The Night Princess Diana Died: What Really Happened?!

Apr 5, 2021
973 069 Views

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    Kendall RaeKendall Rae4 days ago
    • Hey Kendall , I would love to hear your opinion on the Joaquin oliver case

      yuh_neh_ leeyuh_neh_ lee10 hours ago
    • What about Diana's bf being linked to that new case with Jeffery Epstein ?

      Amber RouaultAmber Rouault16 hours ago
    • And kind souls are the one attacked first by hhaunting presence by the royals she just did a mistake for love sold her soul to help so you need to reach that position but was in a good place her heart she maybe did not think they were so monster to even use secret service tech to mk so control staff people look now henry s wife she s hypno to do only birth babies i was shocked they said out loud and sheep thougth is to feel not pain no she is no more the women she was too just a birth machine so not even a menance for the queen i m not sayin as some they all are lizard no is much worse she was with around pure evil when some say why there s war if a god exist cause you choose evil is what menkind does she was escapin i know she probably thougth i ll die she did it anyway cause if in those car were not all controlled she can say the huge she must at peole damn i remember charles saying in the 80 alien existed so his mom put away from the king position why cause she wont say i m as all my bloodlines do sacrifices traffickin children diana discovered it she went in those mission and i m sorry but last year even unicef was involved in a thing like this i read followed the news in a month all disappeard she knew so much to let bur in hell those families

      Lilith leviLilith leviDay ago
    • No one

      Lilith leviLilith leviDay ago
    • I would really really really really love to see you cover the Josef fritzl case

      sky lersky lerDay ago
  • It’s hard for me to make a decision on my theory. It is possible that the royal family set her up but the thing is if her car was tampered with why didn’t something happen before they went through that tunnel ? Why was it that when they went through there boom car accident, I believe there was a lot of stress going on and he crashed due to running from the paparazzi because that makes a lot of sense, what doesn’t make sense is his blood alcohol level yet he was acting just fine the entire night before this happened. The theory with the guy on the motorcycle is a good one I mean but still that just sounds like something you’d see in a horror movie he puts up an x like cmon now. Either way I think the royals treated her terribly, I think prince Charles is a scum bag and I hope her kids know how much she went through due to the family and steer clear !

    Destinee HerreraDestinee Herrera4 minutes ago
  • Charles is Harry's father. The affair began after Harry was born.

    bour bourbour bour13 minutes ago
  • I believe some members of the so called royal family had her murdered. Princess Diana was very loved . England will have a sorry excuse for a king in Charles

    SunnieSunnie20 minutes ago
  • Assuming the toxicology results weren’t embellished/faked, Diana’s driver was definitely a high functioning alcoholic, which would explain why he didn’t seem drunk in the video footage, as well as how he got that drunk in the first place. Secretive drinkers who have that high a tolerance drink the hard stuff straight, & they start early in the day. While I could totally see the blood alcohol level thing being fabricated as part of a cover-up, it is actually plausible for him to have had a severe drinking problem that his family & coworkers didn’t know about.

    lazypilelazypile22 minutes ago
  • being a red head is genetic. there's NO WAY Charles is Harry's father💀

    irrelevantirrelevant25 minutes ago
  • ironic that prince phillip passed away friday, i feel like tiktok manifested it bc of all the jokes...😟

    ava blenderava blender39 minutes ago
  • Kinda pisses me off how her sons think there dad was good husband because clearly he wasn’t and there mom was suffering. Just wow

    Destinee HerreraDestinee Herrera48 minutes ago
  • All I want to say is "Eipstein" pretty sure there's a connection

    1Doricious1DoriciousHour ago
  • John mulaney got off scot-free. shocking

    yeet yotyeet yotHour ago
  • 51:25 June? Elizabeth Moss is that you?! Lol

    Baddassbecca on IGBaddassbecca on IGHour ago
  • Charles had her knocked off so he could do what he wanted.

    john walkerjohn walker2 hours ago
  • Paris sucks. Diana could have saved wtf. Even third world countries know better!!

    Fanney RiFanney Ri2 hours ago
  • Price Philip died 2 days ago... this video hits different 😲

    Katherine AguilarKatherine Aguilar2 hours ago
  • I just feel bad that child Di would of faced her death 30 years left

    Gacha_Evie 10Gacha_Evie 102 hours ago
  • He did not even say yes of course I'm in love with her. Whatever love means. @6:23 He only said yes of course. Whatever in love means. He never said "I'm in love with her!"

