Mar 27, 2021
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  • Omg

    Natalia BastidaNatalia Bastida4 minutes ago
  • Weird flex but ok

    SpoorkySpoorky5 minutes ago
  • Just a flex on a big house. Nice slap on the face of the poor

    M JulyM July11 minutes ago
  • How long! is that

    Sergs PacomaSergs Pacoma12 minutes ago
  • Nobody talkin about the pole ? 💃

    Owen NelsonOwen Nelson13 minutes ago
  • Stupid

    Sebastian LebonSebastian Lebon13 minutes ago
  • I tired of the video and just skipped on the half. Sorry man

    Oshiri YuuOshiri Yuu15 minutes ago
  • Yorumlarda türk arayan kardeşim sende hoş geldin 😊😊😊

  • This is being lazy at its finest!

    Mordecai & RigbyMordecai & Rigby17 minutes ago
  • What

    Dirty Rich LyfeDirty Rich Lyfe18 minutes ago
  • Oh wow

    Raspberry LevyRaspberry Levy20 minutes ago
  • Oh No OMG

    イエスモアイエスモア20 minutes ago
  • If your too lazy to stir You are much alive to be dead

    DHRUV MishraDHRUV Mishra21 minute ago
  • ㅁㅊ 저 장치 완성시킬 시간에 저 요리 3개는 더 만들겠다ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    hihi22 minutes ago
  • Is no one going to talk about the random metal pole in the kitchen 😳

    Moonlight EclipseMoonlight Eclipse22 minutes ago
  • I thought it was going to be training agility in OSRS and now I'm disappointed.

    Roan WulfRoan Wulf22 minutes ago
  • Td isso só pra mexer uma colher o tempo que ele demorou pra fazer o macarrão já tava pronto kkk

  • Are we all just going to ignore how nice the house is?

    They Won't Let Me OutThey Won't Let Me Out22 minutes ago
  • Solo para mostrar que tiene tremenda casa

    Agus HerediaAgus Heredia24 minutes ago
  • Gey6egsjed. Buscarme bebé beben😂😂😂🤔😮😬

    Rivaldo SantosRivaldo Santos25 minutes ago
  • Too much work to set up and repair the drywall on the corners.

    Kael ShadeKael Shade30 minutes ago
  • Copied from Brent rivera

    Hasumati ParekhHasumati Parekh30 minutes ago

    Freddy FazberFreddy Fazber32 minutes ago
  • Lame

    G GODG GOD34 minutes ago
  • Love it

    Jee & Kate BFFJee & Kate BFF35 minutes ago
  • Base on Science And Physics. This Machine or invention if you call it that way. It won't work. If you think this will work your probably young.

    Whine BankWhine Bank41 minute ago
  • bgm

    최재혁최재혁41 minute ago
  • Just fuckin lazy 🤦‍♂️

    Maniac ModManiac Mod41 minute ago
  • Ha ok ok,,achha hai ghar😏

    Sidhu MaliSidhu Mali42 minutes ago
  • Its not so great if you have to do all that hard work just to stir pasta for a few minutes lol...

    Seändrey_RañaSeändrey_Raña46 minutes ago
  • Lazy rich people

    Glenn The GreatGlenn The Great46 minutes ago
  • woOow o.O

    Kittycrackers 123Kittycrackers 12347 minutes ago
  • Son las 8 no es mentira 🙄🙄

    García LizethGarcía Lizeth48 minutes ago
  • The music is the reason I’m still watching 😅

    emma da cutie pieemma da cutie pie48 minutes ago
  • Cap

    ArmanArman50 minutes ago

    Halim AvuçHalim Avuç51 minute ago
  • was that a pole🧍🏽‍♀️

    b3byybrib3byybri51 minute ago
  • Wow... well played

    SkynetSkynet53 minutes ago
  • бывает когда мозгов мало

    Жасулан ТемирбаевЖасулан Темирбаев57 minutes ago
  • Malayalali like adi

    Mallu Rockers techMallu Rockers techHour ago
  • 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

    Uwen 91Uwen 91Hour ago
  • The greatest invention is my phone

    Simply_JxnnySimply_JxnnyHour ago
  • I was too busy looking at how beautiful the house is, I forgot what i actually clicked to watch.

    Samantha GSamantha GHour ago
  • What is the bgm??

