The Banality of American Psycho - Book vs Film

Dec 28, 2020
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American Psycho: Which psycho is more psycho?

American Psycho is a disturbing book AND a disturbing film. But are they disturbing in the exact same ways? Let's find out in this new episode of Book vs. Film: American Psycho.

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Written by: Amanda Scherker
Hosted by: Michael Burns
Directed by: Michael Luxemburg
Motion Graphics & Series Graphics by: Riley A
Additional Graphics by: Amanda Murphy
Editing by: Andrew Nishimura
Produced by: Evan Yee

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  • "tell your thoughts in the comments"......but "I am simply not there.

    dannyboy thelastmandannyboy thelastmanDay ago
  • Isn’t Gloria Steinem Christian Bale’s mother in law?

    Georg SchmittGeorg Schmitt4 days ago
  • It just occurred to me that Patrick might have been confused about Paul Allen's identity while they were having dinner and the rest of the evening, just as Paul Allen thinks he's someone else the whole time.

    Toborn the GreatToborn the Great4 days ago
  • I think the movie is a bit more of a commentary on capitalism and its effect on the rich, and the books seems to be more of a commentary on capitalism and its effects on everyone as a whole

    Max P.CMax P.C5 days ago
  • We get will by... By what?!? Tell us! That sweater has taunted me the while show! Also keep getting by ^^

    Jonathan WhittJonathan Whitt7 days ago
  • "Unhoused people"?

    Fancy CraftsFancy Crafts10 days ago
  • The book is not only boring in a few segments, but it can be exhausting. I enjoy descriptions, but at times it can be too much. I still love the novel.

    RotneybotRotneybot10 days ago
  • I really don't give a shit about spoilers, i guess i'm a psycho in that way...

    Pre MalonePre Malone12 days ago
  • Is this a good metaphor for Wisecrack, NO SHIT IS THIS NOT ABOUT THE SERIAL VIOLENCE AND A CRITICISM OF THE UNPERSONAL MATERIALISTIC 80S YUPPIE CULTURE!!!! STOP THE PRESSES. Thug notes was really a good thing you burried, and now you that studied philosophy in

    Ivan the terribleIvan the terrible15 days ago
  • Why would a film maker respect Rolex' wish not to be associated with a deplorable (fictional!) character?? #1, they don't get to have a say in this as they are _not_ part of the production. #2, well-known brands are *public figures* and have to put up with *public observation.* The film does not attack the _brand,_ so why the hell would anyone grant them the privilege to spare their whiny little snowflake sensibilities?? They are a global corporation, not a *baby!* Criticizing capitalism kinda _loses its teeth_ when the film makers buckle under the pressure of a company that symbolizes making money like _very_ few others.

    None of your BusinessNone of your Business16 days ago
  • Mid-video advertisements? .... Cool...

    John KalinaJohn Kalina17 days ago
  • I wish they left in more scenes of him doing crazy shit in public. There’s one hilarious part of the book where he’s running around the city going in random shops and being weird for the sake of it. There’s one part of the sequence where he’s trying on women’s sunglasses and says aloud “too fabulous”.

    Mark ZuckerbergMark Zuckerberg17 days ago
  • I got the book and was really pissed off to discover the front cover was a boring stock image instead of the weird art work in the older copies. This completely ruined the experience for me.

    Mark ZuckerbergMark Zuckerberg17 days ago
  • So the film humanized the women while making monsters of the men. Seems sexist to me, as there are monstrous women just as there are compassionate men and the last thing the world needs is confirmation of inaccurate stereotypes...

    Edward BruggemanEdward Bruggeman18 days ago
  • Thank god DiCaprio didnt get this. I can barely tolerate him in other movie. he would have ruined this

    Mc TowMc Tow18 days ago
  • I really wish they would have left the part where he steals a box of bran cereal, and stuffs his mouth, while whistling huey Lewis and the news, trying to appear normal.

    cory delavegacory delavega19 days ago
  • Take the “e” out of Bateman.🤭. Or just put Master in front.🤫.