    Fanney RiFanney Ri2 hours ago
  • Diana

    Anna MariaAnna Maria2 hours ago
  • First thing- Diana didn’t even meet James Hewitt until a year or two AFTER Harry was born. Secondly- he’s soooo much like Prince Philip when he was younger. Thirdly- Prince Philip was one of her only allies within the Royal Family. They were incredibly close and they absolutely adored each other right up until the end. If you look past the sensational headlines of the scummy tabloids the information isn’t hard to find. Wouldn’t put it past Charles and Cowmilla to have had something to do with her death though it was probably down to the driver being drunk and the paps chasing them down.

    Gemma WilsonGemma Wilson3 hours ago
  • Hi Kendall Rae, will you please cover the Charles Lindbergh jr kidnapping case. It’s odd.

    Best PracticesBest Practices4 hours ago
  • Corsica is a French island in the south he didn’t go far many celebrities go there for vacations he is a paparazzi what do y’all expect? I don’t doubt he is a MI6 agent like many “paparazzi” at the time but this theory is far fetched by the way I’m from France.

    Queen NzingaQueen Nzinga4 hours ago
  • Somewhere I read that the royal family wanted to kill her. And that's how Diana agreed to do it. She knew about it, I don't remember the reason but I think it was something to do with her kids. She wrote or said to someone that they were sitting all in one room discussing it with and in front of her.

    Madam SatanMadam Satan4 hours ago
  • Camilla was married so Charles didn’t have many options for a bride at the time. I mean in terms of between Diana and Camilla.

    Mandie ElizabethMandie Elizabeth5 hours ago
  • I am a indian and I wish princess diana was India’s queen...but I wish she reborn and leaving a happy live😔😖😭

    The weird girlThe weird girl5 hours ago
  • She threw herself down the steps while she was pregnant!? That’s pretty reprehensible! I think she had borderline personality disorder. Nonetheless, ratzi had to be hell.

    Sarah SSarah S5 hours ago
  • hi Kendall this is happening in Ph MISAMIS OCCIDENTAL right now, at night around 12 - 2 am , cult members of 4 goes door to door knocking the door violently and when the victim opens the door, their killed with machete. all over tiktok now

    FC 043FC 0436 hours ago
  • I actually got s bit teary eyed watching this, she was such a beautiful woman and is missed till this day

    Mariné HattinghMariné Hattingh6 hours ago
  • Being from England, it's always been such a controversial death, and I have always thought she'd been murdered but whatever did happen is heartbreaking and devastating for her two young sons xx

    Alex SmithAlex Smith7 hours ago
  • She was too pure for this world. We’ll always love you princess! ❤️

    koolio roomieokoolio roomieo7 hours ago
  • Princess Diana could have done so much good for the world... more than she had already accomplished. Her assassination halted so many great things. I fully believe the royal family (or their organization) had her assassinated in fear of her exposing things about them or for a number of reasons. This woman could have really changed the world... she was taken from this world way too soon and for selfish reasons.

    Heather ConwayHeather Conway7 hours ago
  • this absolutely breaks my heart

    sinnasinna7 hours ago
  • What the paparazzi do is harassment to the fullest and should be illegal

    Erin ElleErin Elle7 hours ago
  • charles has some huge ears

    Kevin MKevin M8 hours ago
  • I mean Diana seems like a good person, but people act like she's a saint. she cheated.

    peyton reinpeyton rein8 hours ago
  • I also have my suspicions that she if not murdered....faked her death. The last photos of her was just not right she didn't hold herself properly, or walk the same way. The last photo she was turning away. Think she wanted out. So many conspiracies. My father drove that tunnel it's a straight road very difficult to lose control unless the vehicle was hit. Henri Paul was seen on the cctv and seemed absolutely fine. Yeah the flash many people have said about. Considering the bodyguard survived He was in front I don't understand how the princess died.

