The NEW Apple iPhone 12

Oct 13, 2020
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Apple's iPhone 12, 12 mini, Pro and Pro Max are finally here!
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  • If you're an Apple user, which iPhone appeals to you the most?

    Dave LeeDave Lee5 days ago
    • 12mini

      Katan pangkamKatan pangkam4 days ago
    • @Clorox Bleach iPhone 12 is enough for me but I’m keeping my iPhone 11 for next couple years

      Miem JayMiem Jay4 days ago
    • 12- 6.1 inch

      Elangovan NElangovan N4 days ago
    • @Andre_Victor Gonçalves If they have an iphone, then they'd have the cable too. No reason to buy a new one.

      Rune ChristiansenRune Christiansen5 days ago
    • THE mini.

      Timo MüllerTimo Müller5 days ago
  • Majority of apple users does not care about 120hz. Hays american boy fanboying apple

    John G.John G.25 minutes ago
  • I wonder if it bends?

    John SmithJohn Smith31 minute ago
  • I don't know Dave. Loved the video but c'mon.

    Muhammed AngoMuhammed Ango34 minutes ago
  • Mid Tier ?? LOL 909€ is not mid tier.

    filssfilss41 minute ago
  • Wtf I just got this vids notification after 5 days . USworlds how high are you🙄😂😂

    Mukund BadheMukund BadheHour ago
  • 2021 invisible iphone

    syarif basrisyarif basriHour ago
  • you seem like an apple shill

    Chris RChris RHour ago
  • how does it still have that ugly ass notch, no usb c and such slow charging, its 2020

    Chris RChris R2 hours ago
  • To grab Free iPhone11pro max/12 Just add kingzhackz on IG 💯✔️✔️

    Niftyyoung NiftyyoungNiftyyoung Niftyyoung2 hours ago
  • 450k cars sounds like a lot, but only my relatively small city of 400k people has registered 80k new cars (new registrations, not all are brand new cars) this year alone. Granted, many of those will be replacements, but still... on a global scale 450k cars is nothing, it’s just publicity - a big number for which most people have no reference and sounds like a lot.

    houserhythmhouserhythm2 hours ago
  • Dave it was disappointing. Apple fan boy is ok, but this is over the top. If they have reduced the price and said that we are not incluing the accessories is ok. but to support them while they keep the price the same is just nuts. Sadly, I thought you are an unbiased reviewer. Sadly, no!

    Srikanth NutigattuSrikanth Nutigattu2 hours ago
  • Türkçe altyazı eklemelisin

    Can KestiCan Kesti2 hours ago
  • it looks like iphone 4, why not mention of it?

    Srikanth NutigattuSrikanth Nutigattu2 hours ago
  • I had so much respect for you before this video. You're a smart man and there is no way you buy into this saving the environment bullshit. Idk what your real reasons are, but this iphone is in no way user or environment friendly.

    Waseem RajabWaseem Rajab3 hours ago
  • This is what I think if you domt like a product safe your self some time of writing a book why you domt like the iphome or xbox etc trust, w people who wants to buy the new iphome 12 womt gibe a shit 😉 they still gonma buy it whats the point to waste your time and emergency posting om a product that you domf like and supposely won't buy? You try to convince your self to not buy it ? I domt know but if I domf like a phkne I don't to the videos that talk about it cor what? Isn't making me a fool of my self? You won't comvimce no ome to switch or to not buy the product period so save your energy amd butt hurt and use it im other things let others buy what they want is their choice seems like it affects you o So. Much

    Gustavo DuranGustavo Duran4 hours ago
  • Hey Dave, I unsubbed after you showed understanding for apple not including a charger with their phones for supposedly environmental reasons. You're pretty much just a sales guy by now and I find you hard to believe anymore.

    SJSJ5 hours ago
  • Remove charge but price is still the same. Doesn't make sense

    Rahim YazidRahim Yazid6 hours ago
  • Well, I guess it's a bad time to switch from Android then.

    oberonmeisteroberonmeister6 hours ago
  • I phone 12 pro starting price 1600$ here

    rohan sairohan sai6 hours ago
  • The pro series appeals to me the most, BUT I don't know if I see enough of a change in order to upgrade or not. Furthermore, I don't agree with them not including a charger and earbuds this year. We spend a lot of money on these phones, and it seems to me they are just making excuses to not include items.

    thinkr04_7thinkr04_77 hours ago
  • Making shipping easy and cutting cost by not adding charger and then diverting this move on being green is an attempt to only fool us. Anyway, people will be forced to buy charger just like they are now buying headphones.. Who is earning in the end ??

