The Portal Has Been Opened - Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS)

Apr 1, 2021
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The secret behind the door has finally been revealed to be a lot more than we expected. The fantasy faction update is here!
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Itro - Panda [NCS Release]

  • theres also hell

    olivier żurawskiolivier żurawskiHour ago
  • Play formata

    Shirley TanuwidjayaShirley Tanuwidjaya3 hours ago
  • I hope they update Xbox version so I can do this stuff

    Big BrainBig Brain3 hours ago
  • Ancient Egypt: *Exists* Ah yes... Ancient furries...

    Armand WolfeArmand Wolfe4 hours ago
  • The aegis doesent shot fireballs it shots Light magic

    Vitor ValeVitor Vale4 hours ago
  • I didnt thing of the Statues as gods i Was Sure some were alpha units or/and canceled ones

    Vitor ValeVitor Vale4 hours ago
  • BIG IDEA FOR VIDEO : The reverse reaper vs one punch man

    pled red 2.0pled red 2.012 hours ago
  • Is this a joke?

    the anonimityythe anonimityy13 hours ago
  • 20:48 Dio:ZA WORLDO

    The real GooseboiThe real Gooseboi14 hours ago
  • You had to say that here 4:56

    ezinnnekaezinnneka16 hours ago
  • 4:16 is the chicken man!

    Fallen CollinFallen Collin18 hours ago
  • “Ancient furrys” do you mean the Egyptians

    Eoin McmahonEoin Mcmahon18 hours ago
  • I Believe I can fly

    Baby YodaBaby Yoda19 hours ago
  • When tf did the giant get frost breath the fuck

    Ceatten Boi The dog godCeatten Boi The dog god20 hours ago
  • 19:55 *TO BRAZIL*

    HorizonHorizon21 hour ago
  • Welp tabs has lore now

    xenomanxenoman22 hours ago
  • Our Patron Saint! Yeetus III

    HorizonHorizon22 hours ago
  • 19:15 19:15 19:15 19:15 19:15 19:15 19:15 19:15 19:15 19:15 19:15 19:15 19:15 19:15 19:15

    Mujtaba IslamMujtaba IslamDay ago
  • sauce: CUPID MOVE NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO DO TRICKSHOTS Cupid: doode perfect

  • Fun Fact: When you unlock Fantasy Good (the heaven map) you're supposed to be thrown in a campaign immediately. However Captain Sauce went straight to sandbox, meaning he had already unlocked it and faked the reaction. Fun Fact Ended!

    Jacob FrueanJacob FrueanDay ago
  • Is captainSauce a furry hater? Im unsubscribing. If hes isnt ill subscribe again.

    SabertoothSabertoothDay ago
  • I almost through up laughing when the elephant took of

    James McGivernJames McGivernDay ago
  • My boi the Arbiter is op

    EchEchDay ago
  • Meme meme meme meme and key

    Teresa PerryTeresa PerryDay ago
  • Haven't watched tabs in two weeks: who got drunk at landfall?

    Norville RogersNorville RogersDay ago
  • I died of laughter

    Panzer26Panzer26Day ago
  • when i saw the wolf suit i was thinking ancient furry god god of the furry's

    bentleyboo2010bentleyboo2010Day ago
  • I miss the neon faction :C

    FacelessFacelessDay ago
  • 14:08 Dark souls be like

    ZeroGamingZeroGamingDay ago
  • Snuffy getting literally BEAMED in the face was the funniest thing to me. He gets hit with the glowing balls and is like,"im fine" but then his whole face disappears... Pure COMEDY

    Drag0n Emper0rDrag0n Emper0r2 days ago
  • The god of lube a chicken i think is chicken man man or chicken man

    Cutie CatCutie Cat2 days ago
  • I sad I don’t have the game in steam I have it on Microsoft store and have nothing

    Ravager676Ravager6762 days ago
  • How

    Ravager676Ravager6762 days ago
  • Sir the chronomancer’s clock will only count down when he attacks

