Testing Viral Tik Tok Life Hacks! Part 20

Feb 20, 2021
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In today's video, Wengie challenges herself to see if these tik tok life hacks actually work! We will try to find as many popular hacks and challenges and try to complete them all to see if they are real or fake! What other life hacks have you heard that I should test? Love Wengie
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  • Triggered means triggered insaan

    Shabana ParveenShabana Parveen11 minutes ago
  • The helium balloon sprinkles were supposed to be rubbed with a cloth

    Santosh KumarSantosh KumarHour ago
  • Fun fact:balloon is magnetic to hair

    Filza StoryFilza Story3 hours ago
  • Hi wengie why cant you make more toblox vedeo please make more😇😇😇😇😇😇

    Czabrienne Anahiem WebberCzabrienne Anahiem Webber4 hours ago

    Heiress Syren AgnasHeiress Syren Agnas22 hours ago
  • wengie I love your cat soooo much

    Waqas JavedWaqas JavedDay ago
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    Sophia WorkmanSophia WorkmanDay ago
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    Negha VarsaNegha VarsaDay ago
  • These things are so cool.I am talking about the jolly raunchier

    Anya PatelAnya PatelDay ago
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    Son VoSon VoDay ago
  • Wengie do one on how to get someone to take the blame.

    John Hagood aka RXAJohn Hagood aka RXADay ago
    • I'm in a little trouble because life should not exist.

      John Hagood aka RXAJohn Hagood aka RXADay ago
  • I wish you would have more variety on your channel again, you only does testing tik tok hacks now. Even though these videos are great! But still... Some DIYs, hacks and room makeovers won't hurt. I really hope you see this. Ive been an of fan forever

    Ann SajiAnn SajiDay ago
    • Just love to make people happy by commenting and liking ur commentss!!

      Thomas. U JThomas. U JDay ago
  • wengie the clear things that they showed at the start are called glue dots

    Ananya PyarakaAnanya PyarakaDay ago
  • Can you please teach how to make your makeup please

    Afra RahmanAfra RahmanDay ago
  • Do another gaming video!!!

    Mix Of Me_AmbraMix Of Me_Ambra2 days ago
  • Wengie there is a hack on tik tok just write: how to make a sword out of a push pop

    ZozoZozo2 days ago
  • You should be a part of the band called black pink

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  • Girl im a 15 year old and im VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY Short

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  • I think the Jolly Roger sord there are some foil pieces that are too sharp I think

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  • I honestly forgot about you

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  • The 8th wonder of the world solved: how to fold a fitted sheet

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  • - - - - - - Shots number 36746354241

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  • Oh and for those of yu wondering the stuff used to make the first hack and stick it to the roof are called glue dots

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  • Haha i've done the first hack for years now!

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    The Spark in SistersThe Spark in Sisters6 days ago

    MA - 06SG 784826 Camilla Road Sr PSMA - 06SG 784826 Camilla Road Sr PS6 days ago
  • I used to watch wengie all the time as a kid like her back to school lifehacks and i just remembered she existed and clicked on this video and she has changed so much and looks so much more grown up. im proud of how she turned out

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  • Hi wengie! You're one of my fav utubers and pop singers, along with Blackpink, so... well I made a song, and we'll, don't mind the line distribution etc, becos that's all my 13 year old brain could come up with. I really hope you watch this.. Love❤️❤️❤️ LIGHT Jisoo: Sprawled Across the grass Under the night sky I embrace the velvet grass beneath Wengie: My spirits are high.. I see light.. It's all dark above.. But there's a Star! There's light! Rosé: I see light! Jennie: (oh oh oh oh) Rosé: The light! Jennie: (oh oh oh oh) Rosé: I see light! Jennie: (oh oh oh oh) Rosé: the light! Ohhhhh! Lisa (rap): (uh) When my spirits are down, And I need a crown, I need some hope, to help me cope.. I want some Bright light, It should help me fight, It should take me far.. Above, I see a.. Wengie: Star! There's light! Jisoo: (oh oh oh oh) Wengie: I see light! The light! Jisoo: (oh oh oh oh) Wengie: The light! I see the light! (Oh oh oh oh) Jisoo: (oooooh) Jennie(rap): The star gives me light, I can feel it.. It helps me fight, this light.. Imma give it m'all, it's fine if I fall! I'll get up back.. Rosé: Ill shine bright.. ill shine far.. like a.. Rosé and jisoo: Star! Lisa:(oooh) Rosé and jisoo: Star! Jennie: (oooh) Wengie: The star's light.. Jennie: It's bright.. Lisa: It made me fight.. Jisoo: And now I'm alright... Rosé: I've learnt to stand... Jisoo: Maybe you don't understand.. Lisa and Jennie: But, always at the end of the tunnel.. Rosé and wengie: there's Light... (Jisoo harmonises) Jisoo and Jennie: And that hope.. Jennie and Wengie: ..will make you.. Rosé: Alright! (Oooh oooh ooh ooh oooh yeah!)

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