The Royal Beverly

Feb 21, 2021
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  • they look so cute

    Robert DunnRobert DunnDay ago
  • When can Ima Jean have her baby back

    Made in JapanMade in Japan9 days ago
  • Sweet Beverly. Love her!!! She really had personality!! 💜💗

    Stormy Betsy PetersonStormy Betsy Peterson10 days ago
  • What about little Ivan? He needs one too!she feels bad because Ivan isn't there to show off!

    Patti HainlinePatti Hainline11 days ago
  • I have watched these videos with little Beverly and her new coat! OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!💜💜💜

    Mel LogueMel Logue12 days ago
  • LOL.. Lester in shorts... but then a winter hat? hehe

    Jennifer CalvelliJennifer Calvelli12 days ago
  • they can be used during the raining season.. were is ivan;s \

    Danielle GarrowDanielle Garrow13 days ago
  • Lucky girls!

    Dianna MuellerDianna Mueller13 days ago
  • Horses side kick too!

    Heather KandtHeather Kandt13 days ago
  • Hey Lester, horses can kick like burros can, just FYI! My horse put me in the hospital overnight when he bucked, kicked sideways and got me. Same horse several years earlier when he was a baby, did the same move and he caught my oldest brother right in the baby makers 😖. So please don’t underestimate a horse’s ability to twist and kick.

    Kim tankersleyKim tankersley13 days ago
  • Maybe that one was for Ivan

    Sherri DunsonSherri Dunson13 days ago
  • Let’s not forget Dan and forest

    John HattJohn Hatt13 days ago
  • Oh my gosh that is so awesome They look really nice and warm.

    sandy kapellensandy kapellen13 days ago
  • I have never seen any of your other baby goats so energetic as Beverley, she is beautiful.

    Linda WardLinda Ward13 days ago
  • Lester with that gum chewing lol

    Vincent RonquilloVincent Ronquillo13 days ago
  • Can Beverly still nurse with the blanket on mama?

    Donna KleinDonna Klein13 days ago
  • Odd to here Lester call the burros donkeys. Here in CA/AZ we have wild burros on our reservation that have been brought here by miners in the 1800s. Now wild but still alive thriving. Everyone here calls em burros

    Michael LodgeMichael Lodge14 days ago
  • the cutest ever!!

    Violet SkyViolet Sky14 days ago
  • Love your videos! Tell Lester to stop smacking his gum!😂 Of course only in your video.

    Alicia Van RoyAlicia Van Roy14 days ago
  • Jami when are you going to bring back Ivan to his mama. So sad she wanted a baby so badly.

    Meandtoby 327Meandtoby 32714 days ago
  • I love them! I wanted to watch them run like stallions some more!😍

    jinjin0135jinjin013514 days ago
  • You want to make sure they are tight enough so that their legs don’t get caught in them if they lay down.

    Tammy WillgohsTammy Willgohs14 days ago
  • Thank youuu, to the person who sent these beautiful coats! May God bless you double!

    Leo 10Leo 1014 days ago
  • Those coats are the cutest thing.💞

    Twyla Pennington - SparksTwyla Pennington - Sparks14 days ago
  • The pink one looks bigger

    Valerie ScofieldValerie Scofield14 days ago
  • Her Royal Highness Beverly!

    Larissa BigelowLarissa Bigelow14 days ago
  • Ivy's baby needs one to, they all look so cute.x

    Lin MetcalfLin Metcalf14 days ago
  • So sweet that someone sent the girls blankets. They look toasty warm and so darn cute.

    Helen JubertHelen Jubert14 days ago
  • They look adorable and I’m sure that they were very warm that night!

    Half UnitHalf Unit14 days ago
  • They look so cute in their new blankets 💕

    Cynthia Grace Veal-VillarrealCynthia Grace Veal-Villarreal14 days ago
  • What kind people loving these animals so cute

    Chelsea DelafuenteChelsea Delafuente14 days ago
  • They look adorable 🥰

    Louise ChristianLouise Christian14 days ago
  • Cows can kick sideways too

    Louise ChristianLouise Christian14 days ago
  • Bruh that friggen gum smacking

    Brenda Shadley ShadleyBrenda Shadley Shadley14 days ago
  • Do you'll have a tack room to store all winter coats ect best to hang them when there off the animal's.

