Tom Brady - Seven Rings (Original Bored Film Documentary)

Feb 18, 2021
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This original documentary takes a look at the incredible journey of the GOAT, Tom Brady, and his road to his seventh ring. After decades of dominance in New England, the greatest QB to ever do it switched teams. The doubters were plentiful, the skeptics were loud...but the Goat has a way of silencing his critics in spectacular fashion.
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    Joseph VincentJoseph Vincent6 days ago
    • What’s the name of the song that plays at the end

      khalidntokozokhalidntokozoDay ago
    • joseph vincent bored film is better than the nfl sponsored version. the movie sound effects, humor and voicing really slaps.

      Da MobbDa Mobb2 days ago
    • Hey make a Bas Rutten video please

      Quentin BaxterQuentin Baxter2 days ago
    • I know this may be an unpopular decision but I’d love to see joe make a Troy Palamalu highlight video

      King BubbKing Bubb2 days ago
    • Do Anderson silva

      Bach the 1stBach the 1st2 days ago
  • 3 jobs most people would like see brady take when he retires, qb coach, offensive coordinator , nfl analyst/commentator. tom might play until he gets the bucs a dynasty ! =D i dont think there has been a super bowl where you saw one team like the bucs completely dominate both sides of the ball the whole game. it was fun to watch!

    Brett ReidBrett ReidMinute ago
  • Undisputed GOAT no debate

    Patrick PetrilloPatrick Petrillo55 minutes ago
  • Love to hear the neigh Sayers silence. The bad thing is they don’t have the integrity to say they were wrong and give him their props. They’ll have to wait till next year and start a whole new haters campaign. Thank you Tom Brady

    Tim MalechaTim MalechaHour ago
  • Awesome Vedio

    Pat PatPat PatHour ago
  • never get tired of these brady videos when he wins SBs lol

    ryderryder2 hours ago
  • People say it’s the Defense! How do you think Belichick was able to afford those defenses? How do you think Belichick managed to put it together? NOBODY wants to talk about Brady from the beginning willingly took pay cut after pay cut! BRADY PAID FOR THOSE DEFENSES FROM HIS OWN POCKET THAT ALLOWED BILL TO DO HIS JOB! When your QB ranks outside the top 10 in salaries at the QB position for the majority of his 20 year career. How you think Bill managed to buy the groceries? Same in Tampa now! Brady on $25mill which ranks 17th amongst current 32 starters Brady allowed Bill the financial resources to build those defenses. Good luck getting that now from another QB That also sets a standard that no one gets paid more than the QB (ladies and gents that’s what you call the Brady effect) Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!

    Ali RazviAli Razvi2 hours ago
  • Great vid but you should make a Matthew stafford video I think he deserves it❤️💯

    Wesley DevereauxWesley Devereaux3 hours ago
  • Jamie Winston lol

    Vico VillaVico Villa4 hours ago
  • Being a Saints fan, it really sucked to beat the Buccs twice in regular season and then lose to them in the playoffs. But that's what Brady does. Also Buccs defense was A1 this season.

    RobRob4 hours ago
  • Good video, but the commentary is a tad over dramatized

    Mike BettsMike Betts4 hours ago
  • If Tom can do this, I can lose weight

    whatsupdavwhatsupdav4 hours ago
  • U probably have a lot of ideas but I think demian Maia story would be a good video to do

    ORYXORYX5 hours ago
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    Bryson TillsBryson Tills5 hours ago
  • You can't spell "The Best" without TB

    coyotemoonTVcoyotemoonTV5 hours ago
  • does rob parker have a brain?

    Samuel HopkinsSamuel Hopkins7 hours ago
  • pls do dennis rodman-the worm

    Rodolfo Marcelle MosquedaRodolfo Marcelle Mosqueda7 hours ago
  • "...turned the Black Hole into a Michael Bay film" LOL

    Nick WangNick Wang7 hours ago
  • Its sad to say, but AB hasn't been the same since the Burfict hit.

    RehzxyRehzxy7 hours ago
  • Tbf the bucs defense carried brady thru the playoffs vs saints and packers

    John ShackelfordJohn Shackelford8 hours ago
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    Avi AkbarAvi Akbar8 hours ago
  • Rumor has it that Tom Brady wants to be the Mandarin. His intention is to obtain the Ten Rings. Seven down, three to go.

    Charles W Jansen IICharles W Jansen II9 hours ago
  • How bout them bucs man😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏 Brought it back home baby🔥💣🔥💣

    The Real Dirty DanThe Real Dirty Dan10 hours ago
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    Nham Bao UyenNham Bao Uyen11 hours ago
  • Ahhhhh, Lord of the Rings. Great trilogy, never gets old.

