the rest of the truth

Feb 17, 2021
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this video means to clear everything up so we can all move on from that situation.
again sorry for my english i hope everything's can be understood well.

  • y’all switch up so fast. these comments prove it.

    lyssalyssaHour ago
  • a

    Sakura Mizuki 水樹さくらSakura Mizuki 水樹さくらHour ago
  • If you think that because of that video i felt pity, sorry but didn't work... But let's all move on right?

    Toon tubes GuilhermeToon tubes Guilherme3 hours ago
  • Why did you even talk to him if you had a boyfriend?

    שליו אברהםשליו אברהם4 hours ago
  • esta todo bien, pero quien te pregunto

    harryharry8 hours ago
  • i still love both of u 😭💔

    Максим БигусМаксим Бигус10 hours ago
  • Proud because i never was of those ppl who hated on him

    GOTH KITTYGOTH KITTY13 hours ago
  • This is gonna hurt so bad, but I wanna watch and listen to his explanation 😭

    Park JiminPark Jimin13 hours ago
  • Dude, I love you. I completely understand your part. I love you❤️

    Alicia TrevinoAlicia Trevino15 hours ago
  • it wasn’t right to say they were groomers. u cant say u got groomed if u lied abt ur age. not to victim blame but it’s true :/

    muddy henmuddy hen15 hours ago
  • he's SO young, I feel bad for him, he dealt w a lot pf things at such a young age

    Anyways chile SoAnyways chile So16 hours ago
  • Although I was wondering if we can be friends

    yorvi Smith Higuera carrilloyorvi Smith Higuera carrillo17 hours ago
  • although I also speak Latin, English and Spanish

    yorvi Smith Higuera carrilloyorvi Smith Higuera carrillo17 hours ago
  • also I love youoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    yorvi Smith Higuera carrilloyorvi Smith Higuera carrillo17 hours ago
  • You are also cute in every way in your voice and in the rest hahahahahaha I can't imagine being your friend

    yorvi Smith Higuera carrilloyorvi Smith Higuera carrillo17 hours ago
  • I also speak Spanish, just because I also speak English and I don't know how to pronounce some words in English since the Spanish language is sticking to me and well, I don't speak so much English, you also speak English beautifully 7w7

    yorvi Smith Higuera carrilloyorvi Smith Higuera carrillo17 hours ago
    • Uhg 🤮

      Paz FalcónPaz Falcón9 hours ago
  • nooooooo jorge garay, well I don't know your name, sorry, although some people like them mean the wey you talked to, those people are horrible, I've already had friends, so they only use you, I had 1 friend who did the same and ended up in big trouble and he didn't want to admit his mistakes and I did admit that I had nothing to do with it and even so he did not admit it and I had serious problems and well there are even (I'm your most excited fan, I love your videos, I really love the relationship you had but hey there are times when things don't work hahahaha or I don't know if you're still a couple with him) xd I'm 14 years old and well I prefer to admit my age than to be putting ages that are not even mine, and really I love you I love your videos in the end hahahahaha I adore you Jorge I adore you and by the way you are super cute hahahaha

    yorvi Smith Higuera carrilloyorvi Smith Higuera carrillo17 hours ago
  • Por

    Nick AndersonNick Anderson18 hours ago
  • lo que sea, pero no nos vuelvas a dejar jeyjey :(

  • te amooo y tienes todo mi apoyo :)

    Angela GarciaAngela Garcia18 hours ago
  • bye

    lilnasxcowboylilnasxcowboy20 hours ago
  • i feel so bad after watching the whole its safe to say i saw alot of remorse in jeyjey......i hope hes okay

    Alex ._.Alex ._.20 hours ago
  • ok, imma just say this and give my opinion; i feel so bad for benji and jeyjey for having to be put through this....maybe the boy was right on the situation...maybe not..idk we can say atleast benji took the time to give us an explanation quickly, that says alot. now im not saying that him posting this was wrong or whatever im thankful he did cause now i finally have all three sides of the story and im really happy about that. anyway its good to have you back, this might have been a misunderstanding; i dont really know for sure but still.. im glad u finally came back to youtube :)

    Alex ._.Alex ._.20 hours ago
  • We love you don’t care about the haters love you

    Dana AlqDana Alq22 hours ago
  • im so sorry j

    harriet mharriet m23 hours ago
  • he’s not late, this is not easy for him so we have to understand how this shit hurt’s benji and jeyjey, he was just 17 wtf

    Sarai StylinsonSarai StylinsonDay ago
  • It so sucks that this happened to you guys. I'm here for you.