    Lucas CaiLucas Cai2 days ago
  • “Ancient furries” Ancient Egypt:”sweats in Anubis”

    Just a random gingerJust a random ginger2 days ago
  • the light hammer works on drag wight i think

    Yoni OzYoni Oz2 days ago
  • 19:55 aight imma head out

    Xd XdXd Xd2 days ago
  • ive never laughed so hard

    The Elemental DragonThe Elemental Dragon2 days ago
  • "If you're only magic is to spawn a bunch of neon sperm than you need to take your abilities off the battlefield and back to birthday parties." -Captain sauce 2021

    thunder hawk911thunder hawk9112 days ago
  • 21:28 I think he's ignoring the fact the chrono guy just got a pitchfork in the groin

    Virtual InsanityVirtual Insanity2 days ago
  • 7:42 look at there faces

    Falcon RestorationFalcon Restoration2 days ago
  • Is it fact or cap

    Oskar Stern NielsenOskar Stern Nielsen2 days ago
  • 19:55 I must go my people need me

    shock doc gen jockshock doc gen jock2 days ago
  • Coq N Lube 4:09

    ZERO.9ZERO.92 days ago
  • I am thy decent of Yeetus The 3rd

    Yeetman The 4thYeetman The 4th2 days ago
  • "ancient furries" did he just explain all Egyptian gods in 2 words?

    ValiquityValiquity2 days ago
  • 19:54 Yo its dumbo in heaven

    Yuyu hernándezYuyu hernández2 days ago
  • you lied.

    Jimmy JoshJimmy Josh2 days ago
  • 21:00 dude goes super sayian

    General super herosGeneral super heros2 days ago
  • 2:50 *e g y p t i a n g o d s*

    XolHexXolHex2 days ago
  • I love The WoW references. Warms my heart!

    Victor hjortVictor hjort2 days ago
  • TABS units are non binary

    Owen PattenOwen Patten2 days ago
  • cant wait for this update to come to xbox

    lars de dwerglars de dwerg2 days ago
  • I'm so glad at how this channel is still going, crazyyyyyy

    MimZikZMimZikZ2 days ago
  • At 14:08 HOW DID HE DO THAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    Larry LeungLarry Leung2 days ago
  • 4;57 no it’s what the heaven

    Shadow Beatboxer 1Shadow Beatboxer 12 days ago
  • It won’t work it an April fools if he already used the special unit

    Engineer PlayzEngineer Playz2 days ago
    • What?

      Jackson Luiz Junior AraldiJackson Luiz Junior Araldi10 hours ago
  • When the hotplate stabbed radioactive knuckles that’s the first time I’ve ever seen a tabs unit with a spear actually jab at someone and not just smack them with the stick.

    ThatWeridAnimeDudeThatWeridAnimeDude2 days ago
  • custom units 2:05

    That1guyThat1guy2 days ago
  • 12:15 ouch.

    KonkiKonki3 days ago
  • Its been awhile since i watched

    Kra ZyKra Zy3 days ago
  • You have the power to bring units here because you are also a god just probably the god of war and that's possibly the reason even heaven has war

    Randy WalkerRandy Walker3 days ago
    • Or your the one everyone warships

      Randy WalkerRandy Walker3 days ago
  • You are the person to open the door....

    Loading CatLoading Cat3 days ago
  • 1133 revers

    John Americh RiveralJohn Americh Riveral3 days ago
  • When he said "some of them managed to find their way to the heavenly package" I laughed

    W.D karmaW.D karma3 days ago
  • In case anyone doesn't know what fubar means, it means effed up beyond all recognition

    Drake ThompsonDrake Thompson3 days ago
  • M8 they are angelic. You just saw his secret ability.

