The FNAF Predator Is Back

Feb 19, 2021
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  • *"althought, for one of you, the darkest pit of hell has opened to swallow you whole. So, don't keep the devil waiting, old friend"*

    Matyáš TrpišovskýMatyáš Trpišovský2 hours ago
  • Kinda forgot who Mando was till I looked him up...damn, the world is a scary place

    CartoonyBoiCartoonyBoi4 hours ago
  • Definitely liked his songs way back. Now? Dawko has taken the real spotlight 😎

    Johnny CripplestarJohnny Cripplestar9 hours ago
  • I always disliked his songs they just weren’t for me the only one I liked was survive the night which I just recently found out he made I still find tombstone and da games the best fnaf song makers

    TheTripleJJJ 017TheTripleJJJ 01717 hours ago
  • Lol you should stop making videos on this guy, why else would there be a baby screaming outside your house, it means he found you.

    maozedong10maozedong1023 hours ago
  • im gonna brony pony wisardds

    ScrapTrap MemeboyScrapTrap MemeboyDay ago
  • dick nooooo!!!!!!!

    ScrapTrap MemeboyScrapTrap MemeboyDay ago
  • well that was fast

    håmåhåmåDay ago
  • Funny thing I actually never enjoyed his fnaf songs whatsoever and its not because of the controversy just because i literally didn't like his music which is weird, overall im kinda glad I didn't support him

    Andrix AyalaAndrix AyalaDay ago
  • sometimes i wish i can just delete my fnaf phase.... iv had so many nights where i just lay in my bed and im like " wow, i acted like a complete jackass"

    Thunderlord2009Thunderlord2009Day ago
  • I’m pretty sure this is what A6d and Callmecarson did

    b33boneb33boneDay ago
  • Some thing i didn’t see you bring up is his relationship with give heart records (GHR). He was a part of GHR for a while and it is said and rumored that he tried to get Natewantstobattle from GHR to join him in his illegal acts.

    Elena HerzingerElena HerzingerDay ago
  • i hate the fact that he's a *FNaF* predator like i'm a huge fan of FNaF and hearing that gives me so many chills

    Lily LamptonLily LamptonDay ago
  • Shit wait is it bad that i absolutely don't support mandopony but i still love "Just Gold" and "Survive the night"?

    NarwhalzNarwhalzDay ago
  • why the fuck is everyone I liked from 2015 a predator? I just got done listening to one of his songs

    Benji PorrazBenji PorrazDay ago
  • Dude I think he found a new fantasy. I was playing among us while role-playing about my hero academia and the todoroki asked to start a snapchat. Thank gosh I refused

    PastelShibaPastelShiba2 days ago
    • Oops auto correct

      PastelShibaPastelShiba2 days ago
  • This fucking sucks. His music, at least during the time I found it because I was in the FNaF fandom, wasn't that bad. But screw this guy, I hate he turned out to be a predator.

    Bleep BloopBleep Bloop2 days ago
  • I’m in my fnaf faze again

    Joseph JacksonJoseph Jackson2 days ago
  • Nasty

    foxie world artfoxie world art2 days ago
  • I remember listening to him in around 6th grade. I loved his music, and like... when I read this video as a FNAF predator, I thought it was going to be someone else. Sadly, it wasn't. I remember people talking about how much they loved Mandopony's music, and it genuinely saddens me.

    Jem'ladJem'lad2 days ago
  • I'm getting the word Nonce

    the big munthe big mun2 days ago
  • The brony community is a haven for child abuse. I wish I could say I'm surprised by this as Mando was such a beloved figure in the niche, but I'm not. Not even in the slightest. It doesn't stop at sexual abuse, either. I've seen children be threatened with violence by grown adults for "infiltrating" the community with their "cringey Mary Sue" alicorn princess OCs. Nevermind that, naturally, as a show targeted toward little girls, the draw of My Little Pony is its colorful princesses and the fantastical shenanigans they get up to - and moreover, LITERAL CHILDREN SHOULD NOT BE THREATENED FOR EXERTING THEIR CREATIVITY. Even attempting to articulate this makes me feel like a crazy person. It's so bizarre how bronies simultaneously gatekeep children from their community, and turn around to use that community as a front to groom them. I say this as a brony. This fandom is fucking disgusting, please just off us already. Except for Ponyphonic. He's a horrifically under-recognized gem and I wish Mando's prior success went to him instead.