    S HusainS Husain7 hours ago
  • If i hav to go for an iphone, i will go with iphonexr, way better value for money and there is nothing new except oled display in iphone12

    ANKUR BHDANKUR BHD7 hours ago
  • I'm super excited for the Mini, I don't actually use iPhones but I bet Samsung will follow the trend and I would love to buy a S22 Mini, I don't watch videos on my phone, I would just want something pocketable that can play music and connect to my smartwatch. Please follow this trend Android manufacturers.

    HalakajHalakaj7 hours ago
  • I HATE HOW DAVE'S BECOMING MORE PRO APPLE I like how MKBHD covered it -- disappointed

    ath studentath student8 hours ago
  • I was thinking your PC guy

    PaimonPaimon8 hours ago
  • Dave has been bought by Apple.. ladies and gentlemen

    Shashank KowekarShashank Kowekar8 hours ago
  • I’d like the iPhone 12 pro. It’s 6.1 in which is perfect tbh, and it has 3 cameras

    strokemyskullstrokemyskull9 hours ago
  • 5w lol

    L JunL Jun10 hours ago
  • Unfortunately if you want a new charger... Apple has to package and sell those chargers as well. Thus creating more packaging. They are betting people don't need it as much now especially with wireless chargers but for the iphone users that don't upgrade all the time. Its going to be a pain in the butt to get home and find out you still have to use your pet chewed charger day one with your phone

    Super ChrisSuper Chris10 hours ago
  • Typical apple fanboy defending them for every stupid thing

    Anish ShahAnish Shah10 hours ago
  • If you by a metal product each year and you never bother to think how much carbon dioxide are being produced by building it, you're an idiot to think that not including a charger in a smaller box will save the planet. Creating each damn part of that thing cost a million man hour effort and the amount of materials extracted to build such a high quality tech each year is insane. Cut the "I care about the environment shit".

    Nima GhomriNima Ghomri11 hours ago
  • I thought there would be a 120hz refresh rate on all screens. It is disappointing that there is none.

    Mr PilapilMr Pilapil12 hours ago
  • Important to note: if you’re buying the Australian model of the iPhone 12 (Or any non US model for that matter) There is no future proofing at all because it doesn’t support mmWave. And even though Australia won’t get mmWave til 2021, once we do, the iPhone 12’s won’t be able to access it. We’ll have to buy the iPhone 13’s. Basically Apple have said well they don’t have it yet so we won’t sell them the tech then they’ll be forced to upgrade again in a year if they want it. It’s a classic Apple move.

    Joshua NealJoshua Neal13 hours ago
  • Best overall summary of the new features on the new lineup that I’ve seen. Thanks Dave!

    Joshua NealJoshua Neal13 hours ago
  • Cars off the road??? People buying the missed charger will add more fucking cars?

    mawan riswanmawan riswan14 hours ago
  • So with all the magnets in the phone is it safe to put near my laptop ?

    Rich SheehyRich Sheehy14 hours ago
  • Say high refresh is useless that so stupid ....

    lolo456ty 1lolo456ty 114 hours ago
  • Everyone buys iPhone 11 or earlier models. Apple, save the world and remove charger that everyone has. No one has type c to lighting. Apple but we are selling the charger you need for 20 bucks... take charger away and save the world, but sell charger online you don't save the world

    Randy AinsworthRandy Ainsworth15 hours ago
  • your iPhone like you've never been before. Its amazing!

    zijuiy wttuyzijuiy wttuy16 hours ago
  • 5G fantastic at screwing with our DNA and causing issues in the human body!! Also, we do NOT live on a fucking PLANET!! STOP being a SHEEPLE!!

    Trucker RonTrucker Ron17 hours ago
  • Technology is getting better and more expensive while the pay is not going up

    SITAR HEROSITAR HERO17 hours ago
    • reason im considering an apple phone is for the watch compatibility

      zijuiy wttuyzijuiy wttuy16 hours ago
  • Wouldn't it be double the car journeys. One to get the phone and another to get the charger?

    L RL R17 hours ago
  • If I’m paying anything over 100$ I NEED a charger!!! How dare you Apple How dare you! With your eco-friendly BS! How about humane friendly Iphones! That are not built in factory’s in China where workers are making your phones for nickels and pennys, suffering for a living wage!