    Push PlayPush Play11 hours ago
  • A 🐐 making a film about another 🐐 💯👏🏾🖤🖤✊🏿

    Joshua BrownJoshua Brown11 hours ago
  • How much i've loved just to see the faces and all the media haters dropped their fkng jaws to see how TB12 kicked ass and they how to bowed to the GOAT....I'll never forge this jajajjajjajajajaj

    art botart bot11 hours ago
  • I've never been a tom brady fan I am now, you can't deny what he has done otherwise you just don't know football

    Crystal ThomasCrystal Thomas11 hours ago
  • Gotta say Gronk is a BEAST. Imagine you retire then come back bc of Brady and then winning the Super Bowl like Lost for words. But nice game from mahomes he’s done some stuff in that game which we never see from another QB

    mischa zimnymischa zimny11 hours ago
  • Leo gang Let's go 💪🏾✊🏿🖤

    Joshua BrownJoshua Brown11 hours ago
  • brady should do a parashute gear com been falling off that cliff for like 5 years

    strawburryfan13strawburryfan1312 hours ago
  • The Space Jam stretch got me lol

    LandoLando12 hours ago
  • lol 4: 45

    taskfouses848 ghosttaskfouses848 ghost13 hours ago
  • @Joseph Vincent maybe you can make documentary on kickboxer's next? Kickboxing is legit and awesome,maybe some of the K-1 and K-1 MAX Champion's.

    Reiyn Hezekiah FernandezReiyn Hezekiah Fernandez13 hours ago
  • Pretty humiliating, that a guy named Taylor Heinicke played better against Brady in the playoffs than Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, and Patrick Mahomes.

    Ryan Spencer LauderdaleRyan Spencer Lauderdale13 hours ago
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    Ava JaraAva Jara13 hours ago
  • Joe Vincent you are another 🐐

    Wilson ErazoWilson Erazo13 hours ago
  • I'm disappointed. I clicked on this video in the hopes that is was a mockumentary about Tom Brady but with Ariana Grande's "Seven Rings" playing in the background.

    MonumentToSinMonumentToSin14 hours ago
  • That’s why you never listen to dumb ass people who have only watched the game.

    Mark EspichMark Espich14 hours ago
  • I wish he wasn't 43, with that being said he has at least 3 more years to go. At least one more ring. Brady is the goat 🐐

    GBR CardsGBR Cards14 hours ago
  • Cue the Ariana Grande for Brady; you all know why

    Paolo CordioPaolo Cordio14 hours ago
  • Awesome! Well done Joseph Vincent.

    Ed ReynoldEd Reynold14 hours ago
  • One of the best moves he has ever made. I still hate his guts, though. Tom, that Buddy challenge was the most powerful test, I have ever been through. I am so done not being challenged, but, by being used.

    Terese Marie Cloonan. CTerese Marie Cloonan. C15 hours ago
  • Oh so mature a Brady fanboy deleted my comment cause I called out the truth that's just sad I'm sorry all I see in this comment section are a bunch of Brady fanboys but the fact remains the same he cheated therefore he's not the greatest quarterback ever

    Warismypeace565Warismypeace56515 hours ago
    • Umm the guy was caught cheating not just once but on several other occasions any other person would of done that they would of been gone from the league plain and simple

      Warismypeace565Warismypeace5656 hours ago
    • Ur just a jealous butthurt, get real and accept the greatness

      Maxime FraisierMaxime Fraisier14 hours ago
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    Tyler LoTyler Lo16 hours ago
  • are you just going to pass this comment without saying hello or not clicking the like button? Life hack if you click the like button it turn blue.

    christopher williamschristopher williams16 hours ago
  • Brady gets sacked Max Kellerman: Yea hes done hes falling off a cliff 😂😂😂

    Raiff BrooksRaiff Brooks16 hours ago
  • That gladiator edit though

    Marion July LopezMarion July Lopez16 hours ago
  • Big fan of Joe Vincent, I didn't enjoy this video only because I feel he can do a much better job. I'm still a big fan of your work

    Amanpreet GillAmanpreet Gill17 hours ago
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    BAOQIANG LiBAOQIANG Li18 hours ago
  • Very impressive doc!!!! One of the best I've ever seen!👍

    Robert CrawfordRobert Crawford18 hours ago
  • Shoutout to Brandon Perna lol

    Brandon MeyersBrandon Meyers18 hours ago
  • you got to make a video on my boy Isaac bruce

    E WE W19 hours ago
  • is this grossi-possi in the end?

    Cold EthilCold Ethil19 hours ago
  • how many of the moronic talking heads will start doubting him again next year? He might not win another game, but you have to be a total idiot to doubt him.

