That's Not Mud, and You Should Run If You See It

Feb 18, 2021
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Well, it’s that time of year again: Spring cleaning! 🧹 You grab the duster and broom to get rid of all those cobwebs on your windows. That's when you suddenly notice some unusually shaped mud stuck on your house. You go to brush it off when, to your horror, hundreds of spiders start raining down on you!!! 🕷🕷🕷
But these mud globs aren't their home. No, these spiders have been trapped there by Mud Dauber Wasps! 🐝 The wasp leaves the nest and heads right toward you, stinger ready! You run as fast as you can. But watch out! There are plenty of other dangerous creatures you should look out for! 😱
Animation is created by Bright Side.
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    • Qqq

      Tywanna MorrisTywanna Morris13 hours ago

    • Bright side solve this What dose LED Mean

      Elizabeth DavisElizabeth DavisDay ago
    • 👌👍

      Mani RamMani Ram2 days ago
    • Is the scorpionfly venomes?

      Erlinda BitongErlinda Bitong3 days ago
  • bruh, there's so many of those in my house

    Pastel PhantomPastel Phantom53 minutes ago
  • Bright side be like if u see dis run

    Abdulkarim AlgamalAbdulkarim AlgamalHour ago
  • These titles are content misleading

    naninani2 hours ago
  • Some of these insects are common here in the Philippines like the first one and the second

    naninani2 hours ago
  • I love ur vid but i have broken small phone i cant touch subs

    Joan BinoJoan Bino5 hours ago
  • Wait...the elephant has CHAINS ON IT poor elephant :(( Edit:5:11 on the bottom :(

    Nicole CirilloNicole Cirillo8 hours ago
  • My (late) dad used to say "there is so much confusion in the world that is criminal to add to it by lying" thumb & title sure add to mis & dis information ;-(

    David M.David M.9 hours ago
  • Excuse me what

    SansSans11 hours ago
  • It's not even mud anymore because it's dried out and all the mud I've ever played in is wet and slimy.

    John BlakeJohn Blake11 hours ago
  • If you want a cat and a dog get the tufted deer cuz it is both and they are for free will unless you could get one 😀

    Šhadøwstìñg FighterŠhadøwstìñg Fighter11 hours ago
  • I love fights of honey bagder

    Sadia ZamanSadia Zaman14 hours ago
  • Those nests were very common in asia

    Azfir the coolAzfir the cool15 hours ago
  • Me no problem I have electric rocket hahahaha

    Louise Ivan P. AbatayoLouise Ivan P. Abatayo16 hours ago
  • dauber wasp

    Femy GonzalesFemy Gonzales19 hours ago
  • STOP it !!!!!

    Femy GonzalesFemy Gonzales19 hours ago
  • The title should be 'The species you wouldn't have heard of' LOL

    AbheroAbhero20 hours ago
  • wow i never learned this at school😅

    minecraft gamingminecraft gaming21 hour ago
  • We love mole cricket we catch them in the Philippines

    Giancarlo AbsalonGiancarlo Absalon22 hours ago
  • I saw it I just ignored I see it every where I am Indian

    Nandini KempaiahNandini Kempaiah22 hours ago
  • What i see the title thats a mud you should see it if you run

    Si Bocah KetekSi Bocah Ketek23 hours ago
  • Me:Dint notice that i see does, dirt mud with holes Friend: lets brake it Me: ok brakes: nothing happens

    kyle balingitkyle balingit23 hours ago
  • It's either you run away Or remove them because they don't pay for the stay

    The Man Who Touch A LämpThe Man Who Touch A LämpDay ago
  • Who ever saw that Doramon episode when they drive insects with that handle in that episode they ride that mole cricket and save gian lol only Indians know this lol

    Mohan Maheedhar NerellaMohan Maheedhar NerellaDay ago
  • Did you just say dauber flies?

