The ULTIMATE back scabbard / shabbard

Apr 3, 2021
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Because my functional back scabbard design worked so well it's high time we see if we can improve it, and make it look as awesome as it's fundamental design!
This new and improved shabbard was made by Blades and Blazers, please go check out his website if you're interested in his work:
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  • "Look, there be adventurers." "But how do you know they're adventurers?" "They're wearing their weapons on their back son, with all the running, climbing, jumping and crawling they have to do. It's far more convenient."

    MonteMindMonteMind7 days ago
    • @Sergio Leonardo Cornejo I like how the legend of Zelda cartoon did it. Magic pouches that shrink the items. Or maybe the items themselves are enchanted to be able to shrink and fit into normal pouches. Idk lol

      gamerdude535gamerdude5353 days ago
    • @Glimmlampe1982 according to my internet search, several results said sheath simply is a term meant for a covering. And that scabbards were made of hardened, rigid materials, commonly wood or leather. So I concede that point to you as, apparently both are legitimate scabbards. The cloak thing probably does depend on the materials used in its construction as you stated.

      Nightfall89 zNightfall89 z4 days ago
    • @Nightfall89 z this one, yes. Which makes it a sheath, if I'm not wrong here. But historical scabbards were made with a wooden core. Depends on the cloak. I did some light sparring in my rectangular cloak, not wet though. Did work ok. But in case of a battle quick access isn't really necessary. That's more a ambush situation and depending on the cloak it might take to long to take it off.

      Glimmlampe1982Glimmlampe19824 days ago
    • @Glimmlampe1982 scabbard are made of hardened leather, not wood. As for the cloak, if you must fight in the rain you would remove your cloak anyway, a wet cloak would restrict your movement far too much in battle, the cloak is best used as a shield or accessory in battle. Shad did a video on that as well.

      Nightfall89 zNightfall89 z4 days ago
    • @Glimmlampe1982 Shad actually did a video on the kind of cloak an adventurer would likely use and it wasn't as restrictive as you seem to think. I'm not saying weather would make them call off a campaign, you brought that up, lol, but unless the plan specifically calls for doing so, an army would probably not choose to *fight* in the rain, they would hunker down and, ya know, camp, a thing they often did? And camping or otherwise sheltering was a thing they did, like, a *lot*

      Will ParryWill Parry4 days ago
  • Looks beautiful. I would love to have this as a mod for Skyrim. Would fit my Executioner Character very well.

    Das BrettImKoppDas BrettImKopp45 minutes ago
  • If Shad was born in the medieval ages he would've made back scabbards historically accurate

    Globert SeigleGlobert Seigle2 hours ago
  • nice piece, I like it. I just would add a simple buckle over the shoulder-sided part of the hand guard to keep it from slipping.

    Human IsomerHuman Isomer2 hours ago
  • Dude, you should have trademarked that design. It's pretty solid. Pretty sure there's improvements that can be made but there is definite money to be made selling them ,for sure man. Regardless, nice work to you Shad and of coarse Blades and Blazers also. Impressive that they pulled off such an awesome design that well without even having the sword to test it with. Major kudo's. Also, loving how giddy you are while demonstrating its functionality. Like a kid at a candy store. lol

    Alan HughesAlan Hughes5 hours ago
  • I am hoping to make a fantasy video game with semi-realism and your videos have really helped

    Max LoewMax Loew9 hours ago
  • This has been in Monster Hunter for ages

    Jordan AllenJordan Allen11 hours ago
  • That intro was pure gold!!

    jared battjared batt12 hours ago
  • No words. Just nerdiness. Love it!

    Sorcerersupreme007Sorcerersupreme00712 hours ago
  • Are we all overlooking perhaps its greatest benefit, drawing while seated. And of course if its on your back you now have room for more swords, and who doesn't want more swords!