    Cameron PackCameron Pack19 hours ago
  • What a season! Keep the fires burning Tom! Ali, Jordan and now Brady.

    JC SanjuroJC Sanjuro20 hours ago
  • Busted out laughing at the Mario sound effects lol

    GOP1386GOP138620 hours ago
  • All i have to say to all who on team goat he getting that 8th ring might make another mini dynasty b4 he passes the torch let the disrespect come cause brady finally has weapons hes not throwng to dbs no more but my man deserves it been winning wit gut grit and disrespect ###🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

    justice grahamjustice graham20 hours ago
  • Great fuckin video

    Eddy MerinoEddy Merino20 hours ago
  • I love how u got akash from flagrant 2 to open the vid

    Daniel KelleyDaniel Kelley20 hours ago
  • At this point you could even make a "Tom Brady - Ten Rings (Original Bored Film Documentary)" to have a head start

    Lorenzo MameliLorenzo Mameli21 hour ago
  • Rob Parker is the absolute worst sports reporter in the history of sports. He's been hating on Brady for 10 years & all Brady does is prove everything he says wrong. Dude justs needs to stfu

    Mike B.Mike B.21 hour ago
    • It's more than being a hater. There's something really wrong with him. He's got a personal viciousness and vitriol for certain athletes that no one else (not Skip, not Shannon, not Max, not Ben Maller) matches. The Odd Couple is unlistenable. Frankly, he slurs his words and he sounds "off" mentally.

      Arizona 4891Arizona 489121 hour ago
  • this video is just pure pleasure...great job!

    Edoardo Fusco FemianoEdoardo Fusco Femiano21 hour ago
  • One Tom Brady will stop winning but thé question is when?

    Michel GregoireMichel Gregoire22 hours ago
  • LFG BABY!!!!

    andreas jalkanderandreas jalkander22 hours ago
  • 💯👎💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

    Ignacio MagallonIgnacio Magallon23 hours ago
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    Evan OukEvan Ouk23 hours ago
  • Please make one for Drew Brees

    Steven ThomasSteven Thomas23 hours ago
  • Lombardi spells tom bradri i mean it is close to tome brady name though


    Tony Martinez IVTony Martinez IVDay ago
  • Critics: Tom Brady not gonna win the super bowl this year. Tom Brady: Bet

    Adrian RodriguezAdrian RodriguezDay ago
  • One of the greatest videos I’ve ever seen. Awesome job.

    Adolfo BlancoAdolfo BlancoDay ago
  • @ timestamp 19:50. The only fraud is the one saying that take on being a fraud lmao. You want the tape saved? Alright, we got a tape of you once again being metaphorically slapped in the face.

    TarynTarynDay ago
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    Juan HernandezJuan HernandezDay ago
  • I will never get tired of this video... until Brady wins his 8th!

    Tyler LopesTyler LopesDay ago
  • Damn Rob Parker is insufferable. So glad that he was proven wrong again this year by the GOAT

    gammmongammmonDay ago
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    Ferrell WrightFerrell WrightDay ago
  • I mean he is the goat. And the only goat

    LilyLilyDay ago
  • I'm sorry Joe, but 'Nobody Brings It Home Like Tom Brady!'

    C.PC.PDay ago
  • eff the credit card commercial thumbs down 270 biatches

    doctor mcboydoctor mcboyDay ago
  • Being a colt fan couldn't stand him but damn he's the best that ever played the game period

    Boomer RhinehartBoomer RhinehartDay ago
    • @Brutus Judas there was a time i would have fought you over payton manning but now its not even close Tom is the GOAT

      Boomer RhinehartBoomer Rhinehart47 minutes ago
    • Seriously though...respect from a Pats fan for saying that.

      Brutus JudasBrutus Judas22 hours ago
    • OK Boomer.

      Brutus JudasBrutus Judas22 hours ago
  • Everyone who dislikes this are the WASTE OF SPACE individuals who say Tom Brady is racist for winning the Super Bowl...yes, that was & is a thing. Let THAT sink in to show you how fucking stupid Twitter is & how utterly worthless “Cancel Culture” is...yet? People still allow & accept it to happen. Logic at its best.

    MichaelMichaelDay ago
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  • Aw, no use of the line: "You know what my favorite ring is; the next one".

    Admiral SpoorAdmiral SpoorDay ago
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    Suns10RuleSuns10RuleDay ago
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    Cliff RichmondCliff RichmondDay ago
  • There will never be another tom brady rare breed

    Taeshawn WilsonTaeshawn WilsonDay ago
  • Nice video!

