbait, believing it's real and tries to do it in among us**

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  • Sir pls make video on clash of clans. 😊

  • Hey Clash you prolly wont see this but actually you can sabotage even while near cams (or vents). You can do this by clicking on the sabotage menu and walk there then click a sabotage. In conclusion, the person near the camera (or vent) may still be an Imposter and sabotage. Just wanted to point that out, people who watched this may vouch for them but they still may be an Imposter! :) Edit: ALTHOUGH to substitute that tip, you can check the cameras if it is blinking (if he's the only one near cams). Then if a sabotage happens while the cams are still blinking, you are sure it's not him because you know he's looking in cams. (This only works if there is only 1 impostor)

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  • Thanks for the trick! But I still doubt this is a mistake on the game?

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  • Fun fact: if youre playing on someones live stream dont kill him players will see you kill him on smartTV youre other tablet and more.

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    • I mean dont kill the person who is streaming

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  • these are the best tips thank you

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  • Pubg myths: if you throw a frag grenade at any car that's can have 4 people to ride. Throw the grenade inside the car and the grenade will float

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  • Le reliable Lights sabotage

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  • Among us is popular game I only like your pubg

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