The Moment James Charles Accusations Started Piling Up: April 17, 2019

Mar 29, 2021
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Over the past few years, there have been many allegations against James Charles, with 8 people coming forward and 11 other questionable moments up until this date.
With allegations as recent as February 2021, James may be in more trouble than we think.
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  • Wow , I know we all knew this fact , but I'm just gonna say it: The beauty community is trash. No , being a beauty youtuber isn't bad BUT NO ONE SHOULD EVER ASSOCIATE with people like James , Jeffery , Tati , or ANY BODY ELSE like them.

    Momo WatanabeMomo Watanabe2 minutes ago
  • Omg the way u say omegle it’s omegull

    Seoyeon ParkSeoyeon Park58 minutes ago
  • NEVER TRUST THE AGE PEOPLE LOOK LIKE!!! I'm 14 and look 11-12. My friend is 14 and could easily pass as 17-18. Please don't assume and check what people say!

    Emma SabatEmma SabatHour ago
  • what 6 yo and under has Facebook 0-0

    ToastieToastie2 hours ago
  • I caaant with the way she say Omegle omg

    KellerNekoKellerNeko5 hours ago
  • I'm kinda disappointed that Nailea is hanging with him also if parents are sooooo worried about their kids online and them being UNDERAGE, then how about saying NO when your child asks for a phone or to be on social media. Love how parents now a days wanna place blame on other people when they should start monitoring their kids or telling their spoiled little brats NO

    Jadeine BonfoeyJadeine Bonfoey7 hours ago
  • and the fact that he continued with this behaviour when tati was being dragged by the internet during the bye sister era.... disgusting.

    robinrobin8 hours ago
  • She really said "Oh-Meg-Lee" I-

    S'morezS'morez14 hours ago
  • I’m concerned about Tommy-

    0nly Mel0nly Mel19 hours ago
  • I really hope that the boys' parents stand up for him, that's the only way James wouldn't get away with this.

    TheLovelyRoseTheLovelyRose19 hours ago
  • I still don't get how James has many subscribers... He should definitely be locked up

    SavaSava20 hours ago
  • Don’t lead someone on just for fame! James is not innocent but neither are these boys

    Marlene AguilarMarlene Aguilar21 hour ago
  • Remember when Tommy said him and James where in a call alone and James called him beautiful. Tommy said he left right after it to tell Tubbo and what not. Knowing that info knowing all this is unsettling

    Toast DudeToast Dude22 hours ago
  • Lol at james having a mentality of a 40 year old, how many 40 year olds enjoy partying with 16 year olds??

    AA22 hours ago
  • These are all the rejections... imagine the boys who said yes 🥲

    Jackson McNuggetsJackson McNuggetsDay ago
  • Why doesn’t he hire an 18 year old to be his boyfriend a la Nikita style 😂

    Jackson McNuggetsJackson McNuggetsDay ago
  • Over 18 or under, this is NOT how you “flirt”, like..

    PuddingPuddingDay ago
  • Omegly 😂😂😂

    Kaye DayocKaye DayocDay ago
  • Why is no one talking about the omegLE pronounciation😂

    Laura BryanLaura BryanDay ago
  • So he has been victimized when he was younger by online? That's a whole culture issue.

    jr gamerjr gamerDay ago
  • Bruh when people hitting on each other, they mostly ask for their name and age. While this dude be hitting on boys but doesn't know their age even though their profile even showed their age. 🤦‍♂️

    Yeng VangYeng VangDay ago
  • So... Why isn't he locked up yet? 🤔

    JaiJaiDay ago

    ZORKZORKDay ago
  • Grindr anyone? Seriously!!!

    Lilly FlowerLilly FlowerDay ago
  • He just desperate that’s all

    F LifeF LifeDay ago
  • I don't like how james pushes his sexuality on to people who are still discovering who they are as a person and they're sexuality. Its perfectly normal to want to experiment, so I dont think it was fair of james to grill that guy who claimed he was bi and they are all so young, why doesn't he look for someone his own age or older who is more comfortable with they're sexuality and has more experience...

