The Herd | Colin Cowherd SHOCKED Jimmy Garoppolo hoping for trade from 49ers!!

Feb 22, 2021
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The Herd | Colin Cowherd SHOCKED Jimmy Garoppolo hoping for trade from 49ers!!

  • Can we see Josh Allen play like that again.

    David MDavid M36 minutes ago
  • Not surprised he removed Matt Ryan.

    David MDavid M37 minutes ago
  • 4 minutes into this and I’ll I’ve heard is how good looking Jimmy garapolo is

    Sami R 04Sami R 04Hour ago
  • Colin “man he’s handsome” Cowherd

    Sami R 04Sami R 04Hour ago
  • I wanna see Jimmy G back in New England!!!

    Sami R 04Sami R 04Hour ago
  • I don't think the 49ers would even consider trading him if he wasn't always hurt. In 4 seasons, Jimmy has only once played more than 6 games in a season.

    Blue SkyBlue Sky2 hours ago
  • We saw the ceiling on a Jimmy led niners team... I love the niners but I think they should pay whatever they have to for Deshaun.

    Spencer DavisSpencer Davis5 hours ago
  • I’d put Jimmy G more around the top 14s

    The JourneyThe Journey7 hours ago

    Big DeezyBig Deezy8 hours ago
  • Celtics aren’t coached well for NBA they play college basketball

    shawn simmonsshawn simmons8 hours ago
  • Trade him

    David AndrewsDavid Andrews11 hours ago
  • The first thing people say is how handsome he is, ahhh no colin you are the only one that keeps bringing that up about quarterbacks.

    creaturecore13creaturecore1312 hours ago
  • Lamar jackson 2nd tier? Nah

    El PolitikoEl Politiko13 hours ago
  • Baker Mayfield, not a male model, pretty funny in commercials, but willing to run a sweep and knock you lights out when you try to tackle is 200 pound body....

    arvi jefferyarvi jeffery15 hours ago
  • Colin, my child, me are not graded on their looks, they are graded on their ability to build a fanatical team, focused, devoted, to win shiny metal objects. This is not a male modeling agency, you make me sick.....

    arvi jefferyarvi jeffery15 hours ago
  • Finally someone that won’t suck dak off and make unrealistic rankings just because he got injured

    Kaden SchoolcraftKaden Schoolcraft16 hours ago
  • The only one full year of starting is the problem. Yes he can play.....doesn't matter if he's not on the field.

    Youtube CommenterYoutube Commenter16 hours ago
  • Niners can't sit around to see if he gets sacked get hurt and misses a whole season.. Need another starter to be ready we only have like a 2 year window to go straight to the SB..

    De TraneDe Trane17 hours ago
  • Hasn't been the same since the ACL injury. Hes afraid to move out of the pocket but is a terrible pocket quarterback. The guy is an above average game manager. Kyle knows he can do better.

    jebusm86jebusm8617 hours ago
  • I'd put Lamar above Deshaun. The Ravens were going to turn into the Texans until Lamar came along.

    CyxhCyxh19 hours ago
  • Jimmy g is a fine qb when he’s healthy

    Brenden MontanoBrenden Montano20 hours ago
  • “The first thing everyone says about jimmy is boy he’s handsome”. Nope, only Colin

    Alexander PhillipsAlexander Phillips20 hours ago
  • I love jimmy g I think he needs his confidence back keep yo head up my boy

    Henry LopezHenry Lopez22 hours ago
  • This clown talks about how Jimmy G is attractive and has a right to be fed up with trade talks?! No mentioning that his ass can’t stay healthy and available to play 🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️.

    AJ85AJ8522 hours ago
  • If the 49ers trade him they will regret it.

    Cody CreelCody Creel22 hours ago
  • He's an ok QB who had some success, but he's never healthy and the team is hurt a lot in addition to that. They had their window and missed it, time to move on.

