Tommy Gets Locked In Prison with Dream

Feb 22, 2021
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Tommy Gets Locked In Prison with Dream on the Dream SMP
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Today TommyInnit is on the Dream SMP! The Server made by Dream in Minecraft with lots of laughs and funny moments.
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but it is me and my friends having fun on the Dream SMP! POG CHAMP!!
Channel managed by Rudy, big thanks to him - @Rudylmao

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    TommyVODSTommyVODS4 days ago
    • -17:06 hera in the pjo series be like 🤣

      lilac dragonlilac dragonDay ago
    • i put up 1.75 speed bcs its funny :)

      Hey ItsArttHey ItsArtt3 days ago
    • Fuck you tommy

      Monis CheemaMonis Cheema3 days ago
    • 14:55 Tommyinit about to loose a cannon life

      YouTuner *YouTuner *3 days ago
    • @Blooper Dooper how r u here before it’s overused

      W is for WinnerW is for Winner3 days ago
  • tommy: calling us bros,guys,dudes 50% of people who watch his vids: Girls

    Emily Does GachaEmily Does Gacha6 minutes ago

    ZR7 7ZR7 79 minutes ago
  • I dont really understand i mean as i think that Dream could escape i mean hes owner of this server he could just /gamemode creative

    _ F r ! e n d s . . ? __ F r ! e n d s . . ? _18 minutes ago
  • 😢 bye dream

    ZR7 7ZR7 719 minutes ago
  • beast

    Christopher CianciulliChristopher Cianciulli21 minute ago

    Fay janFay jan26 minutes ago
  • tommy: you are the monster of this server dream: all i can offer is a potato

    gionni munozgionni munoz40 minutes ago
  • dream is depressed :(

    KING SCXRKING SCXR40 minutes ago
    • dream is mental :( /rp

      larnlarn32 minutes ago
  • he watches bille ilish whaaaa sorry if i spelled it wrong oof

    boba_tea31boba_tea3153 minutes ago
  • Tommy is depressed

    AnnoyingBushAnnoyingBush54 minutes ago
  • I want to be trapped in that prison with Dream lol. Sounds fun.

    SHEEPinatorSHEEPinatorHour ago
  • This is worse scripted than a play some 5 year olds made

    owlsheadowlsheadHour ago
  • I really hate the fact that he swears so much.

    The ReaperThe ReaperHour ago
  • what happened to get dream in the prison?

    Niko AngersNiko AngersHour ago
  • Didnt he set a spawnpoint in the bed? Couldnt he just kill himself in the lava to go back?

    Vigil 707Vigil 707Hour ago
  • 💭(:

    blue _phoneixblue _phoneixHour ago
  • Who else saw the title and was like Well fuck.

    X dxbiccry XX dxbiccry XHour ago
  • i saw ur tik tok were u do basketball and goodluck when u hit 2 mil

    Simon PithersSimon PithersHour ago
  • Ur such a simp with dream

    Lannxe ExLannxe ExHour ago
  • Ya but Dream's my favorite

    mejd playzmejd playzHour ago
  • F you tommy

    JordanJordan2 hours ago
  • So I just had a break through with the egg and how tommy isn’t affected by it Well because tommy isn’t infected he can move freely with no influence from the egg and do you all remember how he got the keycard to the nukes well hear me out okay the war will start and tommy will most likely end up using a nuke to get rid of the egg Thanks for coming to my Ted talk

    Thisisareallylongusernamefornoreasonatall LolThisisareallylongusernamefornoreasonatall Lol2 hours ago
  • i think it was the egg if you listen closely after every explosion there is egg noises the eg yes it seems crazy might have down this.

    SaturnSaturn2 hours ago
  • aww dream sounded so sad when he said i wish you would visit me more

    PenguinPenguin2 hours ago
  • Dream was healing tommy by giving tommy food

    ARC trooper rex CT-7567ARC trooper rex CT-75672 hours ago
  • bcftccvuyvvfg vyvuvu

    Hilda OmakorHilda Omakor2 hours ago
  • Did you build l,manburg back

    Itz FrxstyItz Frxsty2 hours ago
  • bet he regrets inviting everyone

    Eli LopezEli Lopez2 hours ago
  • everyone in the comments :*potatoes* me: skips to the part where dream gives him potatoes

    Cakey BGCakey BG2 hours ago
  • It’s so staged that tommy didn’t jump into the lava when his spawn point was set outside the cell

    Cyrus ClineCyrus Cline2 hours ago
  • I Usually Don't Find Tommy Annoyed But Some Parts From Him Talking With Dream Kinda Triggered Me...