    Suicidal TendenciesSuicidal TendenciesDay ago
  • Istg this dude literally said : yeah they said their an adult bla bla I groomed them bc I didn’t know anyways it’s their fault I’ll be better! And then continued to make normal videos like tf how can you process your life normally like that after doing something ILLEGAL

    Me also meMe also meDay ago
  • It's pronounced : Oh-me-gle

    jhlords2 TMjhlords2 TMDay ago
  •’s pronounced “oh-meh-gull” or “oh-me-gull” not ohmeglee

    WarmindkingWarmindkingDay ago
  • Nice explanation of the law and consequences towards the end

    Simone's MicrolocsSimone's MicrolocsDay ago
  • James is literally manipulating his young audience by saying he would talk to older guys when he was 12 can anyone else see the manipulation???

    Mandy RomeroMandy RomeroDay ago
  • And people wonder how Weinstein and Cosby got away with their people ignoring it .

    Curious CampbellCurious CampbellDay ago
  • Gemini problems we r big flirts 🤦🤦🤦

    Alex RoseAlex Rose2 days ago
  • Just ew.

    DianaDiana2 days ago
  • If this was a straight man doing this with young underage girls he would be in jail.

    hayleigh mariehayleigh marie2 days ago
  • So is the law getting involved or what?

    TNTTNT2 days ago
    • I hope so..

      DianaDiana2 days ago
  • You would think after he was groomed himself, he wouldn’t do that to others. But I guess that’s where he gets the mentality that what he does is okay

    Brittany FrazierBrittany Frazier2 days ago
    • When someone was groomed while they were young, they have warped views and believe this stuff is normal, hence them becoming predators themselves.

      BenjiXAddictX4EverBenjiXAddictX4Ever13 hours ago
    • The abused becomes the abuser

      DianaDiana2 days ago
  • I love how unbiased you are! Thank you!

    Apol LagumbayApol Lagumbay2 days ago
    • What?

      DianaDiana2 days ago
  • James Charles is delusional lol. “Straight guys like me”- ok then they wouldn’t be straight lol

    J WestJ West2 days ago
  • This transition sound made me anxious 😅

    julianajuliana2 days ago
  • Let's say James didn't know any of their ages, it still seems like he's manipulating them. Kinda like Carson, the issue seems more like "I'm famous, you're a fan, I will use my power over you".

    Blueberry FallsBlueberry Falls2 days ago
    • @Jenna Garcia I agree but its hypothetical. Let’s say as in IF.

      Blueberry FallsBlueberry FallsDay ago
    • Highly unlikely you’d mistake someone’s age several times.

      Jenna GarciaJenna GarciaDay ago
  • The fact that this man had the nerve to be like "i like my men younger or with a young mentality" but then say "I have the mind of a 40 year old man" 🤨 bru thats the creepiest thing I've ever heard

    SkullySkully2 days ago
  • Nikita is a trans woman. She’s allowed to like straight men

    Christina GarciaChristina Garcia2 days ago
    • Is she? I didn’t know that she was trans

      DianaDiana2 days ago
  • This just sucks like when I was younger I liked James Charles

    EvieEvie2 days ago
    • Same :(

      nn2 days ago
  • "I have the mentality of a 40 year old" no you're literally just rich

    RuneRune2 days ago
    • *just a predator i think you meant to write

      Bianca BeeBianca Bee2 days ago
  • I'm sorry but based on all these I feel like this particular James has been targeted

    Bashir KabirBashir Kabir2 days ago
    • WOW.

      Bianca BeeBianca Bee2 days ago
  • So James is a Gemini and that situation with Uzzy where he kept pressuring him to go to the bathroom at 4 AM and sending the same video is soooo reminiscent of a couple Gemini men I flirted with, one in particular was extremely pushy and whiny when you didn't cave to his pushiness, and the other one was a little less pushy but still pushy and demanding when it came to some things

    Abigail MarshallAbigail Marshall3 days ago
    • Astrology and criminal behaviour aren't related sis 🤦

      Bianca BeeBianca Bee2 days ago
  • Bloody creep!

