The Afton’s meets the fake Afton’s||+terrence||My AU||FNaF|

Apr 2, 2021
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  • Ennard x michael UwU but ennard is... exoticeggs ship:)))))) hehe boi i hope this works plz Exoticeggs Exoticeggs Exoticeggs William:F you ennard

    Rose AbaRose Aba2 days ago
    • @#*ERRØR* # its like elizabeth x circus baby (which is cringy btw)

      NotDarknessNotDarkness2 hours ago
    • I don’t understand

      #*ERRØR* ##*ERRØR* #3 hours ago
    • @Sho simp agree'd

      NotDarknessNotDarkness3 hours ago
    • What a weird but wonderful community we have 🌺💖🦋

      Sho simpSho simp3 hours ago
    • @Dicky Tumewu dude stop with that its getting cringey

      NotDarknessNotDarkness7 hours ago
  • This girl I love you WOLVES RULEEEE

    Natalia RampersadNatalia Rampersad4 minutes ago
  • I will

    Natalia RampersadNatalia Rampersad9 minutes ago
  • U forgot about the logo on f.c's shirt

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  • My name is yolk

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  • I thought spring trap said that 2:12

    M*R B*A*D*A*S*SM*R B*A*D*A*S*SHour ago
    • So ur rthe real Elizabeth Yea I'm so ur the fa- fr yo did she use an invisible cover circus baby Uhhh no

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  • *insert emoji*

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  • Me:boi u look like the guy in meepcity that so small

    life with taylalife with taylaHour ago
  • Omg your afton is so cute I like it so much

    LIM JING HAN MoeLIM JING HAN Moe2 hours ago
  • Hff

    Rhea CosinganRhea Cosingan2 hours ago
  • “wait a minute who are you”i’m just dieing in side so bad

    R- RobloxgachaR- Robloxgacha3 hours ago

    kevinkevin3 hours ago
  • Fake Michael's hair is moving.... In a ventilation system ʕ ㅇ ᴥ ㅇʔ C O O l And fun fact: Springtrap joined the army 8:51

    Habib FernandezHabib Fernandez3 hours ago
  • Hi I made the story of the beginning of the story

    Tiffany NezTiffany Nez3 hours ago
  • Isn’t Terrence Michael Afton

    Camden COOLCamden COOL5 hours ago
  • When C.C said 'Christopher A-', an ad came into my screen

    •Софка Кофка••Софка Кофка•5 hours ago

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  • Nice Videos! ^^

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  • I'm someone from ur world

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  • OkY.....I read whT eli says to fake, and I feel AMAZING! Even if its just easy to read -_-

    MaryllMaryll9 hours ago
  • 7:53 my man Terrance got roasted like a burnt potato

    AlphagamerAlphagamer9 hours ago
  • 💯🚄

  • Wow, fake william was lucky they left before he got severely injured or even murdered...

    Pizza0786 MineKing3456Pizza0786 MineKing34569 hours ago
  • Hahaha ween cris sead im Christopher A- i got a ad my phone has perfect timing 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • You can't copy pinkamena's laugh cuz pinkamena is my favorite

    olivia햐혛훃희olivia햐혛훃희10 hours ago

    Gregory LeiteGregory Leite10 hours ago
  • Wait how did fake clara is alive?

    Zeke LudwigZeke Ludwig10 hours ago
    • I thought she's dead

      Zeke LudwigZeke Ludwig10 hours ago
  • This is stereotypical

    M Y L AM Y L A10 hours ago
  • I just look at your video and I LOVE IT

    Donovan EdwardsDonovan Edwards10 hours ago
  • me when i see clara mouth rotation after move she makes: time to like and sub cause this person spent 102 hours making the vid

    me and the boysme and the boys11 hours ago

    Elisa NogueiraElisa Nogueira11 hours ago

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  • 😂😂

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  • Exotic eggs Exotic eggs Exotic eggs (You know what I am doings Exotic eggs ;)

    Natalie RileyNatalie Riley12 hours ago
  • The music goes like: who r you? I am you. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    • Amelia •• Amelia •12 hours ago
  • Chris: wait you can just call me Chris -MATH MUSIC STARTS PLAYING- Me: I- You: having a dance party