    ````Hour ago
  • This is so lame

    Joan ImmongaultJoan ImmongaultHour ago
  • Thats dumb, id just use telekinesis

    Kusuo SaikiKusuo SaikiHour ago
  • someone wants to flex their house

    Yoop ProductionsYoop ProductionsHour ago
  • I like how no one is talking about how it wouldn't work with just the drill

    That guy called PhilipThat guy called PhilipHour ago
  • U copied ben azelart

    Jo_vanyJo_vanyHour ago
  • 5 min crafts be like:

    Sunflower_SquadSunflower_SquadHour ago
  • How freddy cooks

    JJ eLzJJ eLzHour ago
  • گشادی مادر همه خلاقیت هاست😂 We have an iranian proverb : Laziness is mother of all Creativity😂

    Esmaeil. KaEsmaeil. KaHour ago
  • Copy ben azelart

    ryjen alwieryjen alwieHour ago

    Hot leaked videos 99mHot leaked videos 99mHour ago
  • No!

    Brandann FreemanBrandann FreemanHour ago
  • まず家デカすぎな

    エレクトリックホモガキエレクトリックホモガキHour ago
  • Just tie the big thing to the bottom of the cupboard and tape it to stay on. Ya needa seive tha rowp

    Efic ETHEfic ETHHour ago
  • Come on man you couldve made it spinning a screw onto a wall

    Efic ETHEfic ETHHour ago
  • You could go for a long walk and not even have to leave the house

    Your FatherYour FatherHour ago
  • I hope the owners default on this house

    Chris JChris JHour ago
  • Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    David Roberto de Lima PinheiroDavid Roberto de Lima PinheiroHour ago
  • white people be like

    SpaghettiSauce445SpaghettiSauce445Hour ago
  • Dude Uncool

    Daddy SilencedDaddy SilencedHour ago
  • 😂😂😂😂😂

    Mustafa ÖzçelikMustafa ÖzçelikHour ago
  • Just do it

    Mustafa ÖzçelikMustafa ÖzçelikHour ago
  • 🤣👍👍

    Samire CeferovaSamire CeferovaHour ago
  • Good thing is though go watch my channel 2 we got some cool stuff go on to our channel is called isaiah and zaniyah

    Cherylyn BaylorCherylyn BaylorHour ago
  • Just showing off his house, and click bait

    Dr. MDDr. MDHour ago
  • That's a huge ass house

    aditi purohitaditi purohitHour ago
  • Link music please

    Arif 02Arif 022 hours ago
  • I was not seeing the rope,, I was seeing his beautiful house 😍😍 And His Invention is so nice

    Anam /AfrozAnam /Afroz2 hours ago
  • Nice house.

    Arené LomaxArené Lomax2 hours ago
  • 귀찮음의 결과

    김민호김민호2 hours ago
  • Flexing yours dads house 🏡 ehh

    Saurav DasSaurav Das2 hours ago
  • Malas

    nurairis zulaikhanurairis zulaikha2 hours ago
  • Lewre

    Pabitra RakshitPabitra Rakshit2 hours ago
  • Los ladrones: Bamoh a rovar esta casa 👍

    Cristian ZevallosCristian Zevallos2 hours ago
  • it's clear he just wanted us to see his house

    Jonathan RoblesJonathan Robles2 hours ago
  • This is just a big house flex

    Muraad AftabMuraad Aftab2 hours ago
  • Very clever

    Mehmet Engin GüvenMehmet Engin Güven2 hours ago
  • Como decirnos pobres en 30 segundos

    PreMarKPreMarK2 hours ago
  • Why?

    Mahruz MasrurMahruz Masrur2 hours ago
  • 手間暇かけすぎて草

    やっふーマウスやっふーマウス2 hours ago
  • Ahahah oh my god

    DARK SIDEDARK SIDE2 hours ago
  • Chutiya

    Rahul NaikRahul Naik2 hours ago
  • Hahaha 😆😆😆

    Mary Claire QuizonMary Claire Quizon2 hours ago
  • What

    Papağan Yakup PaşaPapağan Yakup Paşa2 hours ago
  • fairly

    Sergio jrSergio jr2 hours ago
  • Am confusion

    Rachel ReenaRachel Reena2 hours ago
  • His face like Jess no limit

    Beatrix FcBeatrix Fc2 hours ago
  • My guy is lazy

    Zane BoydZane Boyd2 hours ago
  • looool

    Nolan ProvineNolan Provine2 hours ago
  • Totally not flexing his mansion

    ItsMakoItsMako2 hours ago
  • If ur ever feeling useless, just remember that Putin has bodyguards

    Sheep WoolSheep Wool3 hours ago
  • « oui oui t’inquiète je vais surveiller les pâtes » Lui :

    Dark- AngelDark- Angel3 hours ago
  • Cool house!

    Sarah O.tSarah O.t3 hours ago
  • Xd

    Ash MixitrixAsh Mixitrix3 hours ago
  • How to waste your time.

    Dumura uğratan PutinDumura uğratan Putin3 hours ago
  • Why can you hit upon such a fantastic idea!!!!

    天ゴットはジャイが上手い天ゴットはジャイが上手い3 hours ago
  • Cool

    Danie MalanDanie Malan3 hours ago