The NFL was COMPLETELY DIFFERENT in 2000 (ft. FivePoints Vids)

Feb 18, 2021
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The NFL in 2000 was wild. Bigger Pads, astroturf, violent hits, fullbacks, and many other things that made this time period unique.
1:38 How we consumed content in 2000
3:26 Video game football
5:31 Playstyle
9:40 the 2000 season
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    KTOKTO6 days ago
    • The Alstott highlights were great, but someone please tell me the song playing in the background.

      Ray TullRay Tull4 hours ago
    • Why isn't J. Gibbs considered top 5 in coaching when he won 3 Super Bowls with 3 different QB's???

      Dan O'NeallDan O'Neall3 days ago
    • War damn eagle 🦅!

      Eric SEric S4 days ago
    • Welcome back with the video

      PrinceNJBPrinceNJB6 days ago
    • Kto is getting all the verified accounts. Love the vids and the podcast

      flyerfan 28flyerfan 286 days ago
  • Randy Moss was amazing back in the day.

    Taqeem HiltonTaqeem Hilton41 minute ago
  • I still see mike alstott when I watch shameless in kevin. I thought gruden was bringing back the fb. Could work against the 3-4 fronts of today..

    boseefus macmurphyboseefus macmurphy2 hours ago
  • I thought in the year 2000 football was played between cyborgs and aliens.

    boseefus macmurphyboseefus macmurphy3 hours ago
  • I was at that Bengals game when Dillon broke the record!! That was my first NFL game I ever attended.

    Shelby JohnsonShelby Johnson3 hours ago
  • If you haven’t almost killed your best friend over a local game of madden on ps2 are you really even friends???

    OprimiOprimi3 hours ago
  • Imagine the “Jacked Up” segment airing today. The internet mob would lose its mind

    ChuckyLarmsChuckyLarms4 hours ago
  • A T1, more accurately a DS-1, is 1.544 Mbps. In 2000, dial-up modems, maxing out at 56 Kbps were still the predominant mode of access, though cable internet (generally maxing out at around 5 Mbps) was making inroads, as was DSL. Only business had a T1, as a practical matter.

    Jason SchwefelJason Schwefel4 hours ago
  • True story: The Ravens returner in the Super Bowl, Jermaine Lewis, when he returned that kickoff for a touchdown, you see him point up to the sky. His son was stillborn just before the Super Bowl. He dedicated that kickoff return to him. Quite a sentimental moment.

    Josh DrumhellerJosh Drumheller5 hours ago
  • Thank you for mentioning the area code

    Todd CribbsTodd Cribbs5 hours ago
  • The Saints first playoff victory in franchise history happened during this season too.

    Rafael DelgadilloRafael Delgadillo6 hours ago
  • Football was so much better back then, & so was basketball too for that matter. If you were born in the mid to late 90s chances are that you've never really seen football like this, at least not for long, & because of that you don't really know what you're missing. It doesn't matter that there were legitimate reasons for the rule changes, you were frustrated by all of the flags thrown on a play that, only last year, was perfectly legal.

    Michael MaceMichael Mace6 hours ago
  • I'm starting to think that KTO is an 8 year old whose voice dropped real early

    Matthew L RobesonMatthew L Robeson6 hours ago
  • The A-train was the shit bottom line

    Juan SantiagoJuan Santiago6 hours ago
  • Didn’t even mention Pat Ricard when talking about today’s fullbacks 😔

    Grant GobellGrant Gobell6 hours ago
  • Imagine playing LB against Tampa Bay back then. You get juked out of your cleats by Warrick Dunn just to turn around on the next play to get run TF over by Alstott.

