Feb 21, 2021
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Today's solved true crime case is on the lord of the mummies, anatoly moskvin and his house of dolls.....
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    • #createwithFilmora I would probably start making edits to support my favorite creators.

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    • #createwithFilmora my USworlds will not allow me to comment the hashtag or edit my original comment

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    • #createwithfilmora I’ve been planning to start a channel for a few months now, winning a year of editing software would be such a massive help. Much love 💕

      CrashrydingCrashryding13 days ago
    • I think I lack skills to appreciate this. But my daughter Is an artist..

      D RD R13 days ago
    • I would create a USworlds channel and try to support me and my daughter with the videos, I really need It #createwithFilmora

      Carolina MaruccoCarolina Marucco13 days ago
  • Did ur corn plants die

    Kiki NielsonKiki NielsonHour ago
  • #createwithfilmora, yes would love to use. Having hard time with finding what I want and I need the price to be right. I've wasted money on 4 other apps and wasted time with 6 free ones. Life sized dolls and no girlfriend and they didn't bother to ask, what was going on with him? Weird

    Lekeisha WanamakerLekeisha Wanamaker2 hours ago
  • why would natashas parents force a random boy to kiss/marry her dead daughter

    gimmeyoongs 0w0gimmeyoongs 0w05 hours ago
  • Moskvin sounds full of shit about his childhood experiences

    A FA F18 hours ago
  • Hi

    Lele DrwsLele Drws18 hours ago
  • @eleanorneale it won’t let me reply to your pinned comment 😪

    Sarah louise BrownSarah louise Brown19 hours ago
  • Xx

    Sarah louise BrownSarah louise Brown19 hours ago
  • This the first serial killer I feel bad for that guy was seriously failed as a kid :/

    elelDay ago
  • This sounds like a really good fanfic. Jesus Christ.

    Taís AbranchesTaís AbranchesDay ago
  • PLEASE COVER THE CASE OF RUTHIE MCCOY!!! From Chicago, the movie the Candyman was loosely based on it. There was an unfinished hole behind her mirror and she tried to alert the police that she was about to be attacked by people coming through the mirror, the police didn’t believe her and dismissed her as crazy, and she was robbed and murdered by two men who came in from the apartment next door... I feel like it hasn’t been covered by the bigger true crime names but it’s such a spooky story

    Sarah BernsteinSarah BernsteinDay ago
  • The guys has been through the most💀

    Caroline CairnsCaroline CairnsDay ago
  • Bye I’m 13 I’ve watched all your video’s and I’ve had no nightmares is that bad

    werewolf 6708werewolf 6708Day ago
  • Nah bro those dreams weren’t just dreams

    Wolflover122Wolflover122Day ago
  • I am thrilled to have found you! Your descriptions of the cases are so vivid. You are definitly my new favorite true crime channel!

    Suzanne HumesSuzanne HumesDay ago
  • As a genealogist and someone who transcribe cemeteries, this is very over the top.

    Dawns Delights ArtDawns Delights ArtDay ago
  • I’m angry because I liked the guy a damn lot and was pretty sad about the possibility of him committing a crime up to 32:45 GODDAMNIT MOSKVIN, why do you be like that my friend

    Maria de SouzaMaria de SouzaDay ago
  • yep, definitely virgo

    Lauren TealLauren TealDay ago
  • I’ve literally just finished Macbeth for English and when you mention the lack of sleep it reminds me of how Macbeth also was after he killed a king

    BoltsBoltsDay ago
  • Baphomet which is the god you showed when talking about the black magic group he joined actually derives from paganism which is far different from satanism and practicing satanic things :) he probably worshipped satan, not baphomet. And yes, while satanism is an extremely dangerous religion, it is a religion nonetheless. Same with paganism

    John DoeJohn DoeDay ago
  • it’s insane to me with how with all of the academic success that he achieved, the parents are just worried about him getting married and having a child lol

    sammiesammie2 days ago
  • Have you ever thought about putting your videos on Spotify as podcasts?

