The Heavyweight Flexer of USAF #shorts

Apr 1, 2021
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The C-5 is so massive that if you saw one flying, you would think it was going to fall out of the sky! It also has its unique look because of anhedral wings. But the C-5 fleet had its fair share of problems, and it's #NotWhatYouThink
If Only I Was a Poet (Instrumental Version) - Staffan Carlen
Note: "The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement."

  • is this c5 galaxy biggest plane in world? probably not anymore)

  • Imagine landing and the ground crew goes; "Yup, your wings are cracked." 😳

    Dan BardosDan Bardos14 hours ago
  • Did I just hear a plane could be “too stable”?

    star specopsstar specops19 hours ago
  • That plane can poomp the mooskles

    Emin MuradovEmin MuradovDay ago
  • It was what I thought

    Akotski1338Akotski1338Day ago
  • Earlier in the C-5 initial development program, after Lockheed won the contract. AF determined that the wing structure was too heavy and had Lockheed performed a weight reduction study which removed "excessive" weight before starting the production run. Later on after in service wing crack issues discovered, the AF asked Lockheed to perform a wing enhancement program to extend the serviceability of the aircraft. Lockheed complied and put back those design which was removed at AF's request at the earlier time. The moral of the story: You've got what you'd paid for, twice at different time!

    Wai LeeWai LeeDay ago
  • Just the fact that humans can create something like this amazing.

    RedX1000RedX1000Day ago
  • Even planes are flexing in the military. Damn.

    Soldat DanielsSoldat DanielsDay ago
  • C-5B is a monster of an Aircraft!

    Michael DelRossiMichael DelRossiDay ago
  • C-5 is very intimidating in person

    Jose GarciaJose GarciaDay ago
  • Our taxes were spent stupidly that way with Lockheed!!! Well done, stupid governance! Burnt billion of taxes in it!!!

    FreezeeFreezeeDay ago
  • Sorry but hes copying antonov

    LOUIS RG15LOUIS RG15Day ago
  • Antonov an 225 :hold my vodka comrade

  • I've been inside the cargo bay of one, its massive

    Ian Dutter SkateboardingIan Dutter Skateboarding2 days ago
  • My dream is to be on a flight in one of those planes

    Arturo Alvarez SolisArturo Alvarez Solis2 days ago
  • I love airplanes ✈️

    Arturo Alvarez SolisArturo Alvarez Solis2 days ago
  • Круто пасадка

    заброшенй каналзаброшенй канал2 days ago
  • Hmm, didn't want lie to me anymore, huh. Oh just decide it's the best everyone should ever know. Look you gotta retrofit the C5 so it will make it incredibly space (outer space worthy, it's nothing but a metal enclosure, can be made airtight. Yes the C5 orbital achieving aircraft named "Worthy" picks up it's boosters, fuel isn't the only thing that can be picked up while flying. You will make orbit. Those C5s are going to be pretty handy. Along with Boeing and Lockheed Martins jumbo Jets. Oh, I thought you said you wanted to save the world or you'd be pretty good with some jumbo Jets and fighters. Pardon me please. If I can think of it, they did too. You heard it here first and is now a new invention the jato assist orbit.

    BrianWilliamDotyBrianWilliamDoty3 days ago
  • It is what I think

    Akshay BalaleeAkshay Balalee3 days ago
  • Everytime I watch one of these shorts, I realize it's not what I think

    nikluznikluz3 days ago
  • Pff it can't even carry the maus😂

    Daniel MartinDaniel Martin3 days ago
  • It's not that it would have been too stable and not have enough roll maneuverability, I'm not exactly sure why you need to roll a giant plane like that but maybe to avoid being shot out of the air.

    Stephen GomezStephen Gomez3 days ago
  • I wonder why they were spraying the plane down there in that part of that one video. It didn't look like they were deicing it and were they cooling it off for whatever or washing it?

    Stephen GomezStephen Gomez3 days ago
  • Y it gotta flex on me like that

    Bob The BuilderBob The Builder3 days ago
  • Of course it’s American

    Cameron Masonthe1stCameron Masonthe1st4 days ago
  • Goes to prove, you don’t throw things away!

    J JacksonJ Jackson4 days ago
  • Mmmm aircraft carrying aircraft.

    bigOUNCEbigOUNCE4 days ago
  • I love this channel

    Emmanouil JEmmanouil J5 days ago
  • Should do the globemaster next if you haven't. One of the few aircraft that can go reverse on the ground allowing it to land on shorter runways. My county airport can have them land where normally large jets can not.

    Zach UZach U5 days ago
  • 130 ABOVE!!!😂

  • That military budget

    Grady WirthGrady Wirth6 days ago
  • China: Write that down!

    長いライブゴミVФЖ長いライブゴミVФЖ6 days ago
  • These things used to have a unique sound very loud. Now you can’t hear them as much.

