They Tried To FIGHT! LA Fitness Hoopers GOT Too PHYSICAL & We Went OFF! (Mic'd up 5v5)

Feb 27, 2021
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  • Get 20% OFF + Free Shipping @Manscaped with code FRIGA20 at → Your balls will thank you 😉 Thank you guys for watching! Lmk your thoughts below!

    D'Vontay FrigaD'Vontay FrigaMonth ago
    • @Gibson Jon 😂 if you're hacking your gfs password, you already lost at life. Women don't cheat on real one's! Instead of downloading an app, build some self respect so your girl can respect you, and stop worrying about her. Anyone tryin to get on their girls phone is a hella simp. Stop eating so much soy my G!!

      Duane GrogansDuane Grogans11 days ago
    • Dunno if anyone cares but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girl friends Instagram password using InstaPwn. You can find it by Googling for Instapwn password hack ;)

      Gibson JonGibson JonMonth ago
    • If you come up to the Springfield Missouri area I'll pay for your travel expenses.

      CurtPyro 15CurtPyro 15Month ago
    • Come to Chicago I wanna see u vs some Ferraris lol

      Tyresse ClayTyresse ClayMonth ago
    • Friga CONGRATS on 400K Subs...damn dude came from nothin and made somethin!!!!

      Lebron's da GOATLebron's da GOATMonth ago
  • did u need permission to record here. i use to rock at my la fitness for like a year straight and i fell off from hoopin now i miss the runs up there early runs to show out against the ppl just playing for fun but them evening runs were competitive as hell

    Marge FitzmauriceMarge Fitzmaurice2 hours ago
  • I noticed your boy Nick had the Nike Kobe Grinch on. Love those shoes! I noticed Nick had a problem dunking sometimes and I used to have the same issue. Small hands. It makes it so you have to get even a bit higher and kind of cup the ball between your hand and your forearm in order to dunk. At 6 ft, I could dunk a tennis ball, no problem. But my small hands kept me from ever dunking in a game. Anyway, good content. I enjoy watching Friga and also Nick and the other 2 white boys who can ball like crazy. Our team took down a lot of teams back in the day, but I think they'd have our number. :)

    Karl AhmedKarl Ahmed9 hours ago
  • They quit after the first game lmao

  • 🔥🔥🔥

    ANT WAYYANT WAYY13 hours ago
  • man didn’t wanna get highlighted so he dipped 🤣

    Aidan WynneAidan Wynne21 hour ago
  • You and nick are a dangerous duo

    Joshua SimonJoshua Simon23 hours ago
  • How come the most trash guy is the biggest shit talker

    poly kanepoly kane23 hours ago
  • D friga let’s go that should be your name

    Tyler MatthewsTyler Matthews2 days ago
  • yo that move at 8:35 was crazy

  • Gym range is a real thing. You play in a gym to much you get soft

    Nate BourdeauNate Bourdeau2 days ago
  • You always make the best content out of any situation.. the look you gave at 10:16 after the facetime bucket was hilarious

    Robert CameronRobert Cameron3 days ago
  • Good shit, he might go somewhere

    rob carballorob carballo3 days ago
  • I cal game before every. single. shot.

    Raider1oRaider1o4 days ago
  • Nike game is awful..he’s left handed cant dunk with left hand..cant jump off 2 feet... weird

    KyzoKyzo4 days ago
  • That a nice LA fitness the ones by me are trash, x-sport has 24 hour courts live ass games at 2 am shits lit if you in Northern Virginia or DC check it out

    Steven MartinezSteven Martinez5 days ago
  • Dope asl g

    Boos DaBlessedBoos DaBlessed6 days ago
  • Range is insane

    Ali M.Ali M.6 days ago
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    Baby FranceBaby France6 days ago
  • Dude you nice bro 🔥🔥🏀

  • Bro I watch these vids thinking they make it so easy I got to run a game and airball like 5 times and only make 1 layup😂these guys to good

    The Best SanchezThe Best Sanchez7 days ago
  • just random guys at a gym can dunk?

    kevin couturekevin couture7 days ago
  • Wow I use to play with them guy's

    Jean SaintfelixJean Saintfelix8 days ago
  • You and your boys need to take up boxing on the side just in case