    BlueberryBearBlueberryBear13 hours ago
  • Yes me like

    classified informationclassified information13 hours ago
  • When Chris says Christopher A- The ad pops up

    Access DeniedAccess Denied14 hours ago
  • William:F YOU ENNARD!!!!!! Ennard: 😜😜😜😜 William: I WILL DESTROY YOU!! Ennard:🤬🤬🤬🤬 Michael: ENNARD!! Ennard:😬😬😬😬 AAAAAAAAHHHH

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  • "Your Death is not fun so your not famous" Noice

    Angeline GohAngeline Goh14 hours ago
  • Why am i watching this, i might get infected by this kids game.

    S A V 1 0 RS A V 1 0 R14 hours ago

    i use this account toi use this account to15 hours ago
  • Chris: I’m Christopher A- Ad: GRAMERLY CAN- Me: *loses sanity*

    Gacha flame Studios ;3Gacha flame Studios ;315 hours ago
  • Willara forever if you don't ship it not meh problem sir!

    Khalila BennettKhalila Bennett15 hours ago
  • Elizabeth won the longest speech of the year

    DånielDåniel15 hours ago
  • Freddyxlizzy

    unboxingunboxing16 hours ago
  • The intro is just... Beautiful

    NShane AwesomeNShane Awesome16 hours ago
  • I know your there Terrence it's all about fnaf and watching and thinking who else is in the fam

    Indi-rose RushbyIndi-rose Rushby16 hours ago
  • Clara is not a canon name but ok

    NotDarknessNotDarkness16 hours ago
  • Fake chris: Whats Ur Name Chris: Christopher A- *"Eden Ad Shows Up"* Me: yes.

    Cynthia GareCynthia Gare17 hours ago
  • Me while watching: Chis: My name is C- Ad: CAN YOU BEAT THIS GAME?

    Giorgio RussoGiorgio Russo17 hours ago
  • hi i have a chanel ummm dont know if you care but its called BerryPie Princess if you dont mind me saying

    BerryPiePrincessBerryPiePrincess17 hours ago
  • Should this song cause a copyright claim? 4:00

    Celt CCelt C17 hours ago
  • your my favorite!

    Nick’s WorldNick’s World18 hours ago
  • Chris: christopher A- -ad comes up-

    Rj GuloyRj Guloy18 hours ago
  • liz is like hiwho areyou whatyour nameanyways doyoulikeice if u see it i said hi who are you what your name anyways do you like ice cream and that what i said or liz said

    TAN DAMTAN DAM18 hours ago
  • If I may ask who is Terrance??

    Juul JongenJuul Jongen18 hours ago
  • Real William afton could’ve said “ahh it’s William afton I’m sooo scared” and continued

    Nicholas MartinezNicholas Martinez18 hours ago
  • If I was William Afton in this situation I would say these exact words to fake William: “ tHaTs SoMe bRiGhT pUrPlE hAiR yOu GoT tHeRe SiR “

    Kaitlyn EcklKaitlyn Eckl19 hours ago
  • Am I special because when Elizabeth met her faker for the first time I read all the words she said-

    Heer GandhiHeer Gandhi19 hours ago
  • 2:28 HOW DID I KEEP UP

    Takela PhillipsTakela Phillips19 hours ago
  • I was watching this at 3:46 and the clara laugh 🤜😔

    Shine NicoleShine Nicole19 hours ago
  • Just imagine someone breaking into your house, just to say "I am William Afton" then leave 😭✌

    •TiredBoy••TiredBoy•19 hours ago
  • And I can read what Liz did say she did say I think hi I am Liz you look like me I will call you Liz do you like dress up? Do you like ice-cream it's God am I correct?

    Rody AbozaidRody Abozaid19 hours ago
  • Exotic eggs when you can have Exotic chocolate!

