The Dallas Mavericks are Reportedly Trying To Trade Kristaps Porzingis To The Golden State Warriors

Feb 23, 2021
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    TheFlightMikeTheFlightMikeMonth ago
    • Health is important. Can't make content if you're dead! Get well fam!

    • Hope you get well soon!

      Lex isLex isMonth ago
    • Please take a break if you need to. This community cares a lot about you. Stay safe!! ❤️❤️

      Me MemeMe MemeMonth ago
    • Get well soon bro...My prayers go out to you

      King Smooth26King Smooth26Month ago
    • Get well brother 🙏🏿, don’t fucking trade for KP. Warriors should keep what they got and wait for klay . Their team is excellent just little tweak here and there. If oubre Wiggins wiseman stay with the core steph green wait forever Klay damn it. He injury prone why would you want that 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

      The one Above allThe one Above allMonth ago
  • Yes Kristaps Porzingis needed to be trade to Warriors..... GO GO GO Warriors!!!

    Carlos MalubayCarlos MalubayMonth ago
  • Imagine that lineup next season.. it's so good to be honest, Twin tower 🔥 Wiseman and Porzingis plus Splash Brothers then great defense mentor Green. but the problem with Porzingis is his health

    cookiesNcreamcookiesNcreamMonth ago
  • Yessirrr

    TrazeTrazeMonth ago
  • Quick, while KP isn't injured...

    TennisEdTennisEdMonth ago
  • Get well soon

    Antony SeamanAntony SeamanMonth ago
  • Honestly I would keep Wiggins and just load up the team from top to bottom with good players like they did before KD like in 2016 and get more players in the draft and see if they can get a couple quality rotation players in free agency to beef up the bench

    Gio .aguayoGio .aguayoMonth ago
  • Mike on dem bars hehehehe

    lue630lue630Month ago
  • Get well brother

    A PayneA PayneMonth ago
  • 'course the mavs are trying/going to trade him. after all, they are statistical maniacs.

    Velo RakićVelo RakićMonth ago
  • 47% fg with 35% in 3s is not great for him. For this size and touch, if he trains hard enough, I am sure he can shoot 40% 3s with 8 or more attempts. He looks like he is taking too much comfort and needs to step up

    uropyuropyMonth ago
  • KP is a mav and it has to stay that way!!😎

    Joseph Luka SmrtnikJoseph Luka SmrtnikMonth ago
  • Noooooooooo!!!

    Ricardo McvaneRicardo McvaneMonth ago
  • Porzingiz for Klay haha

    Chopan8809Chopan8809Month ago
  • I’m praying for you and hope everything turns out well

    Kina BryantKina BryantMonth ago
  • u would be dumb to trade kp

    uyivertuyivertMonth ago
  • If this happened, Cuban is to blame for w/o K.P. mavs 'll be out in playoffs game.

    florencio jr lauzonflorencio jr lauzonMonth ago
  • this is the first time i saw ur video. but i hope that you are safe and get better soon.

    CrteloCrteloMonth ago
  • Once everyone healthy i think gsw gonna be problem they should work on there depth if anything that was always somthing that kept them on the top cuz they always applied pressure imo

    mackdaddymyersmackdaddymyersMonth ago
  • Porzingis is going to have an injury plagued career. A big man that doesn't really play physical, but hangs out in the corners and shoots threes isn't really what Golden State needs, especially since they'll have 2 3-point men when Thompson returns. However, maybe thats exactly what GS needs until Klay comes back.

    Garrett GrafGarrett GrafMonth ago
  • I honestly doubt he gets traded... I think it would be better to keep him anyways and just work with him. I just don’t think we could get a good enough return for KP, if there’s a good trade then i’m all for it but I don’t think the mavs would get a good enough return for him so they will keep him.

