Their Whole Hood Tried To JUMP ME!! 5v5 Basketball At The Park!

Apr 3, 2021
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I can't believe this happened at the park... Things got crazy. I love basketball
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  • day 6 of checking see if nick has 200k subs yet

    Doctor MedicineDoctor Medicine5 minutes ago
  • If he ever comes West Co I swear I’ll just run the fade I can’t stand this white boy, just by his whole persona you can tell he’s never been in a real fight . He’s the type that if you invite to a boxing gym to actually spar or fight he’ll find ways to get out of it, I’ve seen a 100s of these dudes and they’re all the same, they remind me of chihuahuas lol all bark no bite.

    Deetr3y ReyesDeetr3y Reyes15 minutes ago
  • I like how that guy is talking so much shit but pushes you off of him like wtf

    Emilio SandovalEmilio Sandoval27 minutes ago
  • People who don’t know that street ball comes with fights, ain’t never played street ball.

    Dixie NormusDixie Normus28 minutes ago
  • I fux with y’all cuh.

    Dixie NormusDixie Normus29 minutes ago
  • I don't know how i feel about this video... kind of douchey... but that dunk at 5:30 was nice!

    calledtoanswercalledtoanswer33 minutes ago
  • if jerry springer ever made a basketball show this would be it

    623baller623baller38 minutes ago
  • Don’t play basketball if you don’t like getting shit talked on its basketball

    Lil CordyLil Cordy39 minutes ago
  • Bro let me get you one on one bro I’ll smoke you

    EvanLasVegasEvanLasVegasHour ago
  • You don’t tell people you got on you just pull out and buss it next time .

    Geo FuegoTMplusGeo FuegoTMplusHour ago
  • I wanna see sun fight vids🤣

    Dusted DawgDusted DawgHour ago
  • nick briz probably drives around neighborhoods with his squad and plays against pickup teams with less chemistry cuz he's wack ass fuck and wants clout.

    Jerry LeeJerry LeeHour ago
  • this is why i don’t play in soon as there’s competition, people start to fight and all that unnecessary stuff

    Dre SeijasDre Seijas2 hours ago
  • Nick people are going to fight you no cap

    Michael CunninghamMichael Cunningham2 hours ago
  • I fucking love this dude!!! Love and basketball but they forget the violence at the park!! Homeboy is showing it all and he has all the fucking heart!!!

    Chris BuenoChris Bueno3 hours ago
  • Bro said we in Kissimmee like it was carver shores or Ivey lane lmfao

    Liccboii BestLiccboii Best3 hours ago
  • Shit was lame!

    Jacob DunnJacob Dunn3 hours ago
  • Swing like a wimp

    KenKen3 hours ago
  • He punched him because he kicked the ball in his face

    Veez MoneyVeez Money3 hours ago
  • Bra why you shoot like the tooth fairy

    Travis ThompsonTravis Thompson3 hours ago
  • 7:07 my gosh the hand checking😭😭

    Prince DrePrince Dre4 hours ago
  • “We got sticks out here” 🙄 Some of these so called “hood” dudes are soft asf

    ItsFreshChrisItsFreshChris4 hours ago
  • This creator starts all the fights then complains. If he tried this shit against college type players he would get beat up. This is just your typical YMCA crowd. First fight your teammate kicked the ball in the guys face. Second fight you tried to start when he scored on you by the standard NBA push off that you see ten times a game.

    Stamps600Stamps6004 hours ago
  • Yo get this man to 200k !

    Isaiah FloresIsaiah Flores4 hours ago
  • The thumbnail doesn't show you being jumped, it shows one 'hood Mama' with a purple shower cap running to tell you about how to prepare yams properly

    Thesavagemeister77Thesavagemeister774 hours ago
  • It’s about whoopin peoples asses. Don’t lie. I mean that on the court. This is Spartan territory.

    Robert MitchellRobert Mitchell4 hours ago
  • Junk ball

    J&T FishJ&T Fish4 hours ago
  • First off I think your probably the best basketball player maybe the white guy in the red has pretty good skills as well. Just want to say take it easy with some of these craziest you never know.

    al zual zu4 hours ago
  • Come to atl

    Xevier MortonXevier Morton5 hours ago
  • We got sticks out here, STFU😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Seth TorresSeth Torres5 hours ago
  • That dude in the purple durag looked like he just got off his shift from Mcdonalds and came to hoop lol