    Mel TMel T3 days ago
  • Again! There is a pattern. 🤦🏻‍♀️

    DarlyneDarlyne3 days ago
  • He disgusts me

    John DawsonJohn Dawson3 days ago
  • Lul!!!! The accusers are as shady as James himself/ herself.... It is like deciding on a "lesser of the two evils"

    AbhilashaAbhilasha3 days ago
  • oh gad, im super straight, im never associating myself to straight, its nit super

    FEFE -SAN.FEFE -SAN.3 days ago
  • “Oh-Meg-lee”

    Bored bunnyXBored bunnyX3 days ago
  • I’m getting tired of this kid.

    foxypunxfoxypunx3 days ago
  • Okay but 16/17 is legal

    AJ WaringAJ Waring3 days ago
    • @Lady God Ga yeah ik that but 16 and 21, that’s disgusting

      DianaDianaDay ago
    • @Diana in spain and most countries??

      Lady God GaLady God GaDay ago
    • WHAT?

      DianaDiana2 days ago
  • He thinks he's above the law and nothing will happen to him... I may be just one person but I'm one less follower of his. He's disgusting and yes he knows their kids when he tells them to go to the bathroom so the parents can't catch them🙄🤢😫

    Natalie MaynardNatalie Maynard3 days ago
  • James charles get sad at first so people can feel bad for him but when he get too comfortable he is literally predator

    Cherry Berry uwuCherry Berry uwu3 days ago
  • I have to ask about the clear contradiction posted during the video... The physiological proof that was provided to point out that teens aged 18 and 19 do not know how to think rationally also prove that james charles himself would fall under that same category himself, since it states the brain is not fully developed enough to do so at a fully conscious level until at least age 25...?

    KuywasaKuywasa3 days ago
  • Thank you for the balanced reporting on what exactly happened.

    TheRisky9TheRisky93 days ago
  • 10:19 Wait wait wait wait hol up hol up hol up.....what did she say? Omeg-ley? LOL I thought it was pronounced Omeeg-ul

    AtrociouSAtrociouS3 days ago
  • ive been groomed before and my advice is dont ever even try to get in a relationship in the first place just because someone like maybe a friend has a boyfriend/girlfriend by online dating and if you already are in one break it off not matter how much they say "i love you" or call you pet names they dont actually mean it. its their way of trying to get with you. lets say you're really deep into the relationship to the point where you've sent them one picture. they might of said "you're hot" or "you're beautiful" some type of way to make you feel confident or good like "omg someone thinks im cute" and then u keep on messaging the person because of how they make you feel, aka they're saying what you want to hear. making you feel all gushy with butterflies in your stomach o feel "elite" because you know someone older and think its cool. news flash it isn't its discusting someone older than you even wants to have a relationship knowing you're younger. if you wanna get to the point, NEVER ONLINE DATE.

    SleeplesswillowSleeplesswillow3 days ago
  • They are 18, 19 he is 20

    Ethan BarrEthan Barr3 days ago
    • No, theyre 16

      DianaDiana2 days ago
  • Ok he wanted to continue to talk to him? What has come to the world of BRAINS these days, like boo 👻

    Ethan BarrEthan Barr3 days ago
  • I feel like that one is edited too boo

    Ethan BarrEthan Barr3 days ago
  • So he didn’t know the 16 year old boy was underage and called him good looking and then deletes that and apologized. Ummmm ok that is not grooming

    Ethan BarrEthan Barr3 days ago
  • Is there proof of theis catfish scene?

    Ethan BarrEthan Barr3 days ago
  • Just cause he said he liked “ straight men” doesn’t mean anything wrong? He said a few words ok??

    Ethan BarrEthan Barr3 days ago
  • Jeff is still over the age of 18 tho. All these so called “incidents” arent incidentsl this is called his flirt life

    Ethan BarrEthan Barr3 days ago
  • Jay, he said he was hot, and then stopped texting. And? So that’s grooming.

    Ethan BarrEthan Barr3 days ago
  • Shawn Mendes is over the age 18 tho-

    Ethan BarrEthan Barr3 days ago
    • Thats still creepy

      DianaDiana2 days ago
  • 🤔 Ummm.. isn’t this the SAME THING “JERRY” the Cheerleader 📣 is in JAIL FOR RIGHT NOW! 😳 Wow, the difference between THE PRIVILEGED vs THE POOR !!! BS 4Real. All the Victims should do a CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT!