    Charles Williams JrCharles Williams Jr19 days ago
  • i feel a little less psycho, now. thanks.-🧐

    Charles Williams JrCharles Williams Jr19 days ago
  • I personally belive that the killings are real but Patrick's mental state is so bad he starts hallucinating that it isn't . I really liked the movie

    Giovanni RabinalGiovanni Rabinal19 days ago
  • Thank God Christian Bale rather than Leo starred! I like Leo but Christian is more handsome and a much better actor!!

    lordrobert12lordrobert1221 day ago
  • It's not dehumanizing to call someone a hardbody lol

    wiiztecwiiztec22 days ago
  • Where are you getting that he favors killing women more? certainly not from the movie where every kill except like 2 are men.

    wiiztecwiiztec22 days ago
  • What you describe as boring was like the most amusing material in the film for me and I wish there was more of it

    wiiztecwiiztec22 days ago
  • Unhoused people?!!!! Is this a woke and politically correct name for the homeless now?

    Pluto-90Pluto-9022 days ago
  • I never thought the book was boring, I felt Bateman was just like that one friend (who actually secretly loves American Psycho too much) that goes on about things he is only interested in, to whoever is in the room that may or may not be listening. It was portrayed very well in the book, and yes I felt anxious more than bored. Especially on the chapter Chase, Manhattan that is one giant six page run on sentence. It's absolutely amazing how well it's written.

    MooMoo22 days ago
  • After reading the novel I had no desire to watch the movie.

    Jon McMenaminJon McMenamin24 days ago
  • I have just one question. In the book, does Patrick ever really return any video tapes?

    TenderTrap715TenderTrap71525 days ago
  • the habi-trail! 😆

    Ben RosenBen Rosen28 days ago
  • am I alone in finding the buffet excerpt kind of entertaining in a delicious mouth watering way? lol

    bawomanbawoman28 days ago
  • The whole point of the book is his insane obsession over meaningless minutiae contrasted with his bored, offhanded murder scenes. I guess it's chilling for anyone with an attention span not geared solely to, "FUN! ACTION!" Sadly, shy of the murderous component, Bateman's over-the-top misogyny seems on mark these days.

    mtilfordmtilford28 days ago
  • Mmhmm lets see Paul Allen's review

    JasonJasonMonth ago
  • Haha, you're Jewish.

    Bobby DuggartBobby DuggartMonth ago
  • I wonder if the Rolex thing is the same reason Trump isn't mentioned in the movie... And whether or not Trump being included could have had any significant impact on his political image.

    Emma JEmma JMonth ago
    • He was mentioned at least twice lol

      bawomanbawoman28 days ago
  • I forgot about the boring bits of the book.

    Heikki J HautanenHeikki J HautanenMonth ago
  • I watched all the videos of American Psycho you guys have made, which i believe is a total of 3. and this is the one that really nails all the questions I had as a viewer.

    Victor Hensel-CoeVictor Hensel-CoeMonth ago
  • AMERICAN ICON Reese Witherspoon. You describe her with the same banality the book does any other person or commodity, and I'm not sure you guys had the same satirical approach.

    Tim TimsTim TimsMonth ago
  • "Unhoused" people? Dude

    Michel HouellebecqMichel HouellebecqMonth ago
  • I could never finish the book, purely for how exhausting it is. Neverending descriptions of products and brands and meaningless things over and over and over to the point it means nothing anymore. After awhile we get the point and the book's commitment to it makes it not worth the pain to get through it.

    thePANDEMlCthePANDEMlCMonth ago
    • I'm listening to it on Audible. It's more tolerable.

      Mateo LopezMateo LopezMonth ago
  • Feminism at its classic absurdity. Worrying about sexism being glorified but a homicidal maniac. Cuz ya know, every little boy wants to grow up to be like Patrick Bateman...

    Jason LiebermanJason LiebermanMonth ago
  • You guys really are just ripping off CineFix's Whats the Difference aren't you?

    J SJ SMonth ago
  • You guys should have gotten the references to "À rebours" by Joris Karl Huysmans. The book is sort of a 19th century European Psycho but w/o the killings but with enormous descriptions of every single piece of furniture, utensils, food, map and whatever else was available back then :)

    Foti_PFoti_PMonth ago
  • Don’t forget sticking a rat into the veg-eyena of a victim... “sex worker” -(but the rat doesn’t die of asphyxiation)

    Jay LøgagerJay LøgagerMonth ago
  • Always wondered who the woman at 14:16 was

    lawzzlawzzMonth ago
  • I listened to the audio book, and completely skipped the chapter on huey Lewis and the news. Id just had enough.