    The Real KThe Real K17 hours ago
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    Kennedy JudeKennedy Jude18 hours ago
  • When they say moving cars off the road what are they saying? Is it the cars that going to transport those chargers?

    Positive Liberian-tech_guyPositive Liberian-tech_guy18 hours ago
  • Good for the old screen part, As far is no charger in the environment Apple's way of making more cash.$$$

    Sky KnightSky Knight18 hours ago
  • yey be eco, no charger, no headphones, save planet, smaller box wiiii, 450k cars in Apple save pocket as company profit. Let people buy solo charger, solo headphones packed in extra box. Let them pay for it and say that will save environment xD in facto: no special updates thats why they talk soooo much about 5g

    kalinskalins18 hours ago
  • my next phone is going to be Android. I've been using iPhones for 7 years, and I'm finally ready to say goodbye. And it's not because of the new iPhone. I actually like the IOS, but there is but ONE reason that has frustrated me so much that I'm ready to change. And it's the Apple id. The Apple id is so frustrating and so annoying at so many levels. To change regions is a pain in the ass, and for this reason I got 2 Apple ids. However, Apple requires you to bind your Apple id to a phone number, and whenever you sign in to that id you must verify using that phone number. For personal reasons I've changed many phone numbers, and whenever I do it's a huge pain in the ass as I have to reclaim my account time and time again. The reclaiming process is slow as hell, and what's most annoying is that they for some reason no longer allow email verifications, which they did allow in the past. Furthermore, Apple's two factor authentication is stupid. The idea of it is fine, but the execution is garbage. Some years ago I linked my iphone to my ipad, but recently I sold my iPad as I was buying a new tablet PC. But ever since then, I've not been able to use my iPhone properly due to the two factor authentication. If I sign out of my Apple id and try to sign back in, I can't do that because I no longer have the access to my iPad. I've called Apple, and they say there's absolutely nothing they can do about it. They say it's only possible to cancel two factor authentication within 2 weeks of its activation. Now that's just stupid.

    JewiiJewii19 hours ago
  • 4 the price at least a 90hz display

    kevin soliskevin solis19 hours ago
  • Oh ok so before there was all in one box. so truck full of phones. now there must be 2 trucks. one for phones and another for charges. oh and another fancy boxes and plastic to sell charges. do you really believe apple? Behind everything is Money. If they want to save environment than move factories to us so you don't have to use so many trucks, ships, planes and cheap labour. Wake up people. Apple is hungrier than Ever. Next year there will be no cable?

    Yakoza09Yakoza0919 hours ago
  • Dear tech tubers please remember that Denmark will get 90% 5G coverage by December 2020 5G, for some of us, is very much a real feature to be enjoyed today.. in the here and now.. Not in 3 years..

    jonas holmjonas holm19 hours ago
  • I think Apple pay Dave 2d to say not include power adapter is the right move hmm

    Xenon SparksXenon Sparks19 hours ago
  • Why there is no USB C in iPhones??

    Akın ÖzerAkın Özer19 hours ago
  • Actually an iPhone 12 with USB-C would really help the environment, not a missing charger.

    Ariliquin AriliquinAriliquin Ariliquin19 hours ago
  • Lol, Everyone be shitting in the comments about Apple’s move for the environment.

    Jens BrehmenJens Brehmen19 hours ago
  • what a joke about the environment, like they really give a shit lol. Were willing to undercut real human people in china, but we are conscientious about pollution yes. Theyre just trying to see what they can get away with before folks stop spending money on there half assed phones. Now there watches, thats there best product hands down. The only reason im considering an apple phone is for the watch compatibility

    Vin AVin A20 hours ago
  • And then there will be 2x more cars on the road just to ship charger and headphones. Meh

  • To answer your question: the iPhone 12 Pro Max appeals the most to me. I’m still using my iPhone 6s Plus from 5 years ago. So I’m planning on keeping my next phone for the next 5 years. About the charger & EarPods being removed: I still have my old EarPods, which I use every once in a while. Most of the time I’m using my Bose QC35II headphones. I’m sure a lot of people out there are using wireless headphones or AirPods. So do we really need ANOTHER set of earphones? I don’t think so. I have at least three chargers (all with lightning cables). I even bought a usb-c to lightning cable some time ago to connect my iPhone directly to my MacBook Pro...

