The Crown Season 4 | Official Teaser | Netflix

Oct 13, 2020
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The stuff of which fairytales are made.
Season Four of The Crown. 15th November.
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The Crown Season 4 | Official Teaser | Netflix
In the 1980s, Elizabeth clashes with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher while Prince Charles enters a tumultuous marriage with Lady Diana Spencer.

  • The most anticipated event of all in the history of the english monarch

    EzEz2 minutes ago
  • aaaaahhhhhh can't fucking wait! Gillian Anderson is my Queen!

    Thanira RatesThanira Rates8 minutes ago
  • goodness, i'm so anxious about this season. When the cast change i dont like it very much, but i'm waiting for this very bad

    Pocket BirdyPocket Birdy35 minutes ago

    Alberto MarínAlberto Marín50 minutes ago
  • it s fiction, you really think they ll tell the REAL stories behinds the walls of buckingham palace?

    New DimensionNew Dimension50 minutes ago
  • When I saw Diana from her back I thought she was the real one.

    Alice JabberwokAlice JabberwokHour ago
  • Name of the soundtruck?

    La cirimbelli 01La cirimbelli 01Hour ago
  • I hope they don’t coax shit and make Diana a bad guy

    ann maryann maryHour ago
  • Yalll that music just before they carried princess Diana’s coffin gives me chills

    ann maryann maryHour ago
  • Enter Diana... finally!!! OMG, Literally cannot wait.

    Agustina RomeroAgustina RomeroHour ago
  • Diana looked a bit taller than Charles in full length pictures

    Rakhi DhavaleRakhi Dhavale2 hours ago
  • Diana😇........

    Mo ShahalMo Shahal2 hours ago
  • Interested to know what permissions if any did NETFLIX have to get from the Royal Family or the British Government in producing this series??????

    drwho534drwho5342 hours ago
  • Can't wait for this season 4!!!

    AyllaAylla2 hours ago
  • Wow

    WanderB EditsWanderB Edits2 hours ago
  • The darkest days of the Windsor family

    self diagnosed boxing expertself diagnosed boxing expert2 hours ago
  • Wonder if they show a scene after Mountbatten dies where Philip screams at Charles for crying just before the funeral. I read that actually happened. All the staff were there and they all felt uncomfortable and sorry for Charles.

    Star trackerStar tracker3 hours ago
  • Man! Gillian Anderson as Thatcher. This is so lit.

    anony mousanony mous3 hours ago
  • This season is gonna give me a heart attack. OMG

    Dener NogueiraDener Nogueira3 hours ago
  • Diana and Thatcher in one season. Oh this is going to be GOOD.

    Martin AmarillaMartin Amarilla4 hours ago
  • I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

    Rafaella CamposRafaella Campos4 hours ago
  • here for Mrs. Thatcher though :,)))

    Mahmoud anwarMahmoud anwar4 hours ago
  • It's looks like a Mystery-Series. Great. 💎

    Sandra FellerSandra Feller4 hours ago
  • oh my i'm so excited for this

    mikin liroumikin lirou4 hours ago
  • oh my god Charles is the guy from God's Own Country!!

    TrixterBambiTrixterBambi5 hours ago
  • Apparently, it is simply impossible to find a young woman as radiant & elegant as Lady Diana Spencer !! :-) :-) :-) She was absolutely unique !! :-o :-o :-o And she had wonderful hair too !! :-o :-o :-o

    Wren-essence RenaissanceWren-essence Renaissance5 hours ago
  • I think Netflix was banking on the Queen not being around for that long. Season 4 and the Queen is live and well.

    cindymx02cindymx026 hours ago
    • They lived happily ever after !

      mikin liroumikin lirou4 hours ago
  • I'm so excited, can't wait for this to come out!

    holo its meholo its me6 hours ago
  • I live in Malaga and I saw my city in the trailer

    Gianfranco GemignaniGianfranco Gemignani6 hours ago
  • So excited about this

    Cali GalCali Gal7 hours ago
  • Looking forward to thatcher’s exchanges with lizzy. They better come through with the dialogues and do it justice

    Aditya SinghAditya Singh7 hours ago
  • I literally read up on the Royal family this weekend and watched documentaries on them. These ppl are monsters they have no love. What charles and Camilla did the Diana was terrible yet they portrayed her as mad but she was sad her husband didn't love her. Camilla was very present and forceful. They threw Dian under bus because she spoke her truth . Im a modern woman im young and i have seen the Brits tear Meghan Markle apart for absolutely nothing. Go read up the scandalous history of the house of Windsor and their German blood line. Ann divorced , Charles cheated and married divorced Camilla prince phillip affairs the queen and her father knowledge of the slave trade ..yet they try to fool this generation to make us believe they are so good. Harry did the right thing his wife did nothing yet they picked at her to cover Andrew's scandal. The so called non British royal family who are originally Germans are corrupt power hungry people.

    Zoey ZoeyZoey Zoey7 hours ago
  • Be interesting to see how they show Diana her true colours or just the ones she showed to the gullible masses.

