the ethics of spearfishing (a quick overview)

Feb 10, 2021
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This is the microphone I use:
This is my dive mask (with gopro mount):
These are my carbon fiber dive fins:
Great book about learning how to spearfish:
Amazing book about freediving, the ocean, and our connection to these things as humans:
Interesting read on how it’s scientifically proven that being near, in, on or under water can make you happier, healthier, more connected, and better at what you do:
This book is all about big fish, where to find them, and how to spear them. Written by a spearfishing OG, it will inspire you to explore the world, searching for big fish:
William Trubridge can dive to over 100 meters (330 feet) on a single breath of air, without wearing fins. This well-written autobiography explores his journey to become one of the deepest diving humans in the history of the world, and also helps show the potential that we all have inside of ourselves to dive deep, if we practice:
Finally, this book tells a tragic tale of an extremely talented freediver and how dangerous this sport can be, if not practiced safely:
***If you want to learn how to freedive or spearfish, DO NOT TRY IT ALONE. I recommend signing up for a freediving course to learn how to dive safely and find a buddy do dive with 🤙🤙******
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  • The vegan teacher is a bitch slowly putting me off you

    djkeneddjkenedHour ago
  • An Alaskan saying is respect your kill make it quick and clean and don’t waste any of it

    Slleddovahkiin 420Slleddovahkiin 4204 hours ago
  • That vegan teacher:SO YOU THINK SPEARING ANIMALS IS FUN us:yes

    Patrik the shitpost manPatrik the shitpost man7 hours ago
  • Lmao i dont think you sould Ever source the vegan teacher doesnt she have lawsuits or some shit

    -who_took_the_name --who_took_the_name -10 hours ago
  • Who believes that mad teacher

    king of comaking of coma10 hours ago
  • We as a civilization have grown too soft, I mean we are at the point where killing animals for food is considered "cruel" like, FUCK YOU I'LL KILL THIS CHICKEN REMOVE ITS HEAD AND GUTS THEN ROAST IT IN FRONT OF A VEGAN GATHERING BUILDING

    Pekora's Apostle 『1st apostle of the twelve』Pekora's Apostle 『1st apostle of the twelve』11 hours ago
  • They get all the food and all the bitches lmao

    GuardianOf MilkGuardianOf Milk11 hours ago
  • I mean the vegan teacher is annoying but she has a point that animal cruelty is not ok

    Brody ChilcoatBrody Chilcoat12 hours ago
  • Now these ethics are questionable :0 questionable ethics

    butters the ginger catbutters the ginger cat14 hours ago
  • Ape: The dogs that hunt get all the food and bitches Me:laughs

    Brody ChilcoatBrody Chilcoat14 hours ago
  • Lol yea she definitely agrees with u

    TheBlackRabbit UwUTheBlackRabbit UwU17 hours ago
  • So how sustainable is it for someone who does this full time

    Justin FlaniganJustin Flanigan19 hours ago
  • Dude you should get a sniper scope on one of your guns.

    Sam ZemanSam Zeman19 hours ago
  • The fact you referenced The Vegan Teacher made you lose all credibility and respect. Not that you had any from me from the start. Animals are food. As intended by God. Plants are the foods for animals. As intended by God. It’s in the Bible. If you don’t believe in the Bible. It’s scientifically proven. Either way, animals are food. The End!!!

    LoagaethLoagaeth19 hours ago
  • You don’t need to reference that vegan teacher she just made it stupid. P.S. she was banned 👏

    lila framelila frame20 hours ago
  • I agree with most of his points but I hate vegan teacher she is so rude to everyone

    Jordan FlynnJordan Flynn21 hour ago
  • Poor doggo🥲

    Gr4vityJuli4n :3Gr4vityJuli4n :3Day ago
  • I literally wanted to click of when he mentioned vegan teacher.

    StoicistStoicistDay ago
  • I might have to think this one through because it seems like you’re a supporter of the vegan teacher

    Legend Of GamingLegend Of GamingDay ago
  • m8 are you fooking defending the vegan teacher?

    BLT BlockerBLT BlockerDay ago
  • Bit tf outta my neck. That shit hurt

    Marsh_Marsh_Day ago
  • What's a really funny paradox is a Vegan who lets their cat outside. Don't tell me you care about native animal safety, conservation, or humane treatment of animals if you let your cat outside unsupervised.

    an Orangutanan OrangutanDay ago
  • I was with him until he mentioned the vegan teacher

    The Legend 26The Legend 26Day ago
  • Ok but imagine when another fish eats them. Tf maybe be faster?

    Brandon HallBrandon HallDay ago
  • We need a 360 no scope dude

    Omar Al-hilalOmar Al-hilalDay ago
  • Nobody likes the vegan teacher. She harasses people. Nobody cares about what she thinks. I feel bad for other vegans who have to watch her make them look bad.