    Z͜͡h͜͡a͜͡v͜͡i͜͡a͜͡s͜͡ L͜͡i͜͡g͜͡h͜͡t͜͡Z͜͡h͜͡a͜͡v͜͡i͜͡a͜͡s͜͡ L͜͡i͜͡g͜͡h͜͡t͜͡2 days ago
  • Me being and 11 year old girl waiting in a casket to get kissed

    mila raymondmila raymond2 days ago
  • Girl trigger warning before that video

    candyvodkacandyvodka2 days ago
  • "the dollhouse of human corpses" nothing to do with the subject clickbait no?!

    Olivia HallamOlivia Hallam2 days ago
  • i want to save my gaming/art streams and edit them for youtube #createwithFilmora

    Karis ChoeKaris Choe2 days ago
  • I feel so bad for that little boy he used to be.

    r lr l2 days ago
  • Am I the only one shitfaced drunk because I drank every time she said, “He walked through the cemeteries”?

    Emmelyn KingEmmelyn King2 days ago
  • Seems like a really awesome program to use! I'd love to make a USworlds channel for makeup tutorials and humorous & lifestyle types of videos using Filmora & hopefully gain a following to be able to donate to some awesome charity organizations in time as well #createwithFilmora

    Anastasia's ChannelAnastasia's Channel2 days ago
  • Seems like a really awesome program to use! I'd love to make a USworlds channel for makeup tutorials and humorous & lifestyle types of videos using Filmora & hopefully gain a following to be able to donate to some awesome charity organizations in time as well #createwithFilmora

    Anastasia's ChannelAnastasia's Channel2 days ago
  • I probably shouldn’t be watching these videos as a 12 year old 😃 but it’s interesting

    Faith KayeFaith Kaye2 days ago
  • Such a shame he went down such an awful path because he was so gifted. He could've done something amazing with his life.

    Vampira MayhemVampira Mayhem2 days ago
  • Honestly sounds like he was autistic, it’s no excuse but it’s honestly sad. The job he had was no normal job I feel like he was taking advantage of

    Sophie DalySophie Daly3 days ago
  • #createwithFilmora sorry if I'm late but id use it to make a USworlds channel I couldn't reply but here it is

    AllieAllie3 days ago
  • Eleanor: yes,this is the case you've seen all over tiktok me: hasn't had my phone for nearly a week

    Emily GlynnEmily Glynn3 days ago
  • Black Butler Season 1 lookin a little different here

    evieevie3 days ago
  • I just wanted to quickly say that the thing about picking up rubbish on the streets is actually still going on today. Around spring time when the snow is melting and the whole of winters street rubbish is visible, all schools have a day ( usually Saturday) where all the grades and all classes get together for like 2-3 hrs and pick up the rubbish around the school area and the streets around it.

    Innessa PetersInnessa Peters3 days ago
  • Eleven minutes in and this is already wild as shit

    Nepeta RenNepeta Ren3 days ago
  • Finally found this channel again after looking for three years (thanks youtube) and I cant wait to get deep in the bones of true crime wikis again

    Nepeta RenNepeta Ren3 days ago
  • Can we just pause to say how stunning Eleanor is?? What a beautiful woman. And her winged eyeliner as a hooded eyed woman who could never pull that look off without it blinking and watering off of my face.... I’m so super jealous lol!! 🤪😢

    Missy FrederickMissy Frederick3 days ago
  • Omg! This has got to be one of the creepiest cases ever!! 😬

    Lynne MLynne M3 days ago
  • i was feeling kinda bad for the guy before finding out he was a literal nazi 🧍 bro don’t make me pity a nazi again please

    decomposing cadaverdecomposing cadaver3 days ago
  • luciferianism is in fact a religion and anyone reading this, please dont make assumptions and please try not to spread false information!