    Karen Price-HattonKaren Price-Hatton8 hours ago
  • i stopped watching the crown after claire foy left but NOW forprincess DIAN!!! iwill be watching again !! they better do her right

    netflix accnetflix acc8 hours ago
  • HOLY SH*T!

    Florida GalFlorida Gal8 hours ago
  • perfect casting for diana. she resembles the lady like crazy

    Vanessa VictoriaVanessa Victoria8 hours ago
  • Ridiculously excited about this, and love the casting for Thatcher and Princess Diana.

    Natasha PNatasha P8 hours ago
  • so season 7 will have Meghan Merkle, awesome!

    Charning KolkataCharning Kolkata8 hours ago

    King YoongiKing Yoongi8 hours ago
  • Gracias por recomendar a @ micshawn7 en Instagram, simplemente desbloqueó mi icloud perfectamente

    Jessica rayesJessica rayes9 hours ago
  • I’m very excited for this season. A) I don’t know much about politics but Thatcher is a dinosaur of a woman that I’d definitely want to have a bottle of wine with her and B) being 21 this whole Diana obsession has never made one bit of sense and all anyone ever tells me when I ask about her it was all because she was beautiful and she died. Followed by some over emotional over dramatic commentary on how the media killed her despite the fact she was killed in a car crash the poor woman. Which tells me nothing. So I’m really looking forward to hearing the story for myself and finally learning what this Diana deal is all about. Apparently she was a big fan of getting involved and was honest about not the best parts of the royal family but the queens sister was also famous for that exact thing at her age and I don’t see people getting all excited about her. Also I wanna know why everyone thinks the queen is evil for looking after her grandchildren after their mother died instead of looking after some dudes kicking off in a pub because a hot girl died. I mean I know she has a duty to the people of the nation but her grandchildren needed her. I think that’s one of the best reasons to take some time

    Holly RoHolly Ro9 hours ago
  • They lived *happily ever after !*

    Dylan RathnayakeDylan Rathnayake9 hours ago
  • I suddenly want to binge-watch the first season before this one started. I love Lady Diana Spencer. And I'm curious what Helena Bonham Carter's role in this series.

    Shaida AbubakarShaida Abubakar9 hours ago
  • can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ana FeioAna Feio10 hours ago
  • I guess this will be the most watched season of the crown.

  • Anyone knows the name of the Soundtrack / music / song that starts at 1:10 ? And the narrator at the begining? Thanks!

    Sergi Calvet CarneSergi Calvet Carne11 hours ago
    • The narrator is The Archbishop of Canterbury. He speaks these same lines at 1981 Royal wedding of Charles and Diana. You can hear the same from 33:00 on this video!

      Unmesh Kant ShahUnmesh Kant Shah10 hours ago
  • actually screaming

    Jeff WamwakiJeff Wamwaki11 hours ago
  • Olivia Coleman doesn't look appropriate for being the Queen. She always looks like an angry or old grumpy lady. Her queen Anne portrayal was much more suited

    Paul ChamvuthipreechaPaul Chamvuthipreecha11 hours ago
    • "She always looks like an angry or old grumpy lady" from this description is sound like she captured 1980s - 1990s qeeen elizabeth perfectly lol

      shavpshavp4 hours ago
  • it's the same queen from the last season?

    supernatural2029supernatural202913 hours ago
    • yes

      Sergi Calvet CarneSergi Calvet Carne11 hours ago
  • I wonder if they're gonna include Diana's extreme eating disorder and depression? She was miserable during their marriage and even tried to kill herself multiple times. It would almost be a disservice to her to NOT show what she went through because of this family in the name of The Crown.

    ClutzyB14ClutzyB1413 hours ago
  • 0:55 omg it gave me the chills

    Mermaid OceanMermaid Ocean13 hours ago
  • Like lamb going to slaughter. Rip princess di, you are forever the queen of our hearts. It's crazy how the British make fun of pr question the patriarchal and regressive traditions of the east, but then they have such a regressive family that represents them, regressive to thr point that a girl from that family wearing shorts in public is looked down upon

    misuzu9254misuzu925414 hours ago
  • If any one has showtime they have short stories 2 of my favorites in the friendship with Margaret and Mick Jigger and how Freddie Mercury snuck princess Diana into a gay bar

    Morgan SmithMorgan Smith14 hours ago
  • They truely loved each other in the beginning. The music in the trailer portrays a horror series which it’s not ! 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Arka BiswasArka Biswas15 hours ago
  • when they released season 4 ? I can’t wait! So excitement!

    Melissa IrawanMelissa Irawan15 hours ago
  • I think you might enjoy 😁 It's free to subscribe 😘 Come check us out!! ☺

    Katherine GouletKatherine Goulet15 hours ago

  • Emma Corrin who plays Lady Diana Spencer looks more like Priscilla Presley than Diana. She doesn't even have Diana's shaped face, so get real everyone.

    GaynorGaynor15 hours ago

    Indian Couple's Life In SingaporeIndian Couple's Life In Singapore16 hours ago
  • wow..the iron lady AND princess diana? this is going to be the best season 👍

    Desi Lilac CornerDesi Lilac Corner16 hours ago
  • The trailer perfectly sums up the marriage of Charles and Diana-not a fairy tale, but a tragedy.