    Vikingknight2012Vikingknight201213 hours ago
  • It has a potential fantasy designs to go with, especially to Wing that can act a sort of flag to a kingdom. But but personally I'm do what was done in bloodborne without the wing

    jack rakjack rak15 hours ago
  • Ever try putting a Shabbard on your hip so that you can draw larger swords more easily? Just a thought.

    ljlkljlk15 hours ago
  • Brother your happy-go-lucky. Good to see.

    Honest CitizenHonest Citizen15 hours ago
  • Curious. I thought you didn't like nunchaku, but you're wearing 2 sheaths for expandable nunchaku on your belt.

    Kevin GrayKevin Gray17 hours ago
  • I want to see how it would work if you were to wear plate armour.

    SirSilcoSirSilco18 hours ago
  • Do you can wear the sword with the handle on your hip and your blade rising in the air? The draw point is low and if you want to draw your sword you let the sword fall down and draw it.

    Ha ThimHa Thim18 hours ago
  • I love the fact that this is a legitimate technological advancement on a weapon that stopped being popularly used at least 300 years ago.

    M NorthM North20 hours ago
  • @15:05 That looked awesome. Like It looked so confident I wouldn't even want to attack you, and the sword is really big. Most blades on the back are shorter than your arm If you want to draw them from there (wakizashi for instance) This looked epic

    Kevin BihariKevin Bihari22 hours ago
  • It looks really cool. I want that 😎👍

    Gustav TradsGustav Trads23 hours ago
  • I LOVE how excited you got over this XD its moments like this where you truly see peoples passion for the things they are into. keep up the good work!

    ChrisLustarianChrisLustarianDay ago
  • Just like the monster hunter long sword scabbard

    raptor10118raptor10118Day ago
  • Can you ride a horse with this scabbard ?

    1701EarlGrey1701EarlGreyDay ago
  • That sword looks about the same length as geralt's sword from the Witcher three because when it is in the scabbard it goes down to the pit of his knee just like yours

    Kyler MooreKyler MooreDay ago
  • Awesome

    Kyler MooreKyler MooreDay ago
  • could you do the same with like a Kriegsmesser or would that be difficult ?

    Golden BoyGolden BoyDay ago
  • Have you considered using horse hair on the side to somewhat protect the blade without affecting drawing it or sheathing it?

    Scott PhillipsScott PhillipsDay ago
  • Works great when it's not raining. But otherwise it's gonna gather water.

    danshyudanshyuDay ago
  • I said, "That's what she said..." about 87 times while watching this video.

    Dick GozinyaDick GozinyaDay ago
  • I’d like to see you use it on the hip. Seems like it could work well there too. Obviously there are more advantages to it being on the back. However it would make sheathing and drawing easier regardless of placement on the body. In my opinion I think you invented a wearable long sword scabbard

    Myke EnsmingerMyke EnsmingerDay ago
  • Chadiversity

    AlanolexAlanolexDay ago
  • Does anyone know a Skyrim modder who could make this a thing in Skyrim?

    Stephen TomskyStephen TomskyDay ago
  • 8:43 - the Red baron from the witcher 3

    nyuki187nyuki187Day ago
  • What in the name of the queen is that ? It's a Shabbard sir And therefor a Shabbard it shall be

    Vinny V8Vinny V8Day ago
  • Make series improving the design.

    MandyEqualsMurderOFFICIALMandyEqualsMurderOFFICIALDay ago
  • Wing scabbard?

    Michael R.Michael R.Day ago
  • You did it, you crazy bastard you did it

    Black DynamiteBlack DynamiteDay ago
  • How about sending that third sword to Blades and Blazers?

    Dismythed & JWADismythed & JWADay ago
  • Ok now do the ridiculous anime cross-back double-scabbard

    Owen GreenbergOwen GreenbergDay ago
  • There was this one video where one had a supposedly Scottish version that had a fur lining, presumably to help with keeping water out a little better.

