The fake Cat Noir MLB meme Gacha life

Apr 5, 2021
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  • If anyone is wondering what the song is it is Medicine by Daughter (sound remedy remix) (daycore)

    Miraculous GachaMiraculous Gacha5 days ago
    • You lool like momo

      xXitzwolfy_gamingxXxXitzwolfy_gamingxX5 hours ago
    • T Y

      xCharzelxCharzel15 hours ago
    • Your pfp is bomb

      · Flvffy Clxxdx ·· Flvffy Clxxdx ·3 days ago
    • Bruh lila without bangs be like:😂😂😂😂

    • I cant focus, your profile pic is to beautiful 🤩

      • Robin - Venus •• Robin - Venus •3 days ago
  • Me: oh a fake cat noir My sister: wait felix??????? Me:no Sis: then who is it adriens twin? Me: bruh 👁👄👁

    Fnaf_butterfly XxFnaf_butterfly Xx2 minutes ago
  • Adrién would actually do this, but Marinette...

    ChalsKing77ChalsKing77Hour ago
  • Now can you make FAKE LADYBUG?

    •Red wolf••Red wolf•4 hours ago
  • :)

    TheGamingUnicornTheGamingUnicorn13 hours ago
  • Nice

    demon hornsdemon horns13 hours ago

    Sparkle editsSparkle edits14 hours ago
  • Thank you I love the things you make right now I’m playing Roblox it’s like gotcha but it’s roebucks

    Aneerah LeeAneerah Lee17 hours ago
  • The fake cat noir”SHIP ME AND MAIRNETTE Me”nope imma ship adrien and make u can’t force someone to force in relationship so stop pervert UwU

    Taya BerryTaya Berry20 hours ago
  • guys does anyone know the name of this music because i cant find it anywhere i searched medicine by daughter and all the remixes but i cant find it anywhere

    aqtaqiut aqiyasyiraqtaqiut aqiyasyir20 hours ago
  • I thought he was felix, lmao.

    John GoodspeedJohn Goodspeed23 hours ago
  • can someone tell me what is this song

    Shahad AlhmadiShahad AlhmadiDay ago
  • okay but in these videos alya can be global

    uhmkaelynuhmkaelynDay ago
  • I tell moonred this all NOT YOURS

    Hanna WolfcatHanna WolfcatDay ago
  • Its not you video i seed this video

    Hanna WolfcatHanna WolfcatDay ago
  • You know if they people know the identities they could get there miraculous could get tookin away

  • LOL ITS NOT TIKKI SPOTS ON IT plagg claws out

    GamerElsie zGamerElsie zDay ago
  • I love how you did cat noir for this! People just forget about Adrian and Cat Noir when making memes

    FoxQu33nYTFoxQu33nYTDay ago
  • I swear alya is the most gullible person I have ever seen

    Larryon PringleLarryon PringleDay ago
  • Redo it the same way but at the end Mari transform

    AdorxAve_AdorxAve_Day ago
  • How did they think that the faker was adrien- like he would never wear that ugly outfit-

    WaveWaveDay ago
  • Fake Cat Noir: I AM CAT NOIR Me:.......So?

    Elizabeth MoonElizabeth MoonDay ago
  • plot twist: neither of them is cat noir

    Dayana CastroBorDayana CastroBorDay ago
  • The real Cat would never leave ring

    Jenny TerwilligerJenny TerwilligerDay ago
  • Me just looking at ur pfp 👁👄👁

    xxsimply.gachaxxxxsimply.gachaxxDay ago
  • Jaqueline eu daria uma para você online Ainda bem que você fez a Laila com uma testona que eu não gostava mesmo

  • Idk why every single ppl making the video like: marinnete transforms Adrians front and adrian too like... B r u h s t o p p l e a s e i t s c r i n g e a n d n o t g o o d 😩☠

    •Dr4maQu33n••Dr4maQu33n•Day ago
  • insert Marinette fainting

    Berenika SladeBerenika SladeDay ago
  • It’s claws in not claws out. But other than that I liked it

    Lauren SampsellLauren SampsellDay ago
  • That must be luka

    Malena HarperMalena HarperDay ago
  • Ik you probably wont see thus comment but uf you do could you do a part 2 and have mari show her true identity if so that would be ✨awsome✨ also i subscribed bc your content is so wholesome ^^

    human- child-human- child-Day ago

    NotCindyNguyenNotCindyNguyenDay ago
  • I'd rather lie more then id rather die? Should i pick lie or die i mean like i like death but lie??? Choose wisely

    Ř o š ä p o p p y - Ŕ o s ê l l ë មŘ o š ä p o p p y - Ŕ o s ê l l ë ម2 days ago

    Sophie IsatwatSophie Isatwat2 days ago
  • Why did you copy?

    Karina GaisinaKarina Gaisina2 days ago
  • U knwo I have actually been waiting for someone to make this 😃😃

    siham omarsiham omar2 days ago
  • Me when adrian said isn't it time for you to transform I was like look at the face of the dude i started crying

  • lol mari be like: nhmmm back the fuck off BiOtCh 😒👊

    Jessica HambyJessica Hamby2 days ago
  • Every fake ladybug or chat noir always says I will transform after school. :p boi or gurl just say your not real

    { ᴀɴɴɪᴇ }{ ᴀɴɴɪᴇ }2 days ago
  • There not Supposed to review there entities!

    Honey bun SlimesHoney bun Slimes2 days ago
  • Please make a part 2 with Mari saying "Tikki spots on

    Sydney NelsonSydney Nelson2 days ago
  • All the MariChat shippers: 0:18 (No hate!)

    ALS PotatoPastaProductionsALS PotatoPastaProductions2 days ago
  • Adrien be like: *HOW U LIKE DAT STOOPID*

    Raymond SinnottRaymond Sinnott2 days ago
  • I've seen some people make this but they don't credit you!

    SunnyDrawsSunnyDraws3 days ago
  • Me wait for marinette to sceam and she doesn't Me:👁️👄👁️ why????

    Melanie HowellMelanie Howell3 days ago
  • Neverrrr trust someone with a sport top

    Brxcken_clxcksBrxcken_clxcks3 days ago
  • oo adrien got jelly when the fake wanted to get with marinetteeeee *just a friend huh?*

    Itz ZaiiItz Zaii3 days ago

    Elizabeth RamirezElizabeth Ramirez3 days ago
  • Wow

    Bert AbenBert Aben3 days ago
  • I’m not that stupid 😩

    Chat NoirChat Noir3 days ago
  • Doesn’t this mean adriens gonna have his ring taken away 😭

    ꧁Tehalani Pua꧂꧁Tehalani Pua꧂3 days ago
  • Hey, your pfp is miraculous.

    Vanilla bugVanilla bug3 days ago
  • Me: hi Mari Mari: wat “Cat noir”: hey mariii Me: *kicks him in the 😩*

    Scarlett LewScarlett Lew3 days ago
  • Hoddie...?

    Ruben CatubigRuben Catubig3 days ago
  • Cmon marinette dont be shy say tikkie spot on 👁️👄👁️

    Nothing ImformationNothing Imformation3 days ago
  • Cmon marinette dont be shy say tikkie spot on 👁️👄👁️

    Nothing ImformationNothing Imformation3 days ago
  • Ohhh yasss

    KKKillerFox_GamezzzKKKillerFox_Gamezzz3 days ago
  • me:I ONLY SHIP ADRINETTE also me:ok ok i ship marichat nowXDXD:->:->

  • Felix, Felix, Felix!

    Starry StareillaStarry Stareilla3 days ago
  • Ladybug next

    Leni DingDingLeni DingDing3 days ago
  • bye bye miraculous and sweet memories

    Christinalove GachaChristinalove Gacha3 days ago
  • Wait a second!? Fake Adrien ‘s Hair looks exactly like my Adrien! >:(

    Miraculous Dreamer ForeverMiraculous Dreamer Forever3 days ago
  • Finally!!! A fake hero that’s Not ladybug!!!

    El LeonEl Leon3 days ago
  • *mind: this is going to be a heck cringe* *mind after video:not so cringe nioce job* APLAUSE

    teresaepsteinteresaepstein3 days ago
  • Its plagg claws in not out

    Skylan SkySkylan Sky3 days ago
  • What song is that???

    • Mika •• Mika •3 days ago
  • First it’s the fake lady bug now it’s the fake chat noir what’s next? The fake Lila?

    Talaya JonesTalaya Jones3 days ago
  • fake cat noir: can you ship me with marinette? me: ha *no*

    • chøcølate •• chøcølate •3 days ago
  • Finally, Not ladybug! Something oringinal.

    Kaminette UwUKaminette UwU3 days ago
  • I feel bad for mari and alya first alya was forced to ship the fake cat noir with mari and the fake cat noir touch maris y'know what

    Katliyn Toro ChirinosKatliyn Toro Chirinos3 days ago
  • fun fact: the reason why chat noir is a black cat is because it translates to black cat chat= cat noir=black (and yes the French put the descriptive words last)

    wednesday phrogwednesday phrog3 days ago
  • Everyone in the comments talking about the video: Me eating macaroni and chicken strings: Macaroni with the cHiCken StiRpS *dies*

    Khloes WorldKhloes World3 days ago
  • Fake boi be like: I AM CAT NOIR Me: so

    I am youI am you3 days ago
  • Love your profile pic👌 First Time I’ve seen one of these I’m sure chat noir appreciates you for including him UwU

    Nøva ProductionsNøva Productions3 days ago
  • Wow

    María Cruz SaezMaría Cruz Saez4 days ago
  • No me gusta marinet 🤢🤢🤢🤢

    Leonela Kassandra Encinas LeonLeonela Kassandra Encinas Leon4 days ago
  • U and Starmeey Chan's video is kind of the same

    Veronica LaiVeronica Lai4 days ago
  • When he just transform to show that the peyk cat noir is fake-

    Shanie ShenShanie Shen4 days ago
  • I love it so, so, goid

  • FINALLY, a Cat Noir version!

    Akshara KaleAkshara Kale4 days ago
  • This is heavily copied just a bit shorter

    Foxy BoiFoxy Boi4 days ago
    • Correct me if I’m wrong please.

      Foxy BoiFoxy Boi4 days ago

    TheDizconnectedTheDizconnected4 days ago
  • Adrian in the episode "ladybug" (a centi monster) Adrien said : if you exposed them it won't stop them from being bad (Kinda like that,I forgot..) And now here he is..

    Baera GalaxyBaera Galaxy4 days ago
  • Marinette: TiKKi fAwK oFf HyaaAa

    ItzSpinikaItzSpinika4 days ago
  • Finallyone whit chat noir!♡

    Mlb_fan ùwúMlb_fan ùwú4 days ago
  • I need music name

    The Great PapyrusThe Great Papyrus4 days ago
  • the best vd in the word

    Mitsu_ ميتسوMitsu_ ميتسو4 days ago
  • Cringeeeee

    bishhead:3bishhead:34 days ago
  • I like ur profile pic :)

    Gacha carrotGacha carrot4 days ago
  • Anyone ever heard the saying ‘Curiousity killed the cat’? Well it’s Adrien at the start of the video.

    Gaming SistersGaming Sisters4 days ago
  • Adrien: *chill* Mari: *traumautized* Alya: *shocked* Felix: *nervous* Me: is that even Felix?

    •Siimple Dreamss••Siimple Dreamss•4 days ago
  • That fake was probrably Felix XD

    Stella KimStella Kim4 days ago
  • What kind of music is this because it’s good •^•

    Lost Emilio and EmilyplayzYTLost Emilio and EmilyplayzYT4 days ago
  • Ur pfp is killing me😭😭😭😭

    ꧁Sana Enderson꧂꧁Sana Enderson꧂4 days ago
  • Thank you for helping me find the song btw somoune copying your video her/his account name was cat

    nadia farhanadia farha4 days ago
  • 😱will there be a part 2 where marinette reveals herself?!

    Hilton WongHilton Wong4 days ago
  • . *no one, and I say no one, asks Alya, to ship somebody together.* You just don’t do that- How d a r e you- **wheeezes** nobody messes with mah fav character >:o (Aka Alya-)

    ·muffin· ‘·muffin· ‘4 days ago
  • Mari be like 👁👄👁 your chat noir

    Ivan AvelarIvan Avelar4 days ago
  • Welp at least i dont give a fuck about adrian, bc of the JUST A FRIEND thing 👁️👄👁️

    Draginja MileticDraginja Miletic4 days ago
  • ok

    Aaliyah :DAaliyah :D4 days ago