    Wizarding World VideosWizarding World Videos16 hours ago
  • That shot of Diana in the car... I don’t know what to say.

    moonymoony17 hours ago
  • Queen Di has arrived 👸

    Ernie LamarErnie Lamar17 hours ago
  • Can't wait for Megan!

    Nazir TumbaNazir Tumba18 hours ago

    TheRedHairChannelTheRedHairChannel18 hours ago

    san ni ki !!san ni ki !!19 hours ago
  • are they going to dare to do IT though?

    emilie11291emilie1129119 hours ago
  • With this series may it be with accordance to the real tragedy of Lady Di or not, or even if this series is being approved or not by the Queen herself. It will only show that in order for the British Monarchy to continue and prevails up to these days, things must always be done no matter the cost.

    iChing85iChing8519 hours ago
  • Can't wait!

    AG LancAG Lanc20 hours ago
  • i need the song in this trailer :(

    amandalmamandalm20 hours ago
  • I missed S3 because they switched actors and I wasn't sure how I felt about that, but now that they're bringing in Princess Diana, I HAVE to catch up!

    Tavia RomanTavia Roman21 hour ago
  • yaay, can wait to watch it🤣

    ira gacosira gacos21 hour ago
  • Mostly here for Gillian Anderson. She’s so fierce. I can’t wait to see her in this role

    intldawnintldawn21 hour ago
  • This looks great. Season 4 is appealing to me because of Margaret Tatcher (Gillian), more than Diana. About Diana, you can find plenty of information, no so much about Tatcher with the focus on the person this show has.

    sagir74sagir7421 hour ago
  • Dayum... I feel like I need to break my Netflix boycott. I forgot how much I love this series

    Alie HunterAlie Hunter21 hour ago
  • I CAN'T wait!!!!!!

    Stanislau LemStanislau Lem22 hours ago
  • Wow she is beautiful like princess Diana ! Wow just wow !!!

    Selena GonzalesSelena Gonzales22 hours ago
  • Os brasileiros vão passar a Proclamação da República vendo The Crown kkkkk

    Luiza CarvalhoLuiza Carvalho22 hours ago
  • the most exciting season for THE CROWN LADY DIANA SPENCER.. YOU GAVE ME A GOOSEBUMPS

    Yhedrick ClaverYhedrick Claver22 hours ago
  • the most exciting season for THE CROWN LADY DIANA SPENCER.. YOU GAVE ME A GOOSEBUMPS

    Yhedrick ClaverYhedrick Claver22 hours ago
  • Can’t wait for Princess Diana to again steal the lime light from these people who were so cruel to her.

    Noah BaumannNoah Baumann22 hours ago
  • This trailer brought me to tears.

    Nichole ComparatoNichole Comparato23 hours ago
  • Anything with Diana just makes me so sad. Her life was so tragic, it’s heartbreaking.

    Abdulaziz AlharbiAbdulaziz Alharbi23 hours ago

    cynthia rousecynthia rouse23 hours ago
  • Aka Diana’s season

    Clarence Davis IIIClarence Davis III23 hours ago
  • Finally there's an actress who actually reminds me of Diana

    Wafa SultanaWafa Sultana23 hours ago

    Nicole DNicole DDay ago
  • Even the trailer is a masterpiece ❤️

    Martucha PietruchaMartucha PietruchaDay ago
  • Whooo hoooo!!! I can't wait!! Such an amazing cast!!

    Belinda JobeBelinda JobeDay ago
  • Princess Diana. Cinderella. The Queen Of Hearts. The People’s Princess. This will be a very dark fairy tale. When the wedding bells also sound like the tolls of a funeral in service. It’s Cinderella...but if she was transported into the wrong fairy tale and ate Snow White’s poisoned apple. Never destined to wake up.

    RomeosTrueDudeRomeosTrueDudeDay ago
  • I can't wait for this and I know that I will see this season in one day hahaha

    carina maldinicarina maldiniDay ago
  • I can almost see William and Harry gonna watching this season and they are saddened.

    Zsolt S.Zsolt S.Day ago
  • The season, after Charles and Camilla are hated again..

    Zsolt S.Zsolt S.Day ago
  • I can't freaking waaiitttt😭😭

    Nqobile ElandNqobile ElandDay ago
  • Diana. Thatcher. The Crown is coming to save 2020! Shooooooo.... let’s go!!

    bofooit gojobofooit gojoDay ago
  • Estoy conmovida por el enorme parecido! Creo que muchos verían la serie solo para ver los pasajes de Diana! 💗

    Eliza ZzZEliza ZzZDay ago
  • She looks amazing as Diana! 😍 I‘m very pleased!

    soapwondersoapwonderDay ago
  • Och it gave me chillls! So looking forward to this!

    AnnaKAnnaKDay ago
  • This trailer was good! Very excited for the new season

    Saddy PrezaSaddy PrezaDay ago
    • charles wished he was that young

      bofooit gojobofooit gojoDay ago
  • 😍😍😍😍 This Looks so good

    Hannah BeiselHannah BeiselDay ago