The Most BORING Youtubers...

Feb 19, 2021
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Another week another vlog...why are we so boring lol!
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  • Yes,this is exactly what we want to see .USworldsrs. Make. videos which are extremely fake they just want to show off that how luxury there life is but u guys are the true USworldsrs like if u agree

    Zainab SajjadZainab Sajjad10 hours ago
  • i love these videos

    xX_Sasha_Lestrange_XxxX_Sasha_Lestrange_Xx22 hours ago

    Claire NezezonClaire NezezonDay ago
  • Roni: shows potato balls Me: DONUTS Roni: explains that they are potato balls Me: aww! 😭

    Claire NezezonClaire NezezonDay ago
  • i love that kind of soup my grandma makes it

    L DL DDay ago
  • I am super bored now after watching that. You guys are not the MOST boring USworldsrs just maybe that could have been a bit more action packed.

    DadAndAileenEpicAdventuresDadAndAileenEpicAdventuresDay ago
  • we all have boring lives people wants to see something they relate to and I think this is a great video !

    آلاء العبداللهآلاء العبدالله2 days ago
  • In my language that soup is called "sarma"...

    Amina HuskicAmina Huskic2 days ago
  • I think this is vlogging just film your everyday life even if it’s just daily routines but only if you feel like it don’t want to pressure you or anything we are just glad you guys sharing thoses yeah thank you

    Audrey DesteeAudrey Destee3 days ago
  • I'm actually very interested in what y'all eat ngl😂😂

    Denim StarlightDenim Starlight3 days ago
  • I love you guys. You both are so pretty.

    Faatima RaneFaatima Rane3 days ago
  • Can you guys please make new songs merrell twins please

  • You guys may call this boring, but I call it wholesome❤️

    jackie piansayjackie piansay3 days ago
  • When they say their age it still always shocks me because I always think that their 18 or 19 😭😭😭😭😭

    Seryna RamosSeryna Ramos3 days ago
  • So what’s the problem if you are normal ? We all love your vlogs. You guys’s vlogs make us joyful 😃

    Abtahi Uddin EmadAbtahi Uddin Emad4 days ago
  • I love potato balls they taste so good

    Leah SuLeah Su4 days ago
  • Hi

    ShaggyShaggy4 days ago
  • I love your boring lives! Lol also can we get Nana's soup recipe!?

    DianaDiana4 days ago
  • I guess ppl want to see famous ppl being normal. 😁🥰💁🏾‍♀️

    The A&A SistersThe A&A Sisters4 days ago
  • How can being a youtuber be boring! XD EDIT: P.S: being not a twin is not so great from a brother with a older sister point of view.

  • I don't do the same all the time but my life is pretty boring

    Chloe GennettChloe Gennett4 days ago
  • This should basically become a Mukbang channel

    Luke KennyLuke Kenny5 days ago
  • You messed the title up “we are the cool youtubers“ wut are you doing?

    MerrellTwins TwinMyHeartFanMerrellTwins TwinMyHeartFan5 days ago
  • I sincerely admire you for posting a video that shows what real life is, continue to be so amazing ly❤

    Mariana DuarteMariana Duarte5 days ago
  • what did she audition for, what role?

    Eesha SanjayEesha Sanjay6 days ago
  • RONI&NESSA:We're so boring Me who's enjoying every vid in this channel: 😊😁💜

    Desimone Nairel EscalanteDesimone Nairel Escalante6 days ago
  • 🤩🤩

  • I love this channel, because it's helpful and encouraging, thank you ❤️❤️🌺

    Erin Mc EnroeErin Mc Enroe7 days ago
  • We love seeing a normal everyday! Not all glamorous fake stuff

    prettp6prettp67 days ago
  • This vlog was so fun!! It's cool to see how our favorite youtubers are just like us ✨❤️❤️

    C AnneC Anne7 days ago
  • The "potato balls" are papa rellenas. They're mashed potatoes rolled into balls and in the center of the ball is ground beef or chicken 💖

    C AnneC Anne7 days ago
  • What are you addicting for

    Yocelin VergaraYocelin Vergara7 days ago
  • Roni at the back with the expressions

    Jasmine SalaoJasmine Salao8 days ago
  • Trust me we don’t want to see crazy videos , the quiet and being normal is the best to watch