    Sebastian V.S DavisSebastian V.S DavisDay ago
  • Mira, hay ocasiones en que nos topamos con gente mala o que nos quiere hacer un daño, simplemente hay que ser fuerte y aceptar cuales fueron nuestros errores yo no te voy a culpar como mucha gente lo hizo en el video de Benji y tampoco lo voy a juzgar a el jaja. Se que eres una gran persona al igual que Benji los amo

    Loren Sofia Castillo BallesterosLoren Sofia Castillo BallesterosDay ago
  • if ur most comfortable speaking in ur first language then u can do that. youtube has subtitles for us :)

    Emily MEmily MDay ago
  • It's all gonna be alright. People made mistakes, and some people try hard to drag you down when they don't get what they want from you.

    Audrey DominiqueAudrey DominiqueDay ago

    Audrey DominiqueAudrey DominiqueDay ago
  • Cutie, I was waiting you cause I always knew there was something else. It's okay to be human, everybody makes mistakes, you learned and now we need to move on.

    Hastra MeganHastra MeganDay ago
  • “With benji I will forever regret hurting him” bruh I’m not about to try but that hit. I’ve always loved their relationship and I’m sure both of them miss it. Keep healing bro I’m sorry this all had to happen.

    ExcrositicrickExcrositicrickDay ago
  • 만약 한국인 있다면 요약해서 알려주실분....

    호호잇짜호호잇짜Day ago
  • You can tell he was genuine to.

    ColeColeDay ago
  • i feel really bad for both of them, but especially jorge. most people blamed it on him because he needed more time than benji and i feel like that’s unfair. the guy who accused them is a shit person for making this up.

    oh hioh hiDay ago
  • Oh it’s groomer 2

    Victor MolinaVictor MolinaDay ago
  • honestly, i forgive him. he gave enough proof. and how he was honestly sorry for what he did.

    Alexa CorbettAlexa CorbettDay ago
  • Im so late but Im here

    Jess :3Jess :3Day ago
  • You can say it naue we all know

    nicknickDay ago
  • i missed u

    Giulia PerfeitahGiulia PerfeitahDay ago
  • I kind of really want to hug him 😔 I feel so bad for everything that happened I think that it was all just an overall mistake and we shouldn’t send hate to any of the sides especially because it’s not our problem it’s Benji and Jey jey’s problem I love you both and I hope that you are staying safe i’m so proud that you both are getting better everyday ❤️

    Valeso WolfhardTomlinsonStylesMalikHoranPayneValeso WolfhardTomlinsonStylesMalikHoranPayneDay ago
  • You can tell he was trying because of his English🥺

    bruhitz. luisbruhitz. luisDay ago
  • como pudiste enviar fotos nude de el yo y todo el mundo confiavamos en ti me decepcionas

    ona guillen ribesona guillen ribesDay ago
  • ngl i thought he was dead.

    Gracelynne HamblinGracelynne HamblinDay ago
    • same

      fernandafernanda2 hours ago
    • Lowkey same

      Han Jisung Step on meHan Jisung Step on me10 hours ago
  • dude i didn’t even realise his first language wasnt english lol

    Ellie MaiEllie MaiDay ago
  • ابي افهم..😭

    هانبوك. دوبي القميل.هانبوك. دوبي القميل.Day ago
  • abby is the probelm😭sorry for my eg.

    هانبوك. دوبي القميل.هانبوك. دوبي القميل.Day ago
  • im glad this comment section is more mature than the ones on tiktok, it's okay that it took u a long time. it takes time to recollect ur thoughts especially after getting tons of death threats :( thank u for talking from ur perspective, take care of urself and it's okay to learn from past mistakes and grow to become a better person. i believe in u

    Azalea AzharAzalea AzharDay ago
  • yall are so supportive and im happy that u guys are:) but u have to listen to what benji was saying "dont hate on jorge" so please dont because he really is sorry and cares about him

    Gustina 2008Gustina 20082 days ago
  • Idc

    Animal lover boyAnimal lover boy2 days ago
  • 💞💞

    scarlettscarlett2 days ago
  • Loser

    Animal lover boyAnimal lover boy2 days ago
    • @pp no

      fernandafernanda2 hours ago
    • @pp no

      LOOΠZLOOΠZDay ago
    • stfu

      pppp2 days ago

    mxrwamxrwa2 days ago
  • I don’t care how long it took you to say this. It’s okay. I can tell how wharf you’re trying. It’s not your fault, you can tell how hard he’s trying to speak English you can tell he really cares.

