Tessica Brown Wishes She NEVER Posted Gorilla Glue Video: Her Message to the Internet (Exclusive)

Feb 10, 2021
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ET's Melicia Johnson spoke with Tessica Brown, who gives an update on the status of her hair after making the mistake of styling it with Gorilla Glue. Tessica opened up about her video of the aftermath going viral and how the sudden fame is affecting her, and she also reveals the celebrities who have reached out to offer their assistance.
Exclusives from #ETonline :

  • She has children🙄

    Debra SandsDebra SandsHour ago
  • No matter what the reason is that she did this, she should take advantage of the opportunity and do hair/wig/beauty videos. Who cares about the few nay sayers? You better go make that money girl!!!

    Angela ReussAngela Reuss2 hours ago
  • she handed this situation well

    korea eilishkorea eilish2 hours ago
  • that girl is crazzy

    Laila JohnsonLaila Johnson5 hours ago
  • 😂 first and foremost, how are you ? FAKE ASS reporter. We see right through you bzich. Trying to act like you’re nice to this girl when you brought her on your show for clout because her name is big rn.

    Dan The manDan The man5 hours ago
  • ok it clearly said don't put it your skin your hair I mean your scalp has skin under that hair AND it said Gorilla GLUE not hairspray GLUE!!!!!!! AND u could've waited till tmr and get your hair spray if I ran out of butter and I used a cleaner product who problem is that... And even tho you was in a rush wear a bonnet not hard 🚫

    Brooklyn LewisBrooklyn Lewis6 hours ago
  • Poor baby. I’m the owner of www.NaturalsBAE.com a luxury skincare and haircare brand made with natural ingredients. I have an extreme hair growth oil that I’m going to send her along with other haircare products from our line. I feel for her. We all make mistakes just in different ways. I feel her hurt.

    SendingLove HeartSendingLove Heart6 hours ago
  • Why does she sound like Jess hilarious?

  • Funny xD

    SolrakSolrak13 hours ago
    • What if it happened to you? Funny now?

      SWAT team gamingSWAT team gaming8 hours ago
  • People donating $12,000+ for her stupid action. I hope she uses some of the money to support her three girls instead of trying to glamorize herself more!

    GrannyRobbieGrannyRobbie14 hours ago
    • Yep

      SWAT team gamingSWAT team gaming8 hours ago
  • She said it all when she asked: who in their right mind would put Gorilla Glue in their hair for attention?

    Tony NTony N14 hours ago
  • She knew why she posted it otherwise she wouldve gone straight to the ER

    Nunya BizNunya Biz14 hours ago
  • She realized she had a problem a "WEEK" later...girl you got some schedule...poor thing

    royal diamondroyal diamond18 hours ago
    • You commented like 3 times

      SWAT team gamingSWAT team gaming8 hours ago
  • You didn't have the funds to "unglue" your hair, so posting it was your blessing. Now, the world knows that there is someone dumber than them out there and its Uuuuuuuuuu!

    royal diamondroyal diamond18 hours ago
  • I'm only 3 seconds in and baby...you IS that person. If you didn't post it, "yo hair still wouldn't move"...end of discussion. You're a lucky fool-be happy.

    royal diamondroyal diamond18 hours ago
  • Poor babies they mama a jack ass😂

    chris paulchris paul19 hours ago
  • Sad I can't say what I want to say cuz everyone's offended by everything. Play stupid games win stupid prizes. You stupid af. You deserved it.

    Vanessa PoulinVanessa Poulin20 hours ago
  • Well hopefully Tessica has learned a valuable lesson that when you make a public spectacle of yourself, its prob going to follow you around for a long time, and hopefully she wont be repeating the same error

    Aaron SmithAaron SmithDay ago
  • It is literally GLUE....STFU! I aint feelin for STUPID!!

    Rotten In DenmarkRotten In DenmarkDay ago
  • she needs to look at avani ryes idk how to spell her name

    Day ago
  • She a dummy

    Shannon JonesShannon JonesDay ago
  • you cant no say no guys

    Ben WkBen WkDay ago
  • Peel it off and your hair will grow back woman don’t go negative , take all the help girl . You need it. Shi was funny tho 😂😂✌🏼

    ophelia garbuttophelia garbuttDay ago
  • Splitting the hairs a little, making small holes, will allow liquids through to the roots to eat at the glue. Harsh chemicals will have harsh side effects. I know that lighter/zippo fluids can help loosen adhesives. Use what's recommended, follow doctors instructions, be safe in the future.

    The Cowboy Of OklahomaThe Cowboy Of OklahomaDay ago

    Aisha JohnsonAisha JohnsonDay ago

    Aisha JohnsonAisha JohnsonDay ago
  • YOU 40 ?????BUT YOU 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦

    Aisha JohnsonAisha JohnsonDay ago
  • Sorry you had to go through this. Glad you are ok

    Bill KuhlBill KuhlDay ago

    ShearElegance 43ShearElegance 43Day ago
  • Is there no cure for removing glue from her hair? There has to be someone out here/there who knows what will work. Please share. I wish I knew the cure. I’m so sorry. Doesn’t Gorilla Glue know what will take its stuff out? Instead of making that statement it should have offered a cure.

    dhitondhitonDay ago
  • Reading is fun to mental . Glad she got it fix

    Kpizzle PriceKpizzle PriceDay ago
  • We as females know many tricks and trades,maybe our dont always turn out right,but we live an learn.I'm glad she posted it,it shows she wanted help to get it out.Bashing what she.did isnt going to change the situaution.We have all at some point in time did something strange,that just how human beings brains react.No different than putting a cigarette in your mouth backwards, it was a mistake.Let it go, and do you,

    Vickie Wright-EvansjVickie Wright-EvansjDay ago
  • Well you put a gorilla and glue together and what do you get?

    Fred BestFred Best2 days ago
  • Real talk, she needs a hug. Everyone has screwed up at some point in life, just not in front of the world.Imagine how embarrassed she must be.

    dOLO True AsiaticdOLO True Asiatic2 days ago
    • I don’t think suing is reasonable.

      HOPELESS Ent.HOPELESS Ent.2 days ago
  • All people wanna do is hate. They even hating on someone who had to get sent to the ER.

    BriBri DazzleBriBri Dazzle2 days ago
    • They don’t want to hate they are mocking her lawsuit against the company.

      HOPELESS Ent.HOPELESS Ent.2 days ago
  • Just take the wig and live off your platform it’s up now it’s stuck! Not being funny but I think she should accept her blessings if she don’t want it send it to me I’ll be gorilla glue girl Frfr!

    Della BellDella Bell2 days ago
  • Vanity is something else. This is what happens when you aren't taught CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS. This was a dumb decision made in haste, nobody needs to "know" you to understand how your decision-making was just DUMB.

    D NealD Neal2 days ago
    • Exactly. The amount of "people" that actually feel bad for her is why the world is so doomed. Stupidity and ignorance will be the downfall of the world. And she's got 3 kids. That scares me.

      Vanessa PoulinVanessa Poulin20 hours ago
  • Poor woman. Leave her alone y'all! People act like they've never done stupid a&$ s**t in their lives! 🙄 Show me someone who says they've never done at least one REALLY STUPID thing in their life, I'll show you a LIAR. 🤬

    AwkwardAlienKaylalaAwkwardAlienKaylala2 days ago
  • but 9 