    Aisha 1Aisha 18 days ago
  • Love your videos, so calming ❤

    stephanie rodriguezstephanie rodriguez8 days ago
  • i love these vlogs! It's so refreshing to see very normal people who spend lots of time with their family

    Maxine SoyezMaxine Soyez8 days ago
  • ngl dat soup looks bomb :D

    Mohan JassiMohan Jassi8 days ago
  • what you audition for btw i actually didnt even recognise you in the movie Switch you just toooooooo mean

    Aishath LeahAishath Leah8 days ago
  • Why do u still live with your family so hate just curious

    Millie Bobby brownMillie Bobby brown9 days ago
  • Roni: I feel like we’re so boring Me: they have much better vlogs then me Also yalls vlogs are literally not boring at all I always watch them and I love them

    Jenna HefnerJenna Hefner9 days ago
  • Where do you get your auditions

    Elijah GamingElijah Gaming9 days ago
  • Love you music

    Catalina BautistaCatalina Bautista9 days ago
  • Hopefully you get it i will pray for you until you get the results ❤️❤️❤️

    Niaz SharifNiaz Sharif9 days ago
  • Starts to sound like spirited away.

    Vince KVince K9 days ago
  • what are you trying to get the roll for?

    Caroline MyersCaroline Myers9 days ago
  • wait there’s a twin my heart 3? Yey

    banana joebanana joe9 days ago
  • Hi Roni & Nessa! We're also just 4 in our family (parents plus me and my sis) and have been careful in quarantine which means boring/not much happening in our everyday lives, so we relate so much with you guys! Music & God is something that gets us through the days as well!! Love to see more vlogs like this!!!

    StarStar10 days ago
  • ronis face when nessa mess up tho

    Alexander YorkAlexander York10 days ago
  • It’s quite interesting that the twins are vlogging when before they said it’s not something they are interested in. But that just shows times change and being at a different season in their lives. But I also want to say that this isn’t boring. For me, seeing vlogs or what goes behind the scenes of your branding is what helps us relate to you more. So doing these vlogs that are deemed normal/uninteresting by USworldsr standards, makes you more genuine and interesting to me. Makes me appreciate you two more. Keep up the great work!

    Angela TAngela T10 days ago
  • Can I just point out how good Merrell Twins are at singing! 😭🥰🥺

    S TS T10 days ago
  • Can u show us home tour !!!!

    raja pandi.traja pandi.t10 days ago
  • I did not know they were Cuban

    Odst soldierOdst soldier10 days ago
  • What a beautiful home. I like how down to earth you all are. Many more wishes for your continuing success.

    SunethraSunethra10 days ago
  • Y'all are beautiful people inside and out!! 💗

    CarolinaCarolina10 days ago
  • i love all your vlogs cause they never bore me xxxx

    Life of KimiaLife of Kimia10 days ago
  • I need to know where you guys got the colourful joggers 😍🔥 Edit: spelling

    callmelidscallmelids10 days ago
  • Roni giving an inspirational speech then nessa in the background asmr open her paints lol

    PandaYTPandaYT10 days ago
  • We love these because they show us how honesty and normal you guys are. I don't really like those vlogs where they do crazy things and usually fake reactions u know.

    Sophia MarunoSophia Maruno11 days ago

  • Can you guys make a reaction video to Selena Gomez’s de una vez??? Love you guys!!

    Srishti ChoubeySrishti Choubey11 days ago
  • Don’t you guys are the best 💓😍🥰😻😘🤘👑🍭🍩🎂🍨🍽🍿

    Vindhyavaasini SaravananVindhyavaasini Saravanan11 days ago
  • It's entertaining tho

    Anindya MitraAnindya Mitra11 days ago
  • I love food too!

    PineapplePineapple11 days ago
  • Honestly don’t think too much into it, I love watching you guys doing your daily routine it makes me feel included like we are friends just catching up🙈🙂

    Natalie McDuffieNatalie McDuffie11 days ago
  • Can you switch Life’s for 24 hours

    Vanesa XicoVanesa Xico11 days ago
  • Great family video. It Is not boring. It's part of our normal everyday lives. Family is important. Please keep making more of it. Thank you.

