There are a LOT of weird competition shows...

Apr 2, 2021
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I finally took some of your guys' suggestions! You sent me a ton of really bizarre reality / game / competition shows to take a look at. Here are a few of the goofier ones.
0:00 Intro
1:01 Sponsor
2:49 Bigheads
7:24 Mad Mad House
15:59 Bzzz!
22:05 Killer Karaoke
25:25 Are You Hot?
32:14 Outro
Scott Cramer
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Outro song - Edgar Sandoval Jr. - "suburbs and run-down clothes"
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This is my 4th time reuploading this trying to fight off bs copyright claims. Getting real tired.

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    Scott CramerScott Cramer8 days ago
    • Hmmm

      Macro WaveMacro Wave4 days ago
    • You need to watch farmer wants a wife, it’s in Australia, where farmers are looking for wives

      Tonya O'BrienTonya O'Brien4 days ago
    • Hello Scott

      Rigby 119Rigby 1195 days ago
    • Scott when you asked how are you today at the beginning I said I wanted to kms as a joke and you said great wtf dude lol

      todorokitodoroki6 days ago
    • happy days of the birth :)

      CorgiLover109CorgiLover1096 days ago
  • Hbd today is Sunday where I'm at

    Himariya BelaynehHimariya BelaynehMinute ago

    DGman082 FormalDGman082 Formal10 hours ago
  • Happy Birthday!

    Not Norville the OrvilleNot Norville the Orville11 hours ago
  • Happy Birthday!

    Lucas no last name givenLucas no last name given16 hours ago
  • Whats up with the wing dings in bzzz tho

    homestuck buttershomestuck butters20 hours ago
  • Frog power!

    Frog ManFrog Man20 hours ago
  • i am once again begging you to watch Whodunnit

    Taylor GrahamTaylor GrahamDay ago
  • Can someone tell me what Scotts old outro song was? It went like "nah nah nah nah nah" lol I really want to listen to it

    George CarlinGeorge CarlinDay ago
  • 12:19 -- I GAGGED just finished watching T W O videos about evil and disturbing cults, couldn't stomach everything I just heard then -- THIS ADDED. OK. THANKS INTERNET

    Alyssa BartolineAlyssa BartolineDay ago
  • happy day of birth!

    Jozilla27Jozilla27Day ago
  • Lmao that scared me

    Alex KloefkornAlex KloefkornDay ago
  • Mad Mad House vampire dude lookin like Clone High Marilyn Manson

    UhOhItsElleUhOhItsElleDay ago
  • I am very much below average on the hot or not show

    oooggoooggDay ago
  • It's actually amazing how literally every name on "Hot or Not" sounds fake. It's like a parody without an original.

    Vinluv HandesbukiaVinluv HandesbukiaDay ago
  • Between the Lions, Keeping Up Appearances, Bill Nye,'re great

    Luluthekitty23Luluthekitty23Day ago
  • Me: painting my nails during the ad read Scott: I’m talking to you...ALEX! Me: practically breaks neck looking back at the video ....guess I’m ordering some wine now 👁 👄 👁

    Alexandra ErtzAlexandra ErtzDay ago
  • scott: come get some wine! that one 7 year old: *clicks buy*

    Gianna SheehanGianna SheehanDay ago
  • scott!!! alice to my milk!!!! AAAHHHH

    Gianna SheehanGianna SheehanDay ago

    alex bukalaalex bukalaDay ago

    Tim VernakTim VernakDay ago
  • How is Scott PBS? Hes literally The Game Show Network. It's like right there.

    Keeleon OhmsKeeleon OhmsDay ago
  • Omg content warning for mad mad house pls

    AxolotlotlAxolotlotlDay ago
  • **watch MXC instead

    Tom RutaTom RutaDay ago
  • To be honest if I had ever heard or known about killer karaoke I'd probably watch it. It just seems like a good time.

    The NazareneThe NazareneDay ago
  • "How do you like them apples" Seems pretty average to me

    Cornifer JrCornifer Jr2 days ago
  • Wasn't Rachel Hunter married to Rod Stewart? And if so, can her opinion on the male physic be trusted?

    Herbie HopkinsHerbie Hopkins2 days ago
  • Those poor animals must have been terrified with all that screaming going on.

