The RAREST Magic Trick (OMEGLE) - #Shorts

Feb 17, 2021
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Doing the RAREST Magic Trick on OMEGLE... enjoy!
Snapchat: @sean.magic
Thank you so much for watching friends!


    SeanDoesMagicSeanDoesMagic14 days ago
    • Yw

      Calvin KimesCalvin Kimes5 hours ago
    • Ikr

      Phuntsok DolmaPhuntsok Dolma4 days ago
    • This is good but u r slow in cards

      Hamza HamzaHamza Hamza5 days ago
    • @Amita Gandhi ok so

      Mazengamer000Mazengamer0006 days ago
    • I saw you put all those cards in you mouth when you opened your mouth

      Amita GandhiAmita Gandhi6 days ago
  • #prayforlizard lol

    Alyssa BoladoAlyssa Bolado6 hours ago

    nirvana weebnirvana weeb7 hours ago
  • Ok sorry but I saw u bring the cards up luv ur vids

    ethan suggsethan suggs7 hours ago
  • Yo that's from ant man and wasp

    Damien Del RassoDamien Del Rasso13 hours ago
  • #prayforlizard

    Toby the HamsterToby the Hamster14 hours ago
  • Me: See the lizard WEEEEEEEEE A REPTILE!!!!!

    Joel ClementeJoel Clemente22 hours ago
  • #PrayForLizard

    Pico GamingPico Gaming22 hours ago
  • #prayforlizard

    Adam VasquezAdam VasquezDay ago
  • This one was a little messy.. but I guess with that Omegle lag it would look legit haha

    brizzleyohbrizzleyohDay ago
  • I know you hold the card and put it in your mouth i see it

    Rouella DelostricoRouella DelostricoDay ago
  • Ok

    973-687-1388 Abebe973-687-1388 AbebeDay ago
  • The woman is like: Wtf-

    Emma LoganEmma LoganDay ago
  • Yea he had it in his had he put it in his mouth

    Leilani RamosLeilani RamosDay ago
  • #prayforlizard

    Marija MiaMarija MiaDay ago
  • What The Fu**

    flora morris taengflora morris taengDay ago
  • #prayforlizards

    jay ღjay ღDay ago
  • #PrayForLizard 👁️👄👁️

    Stārry_ HamstarStārry_ HamstarDay ago
  • Wait did I just saw him hold cards oh I understand this trick

    FuriFuri2 days ago
  • #PrayforLizard

    Isaac VasquezIsaac Vasquez2 days ago
  • #prayforlizzard

    Koa LuceroKoa Lucero2 days ago
  • #prayforlizerd

    ashland playsashland plays2 days ago
  • #PrayForLizard

    butterdontyt:Dbutterdontyt:D2 days ago
  • This girl was so sweet

    Juice4225Juice42252 days ago
  • #PrayForLizard

    William AftonWilliam Afton2 days ago
  • The way the lizard was looking

    Sadie SirenSadie Siren2 days ago
  • #PrayForLizard and #PrayForSean

    Itika AgarwalItika Agarwal2 days ago
  • I saw the trick he's holding the cards in his hand and then putting them at his mouth

    VTX flaxVTX flax2 days ago
  • Karmalomalaphobia?

    MellowPop -MellowPop -3 days ago
  • Easily the most wholesome tiktok ever

    Brody ChilcoatBrody Chilcoat3 days ago
  • #pray for lizard

    mukul sharmamukul sharma3 days ago
  • #prayforlizard

    Jonah BeanJonah Bean3 days ago
  • #prayforlizatds

    Sylvia LunaSylvia Luna3 days ago
  • #PrAyErSfOrLiZaRd

    melissa Knellermelissa Kneller3 days ago
  • #Prayforlizard

    RatypusRatypus3 days ago
  • #PrayForLizard

    Owen RoughleyOwen Roughley3 days ago
  • She never heard of it but her lizerd or frog got it wow like if were dumb

    Jennifer MaloneyJennifer Maloney3 days ago
  • 1: a lizard is not a person 2: girl how you gonna say that when you dont know about the condition but your lizard had it you would have been known fool

    herry assherry ass3 days ago
  • I'm so confused rn

    Q OwensQ Owens3 days ago
  • #prayforlizard

    Dakota ChandlerDakota Chandler3 days ago
  • #PrayForLizard

    Lukáš VanžuraLukáš Vanžura3 days ago
  • #prarar for liserd

    Mister MischiefMister Mischief3 days ago
  • #prayforlizard seriously couldn't you think of something better

    Nura MarufNura Maruf3 days ago
  • "2 in every 1...yesss" 🤣

    KarmaKarma3 days ago
  • I saw you taking the cards in your mouth

    A.K Gamerz LiveA.K Gamerz Live4 days ago
  • #Mr. lizard

    daryl munrodaryl munro4 days ago
  • Some of the comments below saying Sean put the cards in his mouth with his hands make you wonder whether they actually believed he was coughing up cards!