    Sharky GamerSharky GamerDay ago
  • The vegan probably wouldn’t agree and would like murder us all and abuse our dogs into becoming vegan

    Ride RedRide RedDay ago
  • Beef and bacon do be delicious too

    Stormtrooper TK-5213Stormtrooper TK-5213Day ago
  • And that vegan teacher agrees with everything im about to say Me: ... Also me, realizing what has happened: SO SHES NOT VEGAN?!?!?!?! #$@%!

    NeroToxicNeroToxicDay ago
  • While I agree with everything you say, none of those arguements justify going out an hunt your food. Yes, it is better than commercial fishing.l, but you know what's even better? Not eating fish. Yes humans have been eating meat and fish for thousands ofyears. We've also been killing, raping and robbing eachother for thousands of years. Does that mean we should continue with all of that? Yes, other animals eat other animals. They also kill, rape and murder eachothers children. Should we start doing that too? I don't think we should take other animals as an example. Yes, hunting might give you satisfaction. A pedosexual gets satisfaction from raping a child. Is that a good enough reason for us to allow him to hurt the child? We are human, we are extremely smart, and we have a choice to make. We're not at the mercy of nature anymore, we can choose not to kill an animal.

    J SmitJ Smit2 days ago
    • @Phantom Carnage So what? Space is inhabitable, but we still find ways to live there. We are omnivores (although we might have transcended from frugivores), but we have the ability to survive on plants only. Who cares about what we are. Why don't we care about what we are able to do. And do me a favour and stop with your weird questions, just get to the point. I just got my master degree in medicine. I know what Homo Sapiens are.

      J SmitJ Smit16 hours ago
    • @J Smit I never said that what I do is natural . I am just saying that humans are omnivores . And do you now what Homo sapiens are ?

      Phantom CarnagePhantom Carnage22 hours ago
    • @Phantom Carnage We might not be built te be vegan. We can have a whole separate discussion about that. But even if we weren't built to be vegan. If with the help of one single supplement we can be, than why won't we? What's the problem with that? I'm not talking about Neanderthal, I'm talking about us, right now, in 2021. I'm a 10000% sure that 99% of what you eat and do in a day is not natural. Even the way you take a shit. So why is taking a supplement the one "non-natural" thing you are objecting to?

      J SmitJ Smit22 hours ago
    • @Milky Way Cannibalism? You are completely missing the point bud. Of course hunting animals is not the same as raping another human. But I'm not comparing them. 😂 I'm saying the argument of comparing humans to animals is inherently bad. You can't just pick one characteristic and call it a day. I'm giving up. I don't think I can make it any easier for you. But thank you for trying mate

      J SmitJ Smit22 hours ago
    • @J Smit no ,my point is that you need pills because we aren’t built to be vegan we are omnivores and unless we evolve to become a herbivore , We are omnivores and we don’t really have a Choice about being vegan , vegetarian or any other stuff . And the point you made about „it’s not possible to be natural“ the tell me how did the Neanderthals and early Homo sapiens survive ?

      Phantom CarnagePhantom Carnage22 hours ago
  • Every time the vegan teacher publishes a new video or any preachy vegan say some stupid shit to me I go into the field and kill something. Sometimes its a squirrel or a rat, other times its a bird, others its a feral hog or a even the occasional deer.

    marcuspinsonmarcuspinson2 days ago
  • What was the name of that movie?

    Adam MuhaiminAdam Muhaimin2 days ago
  • I'm vegitarian but if everyone hunted like you do i would have no problem with that

    Oliver boiiOliver boii2 days ago
  • Kamu ngomong apa si

    Princess SolacePrincess Solace2 days ago
  • Plants "scream" when you cut a leaf

    Herry BellsHerry Bells2 days ago
  • It’s not cruel you just suck and can’t actually fish with a rod and lures

    Indigo VisionIndigo Vision2 days ago
    • i mean, he did say it was fun

      Milky WayMilky Way23 hours ago
  • You choose the absolute worst person for reference

    Jimmy NeutronJimmy Neutron2 days ago
  • I feel bad for the small wolf

    Jasmyne PerezJasmyne Perez2 days ago
  • "by the way the vegan teacher 100% agrees with everything I'm about to say" Aight I'ma head out

    Lapis GoblinLapis Goblin2 days ago
  • Yeah you didn’t mention they have to wait for you to kill them while there impaled!!!!!!!

