Jan 14, 2021
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  • 5:00 That reaction from Delirious cracked me up!

    SHSscorp82SHSscorp824 hours ago
  • Cool

    999 WRLD999 WRLD13 hours ago
  • 5:00 Complete Savage

    HumbleRumble Savage808HumbleRumble Savage8082 days ago
  • JIHIIIIII🙌🏽💪🏽🙌🏽

    HumbleRumble Savage808HumbleRumble Savage8082 days ago
  • I love this mod! :D

    Gamer DuoGamer Duo3 days ago
  • I would put 10 vent and not say anything

    David YcazaDavid Ycaza5 days ago
  • 0:40 Cartoonz be living that thug life yo!you! Or.. Toonz life. Why did I make this? . . . You can stop reading now. . . . Boi. . . There is literally nothing to read here after this text.

    Claudia PhyfeClaudia Phyfe15 days ago
  • Delirious screaming though is legit one of the funniest things

    Meme crusaderMeme crusader18 days ago
  • The audio being muffly in the beggining made me think think my headphones where busted xD

    PupPalsTalePupPalsTale22 days ago
  • That double kill was hilarious

    DeathariusDeatharius24 days ago
  • That double vent kill was the best ever

    Derrek aka ShockWaveDerrek aka ShockWave26 days ago
  • Squirrel was running with Toons to the button. When Toonz went to press it, somehow Squirel got mercked at the table

    DeadShotLunaDeadShotLuna28 days ago
  • Yo! Cartoonz is Blaze friendly? Best youtuber in 2021. What ya smokin' on big man?

    Harsh ArcaneHarsh Arcane28 days ago
  • Ps. RIP dead squirrel

    Mitch HammondMitch Hammond28 days ago
  • Hey does cartoons have any merch that says watch n cartoons up in my room I think that's a dumb? But I have not seen any

    Mitch HammondMitch Hammond28 days ago
  • Good play

    Ân Trần NgọcÂn Trần Ngọc29 days ago
  • 22:40 omg hilarious how that worked out

    og_pringleog_pringleMonth ago
  • Why is his webcam moving, thats freakin me tf out lmao

    ValshmereValshmereMonth ago
  • 20:24 Aww cute doggies. ❤️☺️

    alicia brockalicia brockMonth ago
  • idea for a mod, all votes matter, you cannot skip vote,or you will vote yourself, and all people tied for the most votes get voted out, making reporting bodies or pushing the button, a death sentence no matter what.

    Charles GreenCharles GreenMonth ago
  • ~12:12 "are we listening to... cat in the mask here...?" you mean cat in the hat?

    TheRegretTheRegretMonth ago
  • Honestly, this would be pure chaos if this was paired with the crewmate venting mod

    The LucksmanThe LucksmanMonth ago
  • How do /i do that

    Rik Rishav PaulRik Rishav PaulMonth ago
  • I love timmacs voice c:

    ishyemo019ishyemo019Month ago
  • Hoot is the

    Keelian kcf40Keelian kcf40Month ago
  • How in the actual fuck did squirrel die at 17:40 when he was right behind Toonz??

    Raptur OGRaptur OGMonth ago
  • Can I install?

    fighter x official YTfighter x official YTMonth ago
  • Wait... if Chosen WASN‘T an imposter, then who tf killed Squirrel??

    ZER⓿ZER⓿Month ago
  • 2:24 I know guys know that song 4:31 now he's singing squirrels death song

    Mercedez RockwellMercedez RockwellMonth ago
  • They get so mad at each other XD

    Aslaya DabiAslaya DabiMonth ago
  • I have been watching vanoss and friends for 5 years and just found out that cartoonz isnt actually black...

    NYrK - ThePrecisionistNYrK - ThePrecisionistMonth ago
  • Nice.

    Joel LeeJoel LeeMonth ago
  • “Brown flush it down” sounds a bit racist to me 🥴

    WoWoMonth ago
  • Squirells la,la,la was perfect timing

    shadow2boy 91shadow2boy 91Month ago
  • I haven't seen cartoons in years. He looks buff lmao

  • You are milking the heck outta this game

    KiddBrax09KiddBrax09Month ago
  • Does everyone see the red outline for the vent, or just the imposter?

