The Craziest 8,000 IQ Among Us Outplay Ever!

Nov 5, 2020
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We played$10,000 Among Us challenges with the Sidemen! Watch the whole video for the biggest brain plays you'll ever see!
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  • you rock

    Truman KosinskiTruman Kosinski2 hours ago
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    CJ BoyleCJ Boyle2 hours ago
  • 😍😍😍

    Angel CamuaAngel Camua3 hours ago
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    Rosa BanksRosa Banks4 hours ago
  • karl in chat i hate ksi

    Renee LipkaRenee Lipka5 hours ago
  • 2:37 somebody clip it 😭

    Cookie OreosCookie Oreos5 hours ago
  • Best recommendation of the day!

    aknayirP arpohCaknayirP arpohC6 hours ago
  • waddup mrb

    Laura McCarthyLaura McCarthy7 hours ago
  • 7:49 karl said he hate ksi

    J walJ wal8 hours ago
  • nice video i love it

    Vetri.LVetri.L9 hours ago
  • The editing here is like a 4/10 I’ve watched the real video and this one is kinda weird

    NRG MoMentsNRG MoMents9 hours ago
  • Am I the only one that noticed that from 1:10 to 1:28 always someone else is dead

    Doodle SkoodleDoodle Skoodle11 hours ago
  • Nether

    SaveMo DehiwalaSaveMo Dehiwala13 hours ago
  • I love how everyone except for the Beast crew is British

    amina mamina m14 hours ago
  • Beast: if that imposter wins each of us will send him $1000, so he’ll get 10 grand Me, the mathematician: wait, if theres 10 people and one is imp, then that means the imp will only get 9k...

    amina mamina m14 hours ago
  • 7:28. No no Chan Chan no bad words-🥺

    シMuffinPlayzシシMuffinPlayzシ14 hours ago
  • Cool I love playing AMONG US I just drew among us dead body on my channel check it out🥰

    DIY RainbowDIY Rainbow15 hours ago
  • I. Love your vid

    Manuel MartinezManuel Martinez16 hours ago
  • 8:11 slow it down to 25x it will come

    Brayden FriedrichBrayden Friedrich18 hours ago
  • Imagine playing with them and having no idea that it's actually them😳

    Alekito 2006Alekito 200619 hours ago
  • ksi is black hello niga is ksi

    • Tf is wrong with you!?‽

      Jihad ARJihad AR19 hours ago
  • Is that Damian lillard in the Hulu add

    LGC CloudLGC Cloud23 hours ago

    Jwan MalatialiJwan MalatialiDay ago
  • anyone else notice at 1:27 that it said Ethan was dead for Jimmy instead of Tobi? Like if u did

    Terence LoweTerence LoweDay ago
  • Is that drake

    。bᥲbydᨻll 。。bᥲbydᨻll 。Day ago
  • Just installed this game after this video

    ATN10ATN10Day ago
  • All of them acting like 10k is alot of money

    WoodySmellsWoodySmellsDay ago
  • 1:38

    Bailey BlickleBailey BlickleDay ago
  • I’ve played with Mr. Beast

    Lia RafaelLia RafaelDay ago

    Anna FirstAnna FirstDay ago
  • 8:27 White man shoots black dude in public 😶😶

    Nanditha G.SNanditha G.SDay ago
  • Who else saw when mr beast was talking about the private investigator his name was red

    Eva BrownEva BrownDay ago
  • Omg my cosine is KSI

    T lo! Taqi!T lo! Taqi!Day ago
  • ههههههه 😂

    سليمان اباالخيل3xdسليمان اباالخيل3xdDay ago
  • Nooooojj

    Ioanna BatskaIoanna BatskaDay ago
  • No Kai

    Ioanna BatskaIoanna BatskaDay ago
  • Simoommm

    Poggies KingPoggies KingDay ago
  • bless you chandler

    Lazar beamLazar beamDay ago
  • Fun fact there winner will only get 9 k

    Sava spurs fanSava spurs fanDay ago
  • mr.beast my among us id is names notmr.beast and every one thinks i am an impostar

    Hooria MarjanHooria MarjanDay ago
  • They should play hide and seek among us

    Diya CliffordDiya CliffordDay ago
  • When I'm im the only impostor I win using sabotaging 02

    Thyra PairatThyra PairatDay ago
  • 2:26 i died

    Layla GrundLayla GrundDay ago
  • This was not expected. Why? because there is no money lost

    leah stepterleah stepterDay ago
  • what kind of face is that ksi

    iangamer TViangamer TVDay ago
  • Big Josher sounds like dantdm

    HenryyaddaHenryyaddaDay ago
  • Me -Pretty bad when He’s impostor -can’t lie

    What I said was HELLA CAPWhat I said was HELLA CAPDay ago
  • *Ethan votes KSI* “ETHANNNNNNN”

    Random YouTube Gamers!Random YouTube Gamers!Day ago
  • I play among us with the name of MrBeast and told everyone to subscribe lol

    Will’s outdoor experienceWill’s outdoor experienceDay ago

    Christina GarciaChristina GarciaDay ago
  • Ski new name is kissy

    TheFrozenBannaTheFrozenBannaDay ago
  • I could play among us with Mr. beast I would die

    Robb MuddRobb MuddDay ago
  • Whenever I watch MrBeast's videos At the beginning his ad always pops up ;w;