    Healzyalater KingHealzyalater King3 days ago
  • paliden is a military rank

    Jordan PearsonJordan Pearson3 days ago
  • Ancient humans that worshiped furries? Egyptians

    ExpDelphiExpDelphi3 days ago
  • 1:44 let there be light

    Generic Timestamper & Stupendium FanboyGeneric Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy3 days ago
    • 10:26 hawatches vs bubbles n bubbles

      Generic Timestamper & Stupendium FanboyGeneric Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy3 days ago
    • 9:14 whats the worst *fire png*

      Generic Timestamper & Stupendium FanboyGeneric Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy3 days ago
    • 7:42 remember the cheerleader

      Generic Timestamper & Stupendium FanboyGeneric Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy3 days ago
    • 5:32 5 minutes staring at statues no reason , deserve secret unit

      Generic Timestamper & Stupendium FanboyGeneric Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy3 days ago
    • 4:00 need an explaination... deserve an explaination

      Generic Timestamper & Stupendium FanboyGeneric Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy3 days ago
  • Its only been a few months and it looks different already

    theresa de veratheresa de vera3 days ago
  • ya know he meant your first bday

  • There's another new faction, tofind them you must venture to spooky 1 map

    Maverick darkrathMaverick darkrath3 days ago
  • Fake

    B.BOTgaminzB.BOTgaminz3 days ago
  • cap don't you thinks its about time to make a new intro?

    brofus isbackbrofus isback3 days ago
  • What is has right now... update Me it takes one month for the update to be passed to me:(

    Sang NguyenSang Nguyen3 days ago
  • Holy more like glorified gold and white color

    OCD1OCD13 days ago
  • Which unit opens the door?

    Sean ReganSean Regan3 days ago
    • Any unit, you just need to find a way to make it punch the door

      Jackson Luiz Junior AraldiJackson Luiz Junior Araldi10 hours ago
  • 20:48 sephiroths!!!

    Enchantral XEnchantral X3 days ago
  • Oh!? The bubble is good against quantity and not quality!? 11:30

    jonathan olsonjonathan olson3 days ago
  • The riders can throw their spears while being humped because *slap* no horni

    Phantom MenacingPhantom Menacing3 days ago
  • When I heard 0:18 I lost my shit

    kirbyfan1023kirbyfan10233 days ago
  • I died laughing when the elephant and Cupid just took off!

    Masterpiece _Masterpiece _3 days ago
  • 16:59 *smited down by god's wrath*

    Googas HDGoogas HD3 days ago
  • "If we found evidence of ancient furries we would probably destroy it" Looks at Ancient Egyptian gods

    Bubble CatBubble Cat3 days ago
  • looks like an anime transformation 20:46

  • Cupid: Exists That one holy snuffy: I have to go now my people need me

    Neo Skid And Neo PumpNeo Skid And Neo Pump3 days ago
  • everytime the chronomacher attackers the clock counts down

    Isaac HuangIsaac Huang3 days ago
  • What do you need to get or do to open the door

    A RiveraA Rivera3 days ago
  • 4:06 how does he forget about the chicken man like cmon

    ToastynigelToastynigel3 days ago
  • why they torturing hobbits .-.

    MVPM77 RobloxMVPM77 Roblox4 days ago
  • Work Xbox because I wanna work on Xbox

    Katherine ArnoldKatherine Arnold4 days ago
  • I don’t wanna answer is it extra work for a barrel tax

    Katherine ArnoldKatherine Arnold4 days ago
  • ive gotten about 15 ads so far in this video and im only half way through

    Bad At GamesBad At Games4 days ago
  • did any one else thing of dumbo when he flyed

    Radek RaynerRadek Rayner4 days ago
  • how do i open the door

    Vojta PiskáčekVojta Piskáček4 days ago
    • @Garbage it doesnt open do i have to complete summ (even id i look)

      Vojta PiskáčekVojta Piskáček3 days ago
    • Look at it

      GarbageGarbage4 days ago
  • Look! It's an baby albino snuffy! I should go ride him!

    Dominic LakeDominic Lake4 days ago
  • 22:47 welp there goes my internet

    Aly-Noor GameAly-Noor Game4 days ago
  • 20:00 dumbo special

    Ollie WildOllie Wild4 days ago
  • "so the riders can keep shooting while being humped by an elephant how" is the funniest thing I've heard today

    IDKIDK4 days ago