    Aria WeissAria Weiss2 days ago
  • Genesis EspinozaGenesis Espinoza2 days ago
  • Lamento que hayas tenido que pasar por todo esto, todos cometemos errores y si, hiciste mal, pero, nadie tiene derecho a juzgarte, nadie es perfecto. De corazón espero que Benji y tú puedan arreglarse algún día, ya que en serio eran una pareja divina, pero, si no regresan...tampoco es el fin del mundo, lo que intento decir es que, juntos o no, espero que ambos sean muy felices y puedan seguir adelante. Ánimo! Espero verte pronto en tiktok. Te adoroo.

    vxmpire xorvxmpire xor2 days ago
    • Pues sí ambos han decidió mejor estar separados por qué si fue tóxica la cosa pero ambos son buenos amigos y eso es lo bueno, al final sólo ellos sabían cómo era su relación y me alegro que se sigan queriendo pero como amigos

      Naiara Maite Maldonado RamírezNaiara Maite Maldonado Ramírez8 hours ago
  • Oh my baby I’m so sorry

    sophiasophia2 days ago
  • wow I’m late

    sophiasophia2 days ago
  • People be like in tiktok: why r u here, get a life, I forgot u exists WHY TF R U GETTING IN PEOPLE'S BUSINESS, THEY BROKE UP OK, STOP HATING ON THIS AMAZING DUDE HE DID NOTHING!

    JustBunnyJustBunny2 days ago
  • its hard to put yourself out again after a situation like this n after many threats so even if people say it took long for him to address it, for me, i appreciate this, ty jey jey.

    KC uwuKC uwu2 days ago
  • T amo

    Jessica CruzJessica Cruz2 days ago
  • baby we all did really fucked up mistakes once in our lifes, we´re not perfect and we will never be, however WE REALISE WHAT WAS OR IS WRONG ABOUT US and WE TRY TO CHANGE, regret is a good sign of how you wanna change your imperfections as a human being and its such a good thing, i hope you take your time to heal from inside to out, and no matter what people thinks you always have to look straight to the future and know theres a better jeyjey right there, theres mistakes behind me too and its a hard thing forgiving ourselves but its not impossible, jeyjey i hope, honestly hope and wish the joy for you and forgiveness. keep trying every single day and never give up, and one day youre gonna forgive yourself good luck

    blue hydrangeablue hydrangea2 days ago
  • i forgive you now :)

    chrischris2 days ago
  • I never hated you buddy :( but I did blame alot on you because I knew benji from musically it took you awhile to talk about this but that's okay I'm so sorry for never trusting you and I hope the hate stops towards you

    shyann hodgeshyann hodge2 days ago
  • Odk what to say u love him and left hjm in the hospital was the worst part u couldve made him feel better by his side

    Syed ZaidiSyed Zaidi2 days ago
  • :(

    YMYM2 days ago
  • I feel so bad it just broke my heart you can clearly see he is so upset

    Ameera MaddisonAmeera Maddison2 days ago

    its sarahits sarah2 days ago
  • Te amo. Y te extrañé muy horrible.

    Paula CSPaula CS2 days ago
  • the only thing that hurts me so bad is for JeyJey to envolve and expose Benji that way to a random guy. He was your boyfriend...

    EwerEwer2 days ago
  • this is so sad omg. i’m literally crying. the poor thing was so naive. he never had any intentions to hurt anyone. people make mistakes guys please leave them alone. this is why cancel culture is so toxic because one misunderstanding and a persons life is ruined.

    annalee marshannalee marsh2 days ago
  • Aw my heart ache seeing you so anxious jeyjey. I hope both you and benji will move on and get better. Crazy how that sick pervert ruin someone else relationship without care and pretended to be someone friend.

    Intan Fateehah Natrah Bt IshakIntan Fateehah Natrah Bt Ishak2 days ago
  • You guys have to remember BENJI WAS 16 HES 21 NOW AND JEY JEY WAS 17 IM ORETTY SURE HES 22 NOW they didn’t do anything wrong!!!

