Testing Our Crush To See Which Dog She Loves More - PawZam Dogs

Feb 16, 2021
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First Rebecca Zamolo and her best friends played among us in real life but with a jester vs imposter mod. After Giving our Dogs Crush Swimming Lessons for the First Time we thought it would be fun to see who she loves more. The clones or the dogs? Who do you think she will chose? Do you like them with their crush Frankie?
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Peanut and Blackjack's Instagram - instagram.com/blackjackandpeanut
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  • Who do you think Frankie our Crush likes more? Our clones or us?

    PawZam DogsPawZam Dogs19 days ago
    • frankie has a crush on the real peanut and. likes the. clone. blackjack more than the real black jack

      Shakeela IftakharShakeela Iftakhar3 days ago
    • @Rex_boy 2009 xdctr

      Serina LynnSerina Lynn4 days ago
    • Animation like Hunger Games

      Emersyn JacobsEmersyn Jacobs6 days ago
    • 6 ears but I think a problem that was hilarious when you did on Earth Maurice's hahaha😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

      Emersyn JacobsEmersyn Jacobs6 days ago
    • black jack clone penut the real

      Juneplayz10Juneplayz1011 days ago
  • Frankie hates the clones she loves real blackjack and real peanut

    Tala MotazTala Motaz4 hours ago
  • I do not like you 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    Travis BrewsterTravis Brewster2 days ago
  • Clone blackjack

    Chrissy longChrissy long2 days ago
  • Frankie likes peanut

    Chrissy longChrissy long2 days ago
  • 🐾🐾franky🐶 🐾🐾blakjak🐶 🐾🐾penut🐶

    Olive GutierrezOlive Gutierrez2 days ago
  • no

    Emily ReisEmily Reis3 days ago
  • Rebbeca I love your dogs

    Amber SwineyAmber Swiney3 days ago
  • Yeah she likes peanut

    HART LoveHART Love3 days ago

    Ramesh MehtaRamesh Mehta3 days ago
  • 🤕. How. you

    Gabriella SmithGabriella Smith3 days ago
  • I love you

    Gabriella SmithGabriella Smith3 days ago
  • Gabriella

    Gabriella SmithGabriella Smith3 days ago
  • Lex

    Gabriella SmithGabriella Smith3 days ago
  • Peanut I mean he's so cute no wonder he's matts best friend

    Abida SultanaAbida Sultana3 days ago
  • I think pin I think fhrink he likes peanut more

    Moto Kid 208Moto Kid 2083 days ago
  • I think you should get a clone of Frankie.

    Texas Panda KidTexas Panda Kid3 days ago
  • I think Frankie likes peanut more

    Adriana MedranoAdriana Medrano4 days ago
  • Peanut more she HATES blackjack BC she passed then peanut she kiss his so oo oo peanut

    Zak FulstonZak Fulston4 days ago
  • My dog is allergic to a lot of things

    Zak FulstonZak Fulston4 days ago
  • Peanut

    Kim ConnertyKim Connerty4 days ago
  • I think peant and frankie

    Ionut ChelmIonut Chelm5 days ago
  • Peanut

    Adna The GamerAdna The Gamer5 days ago
  • Cat

    Che-che NavarroChe-che Navarro5 days ago
  • Whos dog is Frankie

    Amy FrancisAmy Francis5 days ago
  • Lol I love this video 🤣

    Sara UwUSara UwU5 days ago
  • The dogs be in charge for 24 hours

    Ebony TurnerEbony Turner5 days ago
  • She loooooves peanut

    Bani Bedi Year 5Bani Bedi Year 55 days ago
  • Peanut

    Sophie DunmoreSophie Dunmore5 days ago
  • Hii! Rebecca just wanted to let you know I think someone is hacking you! I forget what their called but the picture on the begging isn’t of the video isn’t there on some of ur videos! They are disappearing

    Ava RamanaAva Ramana7 days ago
  • no

    Hunter ClackumHunter Clackum7 days ago
  • Probably peenut:(

    Isha GassamaIsha Gassama7 days ago
  • you should make a clone of frankie to see how the boys react. thats way all thr pawzam dogs will have a clone

    kermiit90kermiit908 days ago
  • Love your video. I think that you will enjoy my family adventures on my USworlds channel The Doherty Five. Let me know what you think?

    The Doherty FiveThe Doherty Five8 days ago
  • Peanut

    Gareth BrownGareth Brown8 days ago
  • is frankie your dog

    aymen qamaraymen qamar9 days ago
  • Oof the thumbnail hurts

    Ndidi UdeNdidi Ude9 days ago
  • because Frankie doesn't want to cheat on peanut

    Samantha WraggSamantha Wragg9 days ago
  • Did they buy frankie xuz i never see her

    Farida GymnasticsFarida Gymnastics10 days ago
  • She posted 2 times

    Moumita Afri AavaMoumita Afri Aava11 days ago
  • Aooooooooooooooooooo 🐶🐕‍🦺🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Bella BooBella Boo11 days ago
  • The thumbnail glitched

    My Life As NhiMy Life As Nhi11 days ago
  • Yay, she posted 2 times today.

