The man put the old Donkey in a cage to the hungry Wolf, what happened next amazed everyone.

Feb 21, 2021
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Wild wolves are very dangerous, despite their beauty and natural resemblance to our loyal friends, domestic dogs. But, surprisingly, these predators are capable of putting morality above their wild animal instincts. You don’t believe me? Just watch this video!
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  • The Chinese people will kill thier corrupt and evil leaders soon and become free .

    John RutledgeJohn RutledgeHour ago
  • Compassion is not restricted to humans, it's evident in nature.

    maritimer Manmaritimer Man3 hours ago
  • Wolves like to hunt and chase! The wolf instincts would not kick in for a still animal as a donkey! The wolf probably accepted the donkey as an equal or pack mate.

    G. The GodfatherG. The Godfather3 hours ago
  • The donkey may have been an old animal but they have three times the strength of a horse. The wolf most likely felt the donkey would injury him before he could kill the donkey, and they both would die. So out of respect the wolf showed respect for the donkey.

    George HoltGeorge Holt3 hours ago
  • Opposing factions often come together in the face of a greater enemy. These are two pretty smart, social species, so it's not unreasonable to think they may have realized they had a common enemy. Maybe they just needed the comfort of an ally in these dark times. It's a beautiful thing that the resulting friendship persisted, probably to the end of one of their lives.

    RaczoonRaczoon6 hours ago
  • 🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱

    Xhilla KXhilla K7 hours ago
  • Throw that effer in with the wolf. People can be disgusting

    Rachael PRachael P8 hours ago
  • The wolf probably just didn't like donkey meat...

    Jonny VosJonny Vos9 hours ago
  • The wolf did not want to be alone in the cage.

    shirley lakeshirley lake10 hours ago
  • I have a plan for an experiment. Put this ignorant owner in a cage with a 200lb primate.

    Terrie PhillipsTerrie Phillips11 hours ago
  • coyote; not a wolf.

    roger macleodroger macleod11 hours ago
  • Nature can not create ANYTHING but God Almighty can!!!!

    Leonard KillgoreLeonard Killgore12 hours ago
  • Man is the worse predator. They make war & kill people. They should eat what they kill,maybe man would stop killing.

    Deb ReedDeb Reed12 hours ago
  • I hope the owner got a good hiding for what he did excuses the POS

    Feeling GoodFeeling Good13 hours ago
  • The man was a jerk. Tjey made friends with each other. Maybe the wolf needed companionship.

    Diane BaysDiane Bays13 hours ago
  • I would've put that man in the cage for a week

    Jesset HollywoodJesset Hollywood16 hours ago
  • I just see a wild wolf and AOC. Evidently the wolf has no taste.

    Robert NewmanRobert Newman16 hours ago
  • Looks like abuse to me.

    Michael GrusingMichael Grusing18 hours ago
  • I loved that wolf!!!

    Alyxandria IvannahAlyxandria Ivannah18 hours ago
  • Tryna get views from other animals suffering. Making out this is such an amazing story ? It's just straight up animal abuse

  • @John 14:6 King James Version 6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

    Ojnami S.Ojnami S.22 hours ago
  • I say put the evil cruel owner in the cage with the wolf and the donkey and let them both jump him and see how much pain they can inflict on him. This sub human was cruel to them both.

    Shandon ColemanShandon ColemanDay ago
  • Gli animali devonovivere nel loro ambiente ,,,,,,,CAPITOOOOOOOO

    gipi solgipi solDay ago
  • Fake

    Gunnar HorpestadGunnar HorpestadDay ago
  • take the donkey out put hima in the cage

    Gerald Roy PanterGerald Roy PanterDay ago
  • Wolf is better than Trump

    Shelley OxenhornShelley OxenhornDay ago
    • Wolf is better than farmer

      Shelley OxenhornShelley OxenhornDay ago
  • Five best qualities of 🐺 1. Wolf has one wife only 2. Wolf will never mate with his sister or mother 3. Wolf is the only animal who takes care of his parents in their old age till death 4. Wolf will never live in captivity 5. Wolf is called as pious son in Arabic 6. Wolves remember their dead ones for 3 months continuously

    liaquatullah Khanliaquatullah KhanDay ago
  • I DON'T believe you!!! This is the stupidest thing I've ever seen. I'm suppose to believe this video when you throw in random pitures of canines? Maybe you need to learn the difference between a coyote and a wolf. Why do people keep trying to humanize animals? They do what they do despite having morals!

    kenneth mcclainkenneth mcclainDay ago
  • What an utter utter bastard! Poor animals ! ...dear God what a shit human !

    denise bonddenise bondDay ago
  • Put the ass of a man in the cage!

