The BloodBath Burn Book | Ep 8 | BloodBath w/ Annie & Esther & Khalyla

Apr 6, 2021
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0:00 Don't Touch Esther's Popcorn
3:20 Emotionally Traumatic Movies
11:30 Khalyla's Dad
14:05 Younger Men With Older Women
21:50 Annie's Carb Cravings
29:49 Sending Food Back at a Restaurant
32:02 Getting Lice Is Fun
36:20 Boy Crushes in High School
40:49 Where are Esther's Pogs?
47:39 The BloodBath Burn Book
53:38 Who Stole Annie's Mole?
1:00:28 Should We Forgive Our High School Bullies?
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Theme Song Written by: Bobby Lee
Intro Animation and Banana Break Song by: Can Nguyen
Produced by: George Kimmel & Bryce Hallock - 7EQUIS
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  • I hate that I love this podcast.

    PT FarmPT FarmHour ago
  • try durian again frozen just watch first show. better frozen

    savemegeebussavemegeebus2 hours ago

    Jaycee coleJaycee cole13 hours ago
  • Esther the ad read hoodie......

    Akasaka SawayamaAkasaka Sawayama14 hours ago
  • coffee book table...adorable. hahaha!

    sumobluessumoblues15 hours ago
  • You know what, the intro music and the calm voices really relaxes me! I was not expecting that, played the video, and now I'm among friends : )

    Disart projecDisart projec17 hours ago
  • "You're a dry bagel bitch" lmao!

    HambergHamberg20 hours ago
  • I think we should all show up at the mole thief’s restaurant to confront her

    TheRegularjennTheRegularjenn21 hour ago
  • I love this podcast 😝Annie is my fave

    BeatsByLanaBeatsByLana21 hour ago
  • 31:40 wtf 😂

    Camilla NguyenCamilla Nguyen21 hour ago
  • note to self: don't eat and watch bloodbath

    Alyssa CarbonaroAlyssa Carbonaro22 hours ago
  • Either Annie or Ester needs a different background wall paper

    PPDay ago
  • Esthers shoes are so dope! where are they from?! Yea she definatly stole the mole

    Zoë RZoë RDay ago
  • Where are Esther's shoes from? dey cute 59:48

    AutumnticityAutumnticityDay ago
  • Annie is looking fit and very gorgeous such a rebel without a filter she is so cool. I gotta see her sets. The beautiful Miss Kuhn so vibrant lately, I love that we get to see you out of the Tigerbelly Compound because your fashion is next level, it sparks memories of DVDASA but you have matured into this confident down to earth honest personality that seems comfortable in your skin. Tell Rudy we will miss her. Esther can you step it up maybe? I'm so kidding of course I don't understand it but your so f*cking cute it hurts! Just effortlessly stunning and as captivating as you are unique as well. 🤎 Thanks girls it's fun to get to know you babes but, weird we will likely never meet and you will never even know my name. I hope you all become enlightened succeed in all you do and never be unfulfilled and like Bobby said on the Bad Friends Pod that dropped yesterday or was it Santino? "Take it all in." It looks great from where I'm sitting ladies.

  • Love this Podcast! Y’all are the best!!

    Malena MullinsMalena MullinsDay ago
  • K with the shoutout to tower warms this former northridge tower employee's heart

    mcvcmcvcDay ago
  • annie is a goddamned national treasure

    John SutphinJohn SutphinDay ago
  • Annie is amazing

    alix hanesalix hanesDay ago
  • Llegué por un extreme demon de geometry dash

    FelipeGDXFelipeGDXDay ago
  • Did Annie get the vax?

    Entropy increaseEntropy increaseDay ago
  • These women are the god damn bees knees! I truly feel like you’re all my best friends! I love the fuck out of all of you🍌🫐🍓🖤

    Ashley WilliamsAshley WilliamsDay ago
  • So Khalyla's humor comes from her mom.

    AntonAntonDay ago
  • The worst was watching The Wolf of Wall Street with your dad

    Andrea LunettaAndrea LunettaDay ago
  • Yall have to go to that restaurant and confront her and then don't pay the check.

    Rudy SilvaRudy SilvaDay ago
  • It seems like Khalyla is trying to branch out to have her own platform, for the day she ultimately leaves Bobby. Her not wanting to have a child with his mental swimmers..

    Chase ElmoreChase ElmoreDay ago
  • Two comedians and a comedians girlfriend...

    Isaac MfIsaac MfDay ago
  • Forgive but never forget perioddddd

    Aliyah NobleAliyah NobleDay ago
  • God I love finding new new from my other favorites! Love ya k

    Benny BurbsBenny BurbsDay ago
  • Honestly young Khalyla's teeth look fine to me. Definitely would have gone for that in my youth.