    Justin IadonisiJustin IadonisiMonth ago
  • You're totally right about the book and the movie being two special kinds of animal. I LOVED both but the book has this tendency to page after page of insignificant detail, the movie is a streamlined piece of magic, taking the best pieces from the book and concentrates on the satirical elements and as you said, the more 'Fun' elements. One is a companion piece for the other.

    Dana BlackDana BlackMonth ago
  • If we agree that „the main point“ that the movie and the book are trying to make vis-a-vis Bateman as a character and about 80s/90s Yuppie Culture is, largely, the same, as explored in this video, then ultimately, I have to say the movie makes that same point far, far more economically and in my mind effectively than the borefest of the novel. To me, the point made has to justify the means employed, and if the means exceed the point where ‚the point‘ has been made (so, about 150 pages into American Psycho in this case), then the rest is gratuitous. To be clear: There are novels as violent and horrific as - and more disturbing than - American Psycho, yet elsewhere, I find that excess far more justified than by the fairly mundane and simple wisdoms Ellis imparts. To me, that makes him the literary poster child of gratuitous violence and shocking for the sake of being shocking, screaming „See how deep yet edgy I am?“

    Patterns of Dis|OrderPatterns of Dis|OrderMonth ago
  • So Kira from JoJo is a big American psycho reference?

    Spooky SkeletonSpooky SkeletonMonth ago
  • The ‘A glimpse of a Thursday afternoon’ chapter is a great indication in my view that Bateman committed every crime. It begins mid sentence in which Bateman seems to have no idea where he is an undergoes some sort of breakdown. The chapter shows that Bateman is capable of losing track of time, enduring these blackouts in which he essentially sleepwalks throughout the day. Therefore, what’s to say that he didn’t endure one of these blackouts, clean the apartment and then return to see the woman there, who is selling the apartment because Allen is presumed missing by the authorities and she wants to take advantage of this. At the same time though, it’s possible that the woman herself cleaned the apartment as in a certain chapter - I don’t remember the name - Bateman’s maid enters his apartment and cleans a bloodstain off the wall will little protest. Doesn’t really matter at the end of the day, but I’m certain that he committed all of the crime in the book at least.

    Matthew BarrattMatthew BarrattMonth ago
  • Hehe. Banal

    Carmelo pearmanCarmelo pearmanMonth ago
  • Wisecrack videos good

    Spray!Spray!Month ago
  • I always just assumed they were fake??? As if you make commentary that Bateman is lost in his masculine fantasy or something

    Jacob OswaldJacob OswaldMonth ago
  • The Book is 100% more disturbing than the film.

    Tommy CTommy CMonth ago
  • This guy doesn’t get it. Ellis tugs at your humanity while also subversively bringing you into the world of a psycho killer. It’s not supposed to feel great all of the time. It is supposed to be horrifying. That’s the point. The campy, fun film is not as horrifying and eludes to the horror. Sure. It is definitely not as powerful or as intriguing as the book. In my opinion, that’s why it falls short.

    jamesbetweensleepjamesbetweensleepMonth ago

    Matthias REITHMatthias REITHMonth ago
  • I think part of why people like movie Bateman more is that he's this handsome stylish guy played by Christian Bale in great shape. He does mention stuff like working out in the book, but it gets far less time than his weird obsession with what brand of clothing everyone in every room is wearing or the drawn out descriptions of torture.

    Krombopulos MichaelKrombopulos MichaelMonth ago
  • the “rat” and most of the “girl” chapters had me completely sick at my stomach after reading them. like couldn’t finish a paragraph without taking a break. the movie is just funny to me

    alyssa smithalyssa smithMonth ago
  • I finished the book recently. I was surprised to see that there is a clothing line inspired by the character. Then I learned it’s based off the character in the movie. The character in the book is much more brutal than the movie and not someone to be inspired by in any way. I also skipped some of the chapters, like the Whitney Houston and the Huey Lewis chapters. I understood why they were in the book, but they were just boring haha

    Nerv 05Nerv 05Month ago
  • I Watched This Movie A bit Ago and Is it just Me or does Patrick Kinda act Like Scp-1504 "Joe Schmo"?