    Herbie HopkinsHerbie Hopkins2 days ago
  • I've been cheeeeeeated on! first dude,very first question: what would you do if you saw me flirting with your friends? *WHAT*

    ForgottenCradleForgottenCradle2 days ago
  • So is this why kids would rather watch youtube all day rather than the tele?

    RJ LongRJ Long2 days ago
  • If "Are You Hot?" was still on today, I would absolutely RIOT. Disgusting show.

    Shakespeare JonesShakespeare Jones2 days ago
  • How dare you disrespect Killer Karaoke! Jk XD

    Hunt4DakHunt4Dak2 days ago
  • Never would I expect Scott Cramer to reference Daddy Doug DeMuro, but it has happened. I can die in peace.

    Eric ContrerasEric Contreras2 days ago
  • I’m goth and even I’m sus of Don

    Gabby BGabby B2 days ago
  • Scott: I was born in 1996 Me: takes a a ridiculous about of time to try and figure out how old he is only to remember why there’s a golden twenty five in the back.

    Hailey PippinHailey Pippin2 days ago
  • The vampires name is anthrax

    Karrtar-KRAFTKarrtar-KRAFT2 days ago
  • It's kinda cool that Jarvis is actually fitting in, I am a programmer and I started watching him years ago, because he was a coding/ comedy channel at one point now he is just a youtuber and it's really cool to see his growth, I am glad his career is taking off. also cool video, I liked the part where you made the joke no cap? or is it kap? I don't know I am 30 and I can't keep up anymore.

    roltthehunterroltthehunter2 days ago
    • @Scott Cramer 😂😂😂

      BryceBryce2 days ago
    • Did you mean to leave this comment on a Jarvis Johnson video? 😅

      Scott CramerScott Cramer2 days ago
  • why would a vampire drink another vampires blood isnt that basically as efficient as autosanguinarianism

    possumgutspossumguts2 days ago
  • i love how scott complains that he is pbs, but then he boasts a wine sponsor...

    Henry CampanisHenry Campanis2 days ago
  • 9:14 I have an uncle from North Dakota and he too says “vag” instead of “vague”. I never believed him until now

    SpeckadactylSpeckadactyl2 days ago
  • I know you probably just want suggestions that you can make fun of, but i HAVE to recommend Taskmaster, aka: the best show ever made. It's all on USworlds if you use a VPN to pretend you're in Ireland. Soooo, you can easily segue that, just saying.

    Peni S.Peni S.2 days ago
  • Your build a Bear gives me life

    Cova BrouwerCova Brouwer2 days ago
  • Happe birdtay

    Waterbottleh8rWaterbottleh8r2 days ago
  • I mean I gotta say, I had cable growing up and I still watched PBS shows so it definitely isn’t uncool

    MaxwellMaxwell2 days ago
  • My name is Alex...

    Alex VelezAlex Velez2 days ago
  • 25th b day?

    Dylan PowellDylan Powell2 days ago
  • "Hot or Not" just seems like the place where eating disorders are born

    Sims itSims it2 days ago
  • 1:32 Pictured Rocks as in da UP??

    Ian BercawIan Bercaw2 days ago
  • I hate all of this. I hate it. Nope. No no no no no no no nope. Uh huh NOOOOO

    Kai NakKai Nak2 days ago
  • you should look at "playing it straight" from 2004/2005. fox reality show that only lasted a season and they put a bunch of dudes in a house competing for the love a woman and some of the guys are gay. the woman votes off two men at the end of each episode who she thinks is gay. the final guy standing gets a million dollars if he's gay or if it's a straight guy at the end them and the girl split the million.

    TheMutantMindframeTheMutantMindframe2 days ago
  • Happy Birthday

    Ender TobiasEnder Tobias2 days ago
  • Happy birthday scott!

    Peyton MeyerPeyton Meyer2 days ago
  • People who put different segments in the video bar are fucking legends

    Garfield GuyGarfield Guy2 days ago
  • Mr. Meaty's grill was the worst nicktoon show ever.

