Texas Freezing 🥶 May Be A Experiment

Feb 18, 2021
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Look up the weather control system name Harp that designed to do this type of stuff and see for yourself....like comment subscribe and share this video I love yall....
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  • We need to do this together

    Melinda JohnsonMelinda Johnson9 hours ago
  • I am sharing your story much love

    Melinda JohnsonMelinda Johnson9 hours ago
  • Experiment. I said the same thing. First thing came to mind was that HAARP machine.

    Q EmersonQ Emerson4 days ago
  • Bro idk how many more times does "OUR PEOPLE" have to SEE that this country doesn't care about US!!!!! I was just having this conversation w/ my parents around election time, about why do we continue doing the same thing off of false hope w/o ever receiving anything in return?! Serious question... HAARP has been used since the Vietnam war, that's proven fact! But they saved freakin TURTLES before human beings... Why, because they were BLACK! Thousands of kilometers of suburb areas in Texas had power... This definitely was a test run, expect & prepare for something major before the end of winter across the country... PREPARE!!!!!! WE HAVE TO STOP SLIDING ON EACH OTHER & UNITE AS A PEOPLE!!!!! 💯💯💯💯

    J YoungJ Young10 days ago
  • HAARP my man. Including in my country Puerto Rico and everyone there know it.

    Nissette SalicetiNissette Saliceti10 days ago
  • 🎯🎯🎯

    AmethystGoddessAmethystGoddess11 days ago
  • I've heard of harp,They knew that Texas would be caught off guard because it's usually snow free and warm, which make it all more suspicious.

    Katie maeKatie mae11 days ago
  • I got my vote on God's kingdom, Let thy kingdom come.

    Katie maeKatie mae11 days ago
  • There’s also parasites in their water system.

    Dante JohnsonDante Johnson11 days ago
  • I know people in Texas that have told me that they have put the snow in the microwave and in Sparks like it has metal in it. Also tried putting it in the oven and instead of melting it hardened.

    Dante JohnsonDante Johnson11 days ago
  • usworlds.info/slow/video/o6yjpYu9mJOCh2Y

    Dante JohnsonDante Johnson11 days ago
  • Yes Brother i live in Dallas the community where i live Pleasant Grove the temperature went from the 50 's quickly dropped to the teen's and and even a -2 degrees the utility company cut ofc the power saying they were preserving energy by powering a grid at a time giving people a hour and a half of energy i called home depot to see if i could rent a generator they had none for rent or sale i tell you this i know this was Haarp because Houston never freezes Galveston beach was covered with snow people were dying in the cars in the garages trying to keep warm and their phones charged this was a Haarp war tactic of depopulation control against' the people of Texas and could used against the entire planet if they choose to do do they did it in Haiti with a earthquake and in Puerto Rico with a hurricane there ate 17 Haarp bases around the planet i know there is one in Puerto Rico and Houston for sure i believe Hurricane Katrina and alot of the fires in California are caused by Haarp.

    Timothy bookerTimothy booker11 days ago
  • Amen

    Mary JesusMary Jesus11 days ago
  • I’m from Oklahoma and I’m use to snow and losing power but this snow was different I had to melt it since are pipes froze and it had the weirdest stuff in it not normal at all

    Amber NicoleAmber Nicole11 days ago
  • Geoengineering

    Corey BlackmonCorey Blackmon12 days ago
  • The news always be lieing. I don't believe none you cause all you people just want views so you make up these fabricated stories.

    Jonathan JolleyJonathan Jolley12 days ago
  • *HAARP* yes it is def an experiment. Listen to Bun-B telling the truth about how bad it is there.... Look up the 3D printed food and connect that to Bill Gates farm land... Connect all this together now. Amd he wants to block the sun? Wait till UBI rolls in... No food, no energy, no NOTHIN! We will be on our knees begging the government for shit>....

    CG From Hijacked RealityCG From Hijacked Reality12 days ago
  • Your very enlighten and very informed my brother, unfortunately it's alot of us that think this is crazy talk, but even the almighty stated that man will create things to destroy themselves.