    Danny FDanny F6 days ago

    YaboyOwenthegamer kidYaboyOwenthegamer kid6 days ago
  • this plane can carry an helicopter but i cant bring a water bottle on flight

    Sim TremblaySim Tremblay6 days ago
  • I seen one take off at a air show back in the day. "El Toro AFB The engine's litterly left a trail of fire on the run way

    Torrey TurnerTorrey Turner6 days ago
  • We're all thinking it, I'm just saying. The c-5 is an American an-124.

    Josef StalinJosef Stalin7 days ago
  • Damn I love the USA 🇺🇸😍❤

    Cris GonzalezCris Gonzalez7 days ago
  • Too bad it breaks when ever it kneels every. fucking. time. C5s are shit, this was brought to you by the C17 gang.

    Caleb FranklinCaleb Franklin7 days ago
  • Ricegum but plane edition

    Frank Onion WoodsFrank Onion Woods7 days ago
  • Damn where are all the conservatives complaining about our budget here?

    Zach BarnettZach Barnett7 days ago
  • So basically: The air force bought a faulty product, then they spent billions of tax payers money to have it fixed and buy even more of em. Any ordinary person would have returned the product but the air force just doubled tripled and quadrupled down. Amazing.

    vf favf fa7 days ago
  • Has he done the antonov yet?

    [That.Crusader 8thC] [cat with a gat][That.Crusader 8thC] [cat with a gat]7 days ago
  • Worst channel, especially his blatantly false videos where ya , it’s EXACTLY what you think.

    DGDG7 days ago
  • I liked those helicopter planes (forgot their names oof)

    xVik_xVik_7 days ago
  • thicc

    Donald Best KoreaDonald Best Korea7 days ago
  • Aluminium ffs sake it's aluminium

    Comfortably DumbComfortably Dumb7 days ago
    • American/British. We’re all talking about the same thing 😉

      Not What You ThinkNot What You Think7 days ago
  • "Otherwise the plane would have been too stable" Golly, what a problem to have. Like I get why it was one, but out of context it just sounds too good

    Alucard Vigilate DismasAlucard Vigilate Dismas7 days ago
  • C5 Galaxy and C17 Globe Master are True masters of the Sky but not until the B52 Strato has its presence on the sky

    Singing is my PassionSinging is my Passion7 days ago
  • And u gotta know that the one guy is stearing that

    K JairK Jair7 days ago
  • "But it's not what you think it is" that line is legendary 👍🤣

    Hirbo AbilaHirbo Abila7 days ago
  • My grandfather actually helped design the engines for the c5 when he work for ge

    thatfakedRussiankidthatfakedRussiankid7 days ago
  • $1.400.000.000.000 well damn

    BasBas7 days ago
  • Ur tax money

    AtrexiaaAtrexiaa7 days ago
  • These can also cary people(troops) in the top. There is a small(ish) hump on the top near the cockpit where airline seats can be situated. I have ridden from California to Baltimore in one of these. The ride is very loud but a great experience.

    RedHD MommaRedHD Momma8 days ago
  • Money pit since 1970

    Common Sense RealistCommon Sense Realist8 days ago
  • My husband works on fighter jets planes in the USAF. He loves his job & has done great in it for the last eighteen years. So proud of him!

    Sweety DSweety D8 days ago
  • Colorado springs?

    Dan SimmonsDan Simmons8 days ago
  • That C5 on the runway near the start was greeted with a firehose salute, im guessing it was carrying a fallen soldier???

    Terence PaulTerence Paul8 days ago
    • @TheMattvf16 whats that?

      Terence PaulTerence Paul6 days ago
    • Could be a pilot’s “fini flight”

      TheMattvf16TheMattvf166 days ago
  • Name of song in background?

    Jesus777 EJesus777 E8 days ago
    • check video description

      Not What You ThinkNot What You Think8 days ago
  • Holy shit!!

    Berti BBerti B8 days ago
  • I thought the B52 was the largest??

    Gage OliverGage Oliver8 days ago
    • Maybe one of the largest bombers but it's tiny. Like the size of a Boeing 767 at the most but with a very narrow body.

      ThePandaThePanda7 days ago
  • Did you know the c-5 has stairs in its tails

    LittletrainguyLittletrainguy8 days ago
  • So what would its weight/wake turbulence classification be? Heavy? Super?

    American StriperAmerican Striper8 days ago
  • Amazing aircraft.