    TLC14TLC142 days ago
  • I love you PBS

    Nihbps McgeeNihbps Mcgee2 days ago
  • that vampire guy is... hot

    cool catcool cat3 days ago
  • happy late birthday my wife told me to watch this

    JonniiJonnii3 days ago
  • You know, I'm obviously don't indulge prejudice. But something in my brain triggers every time I heard "I've never seen _Insert Insanely Popular Absolutely Impossible to Not Know About Movie Here_ "

    Augusto RaugustAugusto Raugust3 days ago
  • The blood thing was disgusting

    y6f6r ftyryhy6f6r ftyryh3 days ago
  • Honestly the vampire one was kind of upsetting, because as someone who knows people within that community there’s no way they would conduct themselves the way it was portrayed on that show. I know it sounds silly, but they actually have pretty strict rules about how they participate in that culture, and, you know, just letting random people participate and stuff is not part of it, largely because they’re very particular about the people‘s blood they consume. Generally speaking there is never a “bleed them dry” kind of thing, that was weird; I mean it’s suggests that he’s saying he takes all your blood...which would mean death...I don’t know what that was, but it’s very much not what they would sucks

    ms42662ms426623 days ago
  • I am from the UK and have lived there my entire life... I never once heard of big heads 💀 IS pretty big here though that I know to be true

    Niamh WelshNiamh Welsh3 days ago
  • thank god for time stamps .. this why i watch PBS

    Dylan PosnerDylan Posner3 days ago
  • Why does everyone remember wipeout when MXC was so much better

    Emo BassistEmo Bassist3 days ago
  • "I was born in 1996 and I've never seen the Matrix" ::unsubbed::

    harper222harper2223 days ago
  • 21:22 somebody defintely lied to her about what greek folk dancing is! -sincerely, a greek

    PlumpopzPlumpopz3 days ago
  • Alright I’m off to go watch all of Mad mad house

    † Jzilla1207 †† Jzilla1207 †3 days ago
  • Wow I went through like the whole comment section and saw no one actually discussing Bzzz! I watched the heck out of that show back int he late 90s. I probably saw every episode, or at least close to. I think about the show every few years. still remember the host's name and how she looked. She would say Annie Woooooooooooood.

    crumbworkscrumbworks3 days ago
  • Legitimately funny how they didn’t change anything about Ed Sheeran lmao

    Gabriel DiazGabriel Diaz3 days ago
  • Im walking the mile im walking the mile well this is a shocking exprince

    Random HoundRandom Hound3 days ago
  • I'm English and I'd never heard of or seen anything about Bigheads so like... th-thanks? for-... no. how dare you bring this into my sphere of knowledge. >:C

    Camilla JeffersonCamilla Jefferson3 days ago
    • (fwiw those gigantic heads are *really* well made; I'm simultaneously impressed and perturbed.)

      Camilla JeffersonCamilla Jefferson3 days ago
  • if those two people got 4 and 5 on their body does that make me a -24

    Jessica WeippertJessica Weippert3 days ago
  • Geeez I remember Bzzz!! Scott you a 90s soooooo young

    joywolf83joywolf833 days ago
  • cant stop thinking about bennedicts head

    Duda ReisDuda Reis3 days ago
  • rachel hunter is stacy's mom

    Brooke RossBrooke Ross3 days ago
  • About the question of reliving your life with memories, I might if I had unlimited memory and unlimited changes. If I could go back to the first with no change in anything it would also be amazing. However, this could be a bad thing as well. Pretend you are a fan fiction reader who has a thing for papyrus from undertale. You read so many fan fictions of this that yoyr memories of some mix in. I don't have to pretend. This may happen with the timelines as well.

    izzy chan Nyan Catizzy chan Nyan Cat3 days ago
  • The way they made it sound in the beginning was intriguing. If the button makes the person die but technically they just now cease to exist so it's technically not a sin or connectable to you, so its a button where you murder with no consequences

    izzy chan Nyan Catizzy chan Nyan Cat3 days ago
  • My name is Alex! And you scared the shit out of me pointing like that

    Super_Lost_BoySuper_Lost_Boy3 days ago
  • 20:50 Little do you know, your already on your 6th playthrough of life. You just don't remember...

    TygerInTheNightTygerInTheNight3 days ago
  • The snakes look severely under weight which is probably why they bit her.

    Summer ZornowSummer Zornow3 days ago
  • やべ Send help.