    Mrs. Day All DayMrs. Day All Day3 days ago
  • James acts like it’s rlly hard to not go out of his way to mess with straight men 😐

    idolizationidolization3 days ago
  • I wonder how people react to him in public its prob awkward for them. . .

    Maheen ImranMaheen Imran3 days ago

    Alyssa MenesesAlyssa Meneses3 days ago
  • is that how you pronounce Omegle?

    Danielle MoynihanDanielle Moynihan3 days ago
  • I think y’all owe onision an apology

    Xo SwatsonXo Swatson3 days ago
  • the fact he was scared to share his story and takedown James because of his "celebrity status" is absolutely disgusting and shows how manipulative and how frankly James *SCARES THESE YOUNG BOYS*

    Obsani GudetaObsani Gudeta3 days ago
  • *r.kelly vibes*

    nirvana snirvana s3 days ago
  • I don’t trust makeup gurus. You don’t get popular covering up your surface flaws without covering inner ones.

    MJ CabooseMJ Caboose3 days ago
  • bro im really dissapointed i looked up to him.. I geniunely loved his videos but u cant trust anyone anymore

    Why do you dare touch meWhy do you dare touch me3 days ago
  • wooow i mean OwO

    vivi selviavivi selvia3 days ago
  • To any person who was in LifeofUzzy’s situation, do not do anything you do not want to do. You do not have to send pictures. You do not have to respond! If you are over 18 and flirting with someone you know is underage, DO NOT continue it whatsoever! It is illegal!

    aletheia.c73aletheia.c733 days ago
  • I was siding with James until the LifeofUzzy incident was brought up. He said his age and James still was pressuring him to do things he absolutely did not want to do. That is NOT OKAY. You are a legal adult and he is 16. You should be aware of the consequences!

    aletheia.c73aletheia.c733 days ago
  • i prevent my kids from being solicited online by never having them in the first place

    DoveLadyDoveLady4 days ago
  • do u guys know what logic is

    yvette hernandezyvette hernandez4 days ago
  • Also watch CreepShow art's video on this matter if is very good and gives a very good insight into this matter

    Ruby SmithRuby Smith4 days ago
  • Almost every boy in the situation is bicurious

    TheMessiahHillsTheMessiahHills4 days ago
  • I think it's hard for him to understand that he himself is not 16 anymore. Internet famous people grow up so lawless that they loose touch with the actual consequences in the rl world. He needs to stop that immature behaviour, he is an adult now

    LemmingsLemmings4 days ago
  • I think Philip Defranco said it best: "Maybe you shouldn't try to f*ck your fans!" Especially considering how many of them are kids.

    TurkeyLurker28TurkeyLurker284 days ago
  • ***“Omeglee”****????

    Bill KreisBill Kreis4 days ago
  • I do not understand why people say they are attracted to men, then go out with a man made-up full makeup as woman.... so confusing...

    AFRMTYAFRMTY4 days ago
  • Ya’ll did a good job on this video. Thank you and thanks for providing the safety tips and resources. SERIOUSLY, kids please stay away from these adult CREEPS. I spent some of my teens talking to creeps and it messed me a great deal.

    Lynn CLynn C4 days ago
  • Creep 😬

    Ady sAdy s4 days ago
  • I feel like James was groomed and like now he maybe doesn’t have the best boundaries. Go to therapy James pls

    Ciel's CosplayCiel's Cosplay4 days ago
  • I feel like James maybe was traumatized by his interactions with older guys doing segsual stuff with him on Omegle when he was a kid and now he’s trying to process that trauma by exerting power (the one he didn’t have before) over this minors and straight guys

    지오지오4 days ago
  • He dosen't need to be more cautious, he needs to go to jail.

    Jinger Bunny89Jinger Bunny894 days ago
  • 13:46 the moment you brought this video up I KNEW you would mentioned Tommy (just so yall know, he is 17 now since April 9th. still weird.).

    wilbur footwilbur foot4 days ago
  • Trisha said it

    Junior MzimelaJunior Mzimela4 days ago
  • Ta-tea.

    Sofia GulSofia Gul4 days ago