    Jay MJay M8 days ago
  • Reagan liked government spending after all

    Allan MarcusAllan Marcus8 days ago
  • Bombushka and avenger ❤️

    ModzarModzar8 days ago
  • So basically it’s a plane with bendy wings that cracked so they made them bendier

    Dylan RogersDylan Rogers8 days ago
  • I flew from SoCal to Kuwait in a C5. Alot of ppl don't know but up top is passenger seating. If I remember there were about 50-75 seats. They faced backwards in ours. Below in the cargo hold was 2 folded up CH53 helicopters. So the biggest military plane was carrying 2 of the biggest Marine Corps helicopters and 50 US Marines. No windows. First we landed in Dover. Then we landed in Italy. Then KCIA. 11 months later I flew back in a C17 with a stop in Germany then a refuel over the Atlantic Ocean which was horrifically turbulent until connection then landed in So Cal. We have the best planes by far

    Dick FitswellDick Fitswell9 days ago

    Adam PetrayevAdam Petrayev9 days ago
  • Used to work at a small regional airport that had a military base nearby and when I'd see one of these things land or takeoff it's incredibly humongous compared to the commercial planes we parked. Remarkable aircraft to see in person.

    J SJ S9 days ago

    Trilochan velmuruganTrilochan velmurugan9 days ago
    • @ThePandathat's a good one lemme change it

      Trilochan velmuruganTrilochan velmurugan7 days ago
    • American cousin

      ThePandaThePanda7 days ago
  • Do one on the C-17. A much more modern and very tough transport.

    Brian McCarthyBrian McCarthy9 days ago
  • I love how in the beginning, there were many avengers, and during the vid, they unloaded an akula

    HatschiHatschi9 days ago
  • I was on two of these aircraft with CH 46s in the belly there are 73 seats and they are facing backwards

    Tomb TooTomb Too9 days ago
  • Amazing to see all those draughtsmen on their drawing boards. These days there would be a fraction of that number working CAD.

    SmurphensteinSmurphenstein9 days ago
  • I love C5

    Sharfuddin MahmudSharfuddin Mahmud9 days ago
  • I love these short videos. Most of them suck but the ones on your channel are really good.

    Chance KlippsteinChance Klippstein9 days ago
    • Glad to hear you like them 😊👍🏼

      Not What You ThinkNot What You Think9 days ago
  • Too stable

    Monke ManMonke Man9 days ago
  • The C-5 For when you need to drop a tactical fire engine on a suspected enemy location

    Baby Boy SmoothBaby Boy Smooth9 days ago
  • Im simpel man who like big guys fighting

    Jennymoo HtawJennymoo Htaw9 days ago
  • I drive one in game

    i know every thing happen for a reason but wtf?i know every thing happen for a reason but wtf?9 days ago
  • Shame is breaks everytime it’s flown.

    darkh0stdarkh0st9 days ago
  • That was a ton of MV-22's. Not sure I've seen that many staged up before. Yes, the C5 is huge, when they have one next to our C130's it makes our planes look tiny

    TheTyphoon365TheTyphoon3659 days ago
    • C-130 is tiny. Even next to a C-17 it's tiny. Hell even next to a F-15 while it's bigger of course but still F-15 looks big next to it.

      ThePandaThePanda7 days ago
  • When you have to say the title of the movie, even though it doesn't make any sense:

    VanquishedAgainVanquishedAgain10 days ago
  • But why is there a Chinese symbol on its forehead?

    Sho AmSho Am10 days ago
  • Kerbal Space Program players: hey, I've seen this one!

    Donke267Donke26710 days ago
  • I love this plane. 😍

    Bokkisamబొక్కిసంबोक्किसमボッキサムKiranకిరణ్किरणキランBokkisamబొక్కిసంबोक्किसमボッキサムKiranకిరణ్किरणキラン10 days ago
  • They are absolutely massive aircraft. I've been inside them.

    Liberty RevolutionaryLiberty Revolutionary10 days ago
  • Was inside one a couple years ago. It's massive!

    knifeyboy82knifeyboy8210 days ago
  • How the fuck did we manage to make something like this

    Epic Big AEpic Big A10 days ago
  • I think the engineering behind these machines is so cool, but at the same time I realize that they are somewhat expensive

    Clos MasMasClos MasMas10 days ago
  • The C5 is so cool, its huge and where I live in Atlanta you see them a lot in the distance, they look like they are moving slow but its because they are so big their speed looks low

    SoraSora10 days ago
  • That is alot of ospreys

    SpazKingzSpazKingz10 days ago
  • No talk of how the early ones had a tendency to crack they’re tails clean off.. yikes.

    Jon WJon W10 days ago
  • Good work on the video, it is apprecaited by me.

    WagsWags10 days ago
    • Well thank you!

      Not What You ThinkNot What You Think10 days ago
  • "285,000 pounds" Damn guess your mom can't fit on this plane bro

    Jacob's SaxophoneJacob's Saxophone10 days ago
    • 😂

      Not What You ThinkNot What You Think10 days ago
  • That’s hot

    The Slotter KingThe Slotter King10 days ago
  • Staffan Carlen, absolute banger bro

    Me? GongagaMe? Gongaga10 days ago
  • It might be the biggest cargo plane the world has ever seen but it’s still not big enough to fit MY ego.

    Philip MartiniPhilip Martini10 days ago