    FaithFaithDay ago
  • If only that Wolf could talk, he straightened us out, who’s the hunter and who’s the game, there’s another side to animals we don’t understand

    Joe BandyJoe BandyDay ago
  • Very cruel people

    Karen BrownKaren BrownDay ago
  • Yes. It should be widely known. A wild wolf won't eat if he can't hunt - native American lore

    Brian KleinschmidtBrian KleinschmidtDay ago
  • Great analogy to what is going on right now in society except man is becoming less and less morals and not able to live together peaceably... Animals are becoming kinder than humans... Good ending to the story would be if the cruel one was eaten by the wild for imprisoning and trying to be cruel to the aged Donkey... He will get his reward in the end... Sad that humans can be so cruel and ruthless... they kill their own even their young...and do despicable things as they pull further away from God

    Janice SouthornJanice SouthornDay ago
  • Wolf evolve the more they evolve the more they become smart so the wolf though the only way to survive and free him is being friend with a donkey. Lesson humans, animals and plants created with brain and heart its up to them how to use them to care others to survive No explanation needed

    RootVir BenitezRootVir BenitezDay ago
  • I think he did not do anything to the donkey because they were friends

    Neil MansfieldNeil MansfieldDay ago
  • It's simple the wolf is hardwired to hunt to survive putting a sick old defenseless donkey in the cage goes against its nature animals are intelligent beings too and feel empathy the wolf new the donkey served no challenge no hunt it was sick and defenseless not to mention caged up as was the wolf so the wolf had no interest being there was no hunt no challenge and felt empathy towards the animal cause it was now caged as was the wolf. I

    Felix VeraFelix VeraDay ago
  • it was old and tough the wolf was full enough

    daniel mcleoddaniel mcleodDay ago
  • I suggest we have a junket to this guys farm. On the plane will be every demorat, independent and gop rhino, their supporters and donors They will be put in cages and let the wolves have them. Now I would pay for that to happen. Feed the wolves for a few months and allow America to become Great Again without these buggers. As for the man he should be the 1st on the wolves dinner plate.

    tambrosiatambrosiaDay ago
  • Animals are more intelligent needs to be respectfully too all creation and The Creator x

    Jessi DaviesJessi DaviesDay ago
  • biggest line of bullshit ever ! and whats with the coyote ?

    Team RopingTeam RopingDay ago
  • Because the woof is drying to poof to the farmer that he is no longer a killer after many days of been fed by the farmer,though still a fresh meat eater but not a killer, meaning to say he is now a friend and abrother

    Joy ObiJoy ObiDay ago
  • That is not a real wolf.It is a hybrid,almost a dog

    Gustaf SlotteGustaf SlotteDay ago
  • It's Ike Mitch McConnell, the wolf, visiting Trump, the donkey, in jail.

    Gib HGib HDay ago
  • That donkey reminds me of Donald Trump.

    Gib HGib HDay ago
  • The wolf knew the donkey was caged just like he, so they would have killed the farmer given the chance, team work at it's not fool with Mother Nature, living proof of the simple intelligence of animals.

  • Very cruel all the way around.

    JJ2 days ago
  • I think the Wolf was waiting for a chance to eat the man.

    rayray2 days ago
    • The wolf just didn't like old donkey meat.

      zemabarzemabarDay ago
  • Disgusting treatment, shame the man didn’t get eaten!

    Sallyanne HazardSallyanne Hazard2 days ago
  • The Wolf was smarter than the cruel man !!!! Poor animals !!!!! I am so glad people stood up for the Wolf and the Donkey !!!!!!! Who was the big bad man in this story??????????

    Cheryl YoumansCheryl Youmans2 days ago
  • I think they should of put the farmer in the cage with the wolf after not feeding that wolf for a while. It is one thing for a wolf to hunt a donkey or any other animal where the donkey and wolf can run and has a fighting chance, but to put them in a cage the donkey could of just kicked that wolf silly in that cage and killed the wolf as vice versa.

    Eugenia SkelleyEugenia Skelley2 days ago
  • Put that guy in with the wolf. Let GOD save him if its GOD will he will live. He will face GOD for this one day.

    james hamiltonjames hamilton2 days ago
  • people people are more cruel. Animals are not stupid. They have feelings as well.

    Reite NarayanReite Narayan2 days ago
  • The man Should spend the night in the cage with the wolf

    Kevin MarkenKevin Marken2 days ago
  • Put man I n with wolf

    Billy LittletonBilly Littleton2 days ago
  • Starving that poor wolf smh

    James WrightJames Wright2 days ago
  • Beautiful story!

    Linda WindhorstLinda Windhorst2 days ago
  • Crap, how morality & a wolf need to eat are used in the same line ?

    D A MD A M2 days ago
  • That was a mean man. Inhumane and a bustard.

    C GC G2 days ago
  • Your absolutely right. Being used like that makes me wonder. If he'd use his grandmother that way just because she's old

    Donna MckinneyDonna Mckinney2 days ago
  • The wolf was incredibly smart! Look at the end result; he's free, his friend the donkey is free and he got a viral video made for him.

    Billy BrainBilly Brain2 days ago
  • Maybe they should put Democrats in the cage with the wolf. There donkeys 🤔

    John KrischanJohn Krischan2 days ago
  • Take this video down horrid

    allen phillipsallen phillips3 days ago
  • Both animals have a 6th sense , they could both differentiate between an evil person and a gentle humble person. Put 2 persons with opposite personalities next to a horse one at a time and observe the horse nostrils. Do the same with a dog, observe who the dog will approach. ( Now go choose your friends wisely ) .