    Sam LSam L4 days ago
  • #pray4lizerd

    Kalob RimmerKalob Rimmer4 days ago
  • #prayforlizard

    Deadly GuyDeadly Guy4 days ago
  • #Prayforlizards 👄👁👄👌

    Hannah TuokoroHannah Tuokoro4 days ago
  • Do you actually have the condition

    Sabrina martin 1472Sabrina martin 14724 days ago
  • You were holding the cards and then threw them in your mouth with a string through all of them so you can pull them out

    Raiden HackettRaiden Hackett4 days ago

    Kuzey KoçaşKuzey Koçaş4 days ago
  • #prayforlizard

    Gameplay CentralGameplay Central4 days ago
  • Ye

    Mayra GarciaMayra Garcia4 days ago
  • That "2 in every 1" really confused her xD

    Dominik HarderDominik Harder4 days ago
  • Awwww

    Marina ZamoraMarina Zamora4 days ago
  • #prayforlizard

    Luiza GochLuiza Goch4 days ago
  • Is this actually Real

    Nomelia BarronNomelia Barron4 days ago
  • #prayforlizard

    Chrissy is coolChrissy is cool4 days ago
  • #PrayForLizard

    felipe Joy velascofelipe Joy velasco4 days ago
  • Carlamaphobia

    aafiya nawfalaafiya nawfal4 days ago
  • #prayforlizard

    -Jack The Game Testing Parrot--Jack The Game Testing Parrot-4 days ago
  • #prayforlizard

    govind milkman2govind milkman25 days ago
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    Matthew Is The CloneOfTheHeroMatthew Is The CloneOfTheHero5 days ago
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    UsernameUsername5 days ago
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    DaRealRobbyDaRealRobby5 days ago
  • #PrayForLizard

    SugarCubeSugarCube5 days ago
  • #prayforlizzard

    Sarah MitchellSarah Mitchell5 days ago
  • The cards are in his mouth and pulls them out with his hands

    JoJo JamesJoJo James5 days ago
  • #prayforlizard

    Tamaki AmajikiTamaki Amajiki5 days ago
  • #PrayForLizard

    W_Landiel -_-W_Landiel -_-5 days ago
  • #prayforlizard

    Riley ByersRiley Byers5 days ago
  • He was holding them that's why his hand was going so fast

    Jordyn BeagleJordyn Beagle5 days ago
  • #prayforlizard

    Blue BlackBlue Black5 days ago
  • #PrayForLizard

    Oana Adriana IacobOana Adriana Iacob5 days ago
  • Play it back at 0.25x

    PhantomJoshPhantomJosh5 days ago
  • #PrayForTheLizard

    E-llusionE-llusion5 days ago
  • Um he was holding the cards then putted in his mouth

    Marwah AlshubiMarwah Alshubi5 days ago
  • “#PrayForLizard

    Shubh NareshShubh Naresh5 days ago
  • #PrayForLizard

    markus olssonmarkus olsson5 days ago
  • WTF bro you love her 🧐🧐🧐

    Ana CretuAna Cretu5 days ago
  • #prayforlizard

    Valerie SchileValerie Schile5 days ago
  • #prayersforlizard

    jp 2jp 25 days ago
  • What the hell , it was seriously the card

    Ric NümanRic Nüman5 days ago
  • #prayforlizard

    Oliver CecilOliver Cecil5 days ago
  • The ending was so cute

    Sasha's PotatoSasha's Potato5 days ago
  • #PrayForLizard

    194019405 days ago
  • #prayforlizard

    The wahala girl in town NThe wahala girl in town N5 days ago
  • Pray for that sad sad lizard

    Jack BaileyJack Bailey6 days ago
  • All I just got to say Sean has acute smile :)

    Cara BOOTIFUL UwUCara BOOTIFUL UwU6 days ago
  • #PrayForLizard

    Zeke76 Zeki76Zeke76 Zeki766 days ago
  • # pray for lizard😂😂😂

    k techs malayalamk techs malayalam6 days ago
  • In just a minute theyve just said that they love each other

    Makababae na MagandaMakababae na Maganda6 days ago
  • #prayforlizard XD

    Jane DS25Jane DS256 days ago
  • #prayforlizad

    ADI PCADI PC6 days ago
  • Whats the song name?

    TheStewietronTheStewietron6 days ago
  • That is life

    JayseanGiovanie GabbidonPeakJayseanGiovanie GabbidonPeak6 days ago
  • #prayforlizard

    Jade CáceresJade Cáceres6 days ago
  • #PrayForLizzard

    Just Some Native With Barely Any Internet AccessJust Some Native With Barely Any Internet Access6 days ago