The Weeknd - Try Me (Official Video)

Mar 30, 2021
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Music video by The Weeknd performing Try Me. © 2018 The Weeknd XO, Inc., manufactured and marketed by Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • And all this time I thought he says "notify me, fry me!"

    Zayn SheikhZayn Sheikh10 minutes ago
  • 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

    МПАТП-3МПАТП-311 minutes ago
  • Cost saving during the pandemic ✅

    Anubhav SolankeyAnubhav Solankey24 minutes ago
  • 👑

  • Yes, the vocals and vibe...LOVE IT...

    Tricia SantillanTricia SantillanHour ago
  • Weekend to salena : try me

    TimoTimoHour ago
  • weekend you look like SoaR dylan hes a famous you tuber he plays fornite he has like 1.9 mil subs btw i love ur music i have like so many of ur songs in my spotify playlist

    Jill ParkJill Park2 hours ago
  • Demonic sell out.... Our people come from the God of Israel and you're out here executing the agenda of the beast. That conversation between you & God is gonna be monumental and shattering to all that you have stood for.

    Caelum LucisCaelum Lucis2 hours ago
  • Sounds ditto like asphalt 8 theme

    Vivek SainiVivek Saini2 hours ago
  • Ngl, the weekend is fine asf. I’d try him.

    ももsincerelyももsincerely3 hours ago
  • You are my hubby 💘😗

    Alyssa CraaigAlyssa Craaig3 hours ago
  • Can't stop to listen to your music you are romantick

    Josias CohuojJosias Cohuoj4 hours ago
  • it da weeknd.

    ··5 hours ago
  • Play this in 2× speed

    David GurdaDavid Gurda6 hours ago
  • hi

    nathan bfcccnathan bfccc6 hours ago
    • @kirstenrsx ok

      nathan bfcccnathan bfccc6 hours ago
    • @nathan bfccc cry bout it

      kirstenrsxkirstenrsx6 hours ago
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      kirstenrsxkirstenrsx6 hours ago
    • @kirstenrsx no ur so mean

      nathan bfcccnathan bfccc6 hours ago
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      kirstenrsxkirstenrsx6 hours ago
  • The thumbnail looks satanic-

    Daisy the DogDaisy the Dog7 hours ago
  • Download and Crop it to portrait mode to enjoy full screen. Thank me later

    Adil AkhtarAdil Akhtar7 hours ago
  • Best song after break up

    Dr MatiasDr Matias7 hours ago
  • Who want the weekend to go back to hard shit like the hill,starboy

    Lil Jr GLil Jr G8 hours ago
  • Could you 👉🏿👈🏿 maybe want to try me tehe

    Jay-s-kunJay-s-kun8 hours ago
  • Never really was attracted to him till this video

    inrdating2011inrdating20119 hours ago
  • Yep😎

    Sissy LinkSissy Link9 hours ago
  • he doesn't make music, he makes magic

    Prince GPrince G9 hours ago
  • 🧚👼🙈🤓🤕🤩👑✨

    Sissy LinkSissy Link9 hours ago
  • .you.looke.asome

    Daniel. manoleDaniel. manole10 hours ago
  • This is me in this video with you contact me

    Jessica SpencerJessica Spencer10 hours ago
  • its 4am and I'm doing my thesis that sound at the beginning got me dizzy with my headphones 😂

    chikenchiken11 hours ago
  • Love the song! You one of my favorite R&B artist👌

    Mark LeyvaMark Leyva11 hours ago
  • Это очень классно

    vinishco vinishcovinishco vinishco11 hours ago
  • Can we talk about how he is incapable of realising a bad song. ALL ARE BOMB

    Nicole jajajaNicole jajaja12 hours ago
  • All his songs sound the same now

    Erick ScherzyErick Scherzy12 hours ago

    NataNata12 hours ago
  • I hear "my knee" sometimes I need help

    Syd OlsenSyd Olsen14 hours ago
  • Why this video isn't on vertical???

    PedroPedro14 hours ago
  • Pov: Uber driver with great vocals does a D.I.Y while he shows people hanging out in the back

    Gideon RisingGideon Rising15 hours ago
  • I think i’m responsible for at least 1m views 😩

    Lue BasonLue Bason15 hours ago
  • can u already make him the new king of pop ?

    Lue BasonLue Bason15 hours ago
  • The only person who can look cool while third-wheeling:

    Kavish PKavish P15 hours ago
  • Was shot on iphone

    NinjeegoNinjeego15 hours ago
  • Is the weeknd trynna seduce us !!!!! 🙆🏻😈⚡️

    Abdul MateenAbdul Mateen16 hours ago
  • The Weekend should be extended to Monday- Friday

    Daniel VasquezDaniel Vasquez16 hours ago
  • The weeknd mejor que > Justin Bieber

    Diego QuispeDiego Quispe17 hours ago
  • abel you're the best man, you've made a lot of lives better ( including my life ) you're such a talented musician , everything you do is a masterpiece i wish you the best ( XOTWOD )

    sad boysad boy17 hours ago
  • Listening to the The Weeknd on the Weekend is the best!!

    Georgia LopezGeorgia Lopez19 hours ago
  • this man can do no bad anything what a perfect being he aint man he is God foh

    Brittany FranskoBrittany Fransko19 hours ago
  • Director: You cannot expect to get millions of views for a music video recorded with your phone. The Weeknd: Try me.