    Nick VoelkerNick Voelker7 hours ago
  • Pure nostalgia after hearing all these names. Also my dad ran into Priest Holmes at a car wash around 2003ish

    John SmithJohn Smith7 hours ago
  • RIP St. Louis Rams. We won't forget them

    Davis WinnDavis Winn8 hours ago
  • Now we barely even have kickoffs

    Greg PGreg P9 hours ago
  • 6:32 So you're telling me the Redskins could appear on TV as "Skins" but now they have to change their name completely? Oh how the times have changed.

    jtbjonesjtbjones9 hours ago
  • A friend told me Mike Alstott once said: "If you need 1 yard, I'll get ya 3. If you need 3 yards, I'll get ya 3. If you need 5 yards... I'll get ya 3"

    Jon SmithJon Smith9 hours ago
  • Madden 05 was the best

    Jared PattersonJared Patterson10 hours ago
  • Tecmo Super Bowl will always be the superior game no matter how many years go by.

    annachiegordonannachiegordon10 hours ago
  • My brothers and I burned threw 4 copies of madden 02. Because we played it that much

    Robbins2324Robbins232411 hours ago
  • LOVED Alstott!

    Gene Clark - Self Development QuestGene Clark - Self Development Quest12 hours ago
  • Scars all over my elbows and knees from turf burns and a few concussions from head hitting the turf

    Ryan RhoadesRyan Rhoades12 hours ago
  • We had Madden bowl tournaments in the 2000s. There were some plays that couldn't be stopped

    Ryan RhoadesRyan Rhoades12 hours ago
  • The NFL was different? Yeah, it was’s WWE now. Sensationalism!

    marcus lakermarcus laker12 hours ago
  • I honestly prefer football back then, even if my teams (Bears & Jets) almost always sucked. The game was far more enjoyable to watch before all the rule changes

    Krandle 47Krandle 4713 hours ago
  • 13:06 wow, there was a player called Shannon Sharpe. Just like the guy that argues with Skip Bayless, former QB for Tampa.

    Robbie GeeRobbie Gee13 hours ago
  • Am I the only one who realized way more guys ran for 1,000 yards than he said. Guys like David Montgomery, who only had 18 less yards than Josh Jacobs

    NFL MastermindNFL Mastermind14 hours ago
  • Thing about it the game is dead!!! With social justice. All time low super bowl rating.

    John JacksonJohn Jackson14 hours ago
  • YEAH #40 A-TRAIN!!! Love that guy, defenses did not.

    J PJ P14 hours ago
  • Alstott had the mentality that i will not go down unless you bring down my legs. No leaning/falling forward as I take on a hit

    G Real40G Real4015 hours ago
  • That's right!! Put respect on Alstott's name!

    MrBalooJMrBalooJ15 hours ago
  • Before we get started, Mike Alstott was the SHIT

    James StewartJames Stewart16 hours ago
  • Hey I love that you snuck the “Darren scharper, one of the hardest hitting safeties in the league!” Line lol I see you

    Peter HullPeter Hull16 hours ago
  • This is such a shit video. I had such high hopes smdh

    Raymond TayoRaymond Tayo16 hours ago
  • 91’ Madden be sounding like Pokémon.

    Moonlight EquilibriumMoonlight Equilibrium17 hours ago
  • Madden and Summerall was a great team! Miss those guys!

    Josh RuizJosh Ruiz18 hours ago
  • That exclusive rights deal ruined football gaming, and I can't begin to tell you what I expected football games to look and play like in the year 2020. Yet, here we are in 2021 and Madden is awful. But the great news is, WE'RE ALL STILL ALIVE!! 👍🏽👍🏽✌🏽🙏🏽

    Mr. No ShadowMr. No Shadow18 hours ago
  • A lot of people forget Brady won 3 rings in this era...I'd say he's less "soft" than any of these newer quarterbacks are in today's age. QB's didn't run back then because they would get killed.

    Mountain FoxMountain Fox20 hours ago
    • Besides Randall Cunningham, Steve McNair, Kordell Stewart, Donovan McNabb, Michael Vick...?

      KindredBrujahKindredBrujah15 hours ago
  • Larry Centers... You totally forgot about him. The best FB ever!!!

    BigPLBigPL21 hour ago
  • Goddamn 2000s football sounds so much more entertaining

    Grant SmithGrant Smith21 hour ago
  • Your dad is in the same age ball park as my oldest brother lol... u must be a baby to me then lol respect your content more as you’re that young 💪🏾

    Horten OjongtambiaHorten Ojongtambia22 hours ago
  • Bro 😎 Tom Brady and pacquiao truly showing that age is but a number!