    Newton's Third LawNewton's Third LawDay ago
  • Khalyla and Annie need to see the film 'Teeth'. Esther could't hang. LOL

    Adam GibbonsAdam GibbonsDay ago
  • Annie cutting everyone off is annoying af. Aside from that, I’m loving this podcast more and more!

    Daddy InnerwavinDaddy InnerwavinDay ago
  • Love this. 🙂

    JanckeriswatchingyouJanckeriswatchingyouDay ago
  • Khalyla lookin like Pocahontas in this

    Nicholas WillNicholas WillDay ago
  • This podcast is in my top 3 list. I listen to A LOT of podcasts, but these women are HILARIOUS!!!

    Bry Guy ChUpOBry Guy ChUpODay ago
  • 1:40 Poppin them XBarrrssss

    Wireless AeonWireless AeonDay ago
  • T-SHIRT: "And that's when you're a champion. I'm very good at pogs."

    bspinney26bspinney26Day ago
  • This became my favourite podcast! I love watching you guys

    Ananda LiiAnanda Lii2 days ago
  • PLEASE record an episode in the Mole Thief’s restaurant.

    ashile pesicashile pesic2 days ago
  • Love the show, but it needs a new set.

    Jay CJay C2 days ago
  • They didn't see Optimus Prime die. They have no idea.

    subtle sedukshunsubtle sedukshun2 days ago
  • POG's were so cool

    StevenM801StevenM8012 days ago
  • Esther I am also traumatized from AI!! Lol sometimes I randomly think of the little robot boy ..

    Alex AkimovAlex Akimov2 days ago
  • Annie is f**kin hilarious😂😂😂

    Shrute FarmsShrute Farms2 days ago
  • I search for bloodbath geometry dash how did i got this?

    Trystan ArdithyaTrystan Ardithya2 days ago
  • That mole lady should apologize to Annie! She’s for sure watching this and keeping up with Annie

    Camille SuarezCamille Suarez2 days ago
  • i love the way annie says bye guys

    SerjohnSerjohn2 days ago
  • As a 31 year old I have no interest in dating some early 20 year old, but it's very interesting to see all 3 have a 10+ age gap, I always thought I was gross to pass 3 or 4

    Adam MarchandAdam Marchand2 days ago
  • Amores Perros is one if not the best mexican mexican movie of the 2000s. Such a great time for mexican cinema.

    Andrea GonzálezAndrea González2 days ago
  • I can usually only watch about ten minutes of an episode but I'm glad they are doing it

    011010110001101001101011000110102 days ago
  • Rudy better make a guest appearance within the next could of episodes. 🔪

    Gareth McCarthyGareth McCarthy2 days ago

    JaydorkJaydork2 days ago
    • Plez

      JaydorkJaydork2 days ago
  • Discount Scarlett Johansson is so 🔥

    JayJay2 days ago
  • ..

    Blair CowanBlair Cowan2 days ago
  • I love how they say they’re liberal but put 6 people in one room.don’t you think the corona virus is real

    Alvin RofkahrAlvin Rofkahr2 days ago
    • Being liberal has nothing to do with wanting to stay healthy/survive. They all have clear hard plastic walls around them as well as other precautions. With the problems Khalyla has she is extra cautious. I'm guessing they probably disinfect after or possibly before as well.

      Emerald_Knight45Emerald_Knight4510 hours ago
  • Esther, I know exactly how you feel about the sugargasms

    MikeMike2 days ago
  • ESTHER: "I was a hand model in a Pillsbury commercial." Ok, that's a little too on the nose.

    TheBarfTheBarf2 days ago
  • Annie is growing on me

    Aaron WoodardAaron Woodard2 days ago
  • HAHAHA hemorrhoid Esthers

    PanurgePanurge2 days ago
  • ''These Are Shalacked''

    We ThePeopleWe ThePeople2 days ago
  • 1:45, 7:26, 19:40, 24:30, 31:25, 38:38

    GenieGNEEGenieGNEE2 days ago
  • I like how kahlyla matched her earrings to the backdrop

    A N X I E T YA N X I E T Y2 days ago
  • Hour in and Esther is bundling up and nesting in her chair. It's a visual clock for the podcast. It's about to wrap up when she starts getting chilly!

    Christopher LytleChristopher Lytle2 days ago
  • I laughed so hard when that little kid screamed for his life 😂😂😂 the memories it brought back

    Meagan MoscalMeagan Moscal2 days ago
  • Georges laugh in the background is priceless

    SkundiniSkundini2 days ago
  • Khalyla is definitely as disgusting as Bobby that lice story just proved it to me

    Piper ReiPiper Rei2 days ago
  • I need 2 hours of this

    Gabriella MGabriella M2 days ago
  • “If a mole has been stolen”

    GoochmcnutsGoochmcnuts2 days ago
  • I think Annie Lederman and Theo Von would be amazing together

    SkundiniSkundini2 days ago
  • My comments are disappearing from this comments section. Anyone else having this issue?