    Jash MediaJash Media19 hours ago
  • Abel we need this overdosed 🌑💚

    Z AyZ Ay21 hour ago
  • TheWeeknd fooled me

    SIT - Special Investigation TeamSIT - Special Investigation Team22 hours ago
  • Literally my favorite song on the EP. In the past two years it’s been one of my most played songs on Spotify.

    Hadiya KayHadiya Kay22 hours ago
  • Try me!! 💯

    Michi KerneMichi Kerne23 hours ago
  • hay gke

    Nguyen Duc AnhNguyen Duc AnhDay ago
  • Scarborough represent!!

    Never Filtered Always FabulousNever Filtered Always FabulousDay ago
  • Alta facha te cargas bro xd

    Yiro UwUYiro UwUDay ago
  • Whe need a "the town" video 🙏

    Andres RinconAndres RinconDay ago
  • Company: Can we have a full MTV for this song? Wk: Nah. Too much work. Company: Alright, let's compromise.

    Alan TanAlan TanDay ago
  • Omg😍😍

    Aneta OtřísalováAneta OtřísalováDay ago
  • those eye contacts are dope

    sun setsun setDay ago
  • Lil mosey

    Tomas CabreraTomas CabreraDay ago
  • 3year later

  • He can sing about fucking his side piece and I don’t get offended .. love him as a artist 😍

    Suzy LithavongSuzy LithavongDay ago
  • y did I not get the notification for this

    lolmeshakelolmeshakeDay ago
  • Oooooh yeaaaah finally thank uuuu❤

    Mia MiaMia MiaDay ago
  • video to a 3 year old song? okey

    LampoonLampoonDay ago
  • Ce mec est juste incroyable

    _maizzle __maizzle _Day ago
  • Então essa é a visão 🥴

    Fran PantojaFran PantojaDay ago
    • ahhaahhaha

      bianca filizolabianca filizolaDay ago
  • The guitar at the end made it feel a bit nostalgic tbh😂😁🤘

    Akbar Ali KhanAkbar Ali KhanDay ago
  • Whats up with all the dislikes

    Akbar Ali KhanAkbar Ali KhanDay ago
  • O so is nay love Weeknd

    mia nicole sanchez castromia nicole sanchez castroDay ago
  • My snap story every Friday & Saturday

    fat folksfat folksDay ago
  • I can smell him from here 😩😫😫

    GloLol LolGloLol LolDay ago

    Aylin DemirhanAylin DemirhanDay ago
  • I love this song it makes me sleep

  • Já amo

    AmandaAmandaDay ago
  • How mich of you guys have listen it with headset

    wondwossen ketemawondwossen ketemaDay ago
  • Me awkwardly recording myself

    Cesar cesarCesar cesarDay ago
  • this manz voice is just 😩

    Maxine JafthaMaxine JafthaDay ago
  • 💔💔💔😩 if you see my broken heart on every single comment of The Weeknd’s... carry on 🤕

    Alicia KaayAlicia KaayDay ago
  • Respect from Algerian 🇩🇿

    Belkheir TayebBelkheir TayebDay ago
  • Oh homem lindo 💜

    Stefany GuedesStefany GuedesDay ago
  • Vibe boa demais! Perfeitooooo!

    Carla RodovalhoCarla RodovalhoDay ago
  • His vocalizing is just💯💯💯💯💯

    Myles KiohoMyles KiohoDay ago
  • come to netherlands to meet me

    business womanbusiness womanDay ago
  • 🔥

    Cool LightningCool LightningDay ago
  • where the mask?

    Kirk GamesDanKirk GamesDanDay ago
    • That would look a little weird for the vid lol

      PP MusicPP MusicDay ago
  • P1

    Sintayehu FelekeSintayehu FelekeDay ago
  • Prinz Philipp is died in England UK!!!

    ConiConiDay ago
  • 😍

    KhatiaKhatiaDay ago
  • Director : do you want lesbians ?? Weeknd : hell yeah

    adixadixDay ago
  • This song is everything🔥

    Belmont 216Belmont 216Day ago
  • who directed this cuz its one of his best vids no joke

    cristian carcellercristian carcellerDay ago

    Faku FabFaku FabDay ago
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Metehan UludağMetehan Uludağ2 days ago

    Jessi MichaelisJessi Michaelis2 days ago
    • @Jessi Michaelis look up try me scroll you'll see it from two yrs ago

      AngelAngelDay ago
    • @Angel this video specifically? It seems new to me, at least.

      Jessi MichaelisJessi MichaelisDay ago
    • Lol this was available years ago

      AngelAngelDay ago
  • Rip those who thought it's a new drop

    Gray ManGray Man2 days ago
  • ❤❤❤

    Sâñdèépâ WijêšiñğhêSâñdèépâ Wijêšiñğhê2 days ago
  • Best of the best👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    Anar AliyevAnar Aliyev2 days ago
  • Mans don’t miss

    Mc BermanMc Berman2 days ago
  • I love you ❤️Abel 😘Me encanta tu música te sigo de siempre .🥰🇨🇱

    KatherineKatherine2 days ago
  • I love you weekend 🌹

    Jada WilliamsJada Williams2 days ago