    Brenda Shadley ShadleyBrenda Shadley Shadley14 days ago
  • I wish all us fans could go and see all the animals 🐮🐶🐷🐔🐥🦆🐴🦙🐐🐓🦃

    Jennifer Woodard-PhillipsJennifer Woodard-Phillips14 days ago
  • is ivy beverly's sister❓

    Jennifer Woodard-PhillipsJennifer Woodard-Phillips14 days ago
  • Lester, get rid of the chewing gum!!! 🤣😅😂

    Ann KirbyAnn Kirby14 days ago
  • I love the "Mommy and Me" outfit, but IVY IS THE "Lady in Red"!!!-- Ivy has her own song!! I was wondering if there was such a thing as donkey blankets. The funniest thing was Lester in his warm winter jacket and SHORTS!! I love y'all so much. Thank you for all you do.

    Leanna DeloneLeanna Delone14 days ago
  • Beverly is so beautiful they all are! 😘💖

    Jean StolicJean Stolic14 days ago
  • So adorable💜🐴💜

    nashvillenightkatnashvillenightkat14 days ago
  • On most horse blankets the leg straps are supposed to cross. To give them more room.

    Fix FamilyFix Family14 days ago
  • LoL Jami she looks great .

    Regina ThomasRegina Thomas14 days ago
  • That's so nice of whom ever sent them such a great heart they have .

    Regina ThomasRegina Thomas14 days ago
  • It's a wonderful gift that someone sent those coats for them! Little Beverly looks so happy with her tail wagging! 😊💗💗

    Arty CinArty Cin14 days ago
  • 💓Wow those donkeys sure do look cute💓Especially Beverly she looks so girlie matching her mum💓

    Sue ColladoSue Collado14 days ago
  • there is so many kind people in this world god bless them

    jenell smithjenell smith14 days ago
  • The girls handled that very well

    Paul SPaul S14 days ago
  • Was Lester chewing gum while recording?

    kca741979kca74197914 days ago
  • Lester i love you but you chomping that gum is one of my biggest pet peeves lol 😆 😂 you had me loosing my MIND!!😂😂 I just had to share sorry!

    cavender's shitshow hobby farmcavender's shitshow hobby farm14 days ago
  • They looked beautiful. Girls are the glamorous now. Can't wait to see them in the pasture. Wish Ivan could get one too. Thanks to the person who gifted these. Stay safe & healthy y' all .💕💕

    viola kressviola kress14 days ago
  • Will Ivan get a coat?

    Sherree RoperSherree Roper14 days ago
  • Unbelievable that's so sweet. Thank you for sending more blankets you ppl are amazing big hearts. So cute to see Beverly excited over she blanket.

    Susan DiltsSusan Dilts14 days ago
  • “Thick girl problems” oh I hear ya Jamie 😆 Awesome job on putting those blankets on by yourself! Those girls are ready for a parade ❤️

    IrisIris14 days ago
  • My horse side kicks sometimes

    Meredith TaylorMeredith Taylor14 days ago
  • Very nicely done, Jami.

    MétéoManMétéoMan14 days ago
  • How cute do they look 😍 Jami did an amazing job getting them all on!

    Rachel RibtonRachel Ribton14 days ago
  • Those babies look so cute And Jamie done a GREAT job putting them on Her tone of her voice keeps them calm🤗

    Belinda MesserBelinda Messer14 days ago
  • Unfortunately Lester, horses do kick from the side. We call it a cow kick and it hurts worse than being kicked from behind?

    Stacey HeckmanStacey Heckman14 days ago
  • @ 11:24 Beverly even bowed her head like a princess.. I wish someone could come and embroider those. It would be the icing on the blankets lol

    KristenAnn MosleyKristenAnn Mosley15 days ago
  • They can be part of the Canadian Royal Mounted Police! 😀🐎🌬✅⛫💂

    Ashleigh FantiAshleigh Fanti15 days ago
  • Love the coats! Sweet! When is Ivan coming back to Ivy? I hope soon.

    Sandra RoySandra Roy15 days ago
  • Those are the most beautiful and toasty looking blankets. Love thosr colors. And how Beverly's lil tail had such a happy wag! Someone was very caring and generous!!!

    Jean StammetJean Stammet15 days ago
  • Glad they will be warmer. Beverly looks so cute. She's a little pistol for sure. Bucking and kicking. Makes me smile at her antics. 😋

    ChelleChelle15 days ago
  • Jaime it's possibly small for a miniature donkey.

    Cheryl HannonCheryl Hannon15 days ago
  • Oh beverly looks so beautiful!! She is so proud of her blanket . The mom's look great too

    Eileen RobbinsEileen Robbins15 days ago
  • Can Beverly still nurse with the blanket on?

    Kristine SchneiderKristine Schneider15 days ago
  • So adorable 💖

    Marty HolbrookMarty Holbrook15 days ago
  • I think the red one might be for Ivan

    cdraff2000cdraff200015 days ago
  • OMG! Too cute!! Love them! 💖💖💖

    Sandra AgusSandra Agus15 days ago
  • How great they have blankets now..🙏🏻 🥀🌹🥀🙏🏻

    Anita Keane MoranAnita Keane Moran15 days ago
  • Horses can kick to the side. I know it as a cow kick. I experienced it personally. Not fun. The donkeys look so cute!!!