    Chelsea McilvaneyChelsea Mcilvaney8 hours ago
  • She said she would be married in Westminster Abbey which is where the Queen was married and Prince William. She lived in Kensington palace. Im from Scotland and I loved Diana. I believe her death was not an accident. She was dating a Muslim and at this point in time the monarchy would have never accepted the future king mother to have a step father a Muslim. I'm sorry this is just how back in time the monarchy was in that time. It's probably thank you to Diana that they did modernise. That's how William and Harry were allowed to marry who they chose. The queen then changed the rule to allow Charles to marry Camilla. Many modernisation came after Diana. The beautiful people's princess. Harry stepping back and moving to the US is good I suppose, but I do not believe Meghan Markles POV it may have been difficult for her because she was an American and no disrespect but it's difficult to become accustomed to. The thing is with the royals is I'm not a monarchist at all but I do love the queen and I loved our dear duke of Edinburgh may he rest in peace. The queen was born into a different time when you didn't show emotion. Thats the expression of the British stiff upper lip she did not know or understand Diana. Also Diana did have an affair with James Hewitt but Harry was already born. If you look closely at Harry his eyes are like Charles. Anyway I love you Kendall. Chels 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    Chelsea McilvaneyChelsea Mcilvaney9 hours ago
  • I loved Diana and followed her from engagement to death. I watched the wedding live and was watching SNL when it was interrupted with news of her accident and watched until they announced she had died. I have a hard time watching SNL now because it takes me back to that horrible night. 💔😢

    Cindy SlavikCindy Slavik9 hours ago
  • Much respect for including clips of Diana's own words. Thank you for your transparency and truthfulness.

    kimberleygracekimberleygrace9 hours ago
  • I hope this gets millions of views. The average person can conclude this was a set up. We have no idea the inner workings of the elite class. Whether the royal family is at the top, or if a secret group is above them. I know one thing for sure is Diana was one of us and proved the people at the top could make the world a better place, but choose not to. Including those at the top we think are the ‘good guys.’

    Brennan WallsBrennan Walls9 hours ago
  • The timing of this video is CRAZY. 4 days before the death of Philip which is so sad. Back to the was no accident. I believe it was calculated somehow. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Jennifer AlexisJennifer Alexis9 hours ago
  • KENDALL PLEASE do the tuskegee syphilis experiments!

    Adrianna BumpusAdrianna Bumpus9 hours ago
  • Harry would still still technically be part of the Royal bloodline and be legally able to rule Scotland even if he were the product of an affair. You see, Diana is a descendant of a bastard produced by an affair between Charles II and a mistress. Charles II was a Stuart who descends from Robert the Bruce. Only descendants of Robert the Bruce can rule Scotland. Diana and Princess Kate descend from the same bastard son of Charles II by the way. So... yeah. Still a royal even if the rumor were true.

    Catherine McClainCatherine McClain10 hours ago
  • Stabilising a patient at the scene is usually how things work in a lot of people because it’s more risky to transport someone if they aren’t

    LizzyLizzy10 hours ago
  • Are we ignoring Prince Andrew being photographed at his mate Epstein's apartment the day Epstein was found "dead by suicide"? Like human trafficking, close to the prince, Diana allegedly helping Scotland Yard build a case to uncover the international human trafficking ring within England? The ex brother in law of Diana would not have appreciated evidence or testimony about there being sxe crimes occuring in the Scottish summer home.

    Liz BennettLiz Bennett10 hours ago
  • She deserved it. She betrayed people who took her in and gave her a platform

    Adam SoderlundAdam Soderlund11 hours ago
    • She did NOT deserve DEATH.

      Jennifer AlexisJennifer Alexis9 hours ago
  • Who was that home video of their reaction of Diana’s death?

    Kaylee TrevinoKaylee Trevino11 hours ago
  • Please go over prince Harry and meghans interview

    Kayla AriasKayla Arias11 hours ago
  • Kendall, I am 50 mins in and I just noticed the pup behind you isn’t a blanket. I should go to bed. 🙊

    Karen PKaren P12 hours ago
  • Charles is trash 🗑🤢

    Zaola EZaola E12 hours ago
  • Why does the queen's statement sound scripted, emotioness, almost rushed and robotic...???? Hmm sus

    Siān ThompsonSiān Thompson12 hours ago
  • She was sacrificed. They always planned to sacrifice her from the beginning. She was used as a surrogate basically, to further the bloodline

    cmclark2013cmclark201312 hours ago
  • this why you shouldn't drunk drive

    Kawaii_LoverKawaii_Lover12 hours ago
  • I say she was murdered...and the footage in the tunnel is either kept top secret or destroyed completely...