    Collin OwenCollin OwenMonth ago
  • i was thought the Mike Dunlazy rule mike dunlazy (leavey) lasts 16 years his dad only last 434 games... Dad said milk the sytem so MIKE lasted 16 years, as a million dollar porginsas is the same he can stay 20 years ang half ass player because am willing to pay to watch for his average career but he is a great player

    collin hueycollin hueyMonth ago
  • Why would they take Porz. He is expensive, poor defensively, they don’t need shooters. They have wiseman. So why?

    Pete CarpenterPete CarpenterMonth ago
  • Actually no one is wondering why Porzingis is being shopped. Stays hurt and plays horrible D, Mavs are underachieving..

    ighsightighsightMonth ago
  • Why bad for golden state he is always hurt. Also bro take of the health first

    dstewart1983dstewart1983Month ago
  • Just trade this useless crap already

    Jm ChooJm ChooMonth ago
  • Used to like KP on the NYK the only problem was he couldn't stay on the floor.

    Ap ApAp ApMonth ago
  • Hey Mike go and take a break man, or whatever you need. Don't worry when you come back we'll let you que the intro still. Much love brother!

    Rianme1sterRianme1sterMonth ago
  • Trading Wiggins and the first pick for a injury-plagued porzingis would be a big mistake

    Gregory JudieGregory JudieMonth ago
  • 9:31 what about drummond?

    XXXXMonth ago
  • Stay positive, happy, and carefree. Praying for ya, dude! 🤲🏼

    Su PharSu PharMonth ago
  • I’m not sure when this was posted however I pray for your speedy recovery

    Rehoboth ArtRehoboth ArtMonth ago
  • Trading the Tim’s first rounder and Wiggins is ridiculous. Not even a story.

    CGCGMonth ago
  • Wiggins and a second round at most, maybe even straight up. Porzingis doesn’t bring much more than Wiggins given his injury history.

    CGCGMonth ago
  • There is a reason why knicks traded porzingis. He is slim and injury prone and play no defense

    vincentnnycvincentnnycMonth ago
  • Slip ups bring authenticity all perspective wishing you greater health fam

    Texas BreadTexas BreadMonth ago
  • Bro take care of yourself we’ll be here

    James ForeJames ForeMonth ago
  • Oh no I hope you get healthy please focus on nursing yourself back to health

    Anna BananaAnna BananaMonth ago
  • Kristaps is unfortunately, much like Robben in football, very good, but made of glass. Plus he gets paid way to much for what he currently brings to the team. If mavs would be smart they would let him go, bring two good shooters or one sniper and one big boy who can bully, block, jump and also get dished, knows how to pick and roll.

    crni_tekaccrni_tekacMonth ago
  • Please people you are not The GM of any NBA team so

    Roland LiggayuRoland LiggayuMonth ago
  • As a knicks fan, I was happy when he got traded away.

    AlexpickupsAlexpickupsMonth ago
  • It take courage to admit you are struggling, no judgement from me, stay safe.

    Glenn MiddletonGlenn MiddletonMonth ago
  • Prayers brotha!

    Jordan O'kelleyJordan O'kelleyMonth ago
  • "never seen a team come out and say hey we're gonna trade this guy"... ever heard of andre drummond?

    Tom Delay BeatsTom Delay BeatsMonth ago
    • Mavs should go for Drummond

      R AR AMonth ago
  • "ravished" by

    Tom Delay BeatsTom Delay BeatsMonth ago
  • No they are not. The Mavericks calling the Warriors means nothing. If Warriors called Mavs then it would mean something. Warriors already 80mil in luxury tax. They gonna ride this year out with no trades and only way they sign someone new is DPE which they havent used Klay's DPE yet so I dont think they will since there centers were hurt for two weeks and still didnt use it. They banking on next year with Klay coming back

    Ananno MyssAnanno MyssMonth ago
  • I wouldn't trust nun that Capologist got to say💯

    Alexander JonesAlexander JonesMonth ago
  • There will be no trade Porzingas defense is a problem!