    Amilli-truckingAmilli-trucking12 days ago
  • Thats our pple cuz we are a NATION!! Time to do what Nations do under oppression genocide domestic terrorism NATIONALIZE!!

    Pure Sol BeyPure Sol Bey12 days ago
  • POWER OF GOD G2G/ is an another informative video on this topic💯👍

    True2 ThaGameTrue2 ThaGame12 days ago
  • Biden has only been in office for a month. Why is everyone attacking Biden?

    Jerry PerkinsJerry Perkins12 days ago
  • People don't believe shit stinks till it the shit is on their door step.

    Ruth A DanielsRuth A Daniels12 days ago
  • Bro harrp is real!! REAL!!! US BROS NEED TO EDUCATE OURSELVES AND WAKE UP !!!!!!!

    Wendolyn VasquezWendolyn Vasquez12 days ago
  • Just Look ☝ sometime Man wants to be God Not only in Tx it's the whole 🌎 PaPaD

    Disinformation KeepcomingDisinformation Keepcoming12 days ago
  • I saw this manipulation of weather on a Tail Spin Cartoon episode back in the 90's. Peace!!

    BNK2006BNK200613 days ago
  • You gonna poke someone eye out with those fingernails

    TJ ChazTJ Chaz13 days ago
  • Man u right,u now your shit,the people in Bellaire, and surgerland,they have there own water system, and solar panels

    OvertimewayneOvertimewayne13 days ago
  • Yes it's true the snow did not melt when fire was put to it 🙄 nuff said nuff luv

    Danny spiceDanny spice13 days ago
  • CONSPIRACY‼️FACTS‼️ WATCH THIS VIDEO⏰ Don’t let your kids eat the snow⏰‼️🤬🇨🇦

    Eli DEli D13 days ago
  • Real shit

    Mrs. WhatleyMrs. Whatley13 days ago
  • That's my boi!!! The truth will set us free and we are perishing for lack of knowledge. Keep spitting knowledge and truth Mr. Duck! Yeeeeehaw we dun struck gold son!!!!

    Dorky darellDorky darell13 days ago
  • He driving from the passenger seat 🤔👀

    Dripp LutherDripp Luther13 days ago
  • U on point..frfr

    A Taste of the reality talk tvA Taste of the reality talk tv13 days ago
  • Bill gates is gonna block out the sun in June with a giant weather balloon.

    latoya johnslatoya johns13 days ago
    • It says that how you no june is there a date when they doing it?

      Woke WoodsWoke Woods13 days ago
  • Yah I remember a movie called, The Day After Tomorrow that came out in 04? It's a scene that a snowstorm hit NY and everything outside froze. People had to escape into a library and burn books in order to stay warm. .Sounds just like what's happening in Texas.

    NoneofyobiznessNoneofyobizness13 days ago
  • Cloud ☁️ seeding!! It's called

    Moroccan BeyMoroccan Bey13 days ago
  • Nigga you look like a skinny Rick Ross

    Dean McloverDean Mclover13 days ago
  • Then on the other hand in the mist of prayer, people all over the world have to come together ,unite is the only way to stop Elites, as that's what they are afraid of.

    Debbie anne ArscottDebbie anne Arscott13 days ago
  • I'm voting for you papa doc , is so sad ,and the thing is ,these manipulation and powers of elites are doing this behind closed doors ,not even president Biden , knows the everyday plans of these people.yeh it we truly in the last days.it didn't have to be this way,only Almighty knows the hearts of man. That's why he wrote ,in his words about the last days .do not be dismayed by what's to come. PRAY. Is all that we can do.🙌🏽🙌🏾✨💥🌿🌸

    Debbie anne ArscottDebbie anne Arscott13 days ago
  • Talk about the snow that took 15min on high fire to melt

    Radiant ReneeRadiant Renee13 days ago
  • Please clip your nails

    rebecca lamarrerebecca lamarre13 days ago
  • He ain't lying, the "warming stations" n "free water" places are all in the rich sides of town no where near the hood, this do feel likke an experiment

    joshua reciojoshua recio13 days ago
  • It was means to starve is, make us broke yes prices went up on everything, ppl homes got flooded, more ppl are homeless thanks to busted pipes Insurance companies are weaseling their tired asses out of claims. As a ppl we have to unite and get rid of the illusions of distractions and social class. Money don't mean shit if you dead and can't spend it. At this rate money won't have value then what will you do then? Less talking and more action folks..