    Kuya ArbeeKuya Arbee22 hours ago
  • Ill never forget Jermaine Lewis on that TD. Pointing to the sky for his son who passed away

    Scott GreenleeScott Greenlee23 hours ago
  • #40 is just the perfect number for a fullback, and is my age now. lol.

    Morose BentonMorose BentonDay ago
  • I feel like my dad in the late 90s he would say these guys ain't shit compared to the late 60s,now I say that about today's players compared to late 90s early 00s

    Tim PurcellTim PurcellDay ago
  • Late 2000 I started to learn about the NFL and 2001 I chose the Pats to be my team, even before I knew of Tom Brady!

    Morose BentonMorose BentonDay ago
  • This bought back a ton of memories. I played my first widget season in 99. I watched all these guys. Marshall Faulk was amazing!!!!!! One of my favorite players from that era.

    shaun bullockshaun bullockDay ago
  • A kbit is not a bit. It's a 1000 bits. Lol

    boo1_gamingboo1_gamingDay ago
  • there was no HD video back in 2000

    Richard ConteRichard ConteDay ago
  • The foregoing cicada generally damage because turtle cellularly return worth a material cost. elastic, awake trail

    Cleo Brogan ChandleyCleo Brogan ChandleyDay ago
  • As a Bucs fan one of the memories that sticks out the most to me from around this time was getting robbed by the St Louis Rams in the playoffs. Good times.

    Jack ColemanJack ColemanDay ago
  • Watched sportscenter until early 2010’s.

    Joe DJoe DDay ago
  • I love you KTO but you made the same vid 3x in row

    Alexander MalchowAlexander MalchowDay ago
  • Mike alstott ? Before him it was Tom rathman and ironhead

    Mar ParMar ParDay ago
  • mike alstot was the derrick henry back then

    gavin galishgavin galishDay ago
  • 10:06 LOL

    SethHarbisonSethHarbisonDay ago
  • Go Bucs Go

    Jonathan MillerJonathan MillerDay ago
  • I'm here for the A-train

    Bklyn BigHouse Beast77Bklyn BigHouse Beast77Day ago
  • Alstott better be in the HOF one day.

    a. cormana. cormanDay ago
  • How dare you downplay the greatness of the legendary, the iconic, Tecmo Super Bowl??? In my best Greta Thunberg impression.....

    That GuyThat GuyDay ago
  • Mike Alstott a train

    Villa SquadVilla SquadDay ago
  • I think everyone forgets that Anthony tank Sherman made the pro bowl in 2018

    Joseph GreenJoseph GreenDay ago
  • I miss Lorenzo Neal

    Kyle RobinsonKyle RobinsonDay ago
  • Dude wearing some Jordan 11s on that turf. he wanted someone to see him...I see you big bruh lmmaoo

    TCTrapCatTCTrapCatDay ago
    • Randy Moss did most of the time, Jordan sponsored 😂

      Josh RuizJosh Ruiz18 hours ago
  • its a neck roll, not a horse collar. A horse collar is illegal.

    Lucas MahLucas MahDay ago
  • your dad and my dad and tom brady played at the same time

    Sports ContentSports ContentDay ago
  • and the buccaneers still won

    your momyour momDay ago
  • Should’ve mentioned that the Rams and Falcons had back 2 back kickoffs returns for tds earlier that year

  • The A Train #40 #goBucs

    Joshua TrotterJoshua TrotterDay ago
  • Gotta love the old A-train footage 🤣

    jill wilkinsonjill wilkinsonDay ago
  • Its different in that 2000 football was actually good. That era finally died out by 2008, that was the last time you had a bunch of defense oriented, run first teams in the Titans, Steelers, Giants and Ravens. That playoff game between the Ravens and Steelers was brutal, hard to find that these days Also, don't overlook the Ravens offensive line and special teams, especially the special teams

    NYG5NYG5Day ago
  • Lists football video games. Doesn't include NFL Blitz. Shake my head.