    ASHRAASHRAMonth ago
  • Aye man continue to grind but get well soon man health is first 💪🏾💯

    Emmanuel HammondEmmanuel HammondMonth ago
  • Hope you feel better bro

    Miles GrayMiles GrayMonth ago
  • Wiggins Wiseman for the unicorn

    Donnie HowardDonnie HowardMonth ago
  • Another injury bag going to GSW? No thank you

    K. LOUKK. LOUKMonth ago
  • honestly makes no sense trading for porzingis just a bad move

    smittysmittyMonth ago
  • My gums made my life hell, been 400 days.... feel better

    Dawn WallisDawn WallisMonth ago
  • I was watching highlights this morning and was noticing he was lacking effort. He's 7'3 keep your hands up and close out a bit, and he doesn't rebound well for his size and agility

    Lift Stress AwayLift Stress AwayMonth ago
  • Aye bro don't be afraid to share you human too

    Adam SellersAdam SellersMonth ago
  • I'd rather choose Ingram over Porzingis bro.

    Huan Pablo TorioHuan Pablo TorioMonth ago
  • dallas is missing seth and dellon wright man

    Servet AsaniServet AsaniMonth ago
  • Feel better

  • Are you ok really want to know don't have a instagram so can you post it on youtube or snapchat

    jmoney2177jmoney2177Month ago
  • it doesn't for GS.....he has no value for them, he will be out of the league within 2 years and no one will trade for him. all the rumors and reports are BS

    Efi BrilovskiEfi BrilovskiMonth ago

    IminateIminateMonth ago
  • Hope You Feel Better Flight Mike!! Prayers Go Out To You!!!🙏🏾

    Andre SimonsAndre SimonsMonth ago
  • You're high saying that Porzingis is a better player than Wiggins. PERIOD... Get well soon 👊

    Jim Lawrence JrJim Lawrence JrMonth ago
  • Umm ..they are nobody

    Ron ElderRon ElderMonth ago
  • Prayers 🙏🙏 Flight Mike

    Ron ElderRon ElderMonth ago
  • you don’t need no break you good keep on bringing the content

    Frostylegend 27Frostylegend 27Month ago
  • All i'm gonna say is , you cant squat for shit mate ...

    TheyMade MeDoitTheyMade MeDoitMonth ago
  • I feel like prozingis is always injured and hasn’t lived up to his full potential yet

    Samuel MashpowSamuel MashpowMonth ago
    • If Kristaps didn't get injured he would be an all star today

      Antony SeamanAntony SeamanMonth ago
  • This is not a good deal for Golden State. Wiggins, now that he's playing for a good team, is having a great season. He's very efficient, doesn't need the ball in his hands all the time, and he's playing by far the best defense of his life. If I'm GSW, I'm saying no thank you to this. In today's league, versatile wing defenders like Wiggins are super-valuable. The whole game these days is high pick and rolls and the 3 pt. line and whatever action you can generate off of that. You'll notice more and more teams "going small" more of the time? A big reason for that is because you need to be able to do a lot of switching. If you can just switch everything, that's the best scenario. Porzingis is a major liability in that situation. If you get a good scoring 2 or 3 switched on to him, he's toast and everyone knows it. The offensive stuff he can do is really cool, and it can be a crowd-pleaser. But it's too costly on the defensive side. I wouldn't want him. Would you really want a guy who can't switch pick and rolls to be a part of your defense for 30 minutes a night? Compare that to Wiggins: there is zero downside at any time to having him out there. Kind of a coaches dream the way he's playing this season, actually. He's not in the "elite superstar" class of wing player. He's just outside of that group. I think he gets a knock because he was drafted #1 overall and Lebron wanted no part of him in his 2014 return to Cleveland and he never became a superstar in dysfunctional Minnesota. But now he's showing his worth and I would say he is more valuable than KP, overall. Sending Wiggins plus a first-rounder for KP would be stupid. Bob Myers is not going to do that.

    david bakerdavid bakerMonth ago
  • NO!!! Just NO!!!