    StitchesStitches2 days ago
  • The Vegan Teacher is literally 30 but looks older than pretty much ANY 50 year olds I know.

    heartbroken ninjaheartbroken ninja2 days ago
  • I like that you put a clip of I did a ting

    BumpkinlordBumpkinlord2 days ago
  • the woman is a dump person

    Fortnite gamerFortnite gamer2 days ago
  • Well said

    no nameno name2 days ago
  • Idc food is food and the veggie teacher idc about her too

    mahmoud kandilmahmoud kandil2 days ago
  • Still better than letting them freeze to death which will take a few hours and cause the stress levels in the fish to rise. But honestly, a meal Is a meal 🤷‍♂️

    ItsDemonzItsDemonz2 days ago
  • Who gives a fuck I’m an apex predator

    匚丂卄卂山几匚丂卄卂山几2 days ago
  • Wah.

    Nice Guy EddieNice Guy Eddie2 days ago
  • Well we all gotta eat something

    Dark FlameDark Flame2 days ago
  • You stab them with a spear right ? So can you imagine being stabbed ? I don’t think that’s any more fun then suffocating to death like commercial fisherman.. dumbest video on USworlds right now 😂

    Alexis bapAlexis bap2 days ago
    • @Alexis bap have you watched his other videos? he drives a knife through their head killing them immediately after catch, that's much more humane than letting them suffocate

      Milky WayMilky Way23 hours ago
    • @Alexis bap I don’t say they die instantly I just said they are being put out of their misery fast . I never said they die instantly

      Phantom CarnagePhantom CarnageDay ago
    • @Phantom Carnage If you think they die instantly your wrong AF 😂

      Alexis bapAlexis bapDay ago
    • @Alexis bap no he puts them out of their misery FAST

      Phantom CarnagePhantom CarnageDay ago
    • Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong either of these options TO ME . But the fact your tryna justify that spear fishing is less painful then how commercial fisherman do it YOUR WRONNG 😂

      Alexis bapAlexis bap2 days ago
  • Way i see it the animal would kill you so you needn't feel bad about killing it

    Curious GeorgeorwellCurious Georgeorwell2 days ago
  • Vegan teacher is still gonna get pissed for no reason

    TeocraftTeocraft2 days ago
  • how can u get kitas or visa in such a long time visiting indonesia.

    Fatima CarmenFatima Carmen2 days ago
    • i think he lives there

      Milky WayMilky Way23 hours ago
  • That's part of the reason why I like to use a rod

    Adamus LarothAdamus Laroth2 days ago
  • Ain’t nobody give a fuck what the vegan teacher agrees with or doesn’t.

    william murwinwilliam murwin2 days ago
  • I agree, but I don’t care if VeganTeacher agrees or not, she’s insane

    TheAlpha64TheAlpha642 days ago
  • If vegan teacher comments, pin it

    GamingWithJaysenGamingWithJaysen2 days ago
  • If it’s cruel , then you should stop. I’m hawaiian , we harvest fish in this manner for centuries...don’t push your mainland ideas about how we should do things ...

    K cantorK cantor2 days ago
  • Acog spear gun

    LlamaLordLlamaLord3 days ago
    • 2.5 optical that bitch

      Milky WayMilky Way23 hours ago
  • You had me till you brought up vegan teacher. Shes a whole lot of psycho.

    Kennan BlakeKennan Blake3 days ago
  • God at first i understood cool instead of cruel "Is speerfishing cool to fish? Yes! It's extremely cool."

    ENDERENDER3 days ago
  • Well, same thing with hunting deer. It might seem cruel but we have to do it

    Exo_NollieExo_Nollie3 days ago
  • Does animals have feeling tho

    Hafizh Khairy HartoputraHafizh Khairy Hartoputra3 days ago
    • Lesser animals like small fish were rodents don't have feelings

      Nuri MCBENuri MCBE2 days ago
  • My dad was in War of the Worlds he was just a person running to a boat but an actor and dad for me

    Boys BaranskiBoys Baranski3 days ago
  • I’d honestly prefer this to mass commercial fishing.

    Jordan BielikJordan Bielik3 days ago
  • Dude animals are meant to be eaten and there not like humans there not being tortured. So grow some ball and don’t be a fruit.

    Weston FulbrightWeston Fulbright3 days ago
  • When he brought the vegan teacher into this I instantly do not like this

    Gaming with animalsGaming with animals3 days ago
  • How is spear fishing more sustainable than commercial fishing? You’re feeding what? One or Two people? Commercial fishing feeds a billion people a day. Imagine a billion people jumping in the water every day to spearfish. And they wouldn’t be going where commercial fishing boats are going, they’re going to be at places that are easily accessible just like you and trying to harvest fish that don’t have sustainable populations. You keep feeding yourself and I’ll be in Prince Edward Sound feeding the rest of the world.

    Jon MitchellJon Mitchell3 days ago
  • How can you tell if someone is vegan? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you.

