The *PISTOLS ONLY* Challenge on Warzone! 🤣

Apr 1, 2021
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The *PISTOLS ONLY* Challenge on Warzone! 🤣
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  • noob

    Houssem HamzaouiHoussem HamzaouiHour ago
  • You Nicky baby, shoutout to you winning me cash on football bets im from south africa and know nothing, watched one of your streams , and said fuck it let me gamble and boom I wone some moola

    Richard PaverdRichard PaverdHour ago
  • This vid would of been even more insane if the full auto sykov pistol was in the game

    ROBOROBOHour ago
  • Good joke Bro

    Ronnie TylerRonnie Tyler2 hours ago
  • Imagine getting another you tuber banned because your too much of a snowflake for someone too talk about your thumbnails, grown man btw

    MattaiuMattaiu2 hours ago
  • Your thumbnails are poopoo. Get me taken down butthead.

    TTVpsychedelictrashpandaTTVpsychedelictrashpanda3 hours ago
  • " I do like dunkers." *proceeds to choke on dunker and try to talk to tim* 4:45

    Milo WattsMilo Watts3 hours ago
  • these challenges are the best content he uploads

    Blake BBlake B6 hours ago
  • go see my gameplay at ttv: ZezzaS99

    Zezzas 99Zezzas 996 hours ago
  • Awesome challenge... what about every round you guys swap your weapons with each other?

    One N Only IsaiahOne N Only Isaiah7 hours ago
  • How do they not get so bored of warzone

    XMGaming7607XMGaming76077 hours ago
  • 6:50 nick goes “to the left.” Yet makes a right turn🤣

    Backup EmailBackup Email10 hours ago
  • Try snipers only🔝🔥🔥

    Νικόλας ΑΠΟΕΛΝικόλας ΑΠΟΕΛ12 hours ago
  • Win a game wit Rocket Launchers only🧐? It sounds fun and challenging. Me and my friends did and it was a fun time but sometimes it gets annoying, but for the most it is fun. Hope u have a great day man.

    Damion PruittDamion Pruitt12 hours ago

    mike roudamike rouda13 hours ago
  • Nick has to be the buffest gamer in the world

    B4ND1TツB4ND1Tツ14 hours ago

    Nitro proNitro pro14 hours ago
  • Que pasa

    Jameson ForbesJameson Forbes15 hours ago
  • One of the best videos I’ve ever watched

    Owen Good EdwardsOwen Good Edwards15 hours ago
  • Nick... I need this build

    Aaron TereschenkoAaron Tereschenko16 hours ago
  • This is my most favorite challange😂

    CameoCameo16 hours ago
  • How does he have Restock and Ghost

    Indominus RexxxIndominus Rexxx17 hours ago
  • Another challenge idea is swat team quads. One guy has a sniper, one guy has a LMG, one guy has SMG, and one guy has AR or tac rifle. Default pistols only secondary’s.

    Anthony CAnthony C17 hours ago
  • Love the content. Peace and love!👍

    Henry HurhHenry Hurh18 hours ago
  • This guy is a roided out garbage truck

    The One TwoThe One Two20 hours ago
  • nick do shotguns only for the next vid

    Cathan WilliamsCathan Williams20 hours ago

    Rainy SRainy S21 hour ago
  • Get a win using only tactical‘s and knifes no dual katanas or Kali sticks

    Tanman1600_ YTTanman1600_ YT22 hours ago
  • your welcome:) 5:10

    Bacon and EggsBacon and EggsDay ago
  • I love the videos keep up

    Angel Gamer boyAngel Gamer boyDay ago
  • Is your neck hidden

    Cody ArensCody ArensDay ago
  • You should try a oden and tundra loudout it’s really good i use it ima not great at sniping but I know you can do it

    Slimekingzilla NbhSlimekingzilla NbhDay ago
  • Try sniper's only

    Gwenette WebbGwenette WebbDay ago
  • Nick mercs Vs Jack frags, apologize I got his name spelt wrong lol

    BreakingBoredomBreakingBoredomDay ago
  • I bet you won’t respond to this

    Random StuffRandom StuffDay ago
  • I run the deagle and riot shield on solos and duos

    Cody HarrisCody HarrisDay ago
  • Finally, congrats warzone for fixing the game

    Space ShardSpace ShardDay ago
  • Tim or Jd's war scream kills me every time istg

    jordan85530jordan85530Day ago
  • Cheaters after the first seconds of the intro: 😱

    Mihai VidicaMihai VidicaDay ago
  • Do a challenge when you are all eating the same thing while playing and you cant stop eating until you die

    ליאור מנטשליאור מנטשDay ago
  • can you win using only explosives (grenades, RPG, c4 stuff like that)??

    Magnus DimovMagnus DimovDay ago
  • Bruuhhhh in the first 10 seconds of the video I understood that it was uploaded on the 1st of April even though it is 9

    Doc_LiqeoDoc_LiqeoDay ago
  • I don’t mind Nick he’s ok but he’s like watching a cheap knock off version of Dr.Disrespect

    BCtigerBCtigerDay ago
  • New channel here! BEST SNIPES

    Will McCurdyWill McCurdyDay ago
  • Try Finn Lmg sniper scope and dual diamatti

    Rayj AustinRayj AustinDay ago
  • 16:40 close your eyes 😭

    Exotic TryExotic TryDay ago
  • I have Atd or sum 😂

    Balistixzz YtBalistixzz YtDay ago
  • today is my birtday

    Lincoln WorleyLincoln WorleyDay ago
  • Read my comment or else

    Will LuptonWill LuptonDay ago
  • Do shotguns only

    jrh gamingjrh gamingDay ago
  • Warzone Challenge - Use the guns of the person you last killed. Each time you kill someone - fetch their weapons.