    Another DuckAnother DuckDay ago
  • I love the shabbard but you could make it more aesthetically by replacing the long wing for sheathing with a few metal pieces of metall that have the same function but are way smaller.

    LinkDemonwingLinkDemonwingDay ago
  • As someone who has a sword with a back scabbard, I'd like to know how to get a Shabbard. drawing is annoying, sheathing is impossible.

    ShadowLucario97ShadowLucario97Day ago
  • You know what makes your channel so great? Your obvious enthusiasm for the topics you cover. That can't be faked. Live your dream Shad, live your dream!

    Jacob BullochJacob BullochDay ago
  • I do suggest an improvement. The flat bit of leather used to guide the sword into the shabbard, make it able to bend over. this way one could do that to secure the sword even more espacially if they take the shabbard off and carry it by hand.

    INeosIRexINeosIRexDay ago
  • Can you do a video on kid gohan 🗡️ from dragon ball z

    Josejuan Cota CastilloJosejuan Cota CastilloDay ago
  • If you replace those snaps and D rings with leather straps and buckles you would not have any issues with them "popping off" and it would be be both adjustable and removable for you. I have seen and done these applications. Strongest secure hold in leather

    Carlton WatkinsCarlton WatkinsDay ago
  • I'd call it a "2 and a half sword".

    INeosIRexINeosIRexDay ago
  • "Is it in yet?" - That's what she said.

    Corr GuineachtCorr GuineachtDay ago
  • 20:43 The name's a bit...Shabby? Eehhhhh? XD Love it, man

    Isaac GladIsaac Glad2 days ago
  • But what about dragons? When are we getting a video about dragons?

    bjrn2010bjrn20102 days ago
  • Shad, Lauren Shaw (youtuber) said "it is ingenious but doesn't work well if it starts to rain. Spending extra time to sand off the rust spots from the rain is always a pain"

    Jose ParkJose Park2 days ago
  • Nice

    VDE18VDE182 days ago
  • If this were an actual historical item, I feel like this scabbard would have ended up being called a "four-year" to differentiate it from the standard hip or belt scabbard. Similarly to the French words that became beef, poultry and pork, being injected into the English language by the Norman invaders, I'd expect this item would be called either a "winged scabbard" or simply a "back scabbard" by said Normans. The names in French would be "fourreau ailé" or "fourreau arrière" respectively, and either pronunciation would be easily Anglicized into "four year". Which would doubtless, in the modern day, result in endless debates and urban legends about the true origin of the term.

    sablephoenixsablephoenix2 days ago
  • Are you going to patent it?

    Joe NJoe N2 days ago
  • Hey Shad, what's your opinions on double back scabbards, such as the one Geralt wears in The Witcher?

    Albanfluff AnimationAlbanfluff Animation2 days ago
  • The amount of enthusiasm and pride Shad has in his content genuinely makes me smile

    Ian RudderowIan Rudderow2 days ago
  • I’m writing a fantasy novel with cynocephali in it, the dog-headed men. I wish you’d do a video on what kind of armor/equipment you think a race of dog-humanoid barbarians would use

    Oblong CheeseOblong Cheese2 days ago
  • Medieval infomercial

    Retro UnicornRetro Unicorn2 days ago
  • finally! it’s beautiful 🤩

    Ozray McGreen - Curious Godless GuruOzray McGreen - Curious Godless Guru2 days ago
  • Could you make a video on a kusarigama

    ethan ophekethan ophek2 days ago
  • Hey Shad, I think someone's trying to call you out on your video on Ma-Rey Sue's combat ability:

    Danger DashDanger Dash2 days ago
  • Personally I might add a button strap over the guard to keep it secure. I would position the snap so I could flick it with my thumb as I draw it. This way it would give complete freedom of movement. Not saying this needs to be done. Fantastic job.

    Evil ParadigmEvil Paradigm2 days ago
  • Shad: "You don't have to call it a shabbard. I admit, the name's a bit . . ." Me: "...shabby?"