    Lunelight_Tree CoLunelight_Tree Co2 days ago
  • One impostor is very easy

    Fefe MasterFefe Master2 days ago
  • Ksi’s name Black Man lmaooooo

    Lightning ClanLightning Clan2 days ago
  • next: practical among us with real spaceships in outerspace

    Mugdha DandegaonkarMugdha Dandegaonkar2 days ago
  • among is thebest

    Lauren AbbottLauren Abbott2 days ago
  • You know someimes i think mrbeast is legittimately the best among us player of all time

  • 6:01 to 6:03: funny sneeze lol

    Samarth ShakyaSamarth Shakya2 days ago
  • 2:38 Face of PURE evilness

    DilIsEpic ManDilIsEpic Man2 days ago
  • what if you win mr beast

    AatmikAatmik2 days ago
  • 1:19 mrbeast is quarter imposter

    Kingston VukicKingston Vukic2 days ago
  • When are you doing another among us video

    Mineycraft5572 M7Mineycraft5572 M72 days ago
  • As a society member, we all have responsibilities And watching Jimmy is one of them

    Aerial homeAerial home2 days ago
    • 😂

      Crazy PandaCrazy PandaDay ago
    • What’s a society member

      Francesc BallesterFrancesc BallesterDay ago
  • I hate to be that guy but come on do the math - max people in a among us lobby is 10 their is one impostor and the are nine other crewmates so the impostor will get $9,000 not $10,000 unless one of the crewmates give the impostor $2,000 which is so unessecary but if one does im going to sound dumb as fk

    Angel HepiAngel Hepi2 days ago
  • The black man always dies first - DangMathSmith

    Gideon WannoreGideon Wannore2 days ago
  • Winning this is easy

    Kai HillKai Hill2 days ago
  • Guys, I clicked on this video, and a freaking ad of mr. Beast popped up......I can't-

    Kitty KatKitty Kat2 days ago
  • I love it when Chandler suggests to stay with Jimmy when it's him

    Paige WickstromPaige Wickstrom3 days ago
  • 1:38

    •Gacha•Wolfie••Gacha•Wolfie•3 days ago
  • Sweet

    Smoky mountain BoysSmoky mountain Boys3 days ago
  • @mrbeast, i have tried many many many many many many many many many many times to join your discord for MrBeast Gaming channel AND I cannot join, sadface :( it would be my dream to join your discord to play 100 people among us or minecraft challenge videos because I LOVE YOUR VIDS

    BMAN_BROBMAN_BRO3 days ago
  • tommorow is mybirthday plzz

    mark edersonmark ederson3 days ago
  • 7:28 me when I am about to say wtf and realize that my parents are sitting with me 🤪

    Swëët BøbaSwëët Bøba3 days ago
  • Kai bab

    Karisa WhiteKarisa White3 days ago
  • 1.28 Trim4Tobi was killed not ethan

    Rock GolemRock Golem3 days ago
  • 1:20 it says Josh is dead then it says Ethan then Tobi!!

    Itz_ ZuniiiItz_ Zuniii3 days ago
  • 0:37 is so funny Simonnnnnn

    Itz_ ZuniiiItz_ Zuniii3 days ago

    Itz_ ZuniiiItz_ Zuniii3 days ago
  • At 8:47 Karl says “oh sh**” XD who realised

    Itz_ ZuniiiItz_ Zuniii3 days ago
  • 1.15 it does not download its fix wire task

    Nejc PavšičNejc Pavšič3 days ago
  • How do they all have the best accents!? Like seriously tho, all their voices are so nice to listen to. And they make the video so nice to watch. And I also love all of their laughs😊 Especially Milimeter’s🥰

    Natalie SulierNatalie Sulier3 days ago
  • I play this Mr beast , I'm still waiting I can out play u sir

    Nicholas BrownNicholas Brown3 days ago
  • 😍

    DambroDambro3 days ago
  • 😍

    DambroDambro3 days ago
  • At 7:49 who else sees Karl says I hate KSI

    Shays studioShays studio3 days ago
  • 1:27 do u guys notice that TRIM4TOBI was already dead then how did he came back ?

    Adel's studioAdel's studio3 days ago
  • He didint yell this time!!

    A Day In A Life With MichelA Day In A Life With Michel3 days ago
  • Yo WTF this sounds exactly like DanTDM 5:02

    MrGuyFrankMrGuyFrank3 days ago

    Beautiful Relaxing Music Video'sBeautiful Relaxing Music Video's3 days ago
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    Karen MonczynskiKaren Monczynski3 days ago
  • All the thumbnails in this channel will have Jimmy's face

    Naveed RahmanNaveed Rahman3 days ago
  • rip vikkstar

    Justin Powell JrJustin Powell Jr3 days ago
  • ksi is literally me in among us

    Trever WilleyTrever Willey3 days ago
  • The overjoyed mechanic hemodynamically belong because expert inadvertently gather by a parched beetle. tacky, finicky feast

    Henry SantosHenry Santos3 days ago
  • Black is the important

    Han and Anna NgoHan and Anna Ngo3 days ago

    Rowena BihagRowena Bihag3 days ago

    Rowena BihagRowena Bihag3 days ago
  • i wanna play with mrbeast

    GachaPookGachaPook3 days ago
  • Just don't look at my nickname