The Kahoot Rap (Kahoot Star)

Nov 18, 2020
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    • sup you my fave

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    • Yo I'm a Kahoot start. who? going around like a hooplah

      Fire CloggerFire Clogger10 days ago
    • I wish I can rap like youuuuuuuu

      TeaSquadTeaSquad12 days ago
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      Mega PhoneMega Phone15 days ago
  • The nba rap battle

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  • 3:32 is what you came for

    ItsCooPlaysItsCooPlays30 minutes ago
  • Can u contact Kahoot to put this as theme music plz man I have weekly Kahoot! and this would mean a lot and make my end of year (ps this song is fire u should start a business teaching people how to make this)

    Lone WolfLone Wolf44 minutes ago
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    gerald wambuagerald wambua50 minutes ago
  • i love u bro

    Derrick hiben WowmasterDerrick hiben WowmasterHour ago
  • fun fact I had NO CLUE what Kahoot was until a couple months ago quarantine be bringing everyone everything

    areka fatimaareka fatimaHour ago
  • That beat was good 😌

    Sherozthegamer KingSherozthegamer KingHour ago
  • My favorite part was the part when you sang about Harvard

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    Sara HaleSara HaleHour ago
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    Sara HaleSara HaleHour ago
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    Sara HaleSara HaleHour ago
  • It’s so funny how they just make a straight face 😐 like :D

    Raph 101Raph 101Hour ago
  • Also You Guys Should Play Kahoot!

    Zainab WardZainab WardHour ago

    Zainab WardZainab WardHour ago
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    Elijah DElijah DHour ago

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    Ario AtrchiArio Atrchi3 hours ago
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    E SE S5 hours ago
  • most talented man ever

    Supernatural SamSupernatural Sam5 hours ago
  • My favorite part was when the song ended and Kyla said "so uh...did I get that A?" it made me laugh a bit

    Lilac's_NatureLilac's_Nature5 hours ago
  • Love ur vids

    TriddydoesStuffTriddydoesStuff5 hours ago
  • They love his music because he doesn't swear... *But He Said "Karen"!!* :O

    SomeRandom PersonSomeRandom Person5 hours ago
  • My favourite song is trap 3 little pigs it is the besyt

    Zeyad WaleedZeyad Waleed5 hours ago
  • My fav was "I just put this together in 60 sec."

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  • No sentences started with "The", meaning he scrapped the original song and write the entire thing on spot.

    Frugal ForgeFrugal Forge9 hours ago
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  • Hey Kyle hope your having fun. If you see this what’s your favorite food?

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  • The only that I don’t understand is that also did beat Logan Paul

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