    Thomas MartinThomas MartinDay ago
  • All that handsomeness and not one pantyhose commercial

    T PT PDay ago
  • Interesting not to see Stafford in the top 12. Rams sure believe he is and couple of weeks ago Colin sounded like he believed Matt was. Will be intriguing to see what that list will look like after this season. However, would question any top 12 list with a quarterback that requires everything to go right to win and their numbers come when the game is out of reach. "Leaders are winners, otherwise why follow them." Therefore wouldn't even consider Dak in the top 12. Always great though Colin and Joy, thank you both for all your work. Wish you both continued success and health.

    Les PullenLes PullenDay ago
  • If the 49ers get the QB they want in the draft Jimmy G will get traded on draft weekend. I don't think 49ers are looking at these QB that are on the trading block.

    Nicholas GiambattistaNicholas GiambattistaDay ago
  • How in the hell is Lamar Jackson the unanimous MVP not a top 6 Qb are you jocking!!!!!???

    Johnny 47kJohnny 47kDay ago
  • I've yet to hear anyone at all look at Jimmy and harp on his looks you are the only one Colin its like you're crushing on him its weird

    Caster WilhteCaster WilhteDay ago
  • "Let's review, he's only had 1 full season of play" - That is the problem, Sincerely, a 9ers fan.

    GoldenGoose GGGoldenGoose GGDay ago
  • Anyone think Jimmy’s heading back to New England?

    Eagle HoustonEagle HoustonDay ago
  • Man.. these females ain’t fooling anybody. Even my wife said she wouldn’t mind Garapolo over Sal Darnold.. what?? 😕. I was like.. He’s not even active. Ever. And when he did show up in the Super Bowl, laid a fat egg. Nah I’m good. I’d rather have teddy B

    salmanjets718salmanjets718Day ago
  • Garapollo is no way in hell too 12 QB! FOH

    Btuck9007Btuck9007Day ago
  • Trade him we don’t givashit , what good is Jimmy to my niners when he’s hurt all season every season

    Rolondo HolmesRolondo HolmesDay ago
  • Jimmy G. Is good where he is. Enough said!

    burningfeet 53burningfeet 53Day ago
  • The thing is the only year the niners had a good roster happens to be the only year Jimmy actually played. Yea you can say "they've been bad when Jimmy doesn't play" but Jimmy has only played one season in 3 and almost the entire team was injured last year. I would love to see him go to another team and end up being a back up. He's a scrub.

    mike jonesmike jonesDay ago
  • I just quickly forwarded boring nba news

    Derek LambertDerek LambertDay ago
  • If Jimmy doesn’t want to get traded step up, restructure so we can go after free agents our cap needs help. Too many needs in CBs and O-Line

    Cesar HernandezCesar HernandezDay ago
  • u got nothin here Colin give it pup

    My Dogs Best FrenMy Dogs Best FrenDay ago
  • Lol he said they have a great o line 🤣🤣 sike

    Manuel MartinezManuel MartinezDay ago
  • Jimmy G OVER Big Ben????? No way. Wtf?

    jonnycat529jonnycat529Day ago
  • Chris Evans?

    Daniel TayongDaniel TayongDay ago
  • The only thing Colin knows is how to overuse spray tan.

    Kamran BaigKamran BaigDay ago
  • Cowherd on Jimmy “in Jimmy’s ONE FULL SEASON” 😂😂😂...kills your argument in a nutshell

    Bam BamBam BamDay ago
  • It ain’t hard being better than Mullens or Beathard. He can’t stay healthy and a lot of his play is designed by kyles schemes to help him perform better. Listen, no one cares Bill loved him, guys can be liked, Wentz is touted as this great AB also, but those praises or evaluations don’t always stand up over time...get his ass outta here

    Bam BamBam BamDay ago
  • Jimmy is 3rd tier

    Leonard FordLeonard FordDay ago
  • What the heck has Deshaun been carrying? I'l he is talented, but I don't see why you would Say je vas carries ANYTHING. Granted Houston is dysfunctional, but hey, last Season privés than you can't carry all the Time. That at some point you nées good play form D ST and jour OLine so you Can succeed. Ask Pat Mahomes about Bad OLine play at the highest level, he Lost the SB that way

    Moussa OunnougheneMoussa OunnougheneDay ago
  • I can’t wait to get rid of jittery g!