    Y30ubi _Y30ubi _3 days ago
  • okey so as a luciferian i want to clarify some stuff: we do NOT make sacrifices. the group he joined weren't Lord Lucifer worshippers rather the devil worshipers. Lord Lucifer does NOT want sacrifices, luciferianism and also theistic satanism (which r not the same btw) are about self love, self growth and mutual respect w the Demons and Lord Lucifer/Satan

    Linda LitvakovaLinda Litvakova3 days ago
    • Do they usually use astrology? Just curious.

      Elizabeth MartinElizabeth Martin3 days ago
  • The pumped hacksaw approximately scratch because friend intuitively plug with a ruddy visitor. alert, racial warm

    Jackey ChenJackey Chen3 days ago
  • Привет от краеведов Нижнего Новгорода!

    КащенкоКащенко3 days ago
  • You look great btw!

    Ramie KringRamie Kring3 days ago
  • Hi! 12 year old here, im quite intelligent, (I have a 9th grade level intelligence according to my school, yes im in 6th grade right now) and as far as im aware most schools have been teaching children the basics of marriage around 3rd or 4th grade and this is kind of confusing me. yes I get that its a diffrent time than now but also often times when marriage is talked about even a brief sentence or two will be about paper work and government involvement. Anyways hi thanks for reading my comment😛👋

    Y30ubi _Y30ubi _3 days ago
  • where is the plantt in the background

    k a m i LmLk a m i LmL3 days ago
  • I love making videos and would love to grow my channel but haven’t been able to find a good editing software but filmora is exactly what I’ve been looking for #createwithFilmora

    Skye GibsonSkye Gibson4 days ago
  • Luciferians are a certain type of satanist. Its equal to calling a Catholic a Christian. There are many sublabels in the religion

    Angie's candiesAngie's candies4 days ago
  • I've just started watching. As for the cleaning competition we have them here in east Europe still in '90, it was actually very educational ( they teached you about environment and we affect it) and believe me after cleaning all of this mess from the woods and bushes you were much more careful before throwing something out to the ground. They actually should bring this back.

    Yoongi's TongueYoongi's Tongue4 days ago
  • Felt kinda bad for the guy until you said he was a nazi.

    Bailey StuartBailey Stuart4 days ago
  • Oh gosh- imagine a man living alone in a house with life sized dolls-

    Sea_ ChelSea_ Chel4 days ago
  • I have Asperger’s and from what you are saying, it sounds like he did too. The high achiever thing, his social awkwardness, obsessiveness ...

    Anne marie HaydenAnne marie Hayden4 days ago
  • Eleanor can your next video be on Angie Houseman?? 25 year old story still unsolved here in the state of missouri...needs to have her story shared and remembered... justice for Angie Houseman!!! Missourinet 25-year-old murder case of Missouri girl remains unsolved ...

    Démon GoddessDémon Goddess4 days ago
  • He sounded really cool and interesting riiight up until the fascism part... I watch a lot of Caitlin doughty so the idea of being close to death doesn’t sound weird to me. But if he’s being racist, xenophobic, everything that comes with fascist beliefs ZOINKS SCOOB THATS NO GOOD

    PigeonReadsPigeonReads4 days ago
  • I honestly think the funeral story is him being mistaken for someone else's kid? Like, there's a funeral and the real kid went off to play somewhere, and the men went out to look for him and found Anatoli instead. And the language barrier prevented Anatoli from explaining, on top of him already being shy, so they dragged him in, thinking he was the other kid. that's the only logic i can find in that scenario. The kissing the corpse thing is unbelievable.

    Crystal FloydCrystal Floyd4 days ago
  • As someone who practices magick I don't think that the spirit that was coming to him was not Natasha .

    zillah huangzillah huang4 days ago
    • I don't think that the spirit is Natasha .

      zillah huangzillah huang4 days ago
  • This has literally nothing to do with the content but you are very beautiful!!!! The hair and the make up are on point! I also love all the content you post!!