    Chad WilliamsChad WilliamsDay ago
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😈

    Brandi RoyBrandi Roy2 days ago
  • "turn me up" see you got that swagg energy in you

    paradise Jayparadise Jay2 days ago
  • i got an idea hear me out nicky kali sticks only with riot shields

    paradise Jayparadise Jay2 days ago
  • The proud plate numerically last because truck sporadically prepare about a voracious nail. high-pitched, nonstop forehead

    Robert LinRobert Lin2 days ago
  • Launchers only?

    caygill pro 1caygill pro 12 days ago
  • This has to be the best warzone video ever made 😂

    DrewXxXBaby69DrewXxXBaby692 days ago
  • win with no kills and no damage done

  • Ngl this video gives me fortnite vibes

    SamuraiSamurai2 days ago
  • that smile is the reason im hear

    John DeveauJohn Deveau2 days ago
  • 7:16 is the best part lol

    Eric WorthEric Worth2 days ago
  • Hey bro, you should do a bundle only challenge we’re you use only the weapons from a bundle. Like the nikto one or woods.

    Charlie zakaiCharlie zakai2 days ago
  • Nick do the challenge when you kill someone you use there loadout. When you get another kill you get the enemys loadout.

    Chris MawnChris Mawn2 days ago
  • Any weapon, but you need to reload after every shot

    Mr_Bear_4873Mr_Bear_48732 days ago
  • Win with only shotguns

    Julian VRJulian VR2 days ago
  • Akimno

    Liam GonzalezLiam Gonzalez2 days ago
  • The players die and seeing thire killcam and seeing a team with pistal and roit shield, man these kid are rageing

    Lazer RayyanLazer Rayyan2 days ago
  • “Peace and love”I like dat

    Don BanzoDon Banzo2 days ago

  • Gun Game warzone RunIt!

    josephtolliver78josephtolliver782 days ago
  • Man this guy has quite the amount of videos. Hope this guy isn’t a raging pussy ;)

    Bob JoeBob Joe2 days ago
  • Ahh Nickmerks u literally make 🄼🅈 🄳🄰🅈 & m🄴 smile every single time you upload absolute beast

  • Have they done a crossbow only win?

    Bilbo BaginsBilbo Bagins2 days ago
  • Why you need to yell all the time in your intros. Get some meds dude. Calm down. Navy flashbacks haunting you. Geez. Grown ass adult yells at his videocamera

    Cosmin BoiangiuCosmin Boiangiu2 days ago
  • hi nickmercs i think that you shoud do werst gun in the game

    Lisa BrooksLisa Brooks2 days ago
  • How about only meles

    Dino nuggiesDino nuggies2 days ago
  • Hes the kinda guy to piss in the toilet water so everyone in the building hears it.

    Iano gamingIano gaming2 days ago
  • you really had to play wit my heart at the start.....

    BreezyBreezy2 days ago
  • Ninja turtle challenge, riot sheild and kali stick but yall have to be unnoticed

    Senpai BeltranSenpai Beltran2 days ago
  • Jo this was soo fun to watch. More type of that pls.

    MC BMC B2 days ago
  • How is this mans headset mic soo clean and crispy while my A50 isn´t???

    MC BMC B2 days ago
  • Please do CRossbows only!

    Billy AndersonBilly Anderson2 days ago
  • Fine how bout melee only

    HEELEØ ArmyHEELEØ Army2 days ago
  • Launchers only?

    ol_skooll_ol_skooll_2 days ago
  • Great vid. I was wondering why you just don't swap meta on the loadout and instead, you make those guns with attachments yourself.

    Tobiasz DziubińskiTobiasz Dziubiński2 days ago
  • Hahaha you are getting so rattled about people making fun of your thumbnails lmffffao. That is some good shit broooooooo. Hahaha

    BIGHEADBIGHEAD3 days ago
  • nick can wi secks??

    GreyhanGreyhan3 days ago
  • This is hilarious i love it.

    Ignacio MendozaIgnacio Mendoza3 days ago
  • Napxterr on Ig is the best hacker, he unbanned my account for me so I just had to recommend him😎

    William NathanWilliam Nathan3 days ago
  • Napxterr on Ig is the best hacker, he unbanned my account for me so I just had to recommend him😎

    William NathanWilliam Nathan3 days ago
  • Napxterr on Ig is the best hacker, he unbanned my account for me so I just had to recommend him😎

    William NathanWilliam Nathan3 days ago
  • Napxterr on Ig is the best hacker, he unbanned my account for me so I just had to recommend him😎

    William NathanWilliam Nathan3 days ago
  • Napxterr on Ig is the best hacker, he unbanned my account for me so I just had to recommend him😎

    William NathanWilliam Nathan3 days ago
  • Napxterr on Ig is the best hacker, he unbanned my account for me so I just had to recommend him😎

    William NathanWilliam Nathan3 days ago
  • Shoutguns only or when you get a kill you have to swap weapons with the nearest team mate

    The Brentmeister GeneralThe Brentmeister General3 days ago
  • The worst feeling in warzone is when your in the gulag and your whole team dies

    ArgonRavenArgonRaven3 days ago
  • Amogus

    AmogusAmogus3 days ago
  • Do a challenge where you only use 3 round burst 👌👌

    cracker55cracker553 days ago
  • RPGs and explosives only

    Arturo VenegasArturo Venegas3 days ago
  • Cloakzy with the MFAT clantag

    Max HernandezMax Hernandez3 days ago