    Evan KuilanEvan Kuilan5 hours ago
  • Get him to 200k

    OmerOmer5 hours ago
  • Dude with one arm can ball

    rodrigo gutierrezrodrigo gutierrez5 hours ago
  • this is black culture for ya

    Jayzen MeekJayzen Meek5 hours ago
  • Had to sub

    Jim thadoodJim thadood5 hours ago
  • Kissimmee sweet tf 😂☠️ went out there for a vacation

    GokuHitEmGokuHitEm6 hours ago
  • You should really learn how to box bro

    tie gideontie gideon6 hours ago
  • He didn't grab u homie🤣😂🤣 might be hip checking but it's not much force.. u got ups all you had to do was go baseline an go up he can't jump with u

    TC HAAANTC HAAAN7 hours ago
  • Yoo come to riverbank park NYC 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨

    RodneyRodney7 hours ago
  • "Come on, I want it" As he backing up off the court 😂

    ShinyShiny7 hours ago
  • That come gaurd me was so cringe. tries to drive, falls on his face. Then concedes to a 3 and acts hard when he makes it 😂

    ShinyShiny7 hours ago
  • This dude is such a tool

    ShinyShiny8 hours ago
  • Dude wit the hat trash and a hack he look like Patrick off spongebob

    Mr19901611Mr199016118 hours ago
  • The comment below , was prior to your soliloquy about “positivity”. You bring whack energy. I wish we had more of an outdoor competitiveness towards hooping , you all could come CRASH our parks. That would be 🔥! But think about how much fun you’d have prior to going to parks. Your outlook prior to any situation gets better outcomes. Visualize a day at the park that is blissful and everybody happy having fun laughing. And it will manifest into fruition. Peace.

    R. Wright ElR. Wright El8 hours ago
  • Peace love and buckets

    Alberto MartinezAlberto Martinez8 hours ago
  • You can hoop bro. But you bring on all the smoke upon yourself. I ain’t say calm down but don’t blame nobody.

    R. Wright ElR. Wright El8 hours ago
  • 7:28 I would love for this dude to come fn guard me (proceeds to cross himself then decides to not take it in )

    Ian AshfordIan Ashford8 hours ago
  • One arm homie was dropping buckets. Big respect. 🤘🏼

    Jaime SandersJaime Sanders8 hours ago
  • Those dudes goofy af lmao

    Jordan GodJordan God9 hours ago
  • This is what i fuck with at the end of the day everyone just cool after the o es who take it seriously are bad energy

    LightLight9 hours ago
  • Seeum sayin. Knawhatimean, yafeelme, English is a dying language.

    Esteban GonzalezEsteban Gonzalez9 hours ago
    • Future felons all around.

      Esteban GonzalezEsteban Gonzalez9 hours ago
  • Man everybody talking about the fight and that but, have you seen de man with just one arm?? His shots were amazing

    Liso EchaLiso Echa9 hours ago
  • Bruh dropped part 2 mane

    Cuh AlvCuh Alv10 hours ago
  • "basket ball and pick up ball ya know what I'm saying?"... No I don't. Why are you forcing yourself to speak like a moron? Is that what the kids like? Are you trying to get the kids to like you? You look like almost a grown man. Stay away from them kids, man.

    Skyler RuinSkyler Ruin10 hours ago
  • dawg i was just down there i shoulda i came up there damn i aint hoop in a min

    QUE PINTQUE PINT10 hours ago
  • These guys ask for Trouble. When you get it don’t act like you ain’t ask for it

    David PerryDavid Perry11 hours ago
  • Where I’m from nobody getting rocked and keeping playing basketball 💯

    dias lildias lil11 hours ago
  • Bro you da man tell them what time it is love your vids. keep up the hard work

    Cash MoneyCash Money11 hours ago
  • Starts threatening guns... “we got sticks out here”. And that’s how you get shot kids, you threaten someone with a gun be prepared for the worst.

    the letter thcthe letter thc11 hours ago
  • Some weirdos talkin bout sticks during a ball game? Dude probably never shot shit but that basketball gtfoh

    Ryan MorenoRyan Moreno12 hours ago
  • Really cringey seeing a bunch of grown men fighting over basketball

    Kevin mchebriKevin mchebri12 hours ago
  • The white dude is such a joke this shit is funny. He trying to be black and tough but he ain't either....😂🤣

    Zeke OdimaZeke Odima12 hours ago
  • What tf was purple was going to do? Get his fucking wave cap knocked off

    Musclebomber GamingMusclebomber Gaming12 hours ago
  • This guy a joke 🤣🤣🤣

    Zeke OdimaZeke Odima12 hours ago
  • Bruh really said I’m here for the w and the wins.

