The Truth on Natalie's Divorces | 90 Day Fiancé

Feb 20, 2021
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What do you think of Natalie's TWO divorces??
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  • @The Celeb Talk Guy , it's true, she never mentioned that she was married before, let alone twice!!

    Nomvula NyoniNomvula Nyoni15 hours ago
  • And to the announcer guy who’s talking -- really ??! Do you have a life ? Your a guy - shouldn’t you be watching football or working on your car 🚗... watch yourself once you look like a goofball ...

    Heart 2020Heart 202016 hours ago
  • Is he on something?

    LouiseLouise19 hours ago
  • Mike is so boring. Thank heavens there's Natalie to at least make it a bit interesting to watch. I didn't see him in previous episodes but from what I can gather he must have been extremely hurt when she threw his ring back at him. She needs to control her smart mouth.

    Cynthia SCynthia S22 hours ago
  • Nathalie seems to be controlling when she can’t get her way she gets upset

    Marguerite Saint LegerMarguerite Saint LegerDay ago
  • You are shady

    Marguerite Saint LegerMarguerite Saint LegerDay ago
  • Have you seen Natalie’s cooking videos? I’d love for you to review them in one of your videos

    TeresaTeresaDay ago
  • I think she’s so beautiful

    Ana BellaAna Bella2 days ago
  • Natalie has very bad trust issues. Her last two husbands really must of did her wrong.

    Citygirl PolandCitygirl Poland2 days ago
  • The "Natalie" in the second photo does not look like Natalie. So much for this scandal.

    anita belangeranita belanger2 days ago
  • They should not get married , such a bad match those two !

    Elisabeth DobcsekElisabeth Dobcsek3 days ago
  • I blame the guys...totally

    Teresa MessengerTeresa Messenger3 days ago
  • I'm starting to like your door

    itdoesntmatteritdoesntmatter4 days ago
  • She is scary. 🤭🤭🤭

    Eyra LeBlancEyra LeBlanc4 days ago
  • I hope mike gets rid of natalie

    hazelhazel4 days ago
  • She never said twice

    hazelhazel4 days ago
  • I can’t stand her... she wants a green card and she’s a liar

    Jennifer LangleyJennifer Langley4 days ago
    • She only mentioned one ex husband

      Jennifer LangleyJennifer Langley4 days ago
  • Damn the force when you said here is the truth! Was palpable, those hands have energy and the way you talk with them is so cool to watch coming from an extreme introvert who is the opposite of expressive lol

    Michael HeckmanMichael Heckman5 days ago
  • Celeb guy, please find a better background. You are always on the bed now in a corner.

    Sherry tebbenSherry tebben5 days ago
  • Natalie seems like a horrible person. She told Mike she is too beautiful for him......I don't think she is pretty at all and acts like a child most of the time. Mike should date his hairstylist! They would be so cute together!

    Office ProfessionalOffice Professional5 days ago
  • Her second husband was her dream guy he worked out had the perfect body drove a nice car once he lost it all and filed bankruptcy she divorced him I'm from Eastern Europe what I don't like is the religious aspects she acts so holy and she's not I know atheist that act more christ-like than she ever did

    Agolf TweetlerAgolf Tweetler6 days ago
  • She seems to think stretching out her large eyes is charming. But it doesn't work in Mike. At. All.

    kemigyrl1kemigyrl16 days ago
  • Speak faster please 😂

    Immer BesserImmer Besser6 days ago
  • There is something really wrong with her, Natalie is one crazy scary woman. Mike should sleep with one eye open at all times

    K ForbK Forb6 days ago
  • I also hope Mike & Natalie did not marry. Terrible relationship

    SmurfetteSmurfette6 days ago
  • In Jesus name 🤔

    Sara 1Sara 16 days ago
  • She’s nuts and controlling. No shock she is divorced. She’s not even that good looking

    Dick JohnsonDick Johnson6 days ago
  • So marry twice and now the Third..road

    B BB B6 days ago
  • Max, Thank you for your hard work and integrity in putting out these reviews day after day. You are the best of what you do, and I wanted to personally thank you for being one of the few who does not use clickbait. Please always be the man you are :)

    Ruth SRuth S7 days ago
  • She's 35 and has two divorces! That should be qcř

    Julie AucoinJulie Aucoin7 days ago
  • She's just looking for a free meal ticket from another simp sucker dude 😆 lol.

    John VingnoJohn Vingno7 days ago
  • Natalie is a nasty and bossy gold digger.. Let Mike file bankruptcy and watch Natalie not walk but run away.

    Janet SedotalJanet Sedotal7 days ago
  • So what leave her alone

    Raquel FerroRaquel Ferro7 days ago
  • She has A LOT of vooden spoons!

    Julia GuliaJulia Gulia7 days ago
  • Natalie need to see a psychopath. She wants a green card. Mike you should run. This girl will put you in trouble. Green card is her way out to Ukraine. Don’t trust Her.

    Bethany PooleBethany Poole7 days ago
  • Sir you are much too dramatic! Shaking your head and waving your hands. Sorry! Difficult to concentrate!

