The Unknown Truth About FaZe Clan...

Dec 21, 2020
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The Unknown Truth About FaZe Clan...
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  • i thought this was a fun idea, let me know what you guys think! happy holidays :)

    FaZe AdaptFaZe Adapt2 months ago
    • U guys call urself gamers but u don’t play games Jev is the only one who stuck to what faze used to be

      NotsorealnuggetNotsorealnugget7 days ago
    • Faze adapt is the type of guy to fight his friend over a slice of pizza 🍕

      Ryan ShawRyan Shaw15 days ago
    • And I love that I love that and I love that

      RiotZ reaperRiotZ reaper18 days ago
    • Your amazing love you and your videos ❤️❤️❤️

      HeLiSk ChEnHeLiSk ChEn27 days ago
    • W

      Fighter LmFighter LmMonth ago
  • Wow, this made me feel so old I remember watching you guys when I was in third grade because my older cousins put me on I'm a junior now about to become a senior soon.

    DifizilDifizil6 hours ago

    KaiKai13 hours ago
    • Then every one hates you

      Yoke WorldYoke World8 hours ago
  • Adapt the type of guy to poop the bed then blame it on Jarvis

    Pikachu FortnitePikachu Fortnite14 hours ago
  • You guys are probably not gonna watch this or think I’m trash at the game but here’s a link of a video of me playing modern warfare Link:

    KING AJ TVKING AJ TV23 hours ago
  • Faze Tommy, Rug, Banks, Teeqo, Fraizer, Jarvis, Adapt, Apex, Nikan, and the others I watch every day just off recently. But, I've been watching Rug for quite some time now.

    Princess PoojaPrincess PoojaDay ago
  • *supp*

    Ride the GamerRide the Gamer2 days ago
  • Also faze adapt are you still in faze clan? The internet says you are not in faze clan

    Killer AgatesKiller Agates2 days ago
  • Can you shoutout me

    Killer AgatesKiller Agates2 days ago
  • teeqo hasn’t changed a bit

    Allen WafflesAllen Waffles2 days ago
  • First time I ever heard of faze was like... early 2011, but the first video I saw was an mw2 montage and i just, fuuuuck man, those were the god damn days

    BissmooBissmoo2 days ago
  • Wtf I didn’t know banks made Soar

    Good BoyGood Boy2 days ago
  • Banks don’t even know fucking worthless

    ConceptConcept2 days ago
  • Banks was vaping

    ellisjamess14ellisjamess144 days ago
  • I remember when banks joined

    Deaundre AdamsDeaundre Adams4 days ago
    • Me two June 16 2015

      Killer AgatesKiller Agates2 days ago
  • Remember

    Carter _Carter _4 days ago
  • Go to Texas

    itz_not_who _uthinkitz_not_who _uthink5 days ago
  • You should you tik tok

    Amilio ScarlxrdAmilio Scarlxrd5 days ago
  • bro i miss the days even before the ny faze house where it was just straight mw2 and bo2 good times

    VibnFNVibnFN5 days ago
  • I hare how faze now has ricegum type editing it's gross

    I'm legit subbbingg to everyone who subbbss to meI'm legit subbbingg to everyone who subbbss to me6 days ago
  • had everyone in it except apex and blaze :(

    Juan SalazarJuan Salazar6 days ago
  • Damn bro I’m really missing the old you rightnow

    XjmweyXjmwey6 days ago
  • Adapts the tipe of guy who would play Roblox well everyone else is playing war zone

    CJ 180,CJ 180,6 days ago
  • Banks is still vaping

    Chronic ElementzzzChronic Elementzzz6 days ago
  • You forgot about faze rug:(

    Lol KidLol Kid6 days ago
  • That’s when I started watching is when CBass and Ricky made faze 5 in 2013, felt like yesterday

    kolbie langkolbie lang7 days ago
  • I subscribed and liked and turned on notifications