    Ben DevineBen DevineMonth ago
  • Nice looking guy

    2b2 38c72b2 38c7Month ago

    swagwolfgangswagwolfgangMonth ago
  • Theres parts of the book that are just so fucking boring but then theres disturbing disgusting parts that are shocking

    swagwolfgangswagwolfgangMonth ago
  • I remember the first time seeing this movie and was completely blown away by the overall aesthetic of the 80’s yuppie. Everyone’s a clean shaven, well dressed and completely self absorbed psycho.

    Mr.8Oh8!Mr.8Oh8!2 months ago
  • I can't remember much of the book because of his extensive rants on superficial things and I think that's kind of the point: he's completely, utterly empty. If I'm not mistaken, one of the characteristics of someone with anti social personality disorder is feeling constantly bored, so those monologues kinda put you in the mindset of being bored out of your skull precisely because that's how he feels all the time. His extremely gory murders are the closest he can get to excitement. It's an absolute hell inside his head. One part that really impacted me was that scene when he calls his secretary from a public phone, rambling and yells "just say no!" to some lunch appointment. In the book, the way it's written in such an anxiety inducing way, a few minutes that feel like they last for hours, feel so much like an actual panic attack, you feel like the entire environment is hostile and somehow gives you the feeling of depersonalization. I read that years ago but I remember having to do breathing exercises because I was almost having a panic attack. Overall, I think the author did a fantastic job of portraying the mindset of someone with severe mental issues.

    Olívia Gomes MartinsOlívia Gomes Martins2 months ago
  • You think the author got death threats over how offensive the book was or how boring it was?

    Snoops Q.Snoops Q.2 months ago
  • We Get Will By

    Mike Ka-ChowskiMike Ka-Chowski2 months ago
  • I'd much rather have some lowly 33-year old salaryman to tell me about how he drinks milk before bed to get sweet dreams before he blows me up than to listen to Patrick Bateman describe a buffet table.

    Mike Ka-ChowskiMike Ka-Chowski2 months ago
  • The hypocrisy The hypocrisy of people sending death threats to someone because they wrote a book about murdering people..... And Bateman is the psycho.... Don't make me laugh

    S1ug TrailS1ug Trail2 months ago
  • This guy is an unreliable narrator

    cheuk209cheuk2092 months ago
  • Great job Michael, excellent analysis/comparison 👍

    Caribbean ChrisCaribbean Chris2 months ago
  • Reading the book is extremely difficult to get's truly hard to read. If that's the point, it succeeds. The film is much easier to watch. The boring sections of the books make the freakish violent moments so much more intense when they happen. I fought through this novel at age 15 and it changed me. Be careful with the novel. The film is much easier and more fun

    Jon B BacaJon B Baca2 months ago
  • Was this story a dude Fantasy or a Satire?

    Jana CahillJana Cahill2 months ago
  • "This is not an Exit" is how this confusing book opens and closes.

    Jana CahillJana Cahill2 months ago
  • patrick bateman is just like me

    Emperor PalpatineEmperor Palpatine2 months ago
  • Soooo, Bateman would be an Instagram influencer?

    12oshinko12oshinko2 months ago
  • Impressive. Very nice commentary.

    Ivy JavagatIvy Javagat2 months ago
  • You are an idiot. If you don’t understand why it’s “boring” you didn’t get the satire.

    Kit PoppleKit Popple2 months ago
  • A Fear and loathing in Las Vegas analysis would be for

    EquitesEquites2 months ago
  • That's it, I've had enough of this Bateman character. I'm grabbing my copy of American Psycho and reading it right away; I'll possibly watch the film afterwards... Who am I kidding? Watching the movie after reading the book is a MUST.

    Sebbe RSebbe R2 months ago
  • To be fair, I have watched slasher movies while exercising.