    TheBarfTheBarf2 days ago
  • You ladies rock!

    IRISH4LIFE5151IRISH4LIFE51512 days ago
  • The worst burn of all: Anonymity.

    RedMcflyRedMcfly2 days ago
  • There's no way her dad was the treasurer of the University of Pennsylvania. That's an Ivy League school, there's no way they should have been raised as trash. That position holds a 6 figure salary.

    Raul AbarcaRaul Abarca2 days ago
  • Bobby Lee started a whole Universe of top shelf podcasts! I think Bobby Lee just made it to God level next to Rogan

    RastaChan DoloRastaChan Dolo2 days ago
  • I can't believe this podcast doesn't have more subs. Keep up the great work!

    Dave Be BearDave Be Bear2 days ago
  • I'm going through a shitty break/breakup? with my boyfriend and I just discovered your podcast and I listen at my shitty nanny job all day and I feel like you guys are my girlfriends and getting me through this sludgy period in my life. Thank you

    Paloma LopezPaloma Lopez2 days ago
  • There’s a non-psychoactive version of LSD used to treat cluster headaches. You should look into it

    Not MeNot Me2 days ago
  • I knew of this pod being a fan of Tiger Belly so I came for the comedy. But actually a bonus is I get insight into women and girls’ experiences growing up, that helps me be a better spouse and father to my little girl as she grows

    Google AccountGoogle Account2 days ago
  • Annie talks to the camera, I feel appreciated

    Google AccountGoogle Account2 days ago
  • Ugh Khalyla, talking about losing her dad. She struck such a cord. Looking at my father’s signature... tears. How I wish I could have asked him so many more questions too.

    Allison DonohueAllison Donohue2 days ago
  • Please bring Annie’s nemesis on the podcast. That would be awesome..

    Ore BrighamOre Brigham2 days ago
  • Annie's callbacks are so good

    Anojan LAnojan L2 days ago
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fuuuucked me up when I was a kid, too. I've never met anyone else who felt the same way 😂 it's always just a cult classic to people.

    Kat RabbitKat Rabbit2 days ago
  • todd sounds more bi than bobby

    SerjohnSerjohn2 days ago
  • What if that new mole is cancer

    hot studios youtubehot studios youtube2 days ago
  • I can’t watch Bloodbath while eating. Anyone else?

    Joanne TJoanne T2 days ago
  • Listening to this podcast from chiquilistlan, Jalisco, Mexico

    pepej69pepej692 days ago
  • Man my dumbass made the mistake to watch Amores Perros right after my dog passed away, I had no idea what this movie was about. I sobbed for 2 hours straight, good movie tho lol

    Jaguar Paw106Jaguar Paw1062 days ago
  • Molegate

    brian murphybrian murphy2 days ago
  • Cinnamon rolls are definitely my weakness 😍😍

    Courtney LynnCourtney Lynn3 days ago
  • This should’ve been the lady ghostbusters cast

    RGBRGB3 days ago
  • Whos ordering the G&H products from amway?

    shawn Mckeenshawn Mckeen3 days ago
  • My new favorite show! I wanted to hear the rest of Khaylyla’s stories. Somehow she always gets cut off. God how much I love these girls. 🥰

    csikigenescsikigenes3 days ago
  • KHALYLA, what was the one thing you remember about "Land before Time?"

    Chase CummingsChase Cummings3 days ago
  • Esther, hide your top gums.

    J GreenJ Green3 days ago
  • Esther = ugly, khalyla = attractive, annie = ehh.... No media portrayal.

    J GreenJ Green3 days ago
  • Esther with the Rick Glassman reference! Love the three of you!

    Niklas PaulNiklas Paul3 days ago
  • Im just gonna say something Ive been wanting to say since the very first bloodbath video in this setting. I hate it. I hate the background, I hate the pattern. I hate this set. ....But im afraid that khalyla might have worked really hard on it and I don’t want to not like it because I know this took a lot of effort. But my eyes. They hurt.

    Jovi AlonzoJovi Alonzo3 days ago
    • But let me just say, this is a me issue. I have a somewhat rare eye condition called karatoconis. Which básica means I tend to have double vision. This pattern makes me feels like I have quadruple. Unfortunately I’ve been getting headaches while trying to see your beautiful faces. That being said, this is a me issue. Still LOVE and support this podcast. Just going to have to stick to the audio version.

      Jovi AlonzoJovi Alonzo3 days ago
  • Weak entrance but

    Alexander GustavAlexander Gustav3 days ago
  • She went straight to free shit from rich friends🤣🤣 advantageous. I dig.. it? Lmao maybe jk no i don't lmao

    MrDragon1818MrDragon18183 days ago