    SR VieauxSR Vieaux15 days ago
  • I think the red one might have been for Ivan🤔maybe Im not 100% positive?

    Riding&Learning About Horses&PoniesRiding&Learning About Horses&Ponies15 days ago
  • I know they are supposed to match but it would be a lot better if the blankets were switched. Size wise it would be more effective at keeping them warm. I know it's cute for them to match but maybe next time if it's cold it would be better to switch the two Jenny's.

    You're SheepYou're Sheep15 days ago
  • Duchess Beverly of Sanctuary

    Sharon NormanSharon Norman15 days ago
  • I love your videos but Lester has to stop chewing gum while he’s recording a video. That’s all some of us can hear 😂

    Summer GhamloucheSummer Ghamlouche15 days ago
  • Oh, the 3 of them girlies are so Adorable in their blankets 💜💜❤ The main thing is they should be warm now. Love it ❣

    Debbie CarpenterDebbie Carpenter15 days ago
  • Use them on if around 40 degrees or colder

    earline mcgahenearline mcgahen15 days ago
  • Maybe that’s for Ivan. The red one.

    jane doejane doe15 days ago
  • Put them on the neighbors donkeys who have no shelter at all.

    Laura PetrilliLaura Petrilli15 days ago
  • Jami you did a great job putting them on. Plus they look so cute and warm

    Beth DyerBeth Dyer15 days ago
  • I love watching your videos, I'm shattered that I can't watch on Facebook in Australia ATM. They make my day and put a smile on my face everytime. Love to all the babies 🙂

    Sonya BarnettSonya Barnett15 days ago
  • They are Adorable but Ivy looks so sad. Well Ivan be able to see mom soon?

    Susan RobertsSusan Roberts15 days ago
  • Horses side kick as well ! You guys have guardian angels ! Or your horses and donkeys have had blankets on before.

    Pamela AmbersonPamela Amberson15 days ago
  • Miniature horses need blankets too. You are game to do anything. Proud of you

    Linda GriswoldLinda Griswold15 days ago
  • Beverly is getting big. Hope pawpaw keeps up his good work with Ivan. And yes Lester we all remember having our chest bigger than our stomach's. I also agree one day I'll lose my stomach too

    Jason WhiteJason White15 days ago
  • The small one is probably for pony’s ❤️ but they are so cute !!! I love it & I died when you said “some guys go for that” 🤣 I have the opposite. I got a belly a little bigger than my butt. I wish I had your body Jami

    Brianna PlanasBrianna Planas15 days ago
  • I suppose the smaller size blankets make sense since there are such things as miniature ponies as well.

    Beth NicholsBeth Nichols15 days ago
  • Gosh have you guys just abandoned sweet little Ivan, he needs coat too!

    Gary StrankmanGary Strankman15 days ago
    • @From Suits to Boots Its just that the little mans story is kind of sad not having his mom with him, so I feel kind of protective of him (if that makes sense).But seeing more videos and how he is Paw Paws little "lap donkey" is see that all is well and good.

      Gary StrankmanGary Strankman14 days ago
    • Oh no- he was in papaws man cave by the fire all week!

      From Suits to BootsFrom Suits to Boots14 days ago
  • Ivan needs a matching blanket to momma

    michaela raymondmichaela raymond15 days ago
  • They look beautiful, particularly Beverly. What a great gift.

    Mary SmithMary Smith15 days ago
  • I hope to see a video of the donkeys (especially Beverly) prancing around.

    Roberta McCroreyRoberta McCrorey15 days ago
  • Ivy still looks so SAD💔

    Laura RobertsLaura Roberts15 days ago
  • horses can side kick a;so

    Esther ReevesEsther Reeves15 days ago
  • The Donkeys were so good letting you it the coats on them. They look so cute with them on.

    Deborah CampbellDeborah Campbell15 days ago
  • Pretty Coats for the Donkey's. Good Job Jami.

    Margaret HendersonMargaret Henderson15 days ago
  • Beverly is adorable in her new blanket!! Love it! 4 lovely ladies.... God Bless.

    Carolyn HillCarolyn Hill15 days ago
  • Love bev little tail wagging. They look so happy now.

    Marcia BorgMarcia Borg15 days ago
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    Christi HalseyChristi Halsey15 days ago
  • So isn't the temps suppose to go up now? I hope and pray it does.

    Joanne DavenportJoanne Davenport15 days ago