    NatchEvilNatchEvil3 months ago
  • huh, usually the book is the one that tends to be more ambiguous while the film tries to clear things up

    TheRichmasterTheRichmaster3 months ago
  • I am bummed. I was excited to watch thid But within two minutes, after hearing "unhoused persons", I had to turn it off. 🙄

    Peter PajPeter Paj3 months ago
  • Who is Will By? And why do we need to get him?

    MasoKnightMasoKnight3 months ago
  • Gloria Steinem is Christian Bale's stepmother and this role kinda launched his adult career. So you do the math there - even if the rumor is true. Which it probably isn't.

    NatalieNatalie3 months ago
  • YES ! I suggested American Psycho after watching the Fight Club Video of this series. Thanks so much ! Please do A Clockwork Orange,Fear & Loathing in Los Vegas, & All 4 Hannibal Lecter Books/Films. One Love y'all ❤✌💜💯💯💯🖤♠

    Carl ZombieCarl Zombie3 months ago
  • I feel like the Rolex wasn't mentioned in the movie because it would make either the movie or Rolex look bad for intentionally or unintentionally doing a Rolex product placement.

    LalaLala3 months ago
  • Is the desire to kill an analogy for masculine tendencies, and how Patrick is clearly a victim of his urges indicative of how we don't choose our gender? and the professional position and status he holds representative of how society celebrates masculinity, even though like the job he does it is quite impractical or serves little purpose?

    Wesley LeighWesley Leigh3 months ago
  • Amazing video

    Jan PospíšilJan Pospíšil3 months ago
  • I'd love to see The Philosophy of The Expanse (currently on Amazon) , if anyone there is a fan

    KurtKurt3 months ago
  • People undermine the fact that it was a lawyer working for Bates' family that said he had seen Allen. A L-A-W-Y-E-R.

    JoãoJoão3 months ago
  • The ATM cat scene and car blowing up scene are the two that the director should NOT have put in IF she wanted it to all be true.

    CheapSushiCheapSushi3 months ago
  • In the movie, it's Bateman's LAWYER that says he's met with Paul Allen. The same lawyer that Bateman confessed to in a voicemail. The movie was making a statement on how untouchable Bateman is, because his lawyer covered up all of the killings (Bateman also killed all of the witnesses to his massacre).

    Gorilla SquadGorilla Squad3 months ago
  • I've repeated, at least 100 times, what you said about the Whitney Huston chapter.

    Mike MurilloMike Murillo3 months ago
  • In honest i really like the book purposeful repetition. It felt like i was in the mind of this narcissistic sociopath. So self observe & shallow.

    unchartedrocks1unchartedrocks13 months ago
  • Cringe. If you don't like American Psycho you just don't 'get it'.

    Rhys WilliamsRhys Williams3 months ago
  • I really dig this series - you guys should do One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

    cynicalsaintcynicalsaint3 months ago
  • Let's see Paul Allen's video on American Psycho.

    Jayden Jordan-WellsJayden Jordan-Wells3 months ago
  • The book was one of the most disturbing works that I've ever read. I put it up there with 'Diary of a Rapist' and 'Lolita.' I was physically nauseous after reading it.

    J NennoJ Nenno3 months ago
  • Who wishes this movie was staring Nick Cage?

    Wesley BrownWesley Brown3 months ago
  • Bought the book AND the movie.. both excellent.. preferred the film, though, for pretty much what's outlined here.. it's 'entertainment'.. totally LOVED the seriously DARK humour in both.. in fact, those folks I knew who really DIDN'T like the film really didn't seem have gotten the dark humour aspect at all, but seem to have expected a 'headless-chicken-running-about-slasher-horror' flick.. (which it just wasn't, despite the violence and blood)... Can't even imagine Leonardo 'Boy-face with a beard to try to look older' Dicaprio in the role, tbh.. and thank f* that never came about!.. Christian Bale was excellent!! (oh, and btw.. 'I have to return some video-tapes', lol!!..)

    Lee BeeLee Bee3 months ago
  • Toning down the violence made it superficial. They also made Bateman ridiculous. The book "steel mans" the women. Much like Dostoevsky's crime and punishment. The grafted on Feminism is cringe.

    Paul NeubauerPaul Neubauer3 months ago