    Far FetchedFar Fetched14 days ago
  • Don’t forget Saudi Arabia had a snowstorm 50 years later

    morris stanbackmorris stanback14 days ago
  • Houston we have a problem

    Mike MckeeMike Mckee14 days ago
  • That's correct my brother there is more to come. Everything is controlled. Yes the sun don't look the same no more. This is the beginning of the major population purge along with other mind shocking heart attack causing situations. New world order in place my brother. This is praying time for JEHOVAH THE DIVINE HOLLY GOD to come save us.

    Yolanda GreenYolanda Green14 days ago
  • He Throwing up those devil horns 😬

    nikes4444nikes444414 days ago
  • I believe that our government is using DARPA because how can a mostly desert like state get that cold I don't think Texas even get that cold naturally just don't make sense to me

    Wade ParkerWade Parker14 days ago
  • Don't know why I haven't found you long ago Papa Duck. but I salute you for being Awake.

    Peter VirtsPeter Virts14 days ago
  • It’s called population control they will get rid of us one way or another if we don’t come together

    Lisa McGowanLisa McGowan14 days ago
  • What kind of car u in an driver on the right side of the car🤯🤯 were u at

    cj802baynecj802bayne14 days ago
  • Why do you keep throwing up your hands 🤟up at the camera. I can't 😭😂😭🤣

    karmakarma14 days ago
  • There is a movie about this

    Tasha ThomasTasha Thomas14 days ago
  • so true , jessie the body ven show

    Money Up Records LLCMoney Up Records LLC14 days ago
  • I been saying that since I was a kid!! I don’t remember squat but being put in a room myself and a homeboy from my barrio they would medicate us and leave us in the room til school was out Monday- Friday for five years that happened that’s all I remember about school nothing else weird ?? But we should be praying for one another daily be blessed

    Philip JimenezPhilip Jimenez14 days ago
  • Pop open the fire hydrants for water..

    Ruben CruzRuben Cruz14 days ago
  • Somebody's world ends everyday. Why melanin folks gotta be fatalistic and full of fear about everything? Use the info to prepare. End of story.

    Qandid HateRQandid HateR14 days ago
  • Read the book of Enoch.

    MsNoble AdvisorMsNoble Advisor14 days ago
  • Okay I was freezing 🥶here in Texas At work, at home, pipe froze no running water. But I am a problem solving person.😂 Now I know what to put in my Emergency kit.🥺 What's in your emergency kit 🤔 Do you have a USB blankets/ USB food warmer🤔 I thought I was prepared with food water batteries etc. But apparently I was not.🙄 Will you buy it wholesale or buy it retail🤔 will you take a tragedy like what I went through and think nothing like that will happen to you are your family🤔 will you sit back in watch or become active in doing something.🤔

    Truthseeker USATruthseeker USA14 days ago
  • 💯💯💯💯 🔥💪🏾Now is not the time to sell your soul for 15 likes and 2 subscribers. FUCK THAT MONEY! It's only for those who are taking the chip. People are pouring their ideas and talent out for it to be stolen and accredited to a sellout with the "right" mindset .A SLAVE MENTALITY. Those who refuse to follow rules are the target. Fuq clothes,shoes,makeup and jewelry! They have plans to EXTERMINATE! Everybody go so hard....but scared to accept the truth.We have to stand up before it's too late! Because the SECOND we stand WILL BE THE SECOND WE WIN!!!💖I'm tryna tell y'all the Masses goin win this fight.💪🏾💪🏾💯

    Won UnderstandingWon Understanding14 days ago

    JonGabriel MinneyJonGabriel Minney15 days ago
  • When are yall going to learn these are satin disciples they've been determined from day one to systematically destroy us, gods chosen few, do y'all research they document everything, it's out there. Come on people these are the same people who have did everything and will continue to do everything in their power to make sure you never have a level playing field.