    John Clyde Cenia BerdigayJohn Clyde Cenia BerdigayDay ago
  • :) ok k ok ok k ok ok ok oko koko kokokokoko kokoko kok ok ok ok ok o ko ok kok kokokkkkkkkk kkkokooo o oookkok okokokokok okooo okokokkkkkk

    Nicole ThompsonNicole ThompsonDay ago
  • O I souldnt tounch uh

    brotherlink on a altbrotherlink on a altDay ago
  • That mud nest is in my bedroom,dinner hall, bathroom, even on my clothes

    RishuRishuDay ago
  • We have that and its has holes it look like that 100 percent

    fians playroomfians playroomDay ago
  • There are simular mud nests, these nests are made by swallows, the swallows visit a mission called Mission San Juan Capistrano. (Swallows are a type of bird.)

    Gifted Windy BeeGifted Windy BeeDay ago
  • it’s not true

    Dai SyDai SyDay ago
  • Dirt daubers we call them i never bother them unless they have a hole in them. I got a nasty sting from one as a kid . That still didnt atop me from crumbaling the nests.

    28 stabwounds28 stabwoundsDay ago
  • I already know what is a beetle i saw it since im todler Also me: but i didn't touch it and it didn't make any noise how did brightside know beetles can scream or whatever it is

    Zan tunguiaZan tunguiaDay ago
  • Nice intro its feburay not doing 🤔

    Hybrid_fatalHybrid_fatalDay ago
  • Bright side:dont touch this Me afriad of spiders:poke AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    bro and sisbro and sisDay ago
  • In the video picture I’ve seen that mud stuff already... I used to break them but there was nothing in them..

    WeakLink GTWeakLink GTDay ago
  • Great video

    Ayn rhys MonsantoAyn rhys MonsantoDay ago
  • Bright Side: You should run if you see it Me: *pOkE*

    Henlo qwqHenlo qwqDay ago
  • I don't see it.😶😱

    Mel VinMel VinDay ago
  • Don't scare me

    kop apple remixeskop apple remixesDay ago
  • Pls*

  • Hey bright side maybey do more vids of dangerus animal amd pilipins pla

  • A Scorpion fly has landed on me before I did scream

    Sharon AtwellSharon AtwellDay ago
  • ⊙_⊙

    Lorelai smithLorelai smithDay ago
  • 2:38 why that snake look so edited

    Freya GreenFreya GreenDay ago
  • It's in house for years

    Hi FiHi FiDay ago

    Milky AshMilky AshDay ago

    Jables LablesJables LablesDay ago
  • I broke it and saw larva

    Carla AbaoCarla AbaoDay ago
  • "not the Sydney Funnel - Web Spider of Australia" Of course where else could that be!!!

    Zach BaluyaZach BaluyaDay ago
  • Well in my country we always destroy it

    Kurt russell RomeroKurt russell RomeroDay ago
  • Well in my country we always destroy it

    Kurt russell RomeroKurt russell RomeroDay ago
  • use a flamethrower on them

    MaximumStupid YTMaximumStupid YTDay ago
  • The shoebill just a dodo bird

    melonmelonDay ago
  • I saw that in my house

  • Nice

    R Lajee PillaiR Lajee Pillai2 days ago
  • i see something on the red tide it was diamond helmet

    stirker ghost vdstirker ghost vd2 days ago
  • That’s literally just a wasps nest. You don’t have to run at all

    A Real CucumberA Real Cucumber2 days ago
  • So strange creature

    Dastin De ClaroDastin De Claro2 days ago
  • I use to kick them- 💀

    ViralThingsViralThings2 days ago
  • I've already destroyed some with my bare hands, and was surprised to see many many spiders inside, I felt a little guilty about what I did, a lot of hard work wasted for the little guy, but nah, it was abandoned anyways.

    cedgaming. phcedgaming. ph2 days ago
  • Just a normal day in Texas.