    Abraham CardenasAbraham CardenasDay ago
  • WOW This was an awesome video. Perfect way to summarize Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the NFL. Thanks for sharing your talents making this video

    Mike DelgadoMike DelgadoDay ago
  • Like how is this guy declining, I don’t see it. He’s 43 so what. He threw for 40 tds im sick of people hating and saying bs like put Mahomes or arod on the bucs they would win the super-bowl. That’s f***ing bs imo, there will Never ever be a TOM BRADY EVER!!!

    Erwin VErwin VDay ago
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    Nicola BeanNicola BeanDay ago
  • Tom got bailed by the refs like 10 times against the Vikings. Not to mention Dan Bailey

    Brady HenryMNBrady HenryMNDay ago
  • Of that list of quarterbacks drafted ahead of Tom, Chad Pennington was actually a badass quarterback but he sustained too many injuries. Bulger had 3 cups of coffee in St. Louis with the Rams. All the others are pure insults.

    Cordell SeniorCordell SeniorDay ago
  • If any of these sports “analysts” think that it is easy to play at your highest level each and every time could be injured, sick, just having one bad game they are stupid. But to go against facts from previous year and I’m big moments Tom Brady getting it done, he had 6 rings before this tying any single organization. They expect him to be perfect during the season and jump on any sub par performance. Yet he continues to make the playoffs and win and win than go the Super Bowl and win. Tom Brady has the clutch factor. Best to ever do it no discussion

    Max TerryMax TerryDay ago
  • Everybody needs to realize Gronk is not some old ass man. He is my age. 31 years young. Also, Brady is like Mike man. Tell him he can't do something and he does it. And 43 year old Jordan vs 25 year old Lebron...Jordan wins.

    RookieRookieDay ago
    • The Patriots/Belichick did everything they could to grind Gronk into dust. I remember reading he could barely move after SB 53. "No days off" basically forced him into his temporary retirement.

      Arizona 4891Arizona 4891Day ago
  • It's amazing that he continues to remove the obstacles the haters put up to deny his greatness: "He's a product of the Belichick/New England System." Fine, he goes to the NFC South with a Super Bowl favorite to the worst franchise in professional sports and wins in his first year. "He always had home field advantage in a weak AFC East." Fine, Wildcard plus 3 road games, and 3 playoff games against future Hall of Famers. As an added bonus, his team humiliated and retired Drew Brees and has sent the hated Saints into a salary cap death spiral with Winston and Hill as their bleak future at QB. "All of his Super Bowl wins were by one score or decided in the 4th quarter; he could have just easily lost 5 of them." Fine, how about a complete blowout against the alleged Baby GOAT and the next "dynasty" with a 125 Passer Rating? "He's the best QB but Laurence Taylor, Walter Payton or Jerry Rice is the best FOOTBALL player." Huh? The QB position is the most difficult and complex position in FOOTBALL and now, even Jerry Rice bends his knee and acknowledges Brady is the GOAT. Walter Payton isn't even the best running back. And Laurence Taylor is probably too busy punching underage prostitutes and smoking crack to care. "He chose a stacked roster." Yeah, because he willingly plays for under his market value to build a TEAM in a team sport. Mahomes was still on his rookie deal and had a historically stacked roster. The Chiefs roster isn't going to look so pretty once Mahomes $40 million contract starts kicking in. Maybe if Wilson, Big Ben, and Rogers didn't grab every penny, they'd have more rings. "Brady's soft; the refs protect him." He's been sacked over 500 times, 200 more times than his now defeated rival Peyton Manning. Brady's final tasks before he retires: Turn the Tampa Bay Suckaneers into a mini-dynasty. Make sure Rogers doesn't get back to the Super Bowl. And smack down any pretender that emerges from the AFC whether it's Mahomes again, Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson (chuckle) or Mayfield (audible laugh). Who's left among the haters? Max has retracted his cliff prediction. Shannon never really disliked him (just Skip's intense hatred of Lebron and his near idol worship of Brady). It's just Rob Parker on his lonely island, wildly asserting that it's a race thing, or that Bill Russell or Jordan or Ferderer or Montana or Michael Jackson or whoever is the actual GOAT.

    Arizona 4891Arizona 4891Day ago
  • to all the naysayers and doubters saying that the bucs weren't gonna win it, or make it to the playoffs or that Brady is washed up and needed Bill: I hope you get itchy legs while driving!

    cjallday1130cjallday1130Day ago
  • He is the g.o.a.t. GO HAWKS!!

    Acoustic ChordsAcoustic ChordsDay ago
  • If Brady got 10 rings, I think NFL should rename a Super Bowl as "Tom Brady Invitational".

    Mitch OkanoMitch OkanoDay ago