    Cedric JonkersCedric Jonkers20 hours ago
  • Dave lying now. It is not a new design. Its clearly an iphone 4s 2020. Then its lacking huge improvement all they do is distract us in camera and shit. Ask yourself how much power do you really need in a phone? Lol

    John Athley ChanJohn Athley Chan21 hour ago
  • “A whole new shape and a whole new design”...? You mean an old shape and and old design? Is this not an iPhone 4 with a 10 screen? Lol how could apple have all these people fooled. I have the XR and would never go for this “new design” lol get the BS out of here. Watch how fast these phones go one sale and the design change will happen again with the 13. Mark my words! Huge fail for Apple

    Nate DiazNate Diaz21 hour ago
  • iPhone users are really a bunch of stupid sheeps. You deserve to pay more if you believe in their fake reasons for not including chargers...

    Curve AheadCurve Ahead21 hour ago
  • lightning connector is so iphone 5

    real cartoon girlreal cartoon girl21 hour ago
  • Just one point, Apple phones are already cost too much, generally, especially if they are compared to other phones from other companies, so seeing that they wouldn't include chargers, that's quite, not only kinda strange, like that's indirectly costing you so much more money. Just look, you have other great smartphone companies, having great phone with quite satisfying and functional phones, besides theirs features which could blow you mind from there amazement, they are way cheaper and convenient. They, unlike Apple, include the charger. Here i would critically pointing out how Apple phones are in a general sense. Moreover, if someone would want to buy a good or satisfying phone, but with some money, he/she could most likely get the phone they like from other companies rather than Apple, of course cheaper, better, and much more convenient. For example, the IPhone SE, that was said to cost you 400 bucks! That's obviously quite much, whereas you could get even better phones with less money. Here money or price place a significant role rather, most likely, any other feature. So, in my view, even if they have improved their phones, still costs too much. In a gist, think twice before getting so much exited about a new product, not only from Apple, but others too, so be wise in choosing your next phone, and don't just buy something just because it's popular.

    Yousf SrYousf Sr22 hours ago
  • Who is getting either the 12 or the mini? I couldn’t decide and bought the regular 12 but the mini is attractive, what everyone else decide?

    RyanRyan22 hours ago
  • this is the next level surveillance device

    Elon MuskElon Musk23 hours ago
  • Apple is looted Indian consumers by charging double the price of USA

    GadgetsTokGadgetsTok23 hours ago
  • You just sold your soul in this video, so sad.

    Camilo RodriguezCamilo Rodriguez23 hours ago
  • Apple: Let’s remove Charging brick and EarPods (things that people actually care about and use) we will save Environment Also Apple: Let’s put APPLE STICKERS ........ Because ..... yeah we know our iPhone users use those a lot and it will also save environment by growing Apple trees

    KaranKaran23 hours ago
  • Tbh we all needed that fingerprint or Iris scanner since we all have to wear a mask!

    Yash BhattYash BhattDay ago
  • Ya because people won't go and buy a charger separately that comes in it's own box, because who tf need a charger right?

    Mohammed MustafaMohammed MustafaDay ago
  • Apple: we care about the environment so we'll not include a charger (and clearly not because of profit driven motives ) MEANWHILE APPLE: releases 4 new iphones😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    koustav sutradharkoustav sutradharDay ago
  • Ja até sei o porque você não ligou os celulares kkkkkk

  • Dont people need to buy the charger separately now and wont that come with additional packaging? If we add them up will that still be a net benefit to the environment?

    eric yeeric yeDay ago
  • India the pricing is weird it's almost 300 usd more than in us.

    Parag NaikParag NaikDay ago
  • fk apple!

    T JohnsonT JohnsonDay ago
  • Agreed! Removing charger and earbuds has a huge impact on environment but, shouldn't they show a reduced price to buy an iphone without charger! I think that would be very appealing to the consumers.

    sumedh shastrisumedh shastriDay ago
  • So how tf am i supposed to charge the new iphone?

    BlaZeZBlaZeZDay ago
  • Doing away with the charger and earphone for the environment? That's quite a good marketing tactic to justify for their cost saving, however, it is not passing on to the end user... so I would said it is a bad move.

    www8899www8899Day ago
  • There is going to be 5 videos per reviewer: leaks pre-demo video with fake bricks reactions to presentation post-demo video with fake bricks final review video with camera / battery comparison

    Andrei RAndrei RDay ago
  • When you buy a charger... doesn’t it come in a box.... so doesn’t it balance out?

    Mila AnouskaMila AnouskaDay ago
  • They removed the charger....Okay....Why not decrease the price then ? Even by a bit ?

