The Downfall of Family Vlogging Channels: ShayTards

Apr 3, 2021
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hey guys! FINALLY. The last part to the series is done and out for your enjoyment. Again, please don't go send hate and ill will to this family, it sucks enough that the kids have to go through it and PUBLICLY. I really hope that this series opened your eyes (like it did mine) to the dangers of family vlogging channels and how scary the world can be for not just the kids but the parents as well! With that being said, I won't be uploading this week lol Im gonna take a week off and work on catching up with school stuff and also researching my next topic 🙊. ANYWAY I love you guys so much and I can't wait to hang out and tell stories with y'all again. 💗💗
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  • Overall: What Shay did was wrong and disgusting. This affair went on for 3 MONTHS. There's literally no excuse as to why he kept going back to the woman and continued to cheat on his wife, the clock was ticking for him to eventually get caught and he knew that but still pursued. It was a choice , and a wrong one and I feel like he understands that now (after 3 years). As I said in the video, the family is still trying to heal from all of this (especially the kids who are getting dragged into it because their faces have on the internet since they were 4 years old). SO PLEASE don't go and send hate to the family. I hope you learned a lot during this series about the messed up things that goes on with family vlogging channels (I know I have lmao). Anyway, hope y'all enjoyed and can't wait to hang out with you and tell stories again :) xoxo, Hailey

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  • So i guess we will be seeing you making a video 2 or 3 years from now on , about your Favorite ? cause from my point of view there is no difference here , any family that films his kids and Post online so everyone can see it , well they're all in the same boat , p.s. with this been said keep up the good work !

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  • i feel bad for their marriage. relationships are messy, and now you have millions of people tryna hold then to the fire of unrealistic principles of marriage, telling them what they are suppose to do and what a husband and wife should be and all these outside voices that do not have a realistic approach to what a marriage is REALLY like trying to be judge and jury.

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  • After reading the twitter DM's it sounds like she was being the creep actually... like literally begging to take one of his children!? lmao what????

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  • So with the affair, basically Shay used her sex and once she realized he wasn't leaving his wife she decided to blow the whole thing up.

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  • isnt their channel name “Shay____” using an abbreviated term of the r - slur ? im just saying that bc the r - slur is an offensive slur, and saying their channel name is essentially saying the r - slur. unless it means something else but im quite sure that’s what it’s referring to ??

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  • When i used to watch shaytards i really felt as if i were apart of the family when i was like 10

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  • We're watching a young lady putting on makeup & Making comment on family vlogs. I just don't know where this is all going. I'm scared for a world of people who think Social Media is the reality & the real world is is an illusion. There is a world without the internet & the only reason 5 Mil people are watching his so called pain is because he wants them to! Holy Crap! this generation has lost the plot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • she said 2020 it's crazy how we think it's still 2020 after 4 months

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  • UTAH/STRICT LDS households are the so TOXIC to grow up in.

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  • I thought shay met her when he a 18-19 year old saw her preform in a high school play when she was like 15

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  • Missionary work is NOT CHARITY it is colonization and incredibly intolerant to other religions.

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  • So I was 25 when I learned that my grandfather had an affair with a woman the same age as my mom (his daughter) I literally couldn’t believe it, my dear sweet stable grandparents went through something like that. Time really does heal all wounds.

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  • what he did was really wrong but i feel like he was the most genuine and like actually admitted to it rather than making excuses like every other channel and is learning from his mistakes and not just ignoring it

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  • what he did was really wrong but i feel like he was the most genuine and like actually admitted to it rather than making excuses like every other channel and is learning from his mistakes and not just ignoring it

    glossymiaglossymia18 hours ago
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  • I am one of the OG's following The Shaytards and CTFxC, I started following them in 2008 when you could still tag the channel owners, swear freely and the comments were rarely negative. Ngl it felt good to see the old vids again, I was so hooked on their "perfect" lives until everything flopped... 😞

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