    JEROMEJEROME15 days ago
  • Why don’t you speak on the fact that while Houston is literally under ice Beyoncé devil ass releases a clothing line called “Icy Park” same time. It’s all a game...

    djroreed23djroreed2315 days ago
  • "if you can remember when you was in 2nd grade, that mean you been brainwashed going down the wrong frequency " that's crazy

    ShanukShanuk15 days ago
  • Here Here!!

    Rosie HinojosaRosie Hinojosa15 days ago
  • Somebody's light turned on!!!

    Rosie HinojosaRosie Hinojosa15 days ago
  • 144,000 stand up speak to the beast as spoken by Daniel the prophet Stand up Tribe of YHWH which YHGH is human flesh G is carbon periodic table I AM speak against Depopulation study of eugenics CERN Harp bluebeam planned parenthood flouride food air polluted monetary confinement and every form implemented purposely to destroy populations of the people being attack by wickedness in high places but I AM which is God will eliminate the evil one we have already 🤔 but we must believe🔥 focus our minds🤔 manifest victory😎 we will overcome we have already read be aware of what you take in thy temple including words doubt comes by hearing as well as faith🤐 because the spirit which is in you is the kingdom of God You Hey WaV Hey Gods sacred name but I AM in Hebrew is Eeyeh Asher Ehyeh peace is what we must search from within know thyself not from outward materialism status is temporary happiness and short lived but focus on I AM which is God 🔥 by searching researching discerning humbly glorify him in all things help those in need which is forever happiness and all is added unto you undeniable words🔥

    Antone BanksAntone Banks15 days ago
  • You are so so right. This only affect the Poor BLACK. Look at New Orleans with Katrina

    Torrie BrownTorrie Brown15 days ago
    • @Elizabeth Ezell it's hard to forget the past. The struggle of Black PPl and the mistreated of Black ppl today. I think we look at the world different. We look at the news and read different books. I just look at way the Jail System was built. Very educational. I think it was was hulu. All about Slavery. And money.

      Torrie BrownTorrie Brown15 days ago
    • @Torrie Brown yes we do and I'm all for difference of opinion for everyone. I just can not see everything has to be about race, how will or why people can't get pass the race issue most everything has to do with people of all colors we are human beings. Whites suffer as much as blacks you may not think we do but we do. It's just had hard to find work, pay bills, raise children, as anyone else. The riots in DC I believe that was a total set up When we get to heaven IF we get there I promise you there will Not be a white section over here ,black section over there, yellow or brown section at the far right.........promise you that. We need to stop this mess it's not all about them it's about the faithful, the righteous, the love of mankind one for another living in the presence of the Father as one family 🤗

      Elizabeth EzellElizabeth Ezell15 days ago
    • @Elizabeth Ezell so how did u feel about Organized riot in Washington. That wasn't by hate groups at all. We both have a right to have a different of opinions Stay safe 😊

      Torrie BrownTorrie Brown15 days ago
    • It’s NOT just black people get real just as many whites hurt as well, doing without as well.....so sick of the racial mess

      Elizabeth EzellElizabeth Ezell15 days ago
  • Stop praying?ok I don’t think that’s gonna help stop the conspiracy BS Mother Nature is no joke ask the 250,000 people who died in the tsunami 🌊 2004

    Sleeping HillSleeping Hill15 days ago
  • Thank you! I talked to family and friends about things like this and I'm crazy!!!! Be prepared!!!! The Government hates us!!!!

    Donna WilliamsDonna Williams15 days ago
  • I am a network Engineer and had came across a job listing for a CAM. Climate Activation Manager or CCM Climate Control Manager in Illinois by big Pharma. Bayer.

    Reeses PeesesReeses Peeses15 days ago
  • Earthquake hit Oklahoma 3 days ago ...I believe they're using, Cern Opening up portal's causing the climate changes an earthquakes

    Cindy ZCindy Z15 days ago
  • So what are we going to do about it??? We need a army!!

    The Real Q MackThe Real Q Mack15 days ago
  • This looks like a attack on the poor texans.And there is many reasons why they would be doing that to them.

