Apr 6, 2021
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  • Luv how Talia's name is the only word written in small letters in the Title😂😂

    zijuiy wttuyzijuiy wttuy5 hours ago
  • I just finished Hunter x Hunter!! Is this a sign to get a poster? 😂

    TCTC5 hours ago
  • His sponsorships are soooo good!!!

    Lola StringerLola Stringer6 hours ago
  • 🍀🍀🍀🍀

  • Pov: you dont have 10 million subscribers and you see a diamond play button

    Mustafa unal YildizMustafa unal Yildiz16 hours ago
  • What a gentleman he gave her his chair

    AnthonyMahoneyYTAnthonyMahoneyYT19 hours ago
  • Why do you name it try not to laugh even though you laugh at everything?

    Keltas TomusasaKeltas Tomusasa23 hours ago
  • Simon bringing back KSIMON and providing with INSANE amount of potential meme templates. Man's serious

    soinhu foitusoinhu foituDay ago

    Baltic ComradeBaltic ComradeDay ago
  • 13:14 got some balamori crap going cant lie

    AyrシAyrシDay ago

    AyrシAyrシDay ago
  • YOU DONT UNDERSTAND THE PS5 JOKE, that music was a Barbie song that was In a toy phone most kids had when opened that song played

    lig malig maDay ago
  • Nice

    Mesram JunguMesram JunguDay ago
  • 10:34 💀

    GusBus ShmurdaGusBus ShmurdaDay ago
  • Tommy is going to beat you to 10 million

    DEVIL HiDEVIL HiDay ago
  • 13:15 now try cycling up that hill. they did it on GCN

    Fin K-DFin K-DDay ago
  • Nearly there 9.33Million

    Wilma Peart GamingWilma Peart GamingDay ago
  • "Some of your money goes to planning trees in Africa" We have trees goddamn it Simon

    Joel KizitoJoel KizitoDay ago
  • He has 8 million

    Nidhish NarangNidhish NarangDay ago
  • 13:46 I just clocked she was asking what the word "Innit" means, not what's in the fish and chips

    YasarArtsYasarArtsDay ago
  • Tommyinnt Vs Miniminter

    Gus LeBlancGus LeBlancDay ago
  • Tommy is 8.08 now :D

    Kuzey KoçaşKuzey KoçaşDay ago
  • Simon bringing back KSIMON and providing with INSANE amount of potential meme templates. Man's serious

    CassieCassieDay ago
  • That one with the kid and his shadow 😂

    Charles MartinCharles MartinDay ago
  • the fact that he read Re: as R E

    Gifter MfGifter MfDay ago
  • They call it a gas station because petrol gas is emitted from the petrol

    YT SwiinnyYT SwiinnyDay ago
  • Tommyinnit is better

    Gaius NolanGaius Nolan2 days ago
    • Gay

      e.frasere.fraserDay ago
    • For the gaz part they call it gaz because it’s not the liquide that goes in the motor it is the fumes so (gas)

      CassieCassieDay ago
  • What’s Simon doing with 40 gallons of lube

    Eddie HolmesEddie Holmes2 days ago
  • talia has 50 different haircuts every week

    AakashAakash2 days ago
  • Damm her grandmother living her life

    ENMAENMA2 days ago
  • Tommyinnit is catching up

    Ruthvik ShettyRuthvik Shetty2 days ago
  • Didn't even make it past 0:40

    Lewis95xpLewis95xp2 days ago
  • cringe

    Jacob Gmail-UserJacob Gmail-User2 days ago
    • - watches tommyinnit 🤡

      e.frasere.fraserDay ago
    • @Martial I mean tik tok is the cringiest thing on earth

    • Tommy fanboy calling someone else cringe 😂

      MartialMartial2 days ago
    • Yup

  • 13:43 is just amazing.