    Siān ThompsonSiān Thompson12 hours ago
  • Charles was a pendejo never deserved her

    Siān ThompsonSiān Thompson13 hours ago
  • I always wondered if Diana would have liked Kate Middleton and Meghan Markel 🤔🤔she was such an amazing woman she deserved better she deserves to still be here 😢

    Amanda MessinaAmanda Messina13 hours ago
  • It was charles

    That_girl 0110That_girl 011013 hours ago
  • who's here after Philip died

    Cam SingerCam Singer13 hours ago
  • What happened to your vlog? I've been out of touch a little

    V BBBV BBB14 hours ago

    Yah Girl AlexYah Girl Alex14 hours ago
  • Well we all know prince Andrew has his finger in human trafficking! Is it a stretch to believe that the whole family is inbred and into nefarious shit!

    Angela EubanksAngela Eubanks14 hours ago
  • It is clear to me that this was a murder... but the world is corrupt so who knows if it will ever be official... rip princess diana

    tragically.racheltragically.rachel15 hours ago
  • I just now realized that my two favourite people who make true crime videos (Kendal and the LOP) are married. My life is complete

    Zoe JohnsonZoe Johnson15 hours ago
  • dudes she was killed by a drunk driver, it can happen to anyone rich or poor, famous or not. Don't drink and drive. The only way it was the Royal Family's fault is that they removed her Royal Protection Squad (Special Police Bodyguards), that was mean and stupid but not criminal. They should remember this now they have removed Harry's official security too.

    VictoriaVictoria15 hours ago
  • “Because I lead from the heart not the head” 💔💔💔

    Julian ZamoraJulian Zamora15 hours ago
  • 29:09 why are they laughing? Like what’s so funny...?

    Peach. ggukPeach. gguk15 hours ago
  • MI6, The Government, or The Queen, would never have allowed an “assassination” to be handled so badly. I truly believe that the queen would not have stooped to such levels that she would’ve caused such pain on her own grandchildren. It baffles me that no one has ever perused further Dodi’s part in this event, and if he was the actual target

    Lucy GreavesLucy Greaves15 hours ago
  • Kendall could you make a video about Kori Gauthier, she's a missing LSU student and her case is really cryptic. I don't think the police are doing enough and this needs national attention.

    Layipaana YahayaLayipaana Yahaya15 hours ago
  • Can you do the Chris Watts case?

    lily katelily kate15 hours ago
  • Nothing on Maya Millete?

    AnaAna15 hours ago
  • I’m sorry but that Kanye clip had me rolling! I wasn’t expecting it and it was just funny😂😂😭

    DreadheadGamerGirlDreadheadGamerGirl16 hours ago
  • She was killed by Charles 🤮

    Meghan TaylorMeghan Taylor16 hours ago
  • The flag at Buckingham palace doesn’t get raised or lowered for anyone’s death. It’s an in and out sign for the queen 😅 This misunderstanding led it it being put at half mast for the first time ever because of the Diana backlash

    Eleanor ClancyEleanor Clancy16 hours ago
  • She was such a beautiful spirit. So sad.

    Chi Town CheiChi Town Chei17 hours ago
  • I personally think harry is charles's son. he has that close-set eyes look that the windsor's have, i.e the queen, her husband (rip), charles etc... diana doesn't have that and neither does the guy she had an affair with so idk, harry resembles his dad's family a lot if u overlook the red hair lol.

    Ji AnJi An17 hours ago
  • Ok, Is it me or did Megan Markel watch all of Diana’s experiences and just grabbed what she could claim? It’s like she is repeating word for word some of what Diana’s interviews showed. How creepy is that.