    Lelouch -- King of Anti-HeroesLelouch -- King of Anti-Heroes2 days ago
  • I aspire to be find something in my life, that will make me as excited as Shad is about the Shabbard.

    juhulemandjuhulemand2 days ago
  • What makes this even quicker is that basically as soon as it clears the scabbard you are already in the "Vom Dach" Guard Position, whereas drawing from a side scabbard you need to move the sword at least ~180° to reach any guard position.

    Johannes DolchJohannes Dolch2 days ago
  • I love how for the last 20 years Fantasy RPG people where like "back scabbards are cool but unrealistic and clunky". Turns out they are both cool and awesome.

    Johannes DolchJohannes Dolch2 days ago
  • This is huge, this is the beginning of something great, and here I am at the genesis of it all. Soon everyone will adopt the Shabbard and this item will be among cultural legends

    LauncherXLauncherX2 days ago
  • *adventurers want to know your location*

    КасьянКасьян2 days ago
  • I had an idea of a future back scabbard that forms around the sword like Iron mans nano tech suit

    Aden StevensonAden Stevenson2 days ago
  • Shadiversity hopefully you see this Shad, just wanted to say that if you tighten the clip part on the sword then you can get it to hang in the Shabbard much more securely without having to do the hassle of clipping it on both sides of the Shabbard

    mattmatt2 days ago
  • SHABBERED LOL 😂 YES Perfect dude!

    NinjaAimlessNinjaAimless2 days ago
  • Loved the intro. Very much appreciated.

    REDLORDxREDLORDx2 days ago
  • So it occurs to me, re: holding the sword in place, preventing it from both sliding out when bending over or falling out over the wing, you could most likely achieve that with a strap and snap. The strap would be connected at the top of the shabbard, toward the center of your back, and could wrap over the crossguard away from the wing of the shabbard, kinda diagonally, where it snaps into place. Then when you reach to draw the sword, all you have to do is grab the handle of the sword as you would and reach out with your thumb you quickly release the snap, which would then just get pushed out of the way as you draw the sword. If you don't want to use a snap or worry about the extra step in drawing the sword at all, you could also use a quick-release buckle that would unfasten just by drawing the sword out. It wouldn't be _as_ secure as a snap, but it would still provide an extra layer of retention without impeding the draw or requiring you to practice and remember an extra step. The only issue I can immediately think of is making sure the strap doesn't fall back down and get trapped in the way while trying to sheath the sword, but it would be a fairly simple solution to securing the sword without making it more difficult or time consuming to draw.

    Michael MeissnerMichael Meissner2 days ago
  • For added security so the sword has absolutely no chance of falling out while running, jumping, bending or even falling over, a simple leather strap could be added at the mouth of the scabbard that loops over the guard. Should be fairly simple but add some extra security.

    Chris BertschChris Bertsch2 days ago
  • To anyone writing a fantasy novel... Call it the Shabbard!

    Alvin LeonardoAlvin Leonardo2 days ago
  • imagine making medieval items using modern technology and going back in time. You'd be like a king.

    R.A. AlvarezR.A. Alvarez2 days ago
  • If THIS Does not prove that Anyone has the potential and availability, to change the World, for the better, I do not know what does.

    Jakab KornélJakab Kornél3 days ago
  • 20:56 You beautiful man, good on you!