    Aravind KrishnaAravind Krishna2 hours ago
  • Dream Gave Tommy All Of His Potatoes He’s Gonna Die From Starvation And Break Out

    Cryptic Wonders PodcastCryptic Wonders Podcast2 hours ago
  • The intro was nice :]

    Ann mae VillanuevaAnn mae Villanueva2 hours ago
  • If he kills himself with the lava he will on outside of dreams cell.

    hihi2 hours ago
  • tommy has a mustache

    David RazmadzeDavid Razmadze2 hours ago
  • the fact he did all this at 3am hurts me. i can barely talk at 3am

    GrandTheftOhGrandTheftOh2 hours ago
  • Tommy: AYYY can we get some pogs in the chat! Dream: *Depression*

    Thordur Aron10Thordur Aron102 hours ago
  • Uh ok?

    Joe TennantJoe Tennant2 hours ago
  • Dream smp i dont think so

    Costas LCostas L2 hours ago
  • Chill7

    king lolking lol2 hours ago
  • Tommy made a bad desicion putting dream there

    Viggo NiemiViggo Niemi3 hours ago
  • 26:55 and look at Tommy. You WONT regret it

    Dillan SesslerDillan Sessler3 hours ago
  • “IVE BEEN SUFFERING FROM SUCCESS” -proceeds to do the Tommy smirk-

    Dillan SesslerDillan Sessler3 hours ago
  • Uhm- so your analogies need some help XD also tommy I am litteraly in love with you you amazing XD

    bob :Pbob :P3 hours ago
  • Dream: Tommy write how to sex 9 Tommy: I havent even wrote how to sex 4 👁👄👁

    ZayZay3 hours ago
  • Why doesn’t the lava make a portal then they can go through the other portal

    Doggy GamergirllDoggy Gamergirll3 hours ago
  • When I get my gaming console confiscated Tommy's face: 7:20

    Andrew LandonAndrew Landon3 hours ago
  • Holy heck, this was uploaded a day before my birthday. {Feb 23}

    Kalixo - OtherKalixo - Other3 hours ago
  • 7:11 lol

    ink bendy playzink bendy playz3 hours ago
  • Damn, when he burnt those pictures, that was so smooth with the flint and steel, that satisfies me. Dunno why, don't ask.

    Kalixo - OtherKalixo - Other3 hours ago
  • The prison is called pandora's box- in the greek myth a God gave someone pandoras box, she wasent supposed to open it but then she disobeyed and opened the box, when she opened the box evil came out. But faith also came out, Tommy is faith and dream is evil.

    Aspen CaribouAspen Caribou3 hours ago
  • Dream escape already lol

    NightmareNightmare3 hours ago
  • Oop

    Jess The little elfJess The little elf3 hours ago
  • Let dream out hes been there for weeks

    Ame lia PlaysAme lia Plays3 hours ago
    • Bruh, his sentence is forever

      Aspen CaribouAspen Caribou3 hours ago
  • why didn't Tommy just kill him self so he could spawn by his bed that he pressed

    Christian KobayashiChristian Kobayashi4 hours ago
    • @Aspen Caribou oh fax

      Christian KobayashiChristian Kobayashi2 hours ago
    • Ik but I think it might count as a cannon life

      Aspen CaribouAspen Caribou3 hours ago
  • I think its ranboo bc you can hear endman noise in the background and I think dream is getting mind control by someone to muinplat dream that why he is a bit sus dream is

    cauley breakcauley break4 hours ago

      Aspen CaribouAspen Caribou3 hours ago
  • Visit him more pls

    BARNICON19BARNICON194 hours ago
    • WeLl GeE I sUpPoSe NoT lIkE hIs LaSt TiMe GoInG oR hE iS sTuCk tHeRe FoR Up tO a wEeK

      Aspen CaribouAspen Caribou3 hours ago
  • lol why didnt tommy go in the lava

    GameManiaGameMania4 hours ago
  • Poor dream

  • 33:13 ohhhh tommy you don't get how wrong you are-

    Minty- ChanMinty- Chan4 hours ago
  • Can you spin me right round right round like a baby?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????>????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/////???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Ethan CorneliusEthan Cornelius4 hours ago
  • The Joker is nothing without Batman

    Martin KichukovMartin Kichukov4 hours ago
  • Idk if anyone else has said this, but I believe they changed the prison to crying obsidian so Dream can't turn it into a nether portal and escape, I saw someone escape the prison cell by making a nether portal, but idk