    General GrievousGeneral GrievousMonth ago
  • The intro was the best Among Us scene I have ever witnessed! I had to rewatch it 3 times before I could move on. Also, CaRtOoNz' dog edits are on par with Delirious' crows!

    Kcody DansereauKcody DansereauMonth ago
  • If Cartoonz made a “Just Squirrel” shirt, comment and say if you would buy it. I’m curious...

    Eclipz SMEclipz SMMonth ago
  • I don't get how Rilla didn't get it when it was Chrono and Toonz tbh as soon as Rocky died. As hilarious and fun as these games are, especially compared to most lobbies, that's why I'll watch this game from anyone's perspective (Toonz, Delirious, Anthony, Squirrel, Kyle etc) except Rilla because the 3rd impostering is just too much.

    TiagoTiagoMonth ago
  • Lol I mean shit if cartoonz does smoke I’m cool with that cause I do too

    OhShesAlexOhShesAlexMonth ago
  • 1:49 😆, 4:44

    Willowick 93Willowick 93Month ago
  • Police brutality!!! When’s the last time you took a shower!! Lmao. Delirious is the best

    DerekDerekMonth ago
  • So we’re not gonna talk about the week long wait we had to endure?

    Nickabonker 35Nickabonker 35Month ago
  • Dude the ability to vent out of the ship is op. After u kill vent outside

    Noah CrossNoah CrossMonth ago
  • You guys are a hoot :D

    XOtubeXOtubeMonth ago
  • Cartoonz and Delirious grew up in the same town? :o

    Dharmesh MistryDharmesh MistryMonth ago
  • Chosen: "Why would I kill the one person who was on my side?" Me: "Because its an extremely risky play but it makes you seem more innocent as logically you wouldn't do it."

    No PityNo PityMonth ago
  • "That has iron in it, that's so bad for you" You know what else has iron in it? Your blood.

    Nullblaster The VoidmakerNullblaster The VoidmakerMonth ago
  • Dr. sus looks like zoidberg

    NotnowNotnowMonth ago
  • Wow Jihi is really working this video

    Facade KitsuneFacade KitsuneMonth ago
  • Delirious scream was perfect in the beginning

    Kade WhiteKade WhiteMonth ago
  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Zoey MZoey MMonth ago
  • the joy these videos have been bringing me during this panini press >>>>

    Antwamesha JenkinsAntwamesha JenkinsMonth ago
  • 4:53

    Graidy FitzgeraldGraidy FitzgeraldMonth ago
  • Vent placement and vent teleporting mods. Everyone can go out there. Crazier when it's Hide and Seek.

    Jean LaporteJean LaporteMonth ago
  • Squirrel: La La La! :) Me, immediately after not having heard the song in years: *juST DONT STOP LETS KEEP THE BEAT PUMPIN KEEP THE BEAT UP LETS DROP THE BEAT DOWN-*

    FidgetelftreeFidgetelftreeMonth ago
  • Well damn Toonz lol 2021 bout to be the shit huh? 🤣😂

    Courtney SalleyCourtney SalleyMonth ago

    EvErLoyaLEagLEEvErLoyaLEagLEMonth ago
  • Toonz should have said SURPRISE!

    Midknight 74012Midknight 74012Month ago
  • Delirious: ahhhhh tim: Hoh

    nevan rosenevan roseMonth ago
  • Remeber me im sophie we have play among us

    Alisha siawAlisha siawMonth ago
  • Cartoonz i like you video

    Alisha siawAlisha siawMonth ago
  • Can you guys tell me how to get those mods

    Marla SpurrMarla SpurrMonth ago
  • Im smoking a joint as u said that toons

    Wedo GraydonWedo GraydonMonth ago
  • more

    Jeremy BennettJeremy BennettMonth ago
  • Ffg

    Undead ClutcUndead ClutcMonth ago
  • 666

    tobitobiMonth ago
  • Bro the seeing timmac and rocky outside of the map it happened to me to just there was no name and cyan and lime were outside of it