    49 Lakers49 LakersDay ago
  • Miami is NOT NOT NOT one of the last 5 NBA champs. They are #6, #5 is the SPURS SPURS SPURS! Pop never went out and got anybody - he's the best coach of all time and develops internally.

    One Issue VoterOne Issue Voter2 days ago
  • Colin just completely ignores Drew Brees huh

    Tray TTray T2 days ago
  • Josh Alen can carry a franchise? 😂 This Josh Alen thing is going too far

    Manuel de castroManuel de castro2 days ago
  • I would put Stafford over Jimmy G in the 2nd tier of QBs other than that I think the list is fine

    777d7777 777d7777777d7777 777d77772 days ago
  • Trade for Watson was the only true trade for Jimmy but he is lucky Mullens didn't play well

    Ike TurnerIke Turner2 days ago
  • Garoppolo might actually be great if he played a full season.

    Shlomo FeuerShlomo Feuer2 days ago
  • Your gonna have to add burrow to that Qb list

    Jon LuebbeJon Luebbe2 days ago
  • What's with these white girl hosts thinking they're black?

    David AnthonyDavid Anthony2 days ago
  • Is it jimmy G or 49ers coaching team? I mean, their entire rooster can't stay healthy.

    kensama adhikensama adhi2 days ago
  • Send him back to New England so we can watch belichick fail again with out Brady and without an excuse

    TheJonjon nathanismTheJonjon nathanism2 days ago
  • Jimmy go be back up to Tom in Tampa 😂 who cares what he wants 😂 that we’re I trade him to Tampa 😂

    Notfrom ThisworldNotfrom Thisworld2 days ago
  • Favre is remarkably silent yet again and so is everyone else that had something for Watson. I wonder why.

    Mister MyselfMister Myself2 days ago
    • Yeah because cancel culture is out of hand and nobody wants to deal with Twitter.

      SmittySmitty22 hours ago
  • “Why Colin was right about Carson wentz” first of all if any of u watched him last year he said wentz is a top 5 quarterback

    Isaac MarksIsaac Marks2 days ago
  • Can stay healthy but at least he can "Stay Handsome 😉"

    Andrew YacoubAndrew Yacoub2 days ago
  • Josh Allen??? Jimmy, Derek and Ryan not better than Dak! Colin came back on that loud pack

    Resmond RichardsonResmond Richardson2 days ago
  • Colin “AAAUUUGGGHHHH” Cowherd

    Cody ZaniniCody Zanini2 days ago
  • Colin u say “ kyle shannon loves him cuz he sees em everyday What is he supposed to say????? Our QB stinks!??? He’s NOT a top 25 qb he might be ranked 25 lol don’t care about wins! Do I have to say Tim Tebow!!!

    Exotic AnthonyExotic Anthony2 days ago
  • What’s the best ability? Availability!!!!

    Ed LopezEd Lopez2 days ago
  • No, Colin, not everybody, just you do that...

    mgk2020mgk20202 days ago

    Willie 3Willie 32 days ago
  • To be fair, he is a handsome dude. 🤷‍♂️

    Hadden MillerHadden Miller2 days ago
  • You gotta know Jimmy G's got GROUPIES hunting him day and night!

    Motley ByronMotley Byron2 days ago
  • Colin wanna take Jimmy G on a date don’t it lol

    Da GOATDa GOAT2 days ago
  • Does he just keep saying the same 5 things over and over?

    SpearHeadSpearHead2 days ago
  • This guy is starting to cover sports like somebody breaking down an episode of The Bachelor. I had to bail after 4 minutes.

    Ralph ManciniRalph Mancini2 days ago
  • Please Jimmy G. join the Bears. The countless Bears fans would be over joyed if you were our Q.B. instead of Mitch T.

    lazydudelazydude2 days ago
  • Joy is a horrible co host am I the only one that thinks so?

    Michael LeonardMichael Leonard2 days ago
  • I’m pretty sure it’s that Jimmy G missed many reads in the SB that would have extended drives and kept defense rested. When up 10 and 8 to go he was 3-11 for 36 yards and an int. Now he has another injury. His best days are behind him so he must go.

    rsp49rsp492 days ago
  • Colin "God he's good looking" Cowherd.