    HeromanV3HeromanV33 days ago
    • That alt show is so weird.

      HeromanV3HeromanV33 days ago
  • The vampires remind me of the ghosts from pac man named pinky, inky, blinky, and sue lmao

    Duck FayceDuck Fayce3 days ago
  • THANK YOU for saying jimmy neutron is disgusting I feel the same way about almost all adult cartoon shows as well as spongebob it’s such a non likable art style for me ugh haha

    Duck FayceDuck Fayce3 days ago
  • The “Are You Hot” judges made ME feel ugly and I wasn’t even on the show! The body dysmorphia is real bro

    TaylorTaylor3 days ago
  • Ever heard of the show WhoDunnit? It only ran for one season, but 13 year old me thought it was the most amazing thing. It was technically a gameshow, but was portrayed a bit more seriously. I might rewatch it just for nostalgia lol

    TaylorTaylor3 days ago
  • The Are You Hot show was so weird. Everyone on their was pretty hot if you ask me The one girl with "big teeth" was easily A 9 in the face An 8.5 for the body And a 10 in sex appeal. The judges all sounded real jealous and tore her down for no reason. Same for the guy with big pecs, the dude looked like a Greek God and got shamed on live tv for it. I don't even think it's a bad show concept, but the judges were so jealous and weird, ruined the show

    Obama spaghetti toilet sauceObama spaghetti toilet sauce3 days ago
    • @TheFrozenMister I dont understand beauty standard trends tbh. I can look at a picture of a model from the 80s and think "yeah, shes hot" even though she doesn't fit today's standards. I don't get why everyone follows a trend of standards, instead of just having their own standards

      Obama spaghetti toilet sauceObama spaghetti toilet sauceDay ago
    • The early 00s had extremely unreasonable beauty standards, worse than today I'd argue. Especially for women, who'd have to be basically anorexic to conform to the ideal of the time. Strange how much different it feels now, seems like not very long ago but things have changed a lot.

      TheFrozenMisterTheFrozenMisterDay ago
  • 1:06 me being 11 😐

    Joselyn OcasioJoselyn Ocasio3 days ago
  • The Doug score... I love USworlds. We're are nerds equally, and I kind of hate/love it.

    Astronimy DomineAstronimy Domine3 days ago
  • A FIVE?! Man's shredded like Henry Cavill and he gets a FIVE?!

    Dread Pirate RobinDread Pirate Robin3 days ago
  • 23:12 I think she just made the next best screaming song

    Benjamin MerrillBenjamin Merrill3 days ago
  • Those costumes in Bigheads look like something from a newspaper comic

    PointlessPointless3 days ago
  • I dont watch network tv so i appreciate youtube video thats relay crazy information about tv to me

    PlumpopzPlumpopz3 days ago
  • Thank you, I didn't want to remember Big Heads but now I do. I hate life

    AnnaAnna3 days ago
  • Wtf dude, I'm 29 of course I'm of drinking age. Dick.

    NoobCanoeNoobCanoe3 days ago
  • Oh hey is it his birthday. Whoa

    DirtyPrancingDirtyPrancing3 days ago
  • Another weird dating show was" date my mom"

    Jacob EvansJacob Evans3 days ago
  • Just to make you feel better, I loved PBS and was a PBS kids. It took me till I was like.. 10 or so until we could afford normal cable.

    Punkinator919Punkinator9193 days ago
  • This Rachel Hunter character telling people they aren't hot when she is rocking a Karen hairstyle

    Gemma LowGemma Low3 days ago
  • The “Hot” judges are just insecure and shitting on people who have features they wish they had lmao

    Maksil LorenzoMaksil Lorenzo3 days ago
  • Hello Scott! So I noticed that you like to review/talk about old tv shows, and channels. And there is one tv channel that I remember like a fever dream it was called Qubo tv and I think it would be fitting to review it, because it recently got shut down in February 28 2021. I would really like to see a video on it, because it was a really important part of my childhood, and I would like the memory of it to live on. I would go as far to say it was my version of PBS kids I hope you see this

    Blueish SquidBlueish Squid3 days ago
  • That Killer Karaoke lady needs to start a black metal band ASAP

    EzioHanitoreEzioHanitore3 days ago