    ZombieVikingGamingZombieVikingGaming9 days ago
  • You should start printing home and away tees for when you pull up to play on people’s courts and the audience can tell what the teams are... plus you could sell them online as merch... people will buy em for sure and you can give the tees away to the ppl who are in the games with you so you’re giving something even as small as a tee to them in exchange for your content... just a suggestion

    Steve CroteauSteve Croteau9 days ago
  • Cash reacts to this

    Léo PenalLéo Penal10 days ago
  • Lmao big guy was tryna ball by himself and the game kept stopping him 😭

    David DabrowskiDavid Dabrowski10 days ago
  • Nicks got that James harden defense. 😂

    jeffwreckzjeffwreckz11 days ago
  • sheesh

    VitalVital12 days ago
  • I like Nick's game , he's smooth on his lay ups

    Spencer KweyuSpencer Kweyu14 days ago
  • When your mom says your friend can spend the night 😂 13:44

    TheBrooklynKnightTheBrooklynKnight15 days ago
  • "Nothing Nothing" you reading your stats to the class my guy? You did jack shit 😂

    Jordan AdamsJordan Adams17 days ago
  • Man u the fuckin most hype youtuber I’ve ever seen

    Vasilis KavroudakisVasilis Kavroudakis18 days ago
  • i knew this nigga wasnt a hooper by this leaping shit 3:05

    oxyogen -oxyogen -18 days ago
  • /quest to /2499 /nd /1499

    The rc BanditThe rc Bandit18 days ago
  • It happens u guys are good

    Texan Football HoustonTexan Football Houston19 days ago
  • The bum started talking too much cause he knew he was out the game and there was no coming back

    MarvNoGoodMarvNoGood20 days ago
  • Why do people who aren’t playing dribble on the court while a game’s going on, like you really can’t wait bro?

    Trey MurphyTrey Murphy20 days ago
  • Gotta love having Briz on your team cause what he does is so disrespectful and is great payback LOL

    MarvNoGoodMarvNoGood20 days ago
  • Damn, the court is open at this LA Fitness? The one where I live is still closed! :(

    ThreePointThreatThreePointThreat20 days ago
  • "your good your good your good" 10:48 every time i hear that 😂😂

    BrrownBoiiBrrownBoii20 days ago
  • 3:50 WTF bruh 😂 would’ve made him sit

    Everything DetroitEverything Detroit22 days ago
  • Confidence 🌋

    MyUniversalGrowthMyUniversalGrowth22 days ago
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    Caleb DicksonCaleb Dickson22 days ago
  • USF court on campus

  • Egypt lake park on sligh ave

  • 22nd and bearss court by the Rec center

  • Copeland park north Tampa USF area

  • 18:43 Almost looks like a ball brother😂

    MoneyGod vGMoneyGod vG23 days ago
  • 11:19 8-4 to 9-5???

    MoneyGod vGMoneyGod vG23 days ago
  • ugly games

    BigShoppa BigShoppaBigShoppa BigShoppa23 days ago
  • Man said let’s go home.... SHEESH

    Victor IbanezVictor Ibanez23 days ago
  • Your team is down by six, only 3 points and you haven't scored once but, yet you dare talk all that trash. In sleepy joe's voice: "common man"

    xSkysplitter777xSkysplitter77723 days ago
  • bro you play like damian lillard no cap

    DJ BuffingtonDJ Buffington24 days ago
  • Dam D’vontay you should be playing somewhere bro. D league or overseas

    JJ WJJ W24 days ago
  • I like it your show basketball I do play basketball long time ago aau and my high school for my life ballislife 🏀🏀

    Donnie TuckerDonnie Tucker24 days ago
  • Manscaped must have some big donors to pay for all this marketing. Seeing their ads everywhere and the product is not really groundbreaking.

    Brian PopeBrian Pope24 days ago
  • making it look soooo easy bro.. love your game and that fact that you don’t have to talk shit because your game speaks for you, great content.

    iluv joeiluv joe25 days ago
  • you needa come come to NC 💯 Real Hoop State !

    Deso Da DonDeso Da Don25 days ago
  • dont talk humble and positve vibes when you get cocky on the court smh

    Julian CruzJulian Cruz26 days ago
  • Dude in the grey shorts white shirt was better then all of them.