    Abraham ValenciaAbraham Valencia15 days ago
  • They put it under our noses 👃 and we are stupid of not to believe it .. but they called me crazy 😝

    Superflyy EDDIESuperflyy EDDIE15 days ago
  • Exactly Famliy fr fr

    Superflyy EDDIESuperflyy EDDIE15 days ago
  • Why do u keep throwing up thst illuminate 6 hand sign

    Mrs ToUMrs ToU15 days ago
  • I get what your saying and you are right but there come a time when we must use our discernment also to know the difference because you are right that we are living in the last days and there will be tribulations and judgment upon the lands (earth) it’s biblical it has been other catastrophic events in other countries flooded out like rivers of water down the main streets ; earthquakes ; mudslides; wildlife’s etc thousands of bats in Australia thousands of locusts in Africa that happened last year 2020 .... and the floods are still taking place from last year up until NOW it just hasn’t happened in the USA yet !! Go and watch a USworlds channel called ( The two preachers) they show disasters that’s been happening and still is the last one I watched was dated February 13-14 th 2021 catastrophic events going on before Thanksgiving & Christmas and after just days apart back to back happenings !!

    Divine Rose of LightDivine Rose of Light15 days ago
  • Haarp. 👍

    Darrin JohnsonDarrin Johnson16 days ago
  • Louisiana was first now Texas who's next?

    Sheldon H ChamblissSheldon H Chambliss16 days ago
  • They been doing this

    Sheldon H ChamblissSheldon H Chambliss16 days ago
  • Interesting video

    Sheldon H ChamblissSheldon H Chambliss16 days ago
  • Real shittt!💯💪

    Edna SharpEdna Sharp16 days ago
  • This is the same tech they used for hurricane Michael. That was not a normal hurricane.smh

    ms jacksonms jackson16 days ago
  • H.A.A.R.P...Hey man I live in Austin Tx. and I have been thinking the same thing, something just didn't feel right but the only thing is out here rich hoods as poorer hoods were all in the same boat. Honestly I think the wealthier hoods are still dealing with no lights and water.

    Knowledge SpotKnowledge Spot16 days ago
  • I'm from Texas and it was a nightmare. But my lights never went out and my water never got turned off. The people around me were suffering.....people started helping and giving what they can. Snow has never stayed this long in Texas.

    Robbyn MilesRobbyn Miles16 days ago
  • Conspiracy means not to know

    Jhon GreenJhon Green16 days ago
  • HAARP been around a long time, damn shame how many people don't know the real smh

    Joel ShalomJoel Shalom16 days ago
  • This is real talk right here

    music guymusic guy16 days ago
  • I've been saying that for a while it is a scientist I can't remember if he's Japanese or Asian or Korean one of them he went on national TV and see it that they can shoot lasers to manipulate storms like tornadoes snow storms hurricanes people has been looking at me like I'm crazy when I say things like this

    Chaos gaming 731: PSN TAGChaos gaming 731: PSN TAG16 days ago
  • Yes a definite experiment! And some folks don’t have food in the house and EVERYONE has been warning folks to stock up on food!

    Live From the Ground!Live From the Ground!16 days ago
  • The. man is right ! It's who you vote for.

    cl ridesagaincl ridesagain16 days ago
  • Dead birds was on my side walk at my front door

    squirrel datzwatitdosquirrel datzwatitdo16 days ago
  • I'm officially part of the PC self involved

    Dtruth727Dtruth72716 days ago
  • Need that as ring tone!

    Nicole HolleyNicole Holley16 days ago
  • Nature and man come from the spirit. Mother nature is God's bitch she do what he say. Pimp.

    G1 RealerG1 Realer16 days ago
  • God is a dictator

    G1 RealerG1 Realer16 days ago
  • Become a leader/politician and make and make a difference. Tell the truth the hue of man is brown. We all come from the earth

    G1 RealerG1 Realer16 days ago
  • Even if we don't vote the people who go into office r gonna go anyways and they just have us vote to give us a false sense of security and they're gonna do what they're gonna do anyways so they r just manipulating us while laughing in our faces.

    Will KeaslingWill Keasling16 days ago
  • How about next time Florida have a hurricane and all y'all start running to Texas, we gone call that an experiment too

    Jacob FisherJacob Fisher16 days ago