    Shubham SamraatShubham SamraatDay ago
  • Are they really intended to save environment or to sell more charging bricks? 🤔

    Hari KrishnanHari KrishnanDay ago
  • The thing that hasn't been mentioned in the video is that, this video has been sponsored by Apple.

    AHR 96AHR 96Day ago
  • The USB-c is a game changer for me. Well done Apple

    Hector GarmaoHector GarmaoDay ago
  • GooooooooooD Job

    rob alirob aliDay ago
  • Me, just wants the home button back

    QuakewrQuakewrDay ago
  • Oh wow so apple pretend that their removal of the charger is gonna decrease the traffic and trucks , so how about the people who are driving to get their new charger ?

    mohammad saudmohammad saudDay ago
  • 你穿的卫衣好看,什么牌子,哪里可以买到?

    ShawnShawnDay ago
  • That hoodie is so cool! Do you have a link?

    Nenno L.Nenno L.Day ago
  • Imagine the environmental impact if they didn't include a phone in the box

    Shivar SinghShivar SinghDay ago
  • why not just not buy a new phone at all and removed another 100 million cars off the planet?

    TimmuhTimmuhDay ago
  • Let me tell you simple. For those who will buy up to 2 new iphones from Apple. buying a one charger is a negative profit in accessories income for apple and Massive positive income from phones for them. SO= Triple massive profit + More materials released to the hands(Environmental harm) - Then we point at how Apple is treating it's customers like a trash. "You bought previous iphones with 1000$ price including charger and earpuds, Now you need to buy your phone's charger separately because you are stupid and whatever I say you do. and you stay in a que outside the store's door" - 3: Apple still has it's strategic to slowing down old devices to force them buy the new device AGAIN (Environmental Harm). Why Harm? Cause you are not stupid to trade your iphone x for 150$ or Macbook air 2018 13" for 350$. Or you are? (I checked in apple's trade) So= Apple's trading system is another joke that really insulting people by saying(Environmental friendly plans). I sold my iphone 7 to the chinese market for using the hardwares for the other phones around 280$. (I OWNED iphone 2G, 3G, 3Gs, 4S, 5, 5S, SE, X, 11pro max) and SOLD THEM ALL except current 11pro max.) And finally. Apple is limiting you more and more by it's features and by it's payment requirements. For example: The amount of free games are becoming less !!!!!! You no longer enjoy playing on your iphones or ipads.... I am IOS user. for 5 years. all iphone devices.... BUT, I am about to leave this crap forever. why? personally, because I saw brands like Xiaomi, Google phones, are having things I love to have! Like I bought my wife a Xiaomi Mi note 10 Lite. and it's blowing my mind!!!!!!..... for 450$ I got 64MP QUAD Camera! 5260 Battery capacity, MAssive CPU, AMOLED display ... and ETC.... WHAT ELSE DO I WANT from a god damn phone that apple expect me to BEGGG for that god damn charger!???

    EsunrEsunrDay ago
  • Ehm, 800 is not a "midrange" price.

    Fox MulderFox MulderDay ago
  • I truly support the environment part there, even agree on getting less, but why are they charging even high on cutting things we get ? they are saving a huge money on cutting chargers and earphones, and taking more money from the user, this is just not noble my friend this is evil

    Chinar RajuChinar RajuDay ago
  • They're not actually removing anything if you have to go out and buy it. Especially since you're probably gonna buy from a company that does not care as much about the environment and has shittier practices. So they should just offer it for free for those who want it, just making them jump through some hoops so that only people who actually need them get them.

    Victor SouzaVictor SouzaDay ago
  • Soo, I didn't think they would get you too! By removing the charger, yes they might have made the box smaller which is still larger than poco series! However, people still need a charger for their phone, which they have to buy separatly "in a box", which will over compensate for the size reduction in original product. This is a big lie so they can still squeeze more money from small minded by selling the charger with a higher price to probably compensate the durability of screen. I never thought you would get fooled or blindly advertise stuff, especially apple among other stuff!

    FafA mnzmFafA mnzmDay ago
  • Why do I feel Dave got paid to endorse 🍏's lousy eco move?

    Suhil NafiSuhil NafiDay ago
  • I have iphone se unboxing video on my chanel 🙂📦

    Sümeyra AydınSümeyra AydınDay ago
  • iPhone x is still soo good.....why upgrade????

    jijijijiDay ago