    Rody AbozaidRody Abozaid19 hours ago
  • The intro got me 🤣

    Luna wolfLuna wolf20 hours ago
  • The Afton ate real I looked it up and it showed pics of them

    KyleeKylee20 hours ago
  • is it wierd that i read eli's full sentence and understoud it

    Bronzer_ sconzerBronzer_ sconzer21 hour ago
  • I just witnessed the greatest timing ever between a add and a video And I love it

    Ms.Cherry_919Ms.Cherry_91921 hour ago
  • I have a question for all the shippers, do you make ships up or do you actually get the right ones? You probably make them up.

    Greater ObojeghrenGreater Obojeghren21 hour ago
  • Course of action 🎬

    Stacy JohnStacy John21 hour ago
  • We all agree that we are the girl that was hanging out with Michael and ennard or a boy version of her

    Ciele !Ciele !21 hour ago
  • Me: *sees her videos for the first time * Also me: 🤩🤩 *subscribes*

  • I turned of my phone to give a WHOLE documetary about how ms afton doesnt have a canon name same with c.c and also made a documetary how its ok to ship bby x ballora since were shipping the robots not the souls (i gave the documentary to my dog:D)

    izumi_izukus wonderlandizumi_izukus wonderland22 hours ago

    Travis NogicTravis Nogic22 hours ago
  • “Willara” Me: wIlLcLaRa?

    Lolbit BITESLolbit BITES22 hours ago
  • This feels really cringe to me....

    •Miss. LYNN••Miss. LYNN•22 hours ago
  • 😊I love the video and 😘😍🤗

    ArielAriel23 hours ago
  • Bruh i was watching the video and it said Christopher A- in the text box when it cut to an ad

    Stunning LifeStunning Life23 hours ago
  • Yes I know this is ur au but it literally drives me crazy with a guy named terrance and in no games or books of fnaf it says or hints terrance afton i want to literally blow up the whole world because of that

    GlitchIvyGlitchIvy23 hours ago
  • Melanie Martinez outro lol :)

    Meline AftonMeline Afton23 hours ago
  • Exotic Eggs, Eggs! e double g s, EGGS!

    Chase HodgesChase Hodges23 hours ago
  • The evil laugh at 3:02 😰

    TophTophDay ago
  • Do move chicka u fat fu-

    {Allie-bubbles}{Allie-bubbles}Day ago
  • Love the intro 😂

    xx_Mushroom_Gaming_xx Amelia Martin whiteheadxx_Mushroom_Gaming_xx Amelia Martin whiteheadDay ago
  • There are no bad grammar the spellings are good boi-

    Khadija AliKhadija AliDay ago
  • bruh ur all 5 year old kids

    iliveinthe1999s guyiliveinthe1999s guyDay ago
  • But I’m not done To be continued

    Salvage MarioSalvage MarioDay ago
  • I'm a giant fnaf fannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    Amanda RobertsonAmanda RobertsonDay ago
  • Nootmare*

    Amanda RobertsonAmanda RobertsonDay ago

    Amanda RobertsonAmanda RobertsonDay ago
  • Exotic eggs /exotic butters

    Amanda RobertsonAmanda RobertsonDay ago
  • I have something to say, *cough cough* exotic butters rolled down stairs through the front door across the road to the market stole a friend cause lovely went across da street got caught went to jail started vibing then Ennard and Micheal went to pick them up went to vibe club then went home

    Bailey DitterBailey DitterDay ago
  • 1:56 no IT'S "how did you forget the meme" the one "i have a toast on my chest" also 4:07 the song is what chris is thinking XD

    Victoria ThompsonVictoria ThompsonDay ago
  • 1 like=1 fake for terrence

    Hxnnxh ._.Hxnnxh ._.Day ago
  • I’m obsessed with the ship and the Afton’s

    BubbleWindy GamerBubbleWindy GamerDay ago
  • If anyone dare to take my ship I will make there lives miserable

    Jossy Thomas [1301]Jossy Thomas [1301]Day ago
  • Chris: Christopher A- Ad: Cheeze Whiz Me: ;-; *Rage mode activated* I broke my IPad but i used a phone btw :)

    jahnica Yujahnica YuDay ago

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  • Who is fake!? 🙄🙄

    Amira SyalwanaAmira SyalwanaDay ago