    MasqueradeMasquerade2 days ago
  • Blupuffsbigtime is my Instagram handle

    CourtsCourts2 days ago
  • Wait this is the same guy who made just gold.... The song I would always play after school when I was little

    Woah peridot with no enhancers !?! !?!Woah peridot with no enhancers !?! !?!2 days ago
  • I never realised that mandopony was a predator.. i still have so many of his fnaf songs.. I'm going to go delete them now.

    DarkGlitchDarkGlitch2 days ago
  • Well, shit. *pumps Haur 77*

    Dew 4231Dew 42312 days ago
  • “By the way, the person writing this is 15. They can’t even drive.” Me, a 20 year old that can’t drive: 😭

    Colossal FossilsColossal Fossils3 days ago
  • Seeing the title "The FNAF Predator is Back" is not a title I have seen before.

    Red NKRed NK3 days ago
  • Tbh anyone can cling to and milk a franchise dry, I can't really think if anyone off the top of my head but I'm pretty sure you can find at least one other person who does that... (All jokes aside I used to listen to his music and yeah, it was pretty good. But yeah I had no clue he was a kiddie diddler)

    Java 64Java 643 days ago
  • she deserves 1mil. subs

    ProuldzProuldz3 days ago
  • Luckily I've been subscribed for almost a year....

    Gaming with CrossGaming with Cross3 days ago
  • I watched just gold and survive the night when i was like 6 or 7. AND I LOVED THEM!

    Sabrina JenkinsSabrina Jenkins3 days ago
  • We don’t forget, we don’t forgive, ALL PREDATORS shall beware of the one. The one is all the one is life, the one is a god.

    Cum MasterCum Master3 days ago
  • 7:05 I'm not a broney but can someone in the fandom make that a meme? It's too perfect

    cattle dwagcattle dwag3 days ago
  • I don't have a PayPal so I wanna enter for my mom . My Instagram is zarkfy_

    cattle dwagcattle dwag3 days ago
  • To enter the giveaway: Pukebuddy on insta! I'm not trying to ignore the video and uhhh... All that's going on there and be like 'lmao that sucks gimme money' Im just kinda bad at commenting on stuff like this hhh sorry

    JinjiBabyJinjiBaby3 days ago
  • Why is everybody that was apart of my childhood a FUCKING predator?!?

    Bi Panic : The first ever Bisexual BandBi Panic : The first ever Bisexual Band3 days ago
  • I didn't even know this went down dang

    Courtney KCourtney K3 days ago
  • New reason to avoid the fnaf fandom Cool

    Nix does artNix does art3 days ago
  • I feel bad for his wife

    ItZSemmyItZSemmy4 days ago
    • His wife doesn’t actually really care, she is still with him to this day, she confirmed this.

      Mookel MiersMookel Miers2 days ago
  • Imagine winning? @zachparkers 💕

    Zach ParkerZach Parker4 days ago
  • It's sad I used to love some of his songs and still do but I don't want to support him by giving him views or anything because he's disgusting

    Maddie ThibaultMaddie Thibault4 days ago
  • god dammit.... just... come on, man... this is the THIRD channel I actually watched where they turned out to be predators

    Gamecubejames idkGamecubejames idk4 days ago
  • when he stopped uploading awail back i was confused why he suddenly stopped,then later i figured out why and i was like,goddamn it of course it had to becuse he tried to sexualy abuse children

    cult imaginationcult imagination4 days ago
  • how you got 440k subs with low quality videos?

