the fourth dimension

Apr 4, 2021
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hey it's me gabe (@gabesweats) from tiktok! in this video, i go over the fourth dimension!
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    GabeSweatsGabeSweats6 days ago
    • So them would 3d or 4d characters be able to see us

      The OniThe Oni18 hours ago
    • I like you profile I have that hat and mask

    • THanK yOu FoR THe LikEs. Boi stfu

      Maurice HowardMaurice Howard20 hours ago
    • that LOOP?!

      sad kirbysad kirbyDay ago
    • Me scared

      Seyi TalabiSeyi TalabiDay ago
  • therefore... *gets instantly vaporized*

    [FORMER] Floor Gang Member[FORMER] Floor Gang Member20 seconds ago
  • That loop tho 😳

    mr. not_funnymr. not_funny3 minutes ago
  • so.... restarts. you might be being watched right now

    FrxstyFrxsty4 minutes ago
  • I just came back 4 hrs after I found this and I CANNOT SLEEP

    JbplayzerJbplayzer5 minutes ago
  • Bruh I just looked around for a sec and all I said was “hi” then went back to my phone

    Johnson RouseJohnson Rouse5 minutes ago
  • Everyone: Talking about being watched Me: If everyone was flat, how would they have organs?

    Roel HartogRoel Hartog5 minutes ago
  • Let’s take a moment to appreciate that loop. Now I know what I’ve been seeing + hearing in my room at night

    xXCandy BeeXxxXCandy BeeXx11 minutes ago
  • WTF

    Steven PastorcikSteven Pastorcik12 minutes ago
  • now what the hell is this story

    MatthewMatthew13 minutes ago
  • Shower thoughts

    Ryan HuismanRyan Huisman14 minutes ago
  • I am soo confused 🤣🤣🤣

    Hurricaneisaac 9Hurricaneisaac 918 minutes ago
  • song?

    RegalaxjRegalaxj18 minutes ago
  • Cool

    Noob RaptorNoob Raptor19 minutes ago
  • Stop it or SCARING MEE

    AdrouilhetAdrouilhet20 minutes ago
  • The fact that it’s a perfect loop ✨👌😌

    Ryunosuke TanakaRyunosuke Tanaka20 minutes ago
  • There is a fourth dimension. It's called time.

    MyKillersonMyKillerson21 minute ago
  • I can't take you seriously, you're telling me this while there's mi minecraft gameplay in the background

    It's me DarkieIt's me Darkie26 minutes ago
  • omg the loop is also a reference to the mobius strip

    Raymond Christopher TantoRaymond Christopher Tanto28 minutes ago
  • Me an artist: *OC TIME*

    HornedTail ッHornedTail ッ30 minutes ago
  • Funny thing is, our reality is 4D not 3D

    A Random Protogen Named MarkA Random Protogen Named Mark31 minute ago
  • Welp shit i was taking a dump right now

    Alguem RandomAlguem Random33 minutes ago
  • There is so much you don't know about this world The government has lied to us over 300 years wake up

    Adalbert AnguloAdalbert Angulo34 minutes ago
  • 2D is impossible. Btw how a 3d enter a 2d house?

    the specture specturethe specture specture37 minutes ago
  • No no you got a point. That might also be the reason why we sometimes hear our own name even tho nobody called us. Maybe they try to get our attention or to warn us?

    JustSomeoneTheGhost :DJustSomeoneTheGhost :D39 minutes ago
  • E cant see the forth dimension

    OOF. KINGOOF. KING44 minutes ago
  • "being watched by something in another dimension" Me at 1Am: the nether?

    suzansuzan45 minutes ago
  • Keep making these perfect loops please

    Jeremy TeikenJeremy Teiken47 minutes ago
  • I hate this. It loops too good!

    DementioDementio48 minutes ago
  • Me who is a weeb: i- oh shit

    Paige ColePaige Cole52 minutes ago
  • I’m being watched by the rat in my vent Rn :)

    Tomura shigarakiTomura shigaraki58 minutes ago
  • And therefore... That was genius

    General GrievousGeneral Grievous59 minutes ago
  • You can move up and down in 2D, you can't move anywhere that creates depth

    Seth LeeSeth LeeHour ago
  • There’s a cool movie about this but I don’t remember the name

    HappySpotHappySpotHour ago
  • Loop hole

    Leonardo Mendez-MezoLeonardo Mendez-MezoHour ago
  • This does not help my anxiety

    Anya MuAnya MuHour ago
  • Solid loop probably 8/10👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    Danny SmithDanny SmithHour ago
  • Alll the time i think about this

    OfficiallyLiftedOfficiallyLiftedHour ago
  • From my understanding the fourth dimension is like Horton hears a who

    Molly KeithMolly KeithHour ago
  • Flatlands?

    BageloBageloHour ago
  • That loop though

    Forgie GamingForgie GamingHour ago
  • Perfect loop

    greenslaysgreenslaysHour ago
  • Was this a study conducted by prof. Ballsin cox

    Abdullah AlbraikyAbdullah AlbraikyHour ago
  • dat loop

    gravegraveHour ago
  • 👁️👄👁️

  • OK that is a loop

    Rissa Jane AngelesRissa Jane AngelesHour ago
  • The fourth dimension is time

    stusheepstusheepHour ago
  • Nice loop

    Pedro AquinoPedro AquinoHour ago
  • You mean my mom? She is looking at me

    qluinnqluinnHour ago
  • mhm sure

    CrisoleCrisoleHour ago
  • I remember this theory trending on youtube a few years back. It’s pretty accurate based on the definitions of second and third dimension characteristics in our universe

    CLANPAW51CLANPAW51Hour ago
  • "You might be watched right now" Me in the bathroom taking a $hit : 👁️ 👄 👁️

    aryabintang Kaleaaryabintang KaleaHour ago
  • you should learn a bit more about the impossibility of your theories before you speak them out loud...