    Patrick BabineauxPatrick Babineaux26 days ago
  • N obviouse

    tomas sibatomas siba26 days ago
  • Gotta come to sac and hoop and BBQ 😂

    Joe DavisJoe Davis26 days ago
  • GAME!

    Jacob Mbuyi RichaJacob Mbuyi Richa27 days ago
  • 10:17 hopefully the look is to acknowledge a pretty blatant travel on the corner 3 right before lol.

    Boera NethBoera Neth27 days ago
  • la fitness hoopers , they they play college ball or semi-pro b ball lol...., but thats where you see all the slam dunkers lOl!

    Lucky RipzLucky Ripz27 days ago
  • I'm right down the street from there

    Myron JonesMyron Jones28 days ago
  • I aspire to be as cold blooded as D Friga. The mans a killer 🤯🙌🏼

    Seth SandersonSeth Sanderson28 days ago
  • 13:00 y'all hear that evil laugh during the shimmy and shot?

    Luke CecereLuke Cecere28 days ago
  • yo that last intro cut was monumental

    Kaye DahttKaye Dahtt28 days ago
  • Go to dania beach Florida

    RS NationRS Nation28 days ago
  • 14:35 i was thinking the same thing on god

    AoS_ SwayAoS_ Sway28 days ago
  • dude went off....represent #teamlightskin

    qdjackson1qdjackson128 days ago
  • All the brothers hate when a white boy can ball

    joe p callyjoe p cally29 days ago
  • Trash talkers never lasts in the dungeon 😂😂

    Joe AfuJoe AfuMonth ago
  • Half the ppl u verse r annoying af 🤣🤣🤣

    Zack KZack KMonth ago
  • Yo look at that deep range dead eye on hall of fame

    CT'S gun channelCT'S gun channelMonth ago
  • Geeeeeez half court shot? *2!

    Austin WangAustin WangMonth ago
  • you never pass the rock bro.. Russel Westbrook 2.0

    wangpowangpoMonth ago
  • Love hooping channels like this 💯🔥 also funny as shit when niggas see the camera and start actin different 🤣🤣🤣 but ya jumper too wet!

    Almighty WelAlmighty WelMonth ago
  • Man I wish they open Up CA Courts

    Aaron EAaron EMonth ago
  • I really like y’all big man he really has a bag but doesn’t show it unless it’s needed

    Seddy EddySeddy EddyMonth ago
  • swooshing every shot ah dam

    Alan TerradesAlan TerradesMonth ago
  • what camera do you use

    JazzyGotemGoing-YaMajestyJazzyGotemGoing-YaMajestyMonth ago
  • I felt bad for the guy in the dido hoodie man looked so sad he looks like the guy that gets picked last

    Simon burkeSimon burkeMonth ago
  • Friga: it’s good for the content.

    Raymond 0015Raymond 0015Month ago
  • I was here when you had 11k subs 🥺🥺🥺 so proud

    AbusiveAimBotAbusiveAimBotMonth ago
  • Videos getting lame with the weak ass comp! You know better Friga...weak.

    fast eddiefast eddieMonth ago
  • Wait how is it the only the white boys only ones dunkin 🤔

    Jaime maybackJaime maybackMonth ago
  • how do you cheat 2x with the score and still lose lol

    imtom4realimtom4realMonth ago
  • Talked all that shit and leaves 😂

    Bosco PaagaluaBosco PaagaluaMonth ago
  • ya'll too cocky I never seen a video showing you loose once, whats up with that???

    TravisTravisMonth ago
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    Sarah KinsleySarah KinsleyMonth ago
  • Damn niggas dont time stamp no more

  • 10:15

    J KJ KMonth ago
  • It went from 8-4 to 9-5 when dude in the Grinch’s made the layup 😂

    Snkr HdSnkr HdMonth ago
  • Nick and friga are a good duo

    Adonis GrantAdonis GrantMonth ago
  • My guy remind me of Deron Williams when he was in the Jazz lol you should study him and practice his style.... I used to do that back when I used to play 8 hours a day in the park practicing... From AI, Steve francis, kobe, baron davis... Some of my favorites

    King_Royal_NYCKing_Royal_NYCMonth ago
  • Loudest ones are the trashiest ones haha

    Josh YangJosh YangMonth ago
  • 12:15 *ugliest jump shot award*

    Andrew ToddAndrew ToddMonth ago