    Jon MitchellJon Mitchell3 days ago
  • It's just like any other hunting.. do it responsible and respectful and with the least amount of pain and it's okay with the hunting gods.. and most people.. only get what you need to eat and JJ nothing more.. Don't do it just to see how many you can kill in a day.. that's an asshole.

    Nobody BusinessNobody Business3 days ago
  • Vegan doughnut

    Scrunchi HeadScrunchi Head3 days ago
  • What's the point of the fish tho they dont have spirits or anything they probably starve out in the ocean lol

    Mrpatrickstar [GD]Mrpatrickstar [GD]3 days ago
  • Better to hurt one fish you will eat then hurt more trying to catch the one you want whit a lure whit spearfishing you get to choose the one to eat and not prey you won't hurt fish you don't need to hurt when useing lures

    ThbranThbran3 days ago
  • We Humans are litterly spawn camping animals and exploiting em

    excuse meexcuse me3 days ago
  • Dude are you stupid they don’t have feelings ethics nerves aka they don’t feel pain

    DeadEnd17DeadEnd173 days ago
  • I dropped the vegan teacher part wouldn't want to be associated with that kind of lower level human

    George SosinskyGeorge Sosinsky3 days ago
  • Ye you were pretty chill till you brought the vegan teacher into this

    NORDICNORDIC3 days ago
  • Vegan teacher has been deplatformed. And rightfully so.. What a disgusting and horrible person.

    Doc TweeterDoc Tweeter3 days ago
  • It's the circle of life and there's nothing you can do to stop it

    Dr GasterDr Gaster4 days ago
  • Spearfishing is like getting paid 1 penny vs. commercial fishing getting the full $100 bill

    RouletteRoulette4 days ago
  • The vegan teacher is a sorry excuse for a human being 😂

    Draven ViseDraven Vise4 days ago
  • Yeah commercial fishing is cruel but we can’t just have everyone spearfish for food because there are so many people, so even though that farming animals is cruel it is necessary for everybody to have a happier life because I think I’m speaking for everyone when I say sushi taste better than salad. It’s just a matter of we are at the top of the food chain. Also this is just my personal opinion so comment what you think because everyone has different opinions.

    Channel About ThingsChannel About Things4 days ago
  • Is it hard to do

    LazerTreyLazerTrey4 days ago
  • I had agreed with you until you told me that crazy old vegan cat lady agreed, now I’m skeptical.

    Natty DaddyNatty Daddy4 days ago
  • She got he main page on tiktok taken down

    Shawns Derby denShawns Derby den4 days ago
  • Fish cant feel pain

    Tjalfetim JensenTjalfetim Jensen4 days ago
  • Saying vegan teacher agrees with you is a good way to kill your arguement

    Round4bout GamingRound4bout Gaming4 days ago
  • Guys he's arguing *for* spearfishing chill out

    Finite SourceFinite Source4 days ago
  • Hey first off the vegan teacher really does the opposite of help your point but second off most spearfishers have a knife where after impaling they kill it so it won't feel the pain. And on your but of "what if some alien did it to you" Can't you say the same about plants? Their living things and by your logic you shouldn't eat them so having said that what would you eat?

    NomuAlternateNomuAlternate4 days ago
  • Did you guys know that fish don’t even feel the hook in their mouth but rather just pressure because their brains are not developed enough to feel true pain like we do

    Jacob GarardJacob Garard4 days ago
  • The vegan teacher is facing jail time for her crimes.. at least 8 of them.. probably a good idea to stop referring to anything that pyscho c u next Tuesday has to say..

    Manda D.Manda D.5 days ago
  • She got banned from tiktok hahaha

    chrischris5 days ago
  • sorry but god gave me fish so imma eat em

    delayzdelayz5 days ago
  • Ooooooohhh fffffffffffffff I dont think it's a good idea to mention that vegan teacher bub

  • "And its a lot of fun" Me: Until you fished for the wrong fish at the wrong time and wrong place

    Shoto TodorokiShoto Todoroki5 days ago
  • Hey there is a difference between regular commercial and grocery commercial, my family is regular commercial that just means what ever you catch on rod and reel or in a cast net thats on your commercial boat or boats but there is usually less than 5 people working on that boat, grocery fishing is what he was talking about, respectable commercial fishermen dont do that they give the fish a chance we might catch then and eat them or sell them but we want a fair fight grocery commerical is using huge nets that arent fair their to people who dont know that:)

    ArchyArchy5 days ago
  • The zebra is My favroit animal so this was hard to wathc

    Alan RomeroAlan Romero5 days ago
  • What’s your limit for amount of fish you catch in a day?

    Twichy RamenTwichy Ramen5 days ago
  • I don't care or like that women she is wrong on so many levels and I am not talking about the meat vs no meat

    NomadNomad5 days ago
  • Fish don’t feel pain

    Kilmonger99 GAMINGKilmonger99 GAMING5 days ago