    Sammy’s Daily-GamingSammy’s Daily-Gaming12 hours ago
  • Fake

    Kock AznKock Azn13 hours ago
  • Oak st. can be fun and all, but they be toxic af

    Adonis SantanaAdonis Santana13 hours ago
  • It’s always the bums who try to fight. How bout you get better?

    Urawizardharry JohnsonUrawizardharry Johnson13 hours ago
  • Drop the pt 2!!!!

    Timothy NdahiriweTimothy Ndahiriwe13 hours ago
  • 200k? Lebron and mj better have pulled up bruh

    Panashe MPanashe M14 hours ago
  • How tf does this man have a USworlds channel. He’s the most average park player of all time

    Nathan FoxNathan Fox14 hours ago
  • yall need to stfu n play the damn game

    Ward SontagWard Sontag14 hours ago
  • Lmao dudes really tryna kill dudes over pickup I’m weak 💀💀

    Aaron AdamsAaron Adams15 hours ago
  • Bruh u be carrying the ball 😂🤣 half of the game

    904amp009904amp00915 hours ago
  • Facts 👍🏽

    Scott TrussScott Truss16 hours ago
  • Jhits soft in Kissimmee

    Sniper GangSniper Gang16 hours ago
  • dude nick i like you man. I dont know why you go out and play ball with losers that do dirty fouls and just want to fight. your better then that bro. realtalk

    Ed NormEd Norm16 hours ago
  • dude threw a whole ass elbow and got hyped after he made a layup 💀

    Stefan StefanoskiStefan Stefanoski16 hours ago
  • This guy talks that shit but when someone gets in his face, Boone does shit. So maybe you should start being more about peace and prosperity.

    Justin SmothersJustin Smothers16 hours ago
  • Why is it always a certain people that act like this

    J BookJ Book17 hours ago
  • this one of the most toxic courts i seen in a youtube video

    Broski ChannelBroski Channel17 hours ago
  • Gets Ws and wins?

    Drew FlemingDrew Fleming17 hours ago
  • I learned to play in Europe, and it was 99% sportsmanship friendly. Came to the US and discovered that playing is more like 40% friendly, and almost always there is a fight, an argument or all hell braking loose. No mater park, YMCA, LA fitness, same problems everywhere. So I stoped playing in the US, and only play whenever I get a chance to go back to Europe! It's simply not worth my life!

    AnarchoHumanismAnarchoHumanism17 hours ago
  • Everyone out there needs to shut up. Nobody out there is good enough to go pro. Not even close.

    Alexander WinkinsAlexander Winkins18 hours ago
  • what are W's, I know what is a win?

    StickyRice GStickyRice G18 hours ago
  • We got sticks out here 😂😂😂😂

    southsacsouthsac18 hours ago
  • “We dOnT gO oUt TrYinG to STarT TrOUble” 😂😂 you’re funny af yes you do bro lol

    outtakontrolljrouttakontrolljr20 hours ago
  • lol folks be mad cause they get beat by strangers😂😂😂😭😭😭😂😂😭😭

    Shamar JohnsonShamar Johnson21 hour ago
  • Ayooo errybody sub so I can see whaa happened 👏🏽👏🏽

    Ole ReliableOle Reliable21 hour ago
  • Where is pt 2?👀

    Tiquavious MelvinTiquavious Melvin22 hours ago
  • I mean I get getting hot and mad but talking about shooting someone over some hoop 🤣like bro go cool off

    McKay RasmussenMcKay Rasmussen22 hours ago
  • That one dude looks like an egg with a beanie on

    Max TerryMax Terry22 hours ago
  • Lol why is he saying the N word lol he’s a soft Latin disgrace

    Nach CNach C23 hours ago
  • We outchea @ Epcot center, we got dem churros.😂

    S CS CDay ago
  • Bro you probably shouldn't play with bums like these guys they ain't making you any better

    vegastjgvegastjgDay ago
  • Such a baby sport

    Richard HunwickRichard HunwickDay ago
  • How do u even call this ego trip a sport...what a joke

    A-DaM GrubeerA-DaM GrubeerDay ago
  • Guy: momma can you bail me out Mom: boy wtf you do Guy: killed someone over a basketball game(while crying)

    p valleyp valleyDay ago
  • I love when people start a fight by immediately backing away "yeah I want it, yeah I want it" while back pedaling so hard he had to look behind him to make sure he didn't run into the goal post lmao. Gtfoh dude you didn't want shit.

    Zach BZach BDay ago
  • Not gonna lie though it seems like you look for conflict cause it gets you views. And that’s not a compliment

    Keith HernandezKeith HernandezDay ago