    Tilla NienaberTilla Nienaber7 days ago
  • I can’t stand her, she hates everything.

    Lisa pinerLisa piner8 days ago
  • First... you are smart. I do, however, appreciate USworldsrs that acknowledge people’s names.... and that that may not be able to pronounce them ❤️

    Counselor KiaCounselor Kia8 days ago
  • All americans r so talkative ...nonstop blah blah blah

    unknown unknownunknown unknown8 days ago
  • Am I the only one thinking how can this guy talk at breakneck speed and still manage to properly breathe?? 😳

    Salsaholic1978Salsaholic19788 days ago
  • Two marriages? 😞😞😞

    Marie BenovilMarie Benovil8 days ago
  • She is in Mike's kitchen.

    Mary MargersonMary Margerson8 days ago
  • Run Mike

    Mary MargersonMary Margerson8 days ago
  • I see them arguing a whole lots, and it does seem that it will end soon. not sure if that's what one wants at such a mature age. They don't seem to agree. She's all about getting the ring back and getting married...what about love in this? She wants to apologise to Mike because she feels she's running out of time...22 days left to get married and she's not gotten her ring back. Very wrong motive.

    PatPat8 days ago
  • Your voice is so annoying. Mike and Natalie are married and the wedding certificate is easily found online. They have a child. So much of this video is distorted. The man she married who filed bankruptcy also divorced her so of course she went home to the Ukraine.

    Marissa CarterMarissa Carter9 days ago
  • If Mike married her he deserves to be mistreated by her. So many red flags, she is a nut‼️

    Elizabeth SalazarElizabeth Salazar9 days ago
  • Do you think colts is a closet gay man.???

    Silvia MejiaSilvia Mejia9 days ago
  • Colt lost big time

    Silvia MejiaSilvia Mejia9 days ago
  • Other country’s do have microwaves lol America is not all that

    Silvia MejiaSilvia Mejia9 days ago
  • None off your business you stir up shit is you not nice dud

    Silvia MejiaSilvia Mejia9 days ago
  • They both are good lookin and her now mike she is lookin below her, may woman like men do the same thing,

    Silvia MejiaSilvia Mejia9 days ago
  • The passed is the passed your getting tack,,, that’s not you place

    Silvia MejiaSilvia Mejia9 days ago
  • 😳😳😳 she just want her way she not from a wealthy family.they don't need to get marry😳

    Brenda. DouglasBrenda. Douglas9 days ago
  • I tried, I really tried to watch her salmon video. I couldn’t get through it! That fish is gonna be horrible!

    Christine TestaChristine Testa9 days ago
  • Her cooking show she never cut a veggie.Her husky dog walked behind her when she putting something in the oven.

    Gina MaxeyGina Maxey9 days ago
  • So disappointed Mike didn't send her back home.

    IamJacksColon4IamJacksColon49 days ago
  • 10 different movies.

    Tasha WilliamsTasha Williams9 days ago
  • I just don't like her for anything. Cooking show🙄😒 no thanks.

    Nicole CastilloNicole Castillo10 days ago
  • At this point if he marries or gets her prego, he is in for a crazy roller coaster ride. I can clearly see, she's not right! Send her back! U can't even, enjoy a beer, some nachos, on a small vacation😬🙏 he needs prayers!

    Nicole CastilloNicole Castillo10 days ago
  • She acts and moves like a child, I think shes maybe got a tick! #crazy Bleep

    Nicole CastilloNicole Castillo10 days ago
  • Does Mike know she's been married twice

    Debra BunjeDebra Bunje10 days ago
  • I guess divorce number 3 is on the way... 🤦‍♀️

    barbyzupancicbarbyzupancic10 days ago
  • I was rooting for Natalie & Mike I like Natalie's mother ! Natalie said 1 marriage 1 Divorce never a second

    Just MeJust Me10 days ago
  • I don't know who told her that her eyes are sexey,her eyes are scary.

    Freddie fitchFreddie fitch10 days ago
  • She can smoke a nasty ass cigar, but God forbid Mike have a beer!? 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Natalie must have big issues with herself! She’s got serious krae krae probs, and is too judge. 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Sue PiccianoSue Picciano10 days ago
  • Natalie needs to go home. It will never work out between them. She is so insecure and controlling

    Pamela PoalucciPamela Poalucci10 days ago
  • He probably filed for bankruptcy because Evil Nat sucked his soul dry and he could no longer function!!! Then she dumped her human ATM hubby when he couldn't spit out the cash.

    Divine CommerceDivine Commerce11 days ago
  • Ur right! She only said 1 divorce! She lies abt everything. Go figure she bankrupts the one dude, then leaves him! It's all about $$$ and babies with Natalie!! I'm waiting for her to get pregnant from Mike, then leave him and take the baby back to mama!! I'm sure Mike doesn't know abt multiple divorces! And when she's with Mike, it doesn't look real either lol! And ur right house looks staged!

    xrisouli gurlxrisouli gurl11 days ago
  • Dude calm down lol

    Dee CharlesDee Charles11 days ago
  • The mutual friend has been on their episodes in the last season

    D JaeD Jae11 days ago
  • he's right,, ,her food video is boring. the outlet on the movie - have 120v plugs.