    The ImposibleThe Imposible7 days ago
  • We need awkward time to hit a clip

    Junior on DrugsJunior on Drugs7 days ago
  • I wish we coudlve heard rains story

    PyrhoPyrho7 days ago
  • Come back for good please I miss old adapt :(

    CamCam7 days ago
  • Can You post more

    Youtube gushyYoutube gushy7 days ago
  • Bring me back to mw2 trickshotting

    Pz KrbyPz Krby8 days ago
  • I know this was a long time ago but it cracked me up man. ADAPT THE TYPE OF GUY TO PICK HIS NOSE WITH HIS TOES SO THAT HIS FINGERS DONT GET DIRTY.

    [TSU] Mora1e[TSU] Mora1e8 days ago
  • So... when is another cod video coming out?

    Muhammed PatelMuhammed Patel8 days ago
  • do you what to 1v1 1 ft 0 vargin

    faze xsirfaze xsir9 days ago
  • adapt the type of guy to bring back adapt the type of guy

    limelime9 days ago
  • wtf happened to faze bruh

    FleezaFleeza9 days ago
  • @FaZe Adapt the type of guy to trough FaZe Banks shoes in the pool and then apologies bye putting them in the oven and say they will warm up.😂😂😂😂😂

    Cytrex1Cytrex19 days ago
  • i wanna go to faze i gonna start a youtube maybe enter faze5 if i can i hope but when there might be a opening

    Corinne OliverCorinne Oliver9 days ago
  • Anybody else wish the faze clan were posting call of duty except for Jev :/

    BandhuntaaBandhuntaa10 days ago
  • this is insane i reember everuthing

    tyson !tyson !11 days ago
  • shout out faze pryzee

    rezaqsrezaqs11 days ago
  • Adapt can’t adapt

    Johnny SinsJohnny Sins11 days ago
  • I need the old adapt back, making cutcoms

    ArtitcArtitc11 days ago
  • sopt my channel plz

    prince sufiprince sufi11 days ago
  • Anaheim was a movie

    Que StaQue Sta11 days ago
  • I don't care

    IEattacos21IEattacos2112 days ago
  • Still don't care

    IEattacos21IEattacos2112 days ago
  • don't care

    IEattacos21IEattacos2112 days ago
  • don't care

    IEattacos21IEattacos2112 days ago
  • damn just saw a jev video saw he was doing well and i wondered whats going on with the rest... damn bro what happened went from a sniping clan with nothing but love and a passion to play now its just hypebeasts that do anything for a click really just a shame

    Tanner ChapmanTanner Chapman12 days ago
  • Adapt the type of guy: You finish it.

    James FreyJames Frey12 days ago
  • Teeqo just got too much swag that’s why he rejoined faze lol moral OF THE IS THAT🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Sadiyo HassanSadiyo Hassan12 days ago
  • bring back Roman

    jj12 days ago
  • What’s up Broski 🦋🦋

    MamkajiwinMamkajiwin12 days ago
  • still weird how i live in the same town banks grew up in

    Dan KressDan Kress12 days ago
  • The ONLY thing that can save FaZe, is if Alex, Tommy, Teeqo, Rain and Apex were on a regular uploading schedule :(

    MightyMighty12 days ago
  • can you do a mocking faze banks

    Brandon ParkerBrandon Parker12 days ago
  • Wait banks vapes

    Roxz 875Roxz 87513 days ago
  • I know adapt nor anyone will care about me but I wish one day that I will be in faze I have Such a dream to be there and it’s in my heart forever so adapt plz help me but no one will see this but faze up I stream every night just to be in faze and if I got in my name would be faze Ian

    Ian GamingIan Gaming13 days ago
  • What happened to cizzorz???

