The EPIC FINALE To Shedeur & Deion Sanders' Reality Show! Full THIRD SEASON Of Primetime 2.0!

Apr 3, 2021
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Season 3 was INSANE! Deion and Shedeur brought the HEAT week in and week out. Not gonna lie, I'm sad that theres gonna be no more Primetime 2.0, but man am I excited to watch these boys take on bigger things!
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  • Who is the head coach?

    Erik JohnsonErik Johnson9 hours ago
  • Who else finished the whole thing at 1:25 am?

    Vylene BoydVylene Boyd22 hours ago
  • Yo Deion son look high in the interviews

    James Ward jeJames Ward jeDay ago
  • Hi

    Stand UpStand UpDay ago
  • Cam spoke facts in Mississippi

    Blockbabie2x 2xBlockbabie2x 2xDay ago
  • The production quality of this series is through the roof. I honestly dont think you could have done a better job. Easily sat through the full 2 and a half hours.

    corysagamingcorysagaming2 days ago
  • The fretful mirror prudently apologise because detective arthroscopically snow through a nauseating cover. freezing, telling side

    VobilityVobility4 days ago
  • My birthday is February 5

    Isaiah RoperIsaiah Roper4 days ago
  • Sorry deon you my man but your boy ain't got it at QB miss well work with him in a different position if he really wants to pursue football

    Christopher WagnerChristopher Wagner4 days ago
    • Based on what criteria? What fundmental QB skills is he lacking. He's only 18 and has the extra, entire spring and his whole college career to hone his skills

      Sean JonesSean Jones4 days ago
    • Don’t doubt him just yet my boy not yet

      AyeNovaAyeNova4 days ago
  • We all love us some (shoulders) the real ones will understand

    GoCray MariGoCray Mari5 days ago
  • 2 the goat

    Rip XRip X5 days ago
  • I love this they made progress

    Rip XRip X5 days ago
  • somebody tell me how Shedeur knows Kavion's job on defence better than him

    Kenny JrKenny Jr5 days ago
  • I jive cried the last game cuz that feeling is crazy 💔💔

    M&t OM&t O5 days ago
  • i like this team i wist i can be on this team but im 12

    Jaylin RazorJaylin Razor6 days ago
  • At least puluski academy would practice outside when it’s raining

    Aaron BeardAaron Beard6 days ago
    • If you have the Facilities Your gonna use them

      EliTheGoatEliTheGoat3 days ago
  • He is trash

    Kyle BakerKyle Baker6 days ago
  • “Aye you see the way he talk to me? Make me feel GOOD about life!”😂😂😂

    Li MoalaLi Moala6 days ago
    • Lol

      JJ CraigJJ Craig5 hours ago
  • It seems to me that Deion doesn't care if someone gets hurt on the field with some of his past comments" hey roll him off the field" etc

    T HT H6 days ago
  • The thing about prime time he will hold himself accountable and he passes that on to his players and they show great integrity

    KING KALOKING KALO6 days ago
  • I swear this show be inspiring me💙🏈💯

    Yfn_JayJay TYfn_JayJay T7 days ago
  • That dude with the dreads said on my dialogue My Mama digging it out she smoking on tha Weed boa

    TruTop 9sTruTop 9s7 days ago
  • Looooo

    Bustos FanBustos Fan7 days ago
  • Longest season ever in football

    Left CoastLeft Coast7 days ago
  • yall came to my hometown tally bih

    Jrell WyattJrell Wyatt7 days ago
  • Yes sir

    Kinghulk21Kinghulk218 days ago
  • Successful teams keep their standards up here ☝️

    Dutchman 22Dutchman 228 days ago
  • He tackling with no helmet😂😂

    CEO _OG_ClapzzzCEO _OG_Clapzzz8 days ago
  • Why they just won't continue it for jsu

    Devin BoltonDevin Bolton9 days ago
  • The REFf came like a OG. I ALMOST MY CHAIN. HELLA COOL....

    Mind Your BusinessMind Your Business9 days ago
  • Ayy don't cap on malakoff they raw

    Hunter GuthrieHunter Guthrie9 days ago
  • Can wait to see these dudes go to the League

    Freddie McMillanFreddie McMillan9 days ago
  • He will go pro

    jr rjjr rj9 days ago
  • Man plz go to JSU with them

    YkJayyyYkJayyy10 days ago
    • I rlly hope they do.but college usually has this weird thing where they can’t record their practices so idk

      CEC GamesCEC Games9 days ago
  • Overtime give SHOULDERS A Show‼️‼️

    Jalen AustinJalen Austin10 days ago
    • “on shoulders!”

      Greg SkinnerGreg Skinner9 days ago
  • I like watching these videos they are intense

    CLX DrizzyCLX Drizzy10 days ago
  • He said what your last name

    The XFactorHouseThe XFactorHouse10 days ago
  • Need to do this for him on jackson State

    the CHOSEN 1the CHOSEN 110 days ago
  • Ayeeee I’m from Ms

    Delaney W.Delaney W.10 days ago
    • @CEC Games yup

      Delaney W.Delaney W.9 days ago
    • 601?

      CEC GamesCEC Games9 days ago
  • Only true fans will watch the whole video

    Sniper Brayden62Sniper Brayden6210 days ago
  • Love Shoulders!! Promise that’s my nephew! 😄

    Kelly FordKelly Ford10 days ago
  • Let’s get mom up outa there 🏈❤️💯

    Tin FoilTin Foil10 days ago
    • if that dont get u pumped... nothing will

      Greg SkinnerGreg Skinner9 days ago
  • Season 4! Of prime time 2.0

    Byron Kobe BryantByron Kobe Bryant10 days ago
  • Ty

    Elite5Elite510 days ago
  • yesirr overtime thabk u

    DixznlmbDixznlmb10 days ago
  • Lesssss gooo I’ve been waitin on dis vid

    Connor SuttonConnor Sutton10 days ago
  • all episodes released on one video🔥🔥🔥

    Sean JonesSean Jones10 days ago
  • 4th

    HonoKidzHonoKidz10 days ago
  • 3

    Brittany FarmerBrittany Farmer10 days ago
  • 3

    Aa TJ AaAa TJ Aa10 days ago
  • 2

    Robert RamirezRobert Ramirez10 days ago
  • 2

    Mr Patrick MahomesMr Patrick Mahomes10 days ago
  • 1st

    foreignkiddforeignkidd10 days ago