    Richie TozierRichie Tozier3 days ago
    • Benji is a year older than jeyjey, jeyjey is the younger one not benji just to clarify it

      Clara IbáñezClara IbáñezDay ago
  • Benji is 21 now so he’s probably different

    Richie TozierRichie Tozier3 days ago
  • Both of the apologies show immense maturity and I'm honestly so impressed by the way they both dealt with the situation.

    pL1nkypL1nky3 days ago
  • you're a good person

    dreamless insomniadreamless insomnia3 days ago
  • I am VERY proud of you for coming to youtube and stating the truth, that is sometimes the HARDEST thing to do.

    Anahli WintersAnahli Winters3 days ago
  • I understand your english very well

    caturz 15caturz 153 days ago
  • I thought that you would put have done it and it was false but I watched the apology vid from genii and he said that he sorta harassed him and asked for n*des so it’s not your fault hope your ok post on all media and make everyone laugh like you used too 🥸

    H t t p s . L i f eH t t p s . L i f e3 days ago
  • at this point in time i dont hate him or dislike him every one makes mistakes i get it but im just wondering if benji knew what they were talking about usually but did he cheat on benji im just wondering absolutely no hate i just generally dk

    Ellie WillicombeEllie Willicombe3 days ago
  • I honestly feel bad for jeyjey

    Matilde MatildeMatilde Matilde3 days ago
  • i miss benji and jeyjey...

    Destinie MaestasDestinie Maestas3 days ago
  • I feel bad for him

    Tiktok TrendsTiktok Trends3 days ago
    • me to

      SevdeSevde3 days ago
  • Please stop throwing hate! We all know it took a long time for him to make this video, but he probably needed time to heal as well! He was 17/18 when all of that happen so basically a child, I wouldn't know how to react in that situation either! Cancel culture is wrong! Let's all move on from this situation! Let's give him another chance! He is not a bad person!

    LenaLena3 days ago
  • Ok I thought that u lied about being 16 and u were 15 I understand a lot more now

    Traveling With Lexi!Traveling With Lexi!3 days ago
  • im so proud of u.

    kukita sereykukita serey3 days ago
  • It's ok jeyjey I'm rlly sorry of how we were so harsh on you without knowing your side. I hope you get better and create more creative content for us we'll be there for you🥺🖤

    Dumb Otaku_ZiDumb Otaku_Zi3 days ago
  • 99% of the comments saying “stop saying it’s late! he’s healing me: *not seeing a single comment that says it*

    AishaAisha3 days ago
  • I got this while searching for people on youtube does anyone know what happened????

    Rozara!Rozara!3 days ago
    • basically is jeyjey and him and his ex boyfriend were accused of grooming

      amadis milagros ramirez diazamadis milagros ramirez diaz2 days ago
  • he’s dealt with this really well. it’s no “too late” pls he must have been so unstable and his emotional health could have gotten so bad. imagine being in his situation: you would want to stay off the media as much as you could. he’s done well with the whole situation and i feel so bad for him that he’s had to go through this all.

    Oriel ChapmanOriel Chapman4 days ago
  • There is a dude privet chating me

    Kayson WrightKayson Wright4 days ago
  • Your not even jeyjey

    Kayson WrightKayson Wright4 days ago
  • What

    Kayson WrightKayson Wright4 days ago
  • Is you and benji getting back together

    Kayson WrightKayson Wright4 days ago
    • Dummy

    • NO

      Daniel RuttledgeDaniel Ruttledge4 days ago
  • It’s okay jeyjey we’re so sorry about how ruthlessly you got cancelled cancel cancel-culture

    AmalijaAmalija4 days ago
  • Jorge... Me gustaría que volvieras con Tik Tok, pero primero quiero que estés bien 😉

    Stéphanie ChoronStéphanie Choron4 days ago
    • This,su salud mental está primero 🥺❤️

      Abigail GiménezAbigail Giménez4 hours ago
  • Didnt see the video yet but yall treat minors like they brainless.... they can think by themselves they know right from wrong, but the difference is that they dont think of the consequences as much and that comes with maturity. However they are still responsible with the choices they make

    samznsamzn4 days ago
  • LMAO some of you guys are acting like the hero here as if you didnt hate on him before

    penkunn :3penkunn :34 days ago
    • @Ruthiee ikr LOL

      penkunn :3penkunn :32 days ago
    • The switch was sooo quick lol

      RuthieeRuthiee3 days ago
  • I hate the internet...

    KyeKye4 days ago