    Humanoid_ l0serHumanoid_ l0serMonth ago
  • Timmac: "I saw CaRtOoNz kill." Everyone after seeing Tim vent out of the map: :I :I :I

    Andrew LikeAndrew LikeMonth ago
  • 12:06 - 12:24 is hilarious. 😂

    dabiidabiiMonth ago
  • i wonder how many vents does it take to break the server

    Reymundo CalderonReymundo CalderonMonth ago
  • 😂 I bet he started smoking foreal. Who jokes about drugs?

    antonia miltonantonia miltonMonth ago
  • Bob the builder be like

    Digital GamingDigital GamingMonth ago
  • God Loves you if he didn’t, God wouldn’t have told Jesus to go to the cross. Read john 3:16 if you would take time out of day it’s just one verse.

    PowrLixelPowrLixelMonth ago
  • Timmy

    Evan DerkEvan DerkMonth ago
  • At 21:30 Kyle just knew he was gonna get voted out n didn't give a fuck🤣🤣🤣

    Zach PyneZach PyneMonth ago
  • 1:34 idk if it bugs anyone else but the subtitle says Smap E instead of Spam E

    NOob Nation69NOob Nation69Month ago
  • 2:01 I love the art that is shown in Toonz's and H2O video's. They are too adorable.

    Matthew J. RogersMatthew J. RogersMonth ago
  • Jihi needs a mic booster

    TTV.CloakedCrusaderTTV.CloakedCrusaderMonth ago
  • Toonz becoming Dr.Seuss for a moment was the best rhyme ever 😂😂

    Flor SantanaFlor SantanaMonth ago
  • Before: Squirrel: La la la After: Cartoons: La la la

    Aron Va'asaAron Va'asaMonth ago
  • 4:54 Why does timmac sound like the guy who calls you in fnaf

    Noob HunterNoob HunterMonth ago

    BeeMeatBeeMeatMonth ago
  • Delirious screamed but got cut off🤣 I could here him start to scream omfg-

    Brandon HughesBrandon HughesMonth ago
  • Dear Cartoonz they have made a Lakeview cabin2 please make a few videos on it delirious made like two and he hasn't keep on making them I need my share of the game please

    Joseph BarlyJoseph BarlyMonth ago
  • Bitch we grow up in the same town😂😂

    TharealkeeTharealkeeMonth ago
  • @3:09 Wait... WHO was there?

    destorer5000destorer5000Month ago
  • I live in the VA just like you and h20

    Jason CoxtonJason CoxtonMonth ago
  • We neeeeeed a rust stream! We wanna see the farmmm on the divide srever

    slickvic2252slickvic2252Month ago
  • 12:18 I almost drowned drinking my iced tea from the laughter. Well done.

    impofstpete727impofstpete727Month ago
  • Wish i could stream and do youtube

    ghosty jasperghosty jasperMonth ago
  • the vent mod is like the impostors being able to take a shit anywhere but if they get caught they're out

    Deswan DDeswan DMonth ago
  • Yo was I the only one who noticed that when timmac said hello before toonz killed him he sounded like the guy that says hello in fnaf the phone guy

    Jesus CarreonJesus CarreonMonth ago
  • I love your videos. You and h20 are comedy gold!!!! 🤣

    Fairy_LaurenFairy_LaurenMonth ago
  • Funny enough I'm rolling a joint as I watch this

    WoWDontuWoWDontuMonth ago
  • Why don’t they vote on 7

    Heartwing13Heartwing13Month ago
  • Gah! It bothered me that Toonz didn't do that vials task in medbay while chatting with Chrono & it's right next to you, you can do it quickly & go back to the conversation.

    NatureXwarsNatureXwarsMonth ago
  • Can youand Delirious finish Far Cry 5 and begin Far Cry New Dawn

    Steeltoe 14Steeltoe 14Month ago

    Skylor Mickens-SealsSkylor Mickens-SealsMonth ago