    Jennifer Verdinelli-ViereckJennifer Verdinelli-Viereck11 days ago
  • I like how Matt said who did this then said that he didn’t think that Rick Noah liked blackjacks clone

    Brianna HumphressBrianna Humphress12 days ago
  • My dogs love peanut butter

    Layla ArizolaLayla Arizola12 days ago
  • is Frankie your dogs cuz she always their

    Brianna FischerBrianna Fischer12 days ago
  • This

    Justina FergusonJustina Ferguson12 days ago
  • you guys are all saying that she posted 2 times today?

    natasha brøggernatasha brøgger12 days ago
  • Hi

    oliviaOMGoliviaOMG12 days ago
  • I have a dog it is a yourkie I name her rose

    Meral ElmatmatiMeral Elmatmati12 days ago
  • I was saying awwww went peanut and frenkie almost kiss

    Sean sohSean soh13 days ago
  • Peanut

    stephanie petellestephanie petelle13 days ago
  • clon

    sylvia hsylvia h13 days ago
  • Rebecca is Lise Al lot but I stil like her

    Lawy DanaLawy Dana13 days ago
  • Frankie has a crush on Peanut

    james fittjames fitt13 days ago
  • Is frankie your dog

    james fittjames fitt13 days ago
  • Penut

    toca bocatoca boca13 days ago
  • 😂 I couldn't stop laughing😂😂😂😂😄 And I also think that Franky likes peanut more bcs peanut um well peanut cares about Franky more than food and well black jack LOVES the peanut butter wayyyy more then Frank (did I spell Franky correctly?)

    Kittycorn SparkleKittycorn Sparkle13 days ago
  • Frankie crush is peanut as seen in the child sneak dogs into the movie theaters and Maddie knows too

    Nsia PeguesNsia Pegues14 days ago
  • Was it just me or did anybody notice that Rebecca said welcome back to peanut blackjack and frinkes USworlds channel

  • Matt:should we tell him All the people:YES YES YES

    Cute BunnygamesCute Bunnygames14 days ago
  • I just got a dog and shes called sweet so I'm gonna soooo try this

    Sas HastingsSas Hastings14 days ago
  • Penut

    Kyle ReeceKyle Reece14 days ago
  • The paw zam dog peanut

    Amelia JepsonAmelia Jepson14 days ago
  • Rebecca I just got to say one thing your dogs are the most cutest things I ever seen I have a dog too he's a boy I think they would get along

    Sarahi ASarahi A15 days ago
  • I SHIP FRAPEA (Frankie and peanut)

    Gamerwølfie MwaGamerwølfie Mwa15 days ago
  • I love when the dogs talk its so funny and cute

    Samuelleanne LeclercSamuelleanne Leclerc15 days ago
  • I won't,Frankie so much🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶

    Summer BorelSummer Borel15 days ago
  • Peanut

    Alexa NeuhauserAlexa Neuhauser15 days ago
  • Frankie loves peanut because she is afraid of blackjack's clone

    Alister HutchinsonAlister Hutchinson15 days ago
  • Matt is being mean

    Ella PalmerElla Palmer15 days ago
  • My dog Love's peanut butter and my pig does to

    Morgan TrompeterMorgan Trompeter15 days ago
  • did you get a new dog rebbeca

    Kayleigh GummeryKayleigh Gummery15 days ago
  • Peanut is so cute

    lily2007lily200715 days ago
  • Sorry Blackjack frankie likes peanut better 😢😍

    Tylene GovenderTylene Govender15 days ago
  • Hi Rebecca I have been whatching for years but I could never subscribe I finally can now though yay

    Zar WisemanZar Wiseman16 days ago
  • Peanut and Frankie. Forever

    Averie TorresAverie Torres16 days ago
  • Frankie and blackjack are so CUTE

    Fatou DossoFatou Dosso16 days ago
  • The dogs are adorable 🥰

    Netsi PruittNetsi Pruitt16 days ago
  • ?

    ericadj24ericadj2416 days ago

    James Ian HironsJames Ian Hirons16 days ago
  • You should have peanut and Frankie be gf and bf that will so cute and u should have them do a date with peanut and Frankie so they can be a Fishel bf and gf

    Ava MarellaAva Marella16 days ago
  • frankie likes peannet

    Naseem GhafoorNaseem Ghafoor16 days ago
  • I love how the dogs have more subscribers than them

    Angelique ClemonsAngelique Clemons16 days ago
  • Who is Frankie is Frankie your dog or is it someone else

    Erik BrownErik Brown16 days ago
  • i love when maddie says, "Of course your by the pantrey" when Matt pranked her xDDD

    DorkyAdaDorkyAda16 days ago
  • 1 minutes early

    Rea BidajRea Bidaj16 days ago
  • Frankie was so cute when she had a date with the real peanut 🥰🥰🥰

    Its_RoseIts_Rose16 days ago
  • I like frap Frankie and peanut they make cute couple

    Yahaira Pineda TejadaYahaira Pineda Tejada16 days ago
  • I love blackjack

    Meg PetillaMeg Petilla16 days ago
  • I love 🐕

    Meg PetillaMeg Petilla16 days ago
  • I love des ❤️

    Meg PetillaMeg Petilla16 days ago
  • The way Frankie go around peanut😂😂😂😂

    Clean ProClean Pro16 days ago
  • I think peanut

    Joey CookJoey Cook16 days ago
  • I have a dog named Azula

    Minelle JamesMinelle James16 days ago
  • No one cares about blackjack

    William BlaisWilliam Blais17 days ago
  • Rebecca zamolo songs among

    Andy WoodsAndy Woods17 days ago
  • Matt love both dogs same black jack is so cute too

    sreedhar nlrsreedhar nlr17 days ago
  • I think Frankie likes peanut more

    Joan LamontagneJoan Lamontagne17 days ago
  • Where did u get ur colon from

    Alicia EvansAlicia Evans17 days ago