    AnneLien1987AnneLien19875 days ago
  • Girl may I just say you are G L O W I N G 🤩🤌🏻

    Kylee ClineKylee Cline5 days ago
  • What

    Laura HoweLaura Howe5 days ago
  • I've heard this case before, and while I am not condoning it, because it IS freaking weird and creepy, as someone with schizophrenia (I started showing symptoms at age 12) it is very, very hard to control yourself from what your brain tells you to do, versus what is reality and what you SHOULD do. Hallucinations and delusions really mess a person up, and while I don't wholly feel bad for the weird guy who kept dead bodies in his room to fulfill some weird desire and shit, I understand that with medication, he probably would've been a lot more normal, and would've been able to lead a normal life. It's super unfortunate that he was really just given (from my understanding) some herbal remedy which DOES NOT HELP schizophrenia!! Abhorrent on the doctor's part.

    Max JohnstonMax Johnston5 days ago
  • I absolutely love ur barbwire heart logo. So cool!!

    Dominique SiwulichDominique Siwulich5 days ago
  • I'm sorry but that funeral story is a wee bit fishy. I have to wonder if he had anything to do with her death and the mother was punishing him or something? Who knows

    Mrs. SchmenkmanMrs. Schmenkman5 days ago
  • “He never had a wife” Natasha: so what am I? A hallucination?🧍🏼‍♀️

    Juice BoxxxJuice Boxxx5 days ago
  • Reasons to love Eleanor neale: She’s very good at her profession Hard working So kind So beautiful (like wow) She’s the cutest (especially her laugh) She’s respectful and considerate And lastly, she’s just Eleanor neale, she’s perfect 😍 I love you Eleanor and I wanted to ask how you’ve been during quarantine

    Laura AvellaLaura Avella5 days ago
  • i absolutely love your voice. it’s so calming to listen to

    gracegrace5 days ago
  • please cover the Luke Mitchell case in Scotland

    Dul SeaDul Sea5 days ago
  • Eleanor please please please do a video about the Scottish serial killer Peter Manuel I live near where this creep was on his crime spree and I’ve actually spoken to someone who actually met him and they told me just by looking in this guys eyes you knew he was pure evil 😬😬😬

    XCarrieanne xDavisXXCarrieanne xDavisX5 days ago
  • Luciferianisn is a religion... and we don’t believe in the devil or any god.

    Madison BarberMadison Barber5 days ago
  • #createwithfilmora to document my health situation and ways to live through it all for people like me

    ShaniquasheehanShaniquasheehan5 days ago
  • Since 2004 when I was six I've been having a recurring nightmare about tsunamis. I'm standing in a high level condo at myrtle Beach(not a likely place for a tsunami), I look out the sliding glass window and there is a huge wave coming right at me. It's not a very common dream anymore, but it's my only recurring one.

    Hannah WhiteHannah White5 days ago
  • Serial killers most of them teach me if I have kids: ALL AWAYS GIVE THE THE FEELING THEY CAN TELL YOU ANYTHING.

    Elizabeth ProuddollloverElizabeth Prouddolllover6 days ago
  • Could you please look into and possibly cover the murder of Jodi Jones. It happened in Dalkeith in Scotland In 2003 and there was recently a documentary brought out about it called ‘murder in a small town’

    Lucy RankinLucy Rankin6 days ago
  • it won’t let me reply to your comment but i’ve always wanted to make a youtube channel but i have no idea how to edit so i would love this license🥺 #createwithfilmora

    Grace BelcastroGrace Belcastro6 days ago
  • Please take a break. No one is going to be mad if you're gone for a few weeks. Just think of the views you'll get when you come back.

    Lauren SmithLauren Smith6 days ago
  • I can't believe u had my liking this dude for 33 minutes straight

    Nóra Pál-KovácsNóra Pál-Kovács6 days ago
  • And that ladies and gentlemen is why I’m not having kids

    Rhiann Robinson xRhiann Robinson x6 days ago
  • "He was a grave robber." Eh whatever, standard faire for this channel. "And also a nazi." Oh, well fuck him then.