    James RichardsJames Richards2 days ago
  • Where is all my fellow Mellos At >>>>>

    Marshmello FamilyMarshmello Family2 days ago
  • Simon bringing back KSIMON and providing with INSANE amount of potential meme templates. Man's serious

    opzz xsinopzz xsin2 days ago
  • sooo.. is the dog happy or is there something wrong indeed?

    AnaAna2 days ago
  • ngl I just went and bought 4 anime displates. I'm easily influenced by ads

    JustSayingJustSaying2 days ago
  • We don’t call it gas bc it’s a gas, we call it gas bc it’s short for gasoline.

    NytroNytro2 days ago
  • I mean he could have lowered the volume of the Alexa device. His hand was there... Moron

    Lewis RowleyLewis Rowley2 days ago
    • Don't get me wrong I'm a huge fan of simon but i think tommyinnit is winning this one...

      opzz xsinopzz xsin2 days ago
  • For the gaz part they call it gaz because it’s not the liquide that goes in the motor it is the fumes so (gas)

    Marek NoreauMarek Noreau2 days ago
  • 6:25 such toy phones wit weird ring;phones are damn popular in India

    John Kramer Wide putinJohn Kramer Wide putin2 days ago
  • YOU NEEDA PUT "with girlfriend" for more views

  • Me who lives in africa and bought a display Oh they planting it in my background

    ŤEΠIŤEΠI3 days ago
  • Who talia?

    Xxfox Games030Xxfox Games0303 days ago
  • I'm from Africa , we ain't getting no trees

    CameroncxcCameroncxc3 days ago
  • What are the looking at 3:49

    shougun 34shougun 343 days ago
  • I was about to buy the posters but THEYY ARE SO EXPENSIVE AND I LOVE ANIME

    Japanese WapJapanese Wap3 days ago
  • POV: you came from tiktok

    RafRaf3 days ago
  • Bruh, 4:59 vocals hit different.

    BruhBruh3 days ago
  • Stop promoting tommyinnit if u really want the W...

    Suvarna DasSuvarna Das3 days ago
  • Pls react to Sidemen Animation-Among us 3 from Rogue Speedgod

    Dennis TillmannDennis Tillmann3 days ago
  • Did he move into his new house

    comman mancomman man3 days ago
  • Don't get me wrong I'm a huge fan of simon but i think tommyinnit is winning this one...

    T0S ALPHAT0S ALPHA3 days ago
  • Stop hating tommyinnit

    BezyBezy3 days ago
  • they’re so perfect

    fouoii gyhhfouoii gyhh3 days ago
  • It’s a gas station not petrol or something

    Nate YoungNate Young3 days ago
  • Simon btw super mainstream purposely puts the alexa there for mroe entertainment

    Natho 344Natho 3443 days ago
  • I’m kinda offended when he said it’s stupid America call’s it gas stations

    Jayla YJayla Y3 days ago
    • I know

      Jayla YJayla Y20 hours ago
    • Its true though

      e.frasere.fraserDay ago
  • Title tiktok sketch talia My brain:tiktok with Tesla

    QT KnockoutQT Knockout3 days ago
    • i know the song in that ps5 from wish, it is ben ten in the sri lankan language and i have a Ben ten watch that has the same sound in it

      fouoii gyhhfouoii gyhh3 days ago
  • I saw a Killua and deku poster... I am now having a great day 🤣🥺

    JayWolfie :DJayWolfie :D3 days ago
  • 50000 thousand sorry but still

    Adrian CruzAdrian Cruz3 days ago
  • You might actually lose

    Adrian CruzAdrian Cruz3 days ago
  • Is been two weeks and tommy made 500000 and you only got 30000

    Adrian CruzAdrian Cruz3 days ago
  • That valorant kid probably experienced so much squeaker bullying...