    stefon sheltonstefon sheltonMonth ago
  • Sorry why would my GSW do this trade? Wiggins has been brilliant his year and will be even better next year with Klay back and we need Wiseman he is the only youngster we have

    Big James CousinsBig James CousinsMonth ago
  • That’s only makes sense if they can get Joker on mavs

    JKJKMonth ago
  • Yah kp is better than wiggins but his health is an issue it would have to be straight up no picks

    brad dillonbrad dillonMonth ago
  • Damn I hope we can get rid of Porzingas for Wiggins

    Ryu RoddRyu RoddMonth ago
  • I see this as a trade for next season so they have a good big man that can shoot. Wiggins might be good and a lot of people saying don’t trade him but they got a lot of small guys like him need someone that can be in the paint playing d and pulling up on the other end

    Matt ComerMatt ComerMonth ago
  • Get better bro!

    Malik ColonMalik ColonMonth ago
  • Your intros are so bad that sometimes I can’t even push past it to listen to the video you’ve made and shit it off just like this one 1:20 in and I am now switching to something else

    Joseph MadiganJoseph MadiganMonth ago
  • we don’t watch cause it’s basketball news we watch cause it’s you giving us the news you are just as important as the info coming to us feel better mike and don’t over work yourself bro

    Dev ShahDev ShahMonth ago
  • Am I the only one that says "cue the intro" with him every time?

    Ed WilliamsEd WilliamsMonth ago
  • Why is dallas trynna trade kristaps he is a DAWG i havent been paying much attention to Dallas but when i do he is hoopin

    thereal DGthereal DGMonth ago
  • Why is dallas trynna trade kristaps he is a DAWG i havent been paying much attention to Dallas but when i do he is hoopin

    thereal DGthereal DGMonth ago
  • Get well soon bro 🤞🏼

    Mateo MarquezMateo MarquezMonth ago
  • I dont see this happening kristaps is a good player but being hes ust been prone to injury and for what he makes hes not worth the risk dude is only 25.

    Logan BaumannLogan BaumannMonth ago
  • I hope you get better man..

    MethodOfGuyMethodOfGuyMonth ago
  • Porzingis has a lot of Big drawbacks with very little big benefits. What I mean is he's a liability defensively and despite being 7'3 he simply doesn't have that dominant of a presence. For the Warriors you also have to remember Wiggins is only temporarily the 2nd option. As the 3rd/4th option on that team Wiggins is a far better player compared to Porzingis because defensively him and Klay can be very impressive on the wings.

    Blkslvr18Blkslvr18Month ago
  • If this happens you know the nba is involved and wants warriors to be playoff locked because they want view and money.

    robert gomezrobert gomezMonth ago
  • Intro fire new to channel blessings!

    JFresh214YTJFresh214YTMonth ago
  • Hey man...... I hope things get better.

    J BryantJ BryantMonth ago
  • Isnt porzingis an injury risk an gsw is already short handed

    Ruilin LinRuilin LinMonth ago
  • Hell no

    Gabriel RojasGabriel RojasMonth ago
  • Stay safe!

    Nova haiNova haiMonth ago
  • God bless you TheFlightMike

    Jikku johnJikku johnMonth ago
  • Man bro i hope all is well 💯Great vidz

    Young ToolieYoung ToolieMonth ago
  • KP not the problem for Mavs. They need people that can bang down low and play D. Mavs seem soft.

    DeeariDeeariMonth ago
  • Hope you feel better bro take time off if you need to✊

    FoundApollo5387 ツFoundApollo5387 ツMonth ago
  • I would rather keep Wiggins and the pick...Porzingis is too injury prone

    Francis MFrancis MMonth ago
  • Get well soon boi

    Martin LengyelMartin LengyelMonth ago
  • Hope he doesn't come and be a bum... Warriors had it made and allowed Draymond to assist KD on a flight to Brooklyn!

    CEE TV JamaicaCEE TV JamaicaMonth ago
  • Get well soon❤️

    Nasser AlhammadiNasser AlhammadiMonth ago