    Samuel J.D.Samuel J.D.6 days ago
  • Can you look into doing the case of Mark Himebaugh? He vanished from my hometown when we were kids (in New Jersey) and his case has never been solved. I haven't seen any true crime youtuber discuss him at all.

    Mira LeeanneMira Leeanne6 days ago
  • I’ve researched this case many times and it’s always so eerie no matter how many times I’ve read or heard it.

    creamystarningyocreamystarningyo6 days ago
  • I.H.K.T.P.T.T.S.M.I.Y.C nac uoy em ot yrt ploep net dellik evah I

  • 7:07

    ًً6 days ago
  • Hi! The" satanic "image that you use is not Lucifer that is bahamon (I think it's spelled like that) he is a symbol of balance not evil

    ameila May Heart Santiagoameila May Heart Santiago6 days ago
  • @-@ I had to stop listening within the hearing him getting raped tf

    ameila May Heart Santiagoameila May Heart Santiago6 days ago
  • Now this is my kind of video

    Doyle The Chocolate LabDoyle The Chocolate Lab6 days ago
  • hey so ur prolly not gonna see this comment but the picture you used when you were talking about the luciferian group thats baphomet which is a diety not lucifer

    sage colliersage collier6 days ago
  • What's the name of the tiktok?

    Nicole AdamsNicole Adams6 days ago
  • So I love to cook as well as paint...draw and play video games all alongside being a full time mum so I like to document my kitchen chronicles cooking with my daughter etc and I’ve never found a suitable editing software for the way I want to edit my video clips I’m trying to share my love for games art motherhood and all that good stuff with everyone so this would be amazing if I won #createwithfilmora PS IT WONT LET MY COMMENT UNDER THE PIN :( (google error ?)

    UnrulygyallUnrulygyall6 days ago
  • Totally love your eye makeup

    Yumee EllarYumee Ellar6 days ago
  • #createwithfilmora I would use this to start my USworlds channel, I want to do vlogs about days in my life as a 14 year old race car driver 💖

    Delaney17Delaney176 days ago
  • That moment when Eleanor says Julia and your name is Julia and it is also pronounced like the Russian way and you're like: wait-

    Julia GawlikJulia Gawlik7 days ago
  • Hello! I felt the need to provide some info on Luciferianism if thats ok 😊. Luciferians worship and work with Lucifer, he is NOT the devil, his name actually means light bringer and he is a fallen angel. I personally don't agree with the sacrifices but they were done in many cultures like ancient Hebrew and for the Christian God, not just for the "devil". The picture showed when first talking about Luciferianism is Baphomet, not Lucifer or Satan. From what I read, Baphomet is a pagan deity that represents all things in the universe, light and dark. Baphomet also balances the opposites as well like masculine-feminine, light-dark, etc. This isn't meant to offend anyone or their beliefs, I am simply just stating what I believe. If you would like to leave your perspective feel free to do so in a respectful way 😊

    Tatiana WilliamsTatiana Williams7 days ago
  • Hey, russian here: we do have a cristian tradition of kissing the dead in the forehead for three times, this is ment to be a "last goodbye". But of course this should not be forced.

    kanalnavnkanalnavn7 days ago
    • Holy shit

      afro disiacafro disiacDay ago
  • Please do natalee holloway case xx

    Romayne WestwoodRomayne Westwood7 days ago
  • Wait what tik tok?

    ḰᗩᎩ_ᖙᖇᗝᙡאᙓᖙḰᗩᎩ_ᖙᖇᗝᙡאᙓᖙ7 days ago
  • For some reason I find him oddly fascinating.

    Doll.perasiteDoll.perasite7 days ago
  • 666k views And 6 days ago *What the-*

    Amaya and HelenaAmaya and Helena7 days ago
  • stop i have the same birthday as him 😐

    Fernanda Soto LealFernanda Soto Leal7 days ago