    JintenzoJintenzo4 days ago
  • Scott cawthon made those songs, who is mandopony, he doesn't fucking exist now

    egg saladegg salad4 days ago
  • Ffs what is 2020/2021 more preditors

    •BugwhOre ••BugwhOre •4 days ago
  • That sucks but I always had a weird vibe about him

    Surreal CerealSurreal Cereal4 days ago
  • *feeling weird being the only one I can find to post my insta* overnightplush is my handle. You're amazing for doing these giveaways as much as you do.

    Autumn ShortAutumn Short4 days ago
  • To be honest, I was a big fan of MandoPony when I was younger- because I loved Mlp and Fnaf- but please don't consider me a fan now-

    A Normal Little AlwenA Normal Little Alwen4 days ago
  • Quick question who is the fnaf predator?

    Ayden ColeAyden Cole4 days ago
  • no not him

    The algorithmThe algorithm4 days ago
  • A convo I had with my lil sister: Me: ok what song do u wanna play? Her: Ummmmmm Alexa play just go- Me: anything but that Her: why? Me: because the man who made that is a bad man Her: really? Me: yeah :/ he did something bad that isn’t good Her: what did he do You will find out when ur older :(((

    •shrimp Cupcake••shrimp Cupcake•4 days ago
  • There is no way, this guy is trying to rebrand himself.

    Tsuki The anime RobotTsuki The anime Robot4 days ago
  • @taniadrawsthings new here, love the art my dude

    TanTanTanTan4 days ago
  • 3:30 time stuff

    Tarry AppleBottomTarry AppleBottom4 days ago
  • I’m always shocked that you’re under 1mil

    Katie SquiresKatie Squires5 days ago
  • nice vid but why 360p doe

  • I hate this but I can’t let go of the songs tho, it was a prime piece of my childhood- im about to separate the art from the artist

    Uhhh Yesn’tUhhh Yesn’t5 days ago
    • Mood

      haha no nomhaha no nom4 days ago
  • but why

    BrokenLightbulb AnimationsBrokenLightbulb Animations5 days ago
  • Give Hearts Records more known as Nathan Sharp or NateWantsToBattle worked with him at one point and recently they haven't been showing him in any songs, guess now I know why

    SuperMasterKofs UnspeakableGameSuperMasterKofs UnspeakableGame5 days ago
  • It could be someone uploading music onto his account, it's really easy to submit a song through a distribution service and make it appear on a fairly big artists name fyi

    kay burnerkay burner5 days ago
  • Wow, I loved that guy. His fnaf songs were literally, and still are my childhood. First Lentotally, who tf if next.

    Kunimis BlepKunimis Blep5 days ago
  • Why is cubone a human?

    KING_ glokkz blanginKING_ glokkz blangin5 days ago
  • Is it that hard to stay away from kids?

    Masked Moon ChildMasked Moon Child5 days ago
  • so.... hes just... not?? in jail???

    Augwa φAugwa φ5 days ago
  • 😟👉🏽👈🏽 that would help me get a service dog! Ima try. Ig: Mendez_edicion_limitada

    Alicia MendezAlicia Mendez5 days ago
  • OH NO I recognize that avatar. Really, REALLY hope I didn't actually buy any of his songs. Why do people choose to be disgusting? I feel ill. Usually not engaging with fandoms saves me strife, but then this shit happens and I'm oblivious. Note: Absolutely NOT dunking on active fans or fan communities! I just usually lack the energy to take part. It's a "me" problem. Y'all chase your bliss, be safe, and keep outing those predators like total champs.

    IndybotIndybot5 days ago
  • No one: My mind when I saw the thumbnail: HE'S BACK, REVAMPED, AND READY TO REBRAND! But seriously I hope those who experienced this are doing okay. They don't deserve this.

    illusion Lightillusion Light5 days ago
  • Just Gold was the only good song he dropped, honestly. Survive the Night was fucking garbage, and so was he.

    givemethenoodlesgivemethenoodles5 days ago
  • We should've known he was a red flag from his Chica song.