    Bissoondath RamlalBissoondath Ramlal3 days ago
  • In the wild , animals do feed on each other , but only if everything is growing free and healthy . Animals seem to respect the bad situations that unfold through the interference of mankind , thus the wolf knew the donkey was set up to die and actually protected the donkey . Mankind is so stupid , that animals can see through them .

    Rick OliverRick Oliver3 days ago
  • Only an arsehole entices violence between animals, they are so gutless they need the violence to satisfy their curiosity, wankers.

    David JohnDavid John3 days ago
  • Probably starving itself to death on purpose looks neglected and sad and very dirty conditions poor animals anyway

    Mike crystal robertMike crystal robert3 days ago
  • I am tired of these people who assume animals are stupid. They are very smart. Ought to do that to them. Stop being interested in videoing and not the rescue!

    Cecile Hoffman CecileCecile Hoffman Cecile3 days ago
  • Luckily for the heartless pos farmer that he did not live with in driving time anywhere close to me I would of taught him a lesson that he would never forget

    Jeff HrycunaJeff Hrycuna3 days ago
  • I think the wolf didn't eat the donkey because animals prefer companionship to food as do new born babies

    Sheila IsaacsSheila Isaacs3 days ago
  • that is easy. animals are a lot smartter than people give them credit for.

    David AllynDavid Allyn3 days ago
  • Wolf's don't like Democrats either

    Daniel RodriguezDaniel Rodriguez3 days ago
  • The wolf knew they were both being exploited and knew it was wrong. Humans could. learn SO much. from animals if we just would! We also need to learn this planet wasn't created for humans to do as they please with the rest of God's creatures! it was created for us all and it takes us all to make it work.

    skullcrazyskullcrazy3 days ago
  • Struggling for content...

    Kk KayKk Kay3 days ago
  • ....they became (cellmates). Was actually tryin' to figure a way out...until their sentence was up. Time served.

    Michael FluddMichael Fludd3 days ago
  • Maybe the wolf hates donkey meat !

    Ngiap En HiongNgiap En Hiong3 days ago
  • the wolf was afraid of the donkey-- donkeys kill dogs

    itstheoz1itstheoz13 days ago
    • itstheoz1 ...old, dry, tough donkey meat. The wolf said," can keep him".

      Michael FluddMichael Fludd3 days ago
  • I hope that old man goes to jail what a cruel person he is

    Darne youngDarne young3 days ago
  • So touching,. Some human animals are unfeeling ghouls. We transport sentient animals like we once treated slaves. Cruel experiments, jails called zoos, exploitation for work and entertainment. One day we will see our comeuppance

    Vieta shroff oliverVieta shroff oliver3 days ago
  • These footage is not from Albania. Shame on you.

    Felix NiederhauserFelix Niederhauser3 days ago
  • Cruelty is a subjective phrase. We have a lot hypocrites these days.

    Satou KazumaSatou Kazuma3 days ago
  • The wolf is cruel , but surprised realising human cruelty. So he came again to watch if the human itself eating the donkey.

    bokul kathabokul katha4 days ago
    • In the cage, the wolf became addicted to chicken. He came back hoping to be served that again.

      zemabarzemabarDay ago
  • Respect from Albania 🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱

    Nea AgolliNea Agolli4 days ago
  • They knew who the real enemy was.

    HarshDude126HarshDude1264 days ago
  • Rye he man who put the donkey n with the wolf should have been arrested for animal cruelty

    Joe FluhartyJoe Fluharty4 days ago
  • You will never understand the mistry of God you will always ask why why why this didn't eat that why this why that wolf didn't eat the donkey why why.. people forget that animals communicate as well among each other 😜

    Brian TitusBrian Titus4 days ago

    Camille KhanCamille Khan4 days ago
  • Wolves are pack animals, they don't hunt solo

    kidsmithreekidsmithree4 days ago
  • Using coyotes as stand ins. Touché!

    Tony MonacoTony Monaco4 days ago
  • Looks like the A**hole farmer didn't feed the Donkey either !

    Wooly HighlanderWooly Highlander4 days ago
  • :)

    RandyRandy4 days ago

    MeccaTheGreatMeccaTheGreat4 days ago
  • The wolf saw the donkey as a member of his pack because in the cage he didn’t have one and was alone. Just because he was freed did not change the fact that the donkey was still a member of his pack.

    Bret BakerBret Baker4 days ago
  • It didn't have the pack to back it up..

    John FullerJohn Fuller4 days ago
  • What a cruel person! this is horrible.....

    coco1739cocotalcacoco1739cocotalca4 days ago
  • The chickens were acquired and supplied without effort while donkeys probably don't taste as …? pleasant as a chicken. #cognitiveLabExperimentsRequiredHere

    Creator DetectedCreator Detected4 days ago
  • Noble animals..ignoble humans

    John CallahanJohn Callahan4 days ago
  • Pfffffffffffff

    helltoserbiahelltoserbia4 days ago
  • What a lie

    Mack AttackMack Attack4 days ago
  • And what did we learn from this story? That americans think all fairy tales happen in Albania where farmers dress like the Waltons..

    Jeany LuisaJeany Luisa4 days ago