    UniquenameosaurusUniquenameosaurus3 days ago
  • I know when I first made a wooden dagger I could sheath it in the belt straps on my pants like a wakizashi took some practice to perfect my form

    TheMidnightBanshee 59TheMidnightBanshee 593 days ago
  • Hey I'm new to ur channel, I usually watch ur brothers videos but I used to watch some of ur videos before and have also read ur book (which I LOVED btw) I have always loved fantasy and stuff like all this and want to try learn more about it, what videos on ur channel should I start of with so I can catch up with the basics? Hope u see this and love ur work, keep doing what u do 😊

    S and OS and O3 days ago
  • Could u review 300 of how accurate to combat is 🗿

    Fredator XFredator X3 days ago
  • The top half ring metal thing needs to be tighter in my opinion because multiple times throughout the video that metal thing on crossguard slipped under it instead of being on top. If this would make the sword insecure because of more space between crossguard thing and scabbard then making it thicker could be good idea to... Otherwise i am amazed how good it looks and your enthusiasm to make real thing out of this. I am really exited for what ever you'll come up with next :-)

    BokuBoku3 days ago
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    Annie RossAnnie Ross3 days ago
  • Could remove bottom pin to allow water to drain out. Also could add some fur to the entrances of the sheath might give it some water insulation while not stopping the entrance or exit of the blade.

    billy mazebilly maze3 days ago
  • I really like shad content but im scared to realice he's racist because i heard he called some kid the n word and im black so i dont know he seems like a nice guy to be honest

    dospulgasenunperrodospulgasenunperro3 days ago
  • He should patent and produce this! I’d buy one!

    Derek HullDerek Hull3 days ago
  • Can you ride a hourse with that?

    Niper777Niper7773 days ago
  • If you have the wing, you could even attach a belt to it and to tightly securely during longer travels, or travels by flight...?

    ZergashZergash3 days ago
  • Look like the bakelite mag for the ak 47

    101_skeleton101_skeleton3 days ago
  • I want to see you, Jorge, and Todd all come together and just make the ultimate adventurer loadout

    The LieutenantThe Lieutenant3 days ago
  • Fantasy books be like 'We call it the shabbard because it was pioniered by a shady guy on some island at the other side of the world.' 'There might be some translation error though...' XD

    SimSimSimSim3 days ago
  • So Shad needs to learn three sword style now.

    SkyReaperOneSkyReaperOne3 days ago
  • An unlimited source of happiness for this shed man :)

    Son of GodSon of God3 days ago
  • I've always loved the English Two Handed sword's design, such a beautiful sword, would love to own one some day, if only there was some generous man who had, I dunno, three of them, hahah! Excellent video though! Nice to see a practical reason for wearing a backshabbard like this since it's a great design!

    caincain3 days ago
  • I wonder if it is possible to merge the shabbard to an axe.

    Bobby BobsterBobby Bobster3 days ago
  • sry if you have adressed this in an earlier episode but what about bad weather? wouldn´t the wool get pretty wet especially when it´s raining? is that evan a problem and if yes how would you adress it?

    Gabe HartwigGabe Hartwig3 days ago
  • How big, long, ect kind of sword would be useful and practical for someone who is 10 feet tall?

    Tony FTony F3 days ago
  • I love how enthusiastic this dude is about swords and other medieval stuff. He's just being himself and doesn't care about what anyone else thinks. I enjoy your content, thank you for being you!

    Brendan FultzBrendan Fultz3 days ago
  • Looks good, but do you think it may be possible to have dual shabbards on the back? it looks to be possible because of the entrance point of the bladetip entering the scabbard looks quite convenient.

    drakke125drakke1253 days ago
    • idk if shad made a video about it or it was skallagrim but one of these have a video where they show dual sword wielding is impractical and it's far better (and historical) to fight with a sword and a dagger

      Samuel LeandroSamuel Leandro3 days ago
    • like an "X" or like a tilted "II"? i think the latter makes more sense, yet it would be more practical to have a long dagger in the back hip

      Samuel LeandroSamuel Leandro3 days ago
  • Only thing that needs to be added is art on the wing (heraldry, litany, family photo, etc.) kudos on making a fine addition to the world.

    Adam TehranchiAdam Tehranchi3 days ago
  • Hey Shad, do you want a helmet to go with your brig? I've been raising some helmets lately and could make one for ya if you're interested :)

    Skyler NicholSkyler Nichol3 days ago