    Tyler BranchTyler Branch3 days ago
  • AAAAAYYYYY my guys Simon coming into the anime Community my guy got one suggestion watch naruto and black clover

    WxnterChillWxnterChill3 days ago
  • Guys don’t let miniminter get to 10 mil let tommyinit so we could clown him on reddit

    Wasil khanWasil khan3 days ago
  • Ngl I think he is trying to hard to beat a literal 17 year old, he did click bait to beat him

    Comment BotComment Bot3 days ago
  • YASSSSS SIMON✨✨✨watching anime YASSSWWAASSS suggestion- attack on titan :)

    not a pannot a pan3 days ago
  • That sub and bell ring animation saying he only at 8mil just a bit behind

    FinFin3 days ago
  • Ong super

    Babooba VaderBabooba Vader3 days ago
  • Tommy's gonna beat u

    Da Real GrufiDa Real Grufi3 days ago
  • Everyone knows why the thumbnail was a chick wearing a bikini

    Ryan MallonRyan Mallon3 days ago
  • i know the song in that ps5 from wish, it is ben ten in the sri lankan language and i have a Ben ten watch that has the same sound in it

    literally no one hereliterally no one here4 days ago
  • We still click baiting In 2021

    Devil ManDevil Man4 days ago
  • Tommyinnit is just better sry Man U gotta step up ur game to catch him

    Dan boiiiDan boiii4 days ago
  • Gas stations are called gas stations because gas can be an abbreviation of gasoline.

    Element _Snipez05Element _Snipez054 days ago
  • The only ADS that I watch are on this channel

    Krixh.5Krixh.54 days ago
  • Just a friendly message not related to this video☺️ God loves you, no matter who you are, where you’re from or what you’ve done. He’s waiting with open arms for you to accept Him into your lives. I hope you have a lovely day.God Bless You☁️🙌

    Ela JEla J4 days ago
  • 'highkoo'

    H0SJUAH0SJUA4 days ago
  • Bruuh you watch Haikyuu lol waiting for the new season

    Manny HeffleyManny Heffley4 days ago

    hyuhyu4 days ago
  • you guys didn't get the ps5 joke😂😂😂

    Fili VuatakiFili Vuataki4 days ago
  • He got the killua disc plate 😎😎😎

    Ahmad ElamkiAhmad Elamki4 days ago
  • Hey since your in to animie look at attack on titan

    Payo2kPayo2k4 days ago
  • You

    Itrashyou itItrashyou it4 days ago
  • When are going to learn how to dj

    Itrashyou itItrashyou it4 days ago
  • Gas is short for gasoline.. weren’t not saying it’s a gas😂

    Victor HernandezVictor Hernandez4 days ago
    • Innit is short for isnt it, you americans quit being hypocrites

      e.frasere.fraserDay ago
  • oil natural gas man

    FaZe RyzeFaZe Ryze4 days ago
  • 2:05 i thought talia did the noise lmao

    XxxLilSharkXxxLilShark4 days ago
  • Lmfaoo I got a text today saying I’m in miniminters video and sure enough I am @9:00

    Myro!Myro!4 days ago
  • I feel sorry for all the 8 year olds that got click baited

    code name raven gamescode name raven games4 days ago
  • tommyinnit a 16 year old Simon minter a 28 year old.

    MehrdadpogMehrdadpog4 days ago
  • Talia I think you look as pretty if not prettier on this video x

    Tom RobinsTom Robins4 days ago
  • 4:42 Talia thinkin about Simon’s Minimetre destroying her

    TPRO ON IPAD 2TPRO ON IPAD 24 days ago
  • where tf is the link for the posters simon?

    Rizwan KhanRizwan Khan4 days ago
  • Americans calling gasoline stations gas stations “Shorter innit” British guy in duet “Fair enough”

    The Richardson'sThe Richardson's4 days ago
  • I was in that stream with that dude with the alexa and btw the stream was all about that

    BTL clxpzBTL clxpz4 days ago
  • @0:50 mad pause

    RoddyRoddy4 days ago
  • see I'm from Africa, it's hot.

    Jay TorontoJay Toronto4 days ago