    OmoorOmoorHour ago
  • Did anyone guessed it it's minecraft because everyside of each character and block is flat

    Grim_KillerrYTGrim_KillerrYTHour ago
  • I mean the fourth dimension is spacetime, so there could be an alien looking at us from several trillion years in the future

    Who KnowsWho KnowsHour ago
  • its always the minecraft players

    Player 9Player 9Hour ago
  • Whoever the being that has been watching me, I apologize.

    Enter GameEnter GameHour ago
  • Pretty cool at the end there

    ShtickWarriorShtickWarriorHour ago
  • Why does this have so many likes

    Lukas HammondsLukas HammondsHour ago
  • Cool

    DeABDeABHour ago
  • It keeps on going

    Ethan OngEthan Ong2 hours ago
  • If this is true I've already broke the 4th wall

    DauitdDauitd2 hours ago
  • We cant See in a 2D Dimension so the 4D Dimension cant See us

    erdberchen 13erdberchen 132 hours ago
  • Omg the loop is perfect

    Moonlight EclipseMoonlight Eclipse2 hours ago
  • What....

    Asyraf DanendraAsyraf Danendra2 hours ago
  • So flat earth theorists? 🤔

    Knifer JKnifer J2 hours ago
  • I wish I could understand

    Gnome That likes turtlesGnome That likes turtles2 hours ago
  • This is a very interesting post. However it would only be able to exist in the many worlds interpretation. Wich would also imply that there are parallel universes with only one tiny detail different and there is a you, that is a can of cranberry juice.

    dark ice dragondark ice dragon2 hours ago
  • Alr.. I'm gonna live in 2d for my husbando

    kid that likes creepy stuffkid that likes creepy stuff2 hours ago
  • In night time I saw that

    Dustin CoffmanDustin Coffman2 hours ago
  • No, we are seeing things in 3D form because that is the limit that we are able to comprehend. He would preceive himself in 4D form and can also preceive us as 4D as well. But we can only preceive him as 3D or lower.

    ɛʟ ʍɨռօɛɛʟ ʍɨռօɛ2 hours ago
  • Z.........

    Naomi NevesNaomi Neves2 hours ago
  • Bro im taking a fat shit

    TAYk47H20 YUH!TAYk47H20 YUH!2 hours ago
  • this sounds like a book i'm reading "The Boy Who Reversed Himself" but instead of 3d going into 2d it's 3d going into 4d

    HIHI2 hours ago
  • I am flat... oh you mean flat as in paper

    Hannah MorrisHannah Morris2 hours ago

    Niklas Finn BuschNiklas Finn Busch2 hours ago
  • can't exist in two dimensions so that 2 dimensional man cant hear nor feel you lol

    Toprak AydogmusToprak Aydogmus2 hours ago
  • wouldn’t a 4d thing in a 3d world appear as a 3d cross section?

    Dr.Dinosaur64329Dr.Dinosaur643292 hours ago
  • Imagen what we think are ghosts are actually people in the fourth demension

    Who is JuicyWho is Juicy2 hours ago
  • Anime world be like

    MrWeirdManMrWeirdMan3 hours ago
  • The sound spreads in 3D though.

    Aidin GolrokhAidin Golrokh3 hours ago
  • So ghosts are 4 dimentional?

    Jackie zhangJackie zhang3 hours ago
  • Did I really just get called flat by a conspiracy theory

    Şule Turgut BalcıŞule Turgut Balcı3 hours ago
  • And therefore-

    scalyraptor 1944scalyraptor 19443 hours ago
  • i always am busy with my work and then i hear something i ask if anyone said anything but they shook their head and i was like: “weird”

    Vien200 Roblox :PVien200 Roblox :P3 hours ago
  • Ok im creeped out right now so I'm staying up all night to you know entertain the friends around me ;v;

    SugarWasFoundSugarWasFound3 hours ago
  • I'm taking away your iPad privileges😠

    We stan Karl jacobsWe stan Karl jacobs3 hours ago
  • I know I'm being watched pal by a ghost that follows me around

    strange sansstrange sans3 hours ago
  • R u a doctor of terypy

    EE3 hours ago
  • i got scared by the voice it was so serious

    Gale AquinoGale Aquino3 hours ago
  • Someone know the name of the background music?

    Robin btkRobin btk3 hours ago
  • but we should be able to touch/feel them becaude we are 3 dimensional

    Fabian LanzFabian Lanz3 hours ago
  • tell me this video was meant as a joke :p

    Prakhar GautamPrakhar Gautam3 hours ago
  • I require more brain cells

    thirsty duckthirsty duck3 hours ago
  • cAn sOmeOnE tElL mE tHe sOnG nAmE? PlZ

    Neena ChristinaNeena Christina3 hours ago
  • Two dimensions is left right and up and down. Just left and right is one dimension because your only moving on the x axis

    Future MeFuture Me3 hours ago
  • Me on the toilets watching this video : 👁️👄👁️

    XxBeLLa LuXe xXXxBeLLa LuXe xX3 hours ago
  • oooh 4d

    Cry SmileCry Smile3 hours ago
  • May sound lame. But the 4th dimension is time

    Lukaz078Lukaz0783 hours ago
  • I fucking see some black thing in The forest near my House i Think its a crack adic or a homeles guy

    Fucking IdiotFucking Idiot3 hours ago