    Third the NerdThird the Nerd5 days ago
  • @Kiriyukai

    KiriyukeiKiriyukei6 days ago
  • People memed about mandopedo on 4chan over 5yrs ago. The most i remember it evolving to was a twitter spat and a song from yelling at cats that included the meme.

    Conor IrelandConor Ireland6 days ago
  • 6:07 why does this remind me of the "what's going on, silly man. Are you going to crack a silly?" Video

    ItsDoomgirl666ItsDoomgirl6666 days ago
  • 👉👈 @bumblenbees

    Bumblen BeeBumblen Bee6 days ago
  • Idk how long it was going for, but.. didn't say 'ended' or anything, so.. figured I'd take a chance. Been a subscriber for a long time & CONGRATS!!! Well deserved, keep on going! :) That said, don't have an IG, but thanks for the opportunity, esp during these times. Stay safe & be well.

    mmanda515mmanda5156 days ago
  • I still like his old music

    Rose The Cat Eared GryffinRose The Cat Eared Gryffin6 days ago
  • basslover0456

    Hope KaukolaHope Kaukola6 days ago
  • I really wish it wasnt real..

    Tangle HamainTangle Hamain6 days ago

    VesuviusTheDireWolf 115VesuviusTheDireWolf 1156 days ago
  • I still can’t believe someone so important to my childhood turned out to be a creep 😔

    Aby the ArtistAby the Artist6 days ago
  • Why..i loved survive the night..

    •cereal mooq••cereal mooq•6 days ago
  • HOLY S@#$T I DID NOT KNOW THIS!!!!!!!!

    Doctor H.M.LDoctor H.M.L6 days ago
  • "I have bronie friends" (this is a joke, just saying)

    Salted RainSalted Rain6 days ago
  • dear creepshow, mandopony is a horrible person. but at the same time i feel the need to tell you that it was not him who uploaded this song. recently, surprising new “ambient” songs have been popping up in currently inactive artists’s music profiles such as ghost and pals, tally hall, and lemon demon. it is a mystery as to how this is currently happening and who is doing it, but i just feel the need to tell you there is a 99% chance this is not mandopony and this is instead some money grabbing hoax. lots of love :)

    connor brutuskatconnor brutuskat6 days ago
  • Idk if I should still listen to his song they were really good

    Zesty westyZesty westy6 days ago

    Swirly_ BirdSwirly_ Bird6 days ago
  • Just now finding out he's a predator....It's so sad seeing your fave people as a kid grow into something so horrible and finding out about it...

    AlexaAlexa6 days ago
  • Andrew Stein: A great singer. A shiti person.

    GJFTGJFT6 days ago
  • The female Moist Critikal

    Tyler HonakerTyler Honaker6 days ago
  • I remember listening to his music when I was maybe 12? 13? And then hearing what he did... I could not even believe I listened to his music and regret listening to it.

    Serene SmithSerene Smith7 days ago
  • Please don’t be the Living Tombstone next-

    BiggielBiggiel7 days ago
  • HE'S A PREDATOR???? holy fuck i- i used to listen to his stuff **so much** when fnaf and mlp were popular.... yikes

    Jane The WatcherJane The Watcher7 days ago
  • Itza.meh.marissa My instagram^

    damp sockdamp sock7 days ago
  • honestly can't think of survive the night or listen to it anymore considering i'm listening to the work and music of a predator

    Theodore's TomfooleriesTheodore's Tomfooleries7 days ago
  • I bet soon enough like 50% of the people most of us liked as kids will turn out to be horrible people

    M1LK T3A GACHAM1LK T3A GACHA7 days ago
  • @typedlucky

    LuckyBoyoLuckyBoyo7 days ago
  • What happened to your ad rev?

    PixilmonPixilmon7 days ago
  • Every time a predator stages a comeback, we all die as a species a little more inside. I'm know I'm probably too late, but Instagram: elleemmenno

    Elle EmbeeElle Embee7 days ago
  • Gaysonisgreatson

    Gray andreGray andre7 days ago