    Atrox151Atrox1512 days ago
  • How many times did Colin call Jimmy G handsome?

    CarpetShelfCarpetShelf2 days ago
  • Joy is the finest co host of all time 💯

    Global Records MGGlobal Records MG2 days ago
  • "Boy he's handsome". That's what our society has turned into.

    William DillardWilliam Dillard2 days ago
    • It’s always been like this lol did u not grow up here?

      SmittySmitty22 hours ago
  • But can he stay healthy? Besides the 2019 season.. He literally gets hurt every 2-4 games even going back to new England.

    Cole GCole G2 days ago
  • I am pretty sure dude is gone if Brady wants to come there next year.

    Daniel PeerDaniel Peer2 days ago
  • Jittery g good bye

    V WONDERV WONDER2 days ago
  • He is a handsome devil!!!

    Tech 215Tech 2152 days ago
  • Soft serve - cost the niners a sixth ring

    David CatonDavid Caton2 days ago
  • Where is Matthew Stafford

    Loren NerhusLoren Nerhus2 days ago
  • I hope Kyle shannon keeps Jimmy acquire JJ.WATTS 99

    Jesse GarciaJesse Garcia2 days ago
  • Colin “first thing people say about Jimmy is oh he’s handsome” No Colin. Literally only you have ever said that

    Joseph SmithJoseph Smith2 days ago
    • My aunt always brings it up. He looks like a hollywood idea of a qb

      Yount FreshlyYount Freshly2 days ago
  • Colin “ I never missed you more “ Taking shots at Alex Curry

    Joseph SmithJoseph Smith2 days ago
    • @AS J: Alex seems to be a VERY PLEASANT lady...we all agree Joy lives up to her name...she brings joy to us all... I made the comparison in the first place so hopefully Cowherd NEVER use that ASS CLOWN who filled in for him again!

      Motley ByronMotley ByronDay ago
    • @Motley Byron no she's not. I like Alex a lot, but Joy is elite.

      AS JAS J2 days ago
    • I liked Alex Curry...she's ALMOST as good as Joy...but Colin's fill-in... that dude SUCKS!

      Motley ByronMotley Byron2 days ago
  • Colin touching himself under the table

    Joseph SmithJoseph Smith2 days ago
  • Nahh Colin that’s the 1st thing you say 🤣🤣🤣

    wilgilliamwilgilliam2 days ago
  • Jimmy needs to call Brady and get advice on how to stay healthy. Jimmy - make the call man!

    Harold MurilloHarold Murillo2 days ago
  • The 49ers will look ridiculous if they get rid of Jimmy and if he does well on a different team

    Harold MurilloHarold Murillo2 days ago
  • Guy needs to stay on the field. This is the problem. Injuries

    RichardRichard2 days ago
  • "He's goodlooking".... 18 times ? ...Twice would have been enough.

    Action BasilAction Basil2 days ago
    • U counted?

      muaid gazalimuaid gazaliDay ago
  • "Deshaun can win and carry a franchise" Texans won 4 games last year.

    Brandon BurnsBrandon Burns2 days ago
    • @Henry Lopez Deshaun Watson hasn’t proved anything yet? What? 😂

      Lucas’s StacheLucas’s Stache20 hours ago
    • Exactly. Also, what bad team has Josh Allen carried? Ppl need to relax with the nonsense.

      A. AubryA. Aubry20 hours ago
    • Yea I don’t think he’s that good he hasn’t proved nothing yet

      Henry LopezHenry Lopez22 hours ago
    • Ya the Texans were that bad

      Night_WolfNight_WolfDay ago
    • He’s the only reason they won 4 games 💀 every time they lose they lose by like 35+

      Lucas’s StacheLucas’s StacheDay ago
  • What about Drew?

    Brian SummerallBrian Summerall2 days ago
  • That's funny, Colin. I've never heard anybody references good looks first.

    Scott CooperScott Cooper2 days ago