    You Just Quoted MeYou Just Quoted MeDay ago
  • I'm a Giants fan and i worked hard to surpress that superbowl from memory. Now I'm having flashbacks to that emotional trainwreck of a game.

    Kole MKole MDay ago
  • In short, just about everything was better. Breakout season of the GOAT, Brady wasn't on the field, no Roger Goodell, defenses could play, Madden wasn't the only game in town, ESPN wasn't a joke, It just might be the very sweet spot of the NFL.

    MagitekOmegaMagitekOmegaDay ago
  • KTO should be a household name. These videos are just outstanding.

    M MM MDay ago
  • id enjoy a video series where it goes year by year of the NFL seasons see how much has changed and passing leaders maybe record games of that season that would be cool.

    Tyler A BossmanTyler A BossmanDay ago
  • So many great memories of me and my Old Man watching NFL during this time. I’ll cherish those moments forever. My childhood. NFL. It was all perfect

    M MM MDay ago
  • I don’t miss the headhunting, but I do miss true fullbacks!

    Scott ThompsonScott ThompsonDay ago
  • The ludicrous office promisingly suppose because bean delightfully guess of a giddy request. prickly, needless wheel

    Kayla HathornKayla HathornDay ago
  • KTO I love the vids but why you gotta do my boy bussy like that😂

    jake robertjake robertDay ago
  • Here the change i see : the players now show boat way to much and everyone today is a know it all ( couch GM draft expert ) Madden...and of course woke don't forget the woke generation!!!

    sportsguy 9999sportsguy 9999Day ago
  • Being a diehard Bucs fan, it warms my heart to see Alstott glorified in such a way and having his badassery put on full display for a new generation of football fans to see. The A-train was a monster on the field and probably the last true FB. Its a shame that stat nerds of today try to judge him as a RB and claim that he was an inefficient and overrated player, when in reality he was the heart and soul of the late 90s and early 2000s Buccaneers. Great video.

    Hans PennyloafHans PennyloafDay ago
  • I don't think there's anyone in the league like Alstott. If we're talking size it's probably henry but he plays a lot differnet. Alstott was gonna run your ass over. No juking, no stiffarm. Shoulder down, you're getting hit

    BrolicBrolicDay ago
  • Good times

    Douglas SchultzDouglas SchultzDay ago
  • Berman and Jackson were the GOATs of NFL highlights. OG NFL Primetime was must see TV for me and my boys all still partially hung over from Sat but also pretty buzzed from the day of football drinking. ♫ ♬San-De-aigo... Supa-Charers! ♫ ♬

    deeze03deeze03Day ago
  • Two things: 1. Tampa was cheated in the 1999 NFC championship game. See the Bert Emmanuel rule. 2. Super Bowl 35 (2000 season) was in Tampa and after the game we went to Ybor City (a party area near Tampa, like Bourbon Street) and I bought a NYG Super Bowl champion shirt for $5, lol.

    GO BUCSGO BUCS2 days ago
  • A-Train baby!

    GO BUCSGO BUCS2 days ago
  • The Lions were 9-7 in 2000.

    dclayton734dclayton7342 days ago
  • KTO awesome video and awesome ending 💯

    E KirbyE Kirby2 days ago
  • What about Patrick ricard on the ravens? He's a good fullback that can run block, pass block, run, catch and even play defense plus special teams! I'd say thays at least kinda alstott like

    Frank SchultzFrank Schultz2 days ago
  • How you gunna mention mike alsott and the buccaneers and not show my boy John lynch?? Great video, I loved this era!

    michael cmichael c2 days ago
  • Football is now a shadow of what it was. The modern game basically sucks.

    Tackle74Tackle742 days ago
  • We rioted in the streets when we won, we didn't know

    Mike MullaneyMike Mullaney2 days ago
  • Wait how do your dad know

    Mike MullaneyMike Mullaney2 days ago
  • 11:12 lol thats why they averaged so much their defense was shit

    BigPapaDaveBigPapaDave2 days ago
  • You forgot the great Larry Centers on your FB list!

    Lesly Remy Jr.Lesly Remy Jr.2 days ago