    Raymond R GoudreaultRaymond R Goudreault11 days ago
  • albóndigas are yummy

    engenes_ 123engenes_ 12311 days ago
  • Omg those potato balls are Brazilian and my family loves them! They are like ground beef with seasoning wrapped with mashed potato’s and fried. They are so good. We call them coxinha. Pronounced co-she-a

    Kara ChoyKara Choy11 days ago
  • I Love ur vids

    Christopher Owusu MensahChristopher Owusu Mensah11 days ago
  • Their vid’s title: the most BORING youtubers.. Also them: probably no person will click this vid The world: I got other plans for that... Everyone:*clicks like Them: I-

    Aemen Omair KhanAemen Omair Khan11 days ago
  • You should film the making of the puzzle or the time that Nessa paints and timelapse it.

    Andriani ChristoforouAndriani Christoforou11 days ago
  • That wasn't boring at all

    Ana RAna R11 days ago
  • you guys are not boring. I love your guys vlogs. I Also love see more vides of you guys. Love you guys :)

    isabel felixisabel felix12 days ago

    IdevenkIdevenk12 days ago
  • i love you guys you are the best😘😘

    Fatheya MohamedFatheya Mohamed12 days ago
  • your boring lives make us smile

    Talyan BurkhartTalyan Burkhart12 days ago

    Little GamerLittle Gamer12 days ago
  • I love roni’s face when messages was playing the piano

    Becca HaliburtonBecca Haliburton12 days ago
  • Love you guys huge fan pluse I love puzzles

    Sia KaurSia Kaur12 days ago
  • You guys are soo talented! Vanessa's piano playing skills are on another level and Veronica's singing is amazing!

  • Try simply piano😂😂😂

    Its AzelynIts Azelyn12 days ago
  • I love it 😍

    Alice De BiaseAlice De Biase12 days ago
  • I love these videos they are bot boring and y’all are bot boring y’all are more productive in quarantine than me in quarantine 😂

    Elena EsquibelElena Esquibel12 days ago
  • 13:32 hahaha roni’s face in the background when nessa played the piano😂😂🎹

    Crisalynne RamirezCrisalynne Ramirez12 days ago
  • Stop you guys are the best and not boring

    Anushree hAnushree h12 days ago
  • I love how u guys are just letting us in on ur personal life tysm

    chi gracechi grace12 days ago
  • Anyone love these types of videos 🥰❣️❣️

    Hi OlafHi Olaf12 days ago
  • This video is good because it’s REAL. It shows you are real people and not fake Barbies making people feel insecure about ur own lives.

    Mermaidz_UnicornsMermaidz_Unicorns12 days ago
  • wait umm what is she aditioning for?

    Sienna JoySienna Joy12 days ago
  • The most boring youtubers - Veronica Merrell I'm eating oatmeal!!! Yay-Lin Fernandes

    Lindsey FernandesLindsey Fernandes12 days ago
  • I love the vlogs, Nessa & Ronnie!! They are so relatable! My grandma also makes 'sopa de albondigas.' It's really good! Keep it up! You guys are awesome!

    SoldierSoldier12 days ago
  • This video was recommended to me today.. *yaaaaaaayyyy!!!!!!* 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🤗🤗🤗🤗

    II Emília IIII Emília II12 days ago
  • We want more vlogs these are amazingggg🥺

    ThemaryamejazThemaryamejaz12 days ago
  • you should mention ythis channel to merrel twins to have more subscriber, when you wrote the most boring youtubers more like the best youtubers on earth. For your next video you should bake a cake with no recipe.

    Madison Irwin-HealyMadison Irwin-Healy12 days ago
  • I bet the girl really want portos to sponsor them lol

    Bella GoldhillBella Goldhill12 days ago
  • you should go undercover as a fan page

    Madison AmbroseMadison Ambrose12 days ago
  • You guys are so cool

    Ricardo BiceraRicardo Bicera12 days ago
  • I can relate lol I feel like all I do is eat and be around my house and family lol

    Linda HopeLinda Hope12 days ago
  • I personally like watch this "normal" video because I can relate to this vlog more. Please make more

    paola contreraspaola contreras12 days ago
  • What song was the expectation and reality song so cool

    paola contreraspaola contreras12 days ago