    What the LeoWhat the Leo4 hours ago
  • tommy add illumina hd to the dream smp if you don't know who illumina hd is he is a old rival of dream from the speed running time.he is an equal to dream in pvp and tricks.he can help you against dream and his minions

    chinmay nayakchinmay nayak4 hours ago
  • Shout outs to me

    Super Mario StuffedSuper Mario Stuffed4 hours ago
    • No

      Aspen CaribouAspen Caribou3 hours ago
  • dream no he went to your party right no one else did did they apart from dream he has been their for you every time

    Benjamin AyresBenjamin Ayres4 hours ago

    Lim_SoahilLim_Soahil4 hours ago
  • yea but dream hase the book tho. WHATE TOMMY NOOO

    olteanu petreolteanu petre4 hours ago
  • If Dream's stuck in prison for... well, forever; he's got time to train for another... thousand years? Besides, he already has the potato part down pat

    Katelyn WuKatelyn Wu4 hours ago
  • 22 of feb is my birthday

    Elibro10Elibro104 hours ago
  • Look tommy stop being mean to dream

    Minecraft mod manMinecraft mod man5 hours ago
  • Sucks to be you Tommy

    The Spagetli EnnardThe Spagetli Ennard5 hours ago
  • It’s dream smp get dream out

    Minecraft mod manMinecraft mod man5 hours ago
  • Yes, the best thing in a prison. Netherite Blocks

    刘文滨刘文滨5 hours ago
  • 😭😭😭😭😭get dream

    Minecraft mod manMinecraft mod man5 hours ago
  • Can we just admire how good the red stone is?

    LizLiz5 hours ago

    enderender5 hours ago
    • @Aspen Caribou rip it was a cool theory tho

      enderender3 hours ago

      Aspen CaribouAspen Caribou3 hours ago
  • Don't drop the soap

    SilverSilver5 hours ago
  • ]me:laughing so hard at 7:09

    NhojyerNhojyer5 hours ago
  • I just noticed that Dreams skins arm is 3 pixels wide (Alex skin width) Instead of Steves 4 pixel wide arm

    SecureComic982SecureComic9825 hours ago
    • @AnisGamer29 WDYM?

      SecureComic982SecureComic9825 hours ago
    • Real 2 mins?

      AnisGamer29AnisGamer295 hours ago
  • Dream sounds like he just found out he was adopted.

    Vo1dZVo1dZ5 hours ago
  • Dream sounded so sad when Tommy said that’s his last time seeing him😭

    Arson is PoggersArson is Poggers6 hours ago
    • Aw boohoo yes let's feel bad for the grownup munipletive wrong villian because he feels sad :((((((((

      Aspen CaribouAspen Caribou3 hours ago
  • do more smp vids please

    Marco PerfettiMarco Perfetti6 hours ago
  • he could just jump in the lava to get out

    TTV_lividTTV_livid6 hours ago
    • He is on his last life this would count as a canon death

      Aspen CaribouAspen Caribou3 hours ago
  • Dream should get out

    Rainimator Fan clubRainimator Fan club6 hours ago
  • i searched for : "prison minecraft" and this was the second one.

    gamoligamoli6 hours ago
  • What's wrong with being a ging

    shane krieseshane kriese6 hours ago
  • Rip tommy and dream stuck in a room for ever

    CriticalTV 1243CriticalTV 12436 hours ago
  • S t u c k

    {CH.ARLE_demon}{CH.ARLE_demon}6 hours ago
  • these people have caught on the reason why they changed it to crying obsidian is so that dream could not make an end portal with the blocks in his cell.

    Bolu ShittahBolu Shittah6 hours ago
  • why do u not sprint Tommy

    Ryan CampbellRyan Campbell6 hours ago
  • I do like Tommy but I wish he didn’t have a British ascent, the British accent is disgusting and the UK is such a disgusting place. I hope Tommy can move to America (the best place) and get an American accent.

    TotalUniverse ProductionsTotalUniverse Productions6 hours ago
    • Good joke buddy You got me for a second there

      Mixel blackMixel black6 hours ago
  • Tommy gets locked in prison with dream *THINGS GONE SEXUAL*

    RUWAKERUWAKE6 hours ago
  • its chnaged to crying obsidian so he cant use the cell as a nether portal if he places his chest or something near lava

    Bubby1rBubby1r6 hours ago
  • Dream: which means you’ll stay here for a while Tommy: *NO*

    Leiandra Games - RobloxLeiandra Games - Roblox6 hours ago
  • Its 6:18 am

    Ava gochaAva gocha6 hours ago
  • imagine if it was AJTHEBOLD saving dream

    Julian RampaulJulian Rampaul6 hours ago
  • Dude I wanna see what happens Upload the next episode

    Parsa SaParsa Sa6 hours ago
  • What's wrong with ginger people I'm ginger

    Jayden KilburnJayden Kilburn7 hours ago