    G LamoG Lamo11 days ago
  • Guy says a million times he doesn't want to judge and then go ahead and judge. Might be sad have a life where watching TV shows is everything you do...

    Lais DonellaLais Donella11 days ago
  • She’s be mentioned she was married twice!

    Chele ThomsonChele Thomson11 days ago
  • Her only purpose was to get to America and have a kid! She is narcissistic manipulative controlling and abusive!

    Chele ThomsonChele Thomson11 days ago
  • she have a scary face

    Eyra LeBlancEyra LeBlanc11 days ago
    • IMHO its her hideous makeup that makes her eyes looks crazy. The extreme eyeliner and dark red lipstick are not doing her any favors -- makes her look like a cartoon and very hard. She looks much softer and prettier when she wears pale lipstick and no eyeliner.

      Elizabeth WebsterElizabeth Webster11 days ago
  • One picture is just darker so she looks different.

    Sunny Webb-BrazeltonSunny Webb-Brazelton11 days ago
  • She's an awful human being

    Anti-Fascist League USAAnti-Fascist League USA11 days ago
  • No she only mention one marriage

    Mary LawalMary Lawal11 days ago
  • Mike was in his yard and called the friend of his that is married to Natalie's friend they were talking about not rushing into having kids

    Lynda YounginerLynda Younginer11 days ago
  • She is EVIL!! Their not even married and she wanted to run his life.

    Mia RodriguezMia Rodriguez11 days ago
  • Love this! 😅

    Hannah GHannah G11 days ago
  • I don’t like her. She thinks she is but she’s not all that. Her ugly insides make her ugly on the outside. SORRY.....not a fan

    Joyce CostaJoyce Costa12 days ago
  • I saw a few videos - they were boring and short. Meanwhile on 90-day Fiance - they are so DOA. Natalie finally says it - why did you bring me here? Natalie had Mike dead to rights. Mike keeps saying they have things to work out - but never says what the problem is . She may be emotional but at least she wants resolution. He blocks everything, tells the producers he doesn't understand Natalie and points to her as the problem. Are you trying to understand Natalie or are you trying to divert everyone's attention so no one questions yours behavior?

    rebecca meigsrebecca meigs12 days ago
    • They are both giant PIA people

      Elizabeth WebsterElizabeth Webster11 days ago
  • I never liked Natalie she is so full of herself and so selfish she only thinks about herself trying to get Mike to give up drinking, steaks, and even butter really

    Marlene SmithMarlene Smith12 days ago
  • I dont think she looks that different in that picture. You can still see her crazy eyes pretty well.

    Ashley OlivaAshley Oliva12 days ago
  • She is so insecure.. Keep accusing Mike cheating , keep ruin that relationship.

    Angie KramerAngie Kramer12 days ago
  • Natalie thinks Mike should always be gaseing at her at all times admiring her Beauty..But he dosen't cuz shes not that cute..her personality is Sicking she nags and whines and pouts..and needs a ring to be confident ..that's the WORST REASON TO GIVE HER THE RING BACK

    Pam SnodgrassPam Snodgrass12 days ago
  • No go on a marriage

    Teresa KryvenchukTeresa Kryvenchuk12 days ago
  • Neither Mike nor Natalie are perfect. They both are annoying please throw them away.

    Amy qbAmy qb12 days ago
  • Looking natalie, who she looked they got it flipped. She looks like now with the "first" with the second she looks younger. I think she just "forgot" the real second husbend and only talked the "first" one which was longer.

    mrsmerilymrsmerily12 days ago
  • 😃😀😀😀🤩

    Reality Life SeriesReality Life Series12 days ago
  • I learned in nursing school 90 days is about how long a person faking a personality can sustain behavior. She’s so pass her limit. Remember how sweet she was? But she’s been cracking and true Natalie is emerging.

    JaniceJanice12 days ago
  • Celeb Guy.....pls calm down you’re getting on my nerves.

    Gloria CezarGloria Cezar12 days ago
  • I heard her say once that she was married twice.

    P SprinkP Sprink12 days ago
  • I TOTALLY LOVE you haha!! You are my favorite guy like ever on you tube I also love watching you on MAFS ♡ you always make me smile with your expressions, Thank you SO MUCH for ALWAYS giving us the scoop

    Susan BeaneSusan Beane12 days ago
  • If he married her hes stupid

    Lesley AllinsonLesley Allinson12 days ago
    • Hello Lesley

      Powell JohnPowell John7 days ago
  • She needs to go home he dont love her she is drama they have no chemistry between each other she wants a green card to bring her mom she so much wants the ring.

    Sume GinSume Gin12 days ago
  • Natalie had her issues, however Mike is a total narcissist.

    True NorthTrue North12 days ago
    • Bs

      Anti-Fascist League USAAnti-Fascist League USA11 days ago

    Janet YanezJanet Yanez12 days ago
  • She is awful it won’t work with Mike, he won’t take her bull shit!

    Val DarlingVal Darling12 days ago