    Scottish Aussie BearScottish Aussie Bear17 hours ago
  • She cant raise a flag for a woman shes watched grow up since infanthood and accepted into her family and who birthed and raised her grandkids but the queen was happy to sound the bell meant only for royal deaths every minute of every hour when John F Kennedy was assassinated after meeting the man once

    Amy AmesburgAmy Amesburg17 hours ago
  • You’re on point with every aspect! Great work on this video Kendall✨☺️💜

    Shanakay does Wellness ‘Shanakay does Wellness ‘17 hours ago
  • Diana was a gift to the world. No doubt in my mind that the family had something to do with her passing

    Gabby HoltGabby Holt17 hours ago
  • Diana is the only royal i will ever respect, period

    Snoochie BoochiesSnoochie Boochies17 hours ago
  • It still chokes me up when i hear her story and this all happened years before i was even born

    Amy AmesburgAmy Amesburg17 hours ago
  • This video killed prince Philip, bless 😔🙏✨

    Ann SmAnn Sm17 hours ago
  • It’s widely believed in the UK that she was murdered by her ex husband’s family.

    katie duffykatie duffy17 hours ago
  • I love Diana July 1st is my birthday also❤️

    Jilleona WilsonJilleona Wilson18 hours ago
  • Omg... I was 5 years old when she died, I am from Spain.. I remember we talked about it in the playground at school.. I cried when the video showed the news announcing her death as if it was happening now. I feel really sorry for Harry specially, and I hope he watches this video and I hope the truth will come out! it is so sad, she was such a kindhearted genuine woman, the world will cry her loss for many years. Thank you for making this video so well put together, I am happy that Harry and Meghan could leave that institution and live a free life. God bless them

    Erika VBErika VB18 hours ago
  • Lol she had to use the good morning Kanye

    Mr top 10Mr top 1018 hours ago
  • Who were those rude group of men at 28:43 who were laughing about the crash? Paparazzi? Their behavior was absolutely disgusting.

    JennaBinxJennaBinx18 hours ago
  • Idk why anybody is confused that letter alone about specific way that her husband was gonna try to kill her and then she died in those exact ways it's just a wrap he should been convicted for her death

    Chad GossmanChad Gossman18 hours ago
  • Paul Burrell is not to be trusted, I wouldn’t take his word

    Ellyn LouiseEllyn Louise18 hours ago
  • that entire night is suspicious the cameras not working in the tunnel the ambulance taking the time there is just too much ... everything was stacked against her 💔 Anyways great video very thorough

    Xitlaly EnochXitlaly Enoch19 hours ago
  • Prince Charles looked like Howdy Doody in that video speaking, with those ears! Just me? lol I adored Princess Diana, she was exquisite!

    PlaztiquePlaztique19 hours ago
  • it does look suspicious that they CLEANED the area so quickly in 24 hours or less

    Xitlaly EnochXitlaly Enoch19 hours ago
  • some people don’t even believe she’s dead

    Skylar OlssonSkylar Olsson19 hours ago
  • the kanye clip 🤣🤣🤣 24:02 i am weak

    Xitlaly EnochXitlaly Enoch19 hours ago
  • Her mum wasn't happy with the custody arrangement. There is quiet a lot of info about it out there.

    Han WirtzHan Wirtz19 hours ago
  • She died when I was six years old and I clearly remember her accident all over the news and then her funeral thereafter. Seeing how devastated the world was stuck with me and I ended up doing a project on her and her life during junior high. After diving into who she was, I strangely became really attached to her and I still have a massive soft spot for her to this day. She was genuine and loving and didn’t want to play the game. I truly believe she died at the hands of the royal family.

    Megan KayeMegan Kaye20 hours ago
  • Could you do the Josef Fritzl case?

    Laisha Marin-BlancoLaisha Marin-Blanco20 hours ago
  • Dodies father also confirmed the engagement

    Swipe's Wife JessSwipe's Wife Jess20 hours ago
  • Charles is Harry's father as they did a d n a test so he is part of the royals and di was the best and now harry and Megan are better than the rest of the hem xx

    Sylvia ThomsonSylvia Thomson20 hours ago
  • i will forever believe she was murdered for being different than the royal family

    Yasmeen ZoubiYasmeen Zoubi20 hours ago
  • Oh my gosh. The sex trafficking theory is mind blowing - especially with that video of a naked boy escaping from the palace that has been circling recently! Very scary

    Raija McCallenRaija McCallen20 hours ago
    • Oh really? 😳

      Jayden TylerJayden Tyler48 minutes ago
  • not the Kanye clip that sh*t took me outtt🤣

    Nise 08Nise 0820 hours ago