    IsaacwtfIsaacwtf14 days ago
  • bruh u need to post more i miss all the new york shit when u guys would post everyday

    Noah BridgesNoah Bridges14 days ago
  • change yo name into faze adopted fool (nohate)

    Hanat HassanHanat Hassan15 days ago
  • Pls post again

    BlubeetECmarcBlubeetECmarc15 days ago
  • Adapt the type of guy to play fortnite and ask Jarvis to run duos

    EpziEpzi15 days ago

    SliXxSliXx16 days ago
  • Rip rain😥

    anthony canthony c17 days ago
  • You should do a part 2 but with rug apex rain blazeiken

    Isaac MorenoIsaac Moreno17 days ago
  • Banana

    Ivan HernandezIvan Hernandez18 days ago
  • Why aint you uploading my friend

    SeamaxSeamax18 days ago
  • Man. I feel like time flew by so fast. I'm 21 years old. This trips me out, cause I've followed FaZe since its first year of creation. Hearing Teeqo saying he left in 2013, and rejoined 2014, feels like yesterday. But that was 7-8 years ago.

    𝙃𝙮𝙥𝙚𝙧𝙃𝙮𝙥𝙚𝙧18 days ago
  • Juice WRLD

    Draktes WRLDDraktes WRLD19 days ago
  • Alex new tattoo = Harry Potter

    Marisa LaurenMarisa Lauren19 days ago
  • Im here over a month late 😭 I miss the days where members of the FaZe house would upload everyday, made my childhood

    EvanEvan20 days ago
  • ya bro

    666 666666 66620 days ago
  • Remember when they didn’t make fake videos and kept it real, teeqo still making real content, rain needs to come back bro 💯

    Kryptic GamerKryptic Gamer20 days ago
  • yo adapt i know you were in the music video with kid LAROI-without you

    The Game AuthorThe Game Author20 days ago
  • Faze adapt the type of guy to always rage at every thing he says

    manu TV channelmanu TV channel20 days ago
    • That just didn’t make sense

      Team CommanDTeam CommanD20 days ago
  • Bring back adapt the type of guy cuz I got one adapt the type of guy to stream someone else streaming cuz he has no video ideas

    HxrryDestrxyzHxrryDestrxyz21 day ago
  • Guys I think he called faze adapt beacus he was adopted 💔💔💔💔

    Mr TargetMr Target21 day ago
  • Faze adapt the type of guy to call his friends and ask if their refrigerator is running

    lil.koolaidlil.koolaid21 day ago
  • His fuckin dead

    LayzoneerLayzoneer22 days ago

    paradise viralparadise viral22 days ago
  • Been watching faze when they were still in New York house. I'm 18 so I was prob like 10-13 or something

    elcuevas2o9elcuevas2o922 days ago
  • Do you love it?

    Filthy Degenerate WeebFilthy Degenerate Weeb23 days ago
  • Wya g?

    haha YoUr deAdhaha YoUr deAd23 days ago
  • Alex where u at?

    Colin GrossColin Gross23 days ago
  • Yo wya adapt

    Leonidas OliverLeonidas Oliver23 days ago
  • Adapt the type of guy that try to a basket in a ball 🏀 ina basket

    Dylan PerezDylan Perez23 days ago
  • what montage is at 5:38

    i Zilo-i Zilo-24 days ago
  • 💐

    Shibli Gaming ShowShibli Gaming Show24 days ago
  • Who maked the whole Faze from begining

    Aldin MAldin M24 days ago
  • Come back to USworlds we need you...

    James hahaJames haha25 days ago
  • Am I the only one who doesn’t like Jarvis ?

    Justin CalderonJustin Calderon25 days ago
  • mocking faze banks part 6

    Scurge IVScurge IV25 days ago
  • I was a OG in like 2012 and wanted to join but to many people got in it

    Marvin ortizMarvin ortiz25 days ago
  • So you guys even talk to Jev anymore?

    SevenSeasSailorSevenSeasSailor25 days ago
  • What happened to roman

    August 25thAugust 25th25 days ago
  • Adapt, can u ask rug? Love your videos❤️

    Joshua MacJoshua Mac26 days ago
  • I remember watching when Tommy made the gaming setup tour

    Sntis YTSntis YT26 days ago