    Comments For PeaceComments For Peace2 days ago
  • Um... I see those Mud Dauber nest every year so it's nothing new to me so 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Bardock SamaBardock Sama2 days ago
  • im from england so i went to pakistan to meet some relatives and there was those nests and there was one on the wall we didnt even know it was there and whilst we were eating it just fell on the ground and about 10000 tiny insects started pouring out and my aunt is scared of insects ran to get the insect spray and sprayed it on them and u know those blue beetles it was talking about i saw one at night and i was screaming and my uncle put his slipper on top of it and the beetle was moving his slipper around

    aksa aliaksa ali2 days ago
  • Idk if bright side was fine or what

    Squeeshy BizzareSqueeshy Bizzare2 days ago
  • so did a scorpion and a fly just fall in love or something

    xXItzmehBriX xxXItzmehBriX x2 days ago
  • oof- I just don't like the look >o

    『Cocoa _sky』『Cocoa _sky』2 days ago
  • Me and my friend just destroy that things with my samurai toy and clean that things

  • Huh

    Sorcha MackaySorcha Mackay2 days ago
  • That is common in India I used to crush it with my hand . It will itch . If u agree pls like

    Joshua 8bJoshua 8b2 days ago
    • Pls pin

      Joshua 8bJoshua 8b2 days ago
  • We have that on home but we remove it

    Ma rkMa rk2 days ago
  • who else feels like a spider is all over them right now

    Henry GarsonHenry Garson2 days ago
  • Ertd

    Sangliani LangelSangliani Langel2 days ago
  • I see those every time dude!

    Vikas RajpootVikas Rajpoot2 days ago
  • We have that Edit: *me and my cousin just poked a stick on it and inside were caterpillars I think it's they're food*

    CheeseCheese2 days ago
  • I much more want the bleeding tooth fungus mushroom thingy

    Raleighjosemari DevillaRaleighjosemari Devilla2 days ago
  • We need flametower to get safe

    black pfpblack pfp2 days ago
  • Why should we run 😂😂

    Hari SankarHari Sankar2 days ago
  • I see that a million times and I dont run and nothing happen I just destroy it

    Shadøw PlayzShadøw Playz2 days ago
  • I saw that in my door

    THUNDERTHUNDER2 days ago
  • *cutely runs away from phone* Got away :)

    Neptune The planetNeptune The planet2 days ago
  • Why talking about this when i don’t have any of them in my country

    Nothing’s HereNothing’s Here3 days ago
  • Nature at it’s best

    Juan ZapataJuan Zapata3 days ago
  • There so many of mud holes in my house but i dont care

    Alan Walker OnelAlan Walker Onel3 days ago
  • I saw Taz!

    Cucumber FanCucumber Fan3 days ago
  • Well in the thumbnail theres so many of them in our house i thought its a cocooon iv been touch it before and cracked it

    katsuki bakugokatsuki bakugo3 days ago
  • red tide you better hide

    Joshua MinnerJoshua Minner3 days ago
  • I found these on the ground And picked it up •_•

    S5LBS5LB3 days ago
  • If you see a little sand on your yard, call the whole exterminator force.

    Win MyintWin Myint3 days ago
  • If you see everything run

    Red 3430Red 34303 days ago
  • Hello

    Isaak KarimIsaak Karim3 days ago
  • "क्रिकेट पिच की लंबाई कितनी होती है" ? 1Horse power कितने watt का होता है" ? किस वैज्ञानिक ने आत्मा का सही वज़न निकाला था ?

    AmaZing KnowLedgeAmaZing KnowLedge3 days ago
  • Seriously? Run? 😪😪Even a little child can break hundreds of these, back here in India... It's so common..we don't even care of it's existence even if its in our bedroom

    ArafatArafat3 days ago
  • hahahha i always "DESTROY" that😂

    abudar bettaabudar betta3 days ago
  • 😱 we have that like little blob in our curtain

    Raziel AndradaRaziel Andrada3 days ago

    Yae YoeYae Yoe3 days ago
  • I always use to see it in corner and edges of our ceiling

    Xx HYPER xXXx HYPER xX3 days ago
  • Pathetic. The houses at the provinces in the cebu (idk if its only cebu but,) in camotes island theres a lot of that in the house. Idk but its not scary its just like discusting when i kinda look at it. (my moms province) btw, just sharing tho 🙂👍 Edit: (the mud in the thumb nail)

    Mehryl Hope LabajoMehryl Hope Labajo3 days ago
  • This is an American guy that lives in city scared of just a thing that Asians have billions of in home.

    Coldy EnchantsColdy Enchants3 days ago
    • Literally Bro

      ArafatArafat3 days ago
  • we never have cobwebs in our house

    Niki LadybugNiki Ladybug3 days ago