the everything sub (1m subscriber special)

Apr 5, 2021
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thank you guys so much for everything, you all changed my life whether you know it or not

  • Milad after closing time: "Reality can be whatever I want"

    BeeseChurmgerBeeseChurmger5 days ago
    • He has so much power

      EL gourdoEL gourdo12 hours ago
    • Id eat that sandwich

      Andrew CAndrew C16 hours ago
    • @ĶēvïņBB Přøďùçțìõñš how can i give you hate comments you make the best content, king

      Hamza MalikHamza Malik22 hours ago
    • Lol

      gewoondion1234gewoondion1234Day ago
    • Pineapple

      pineapplepineappleDay ago
  • the guy is pog for eating the everything sub, even though it was just a few bites

    Travis TangTravis Tang3 hours ago
  • The 80k comments

    King FoxKing Fox3 hours ago
  • Mad

    Jaspar DamonJaspar Damon3 hours ago
  • Milk

    GameSlayer600GameSlayer6003 hours ago
  • i found ur channel a few day ago and i cant stop watching ur videos, every one of ur sandwhich looks sooo goood but too bad theres no subway where i live so 💔💔💔

    liuliu3 hours ago
  • Dang Gina

    Brandon SimsBrandon Sims4 hours ago
  • Yo so where my money jk congrats on 1 mil btw

    greatgrantgamesgreatgrantgames4 hours ago
  • The USworlds algorithm giveth and the USworlds algorithm taketh away

    Sean EastonSean Easton4 hours ago
  • I’d smash that burger >:)

    Filip IFilip I4 hours ago
  • I love this yt channel. It’s just the interesting stories of a man, and the recording of a sub being built.

    Turtle lad6Turtle lad64 hours ago
  • You'r videos should be on the USworlds trending list 😍♥️♥️♥️

    Batool BaBatool Ba4 hours ago
  • That stuff looks good

    Zebanana 556Zebanana 5564 hours ago
  • Hey

    Lina elhabashyLina elhabashy4 hours ago
  • wow, what a growth :o

    OuhnelOuhnel4 hours ago
  • My towns subway has ice cones does everyone else have one

    DilpickleDilpickle4 hours ago
  • What a giant sub!

    OvxrlordOvxrlord4 hours ago
  • Love bro

    Matthew Mendes OliveiraMatthew Mendes Oliveira4 hours ago
  • Eat dat sammich or be nice and give it to your girl :)

    Stephen BaikieStephen Baikie4 hours ago
  • the big chahunga

    jay richardsjay richards4 hours ago
  • Big

    Diego MartínezDiego Martínez4 hours ago
  • give

    Willy VargasWilly Vargas4 hours ago
  • Sandwhich

    sophia chaussesophia chausse4 hours ago
  • Hello

    steve niemannsteve niemann4 hours ago
  • Congrats 🎉

    twentyønepøtatøes leave the citytwentyønepøtatøes leave the city4 hours ago
  • Random comment

    MidenshionMidenshion4 hours ago
  • Can't wait till you reach ten mil! You are one of the best youtuber's out there and have an awesome personality. Also please don't eat one of those everything subs you will most likely end up in the hospital.

    Aubree ElkinsAubree Elkins4 hours ago
  • Well I’ll take it:)

    Mad PlaysMad Plays5 hours ago
  • Question: Has anyone come into the subway and said that their the managers "son/daughter"? I've been wondering for a while Also love you videos, I've never had a subway but as I'm in my hospitality and Catering GCSE's I want to learn more about food and how to prepare it, and watching you videos are a great help, your videos show me not only the struggle of being a caterer but also the joy, so thank you!

    Flake LuvsXAnimeFlake LuvsXAnime5 hours ago
  • I havent had a subway in literally 4 years. These videos make me want one. Any suggestions?

    gingerheadmangingerheadman5 hours ago
  • I love subway because subway likes me :)

    AnnoyingPennyAnnoyingPenny5 hours ago

    Chief MaddogChief Maddog5 hours ago
  • Love this!!

    Isabel LopezIsabel Lopez5 hours ago
  • Hi

    SomWonCoolSomWonCool5 hours ago
  • Great job on hitting every USworldsrs dream goal, hope we’ll see what’s in store for us next! Keep it up.

    FoXieFoXie5 hours ago
  • I'm SUPER interested if your managers / Subway know you make these videos and if they even mind or talked to you about it? (Not in a bad way! Just interested to know the behind the scenes!)

    Martin VollerMartin Voller5 hours ago
  • I found this channel out of boredom lol I love the videos :D

    S.M.A.GS.M.A.G5 hours ago
  • omg yum

  • Your videos always make me hungry lmao

    game timegame time5 hours ago
  • thanks for making subway videos

    Bobby JamesBobby James5 hours ago
  • subway

    datokeedatokee5 hours ago

    Ciara & KateCiara & Kate5 hours ago
  • Wow

    Christopher SosaChristopher Sosa5 hours ago
  • e

    1 stop Gamer spot1 stop Gamer spot5 hours ago
  • How to make Subway unhealthy

    orangepeel100orangepeel1005 hours ago
  • just had subway today lol

    Sep GhSep Gh5 hours ago
  • woa

    ChimDatBoiChimDatBoi5 hours ago
  • Your videos are literally addicting

    Katey MillerKatey Miller6 hours ago
  • That sub looks insane!!

    Lyssa LeighLyssa Leigh6 hours ago
  • At that point you should eat it with a knife and fork.

    Yasir AlattarYasir Alattar6 hours ago
  • May I have a free cookie

    Ompl SpomplOmpl Spompl6 hours ago
  • Yooooo sub time

    StorkinnStorkinn6 hours ago
  • Remember to eat fresh what a simple but amazing line coming from the subway god 🥪🥪🥪🥪

    Shadow AnthnyShadow Anthny6 hours ago
  • It's crazy how fast you hit 1M. Congrats, bro!

    Nazar ShahNazar Shah6 hours ago
  • That sandwich is so big and looks BOMB

    AhsanHasanAslamAhsanHasanAslam6 hours ago
  • sheesh

    MegaronMegaron6 hours ago
  • Meep

    Tanner GuthTanner Guth6 hours ago
  • I reckon I could atleast take 4 bites out of it

    ItIsIndeedBambiItIsIndeedBambi6 hours ago
  • Milad 30 HP (trainer) vs The everything sub 300 HP

    Anshuman UpadhyayAnshuman Upadhyay6 hours ago
  • i just want to win

    OPIE 420OPIE 4206 hours ago
  • Milad you Still need to make the bacon Giant. Just put a LOT of bacon on it and some other stuff so i can be happy. Custom bacon beast.

    Me_is_birbMe_is_birb6 hours ago
  • Congrats on the million subs

    Tgain GainzTgain Gainz6 hours ago
  • Poo

    Slippery seals FilmsSlippery seals Films6 hours ago
  • yo

    JowanwashereJowanwashere6 hours ago
  • gimmie 100 rn

    Coco LocoCoco Loco6 hours ago
  • Hi

    Michael LynchMichael Lynch6 hours ago
  • Your positive attitude is so infectious and beautiful. Thank you for putting yourself out there ❤️

    socksandshoessocksandshoes6 hours ago
  • These videos are so fun to watch 🥪

    Bety FBety F6 hours ago
  • I wonder how hard it was to convince his parents to make this lmao

    Max Rivera [MaxTheN00B]Max Rivera [MaxTheN00B]6 hours ago
  • I am surprised that you took a bite of that huge sandwich

    Richard KimRichard Kim6 hours ago
  • Your literally the definition of making the little things in life great

    Alex RamirezAlex Ramirez6 hours ago
  • I like Subway :)

    Aidan SmithAidan Smith7 hours ago
  • Keep up the great content dating growing channel on yt🙌

    Fred YoungFred Young7 hours ago
  • .

    Łukasz CharubinŁukasz Charubin7 hours ago
  • Milad getting 1M in 23 days:😎 Tomiii 11 getting 6M in 3 days: ☠️

    Leo BerLeo Ber7 hours ago
  • Love the vids

    Andrew BrakelAndrew Brakel7 hours ago
  • ... That is alll I will say

    IKarenIKaren7 hours ago
  • That sub bussin

    ToadKingToadKing7 hours ago
  • Ill definitely remember to eat fresh

    Matti3Matti37 hours ago
  • Hi

    DeinrsDeinrs7 hours ago
  • Love your vids Milad

    Farid IsmailFarid Ismail7 hours ago

    Glichowicz For lolzGlichowicz For lolz7 hours ago
  • I love the fact he had to get a bigger knife from the back just to be able to be able to saw through that monster.

    LordeLorde7 hours ago
  • Eat Fresh!!

    Dan PerksDan Perks7 hours ago
  • Hello

    Turtle kingTurtle king7 hours ago
  • Pray that jake works subway so he won’t swear

    Itsaaron rblxItsaaron rblx7 hours ago
  • Very cheese

    Jason WriterJason Writer7 hours ago
  • I'm french

    spiloboyspiloboy7 hours ago
  • That cross section though...

    Kutay GokcenKutay Gokcen7 hours ago
  • the way he roasted jake man he has literally no respect man from anyone I guess jake should leave youtube

    Siddhant PandyaSiddhant Pandya7 hours ago
  • You crazy son a bitch, you did it! :D much love!

    RyderX90RyderX907 hours ago
  • Milad the legend should get sponsored from subway ❌🧢

    Vayn0Vayn07 hours ago
  • Issa shame that it tastes horrible when the cross-section is so good XD

    VisualizeVisualize7 hours ago
  • lov u milad

    Manuel VillalobosManuel Villalobos7 hours ago
  • Mini sub gang

    Vividfilmzzz On InstagramVividfilmzzz On Instagram7 hours ago
  • I won't win but plz keep making videos at least

    king of strangeking of strange7 hours ago
  • hi

    lillylilly8 hours ago
  • Idk how, but this guy is amazing...

    MML memesMML memes8 hours ago
  • I will not comment

    Thevolution200Thevolution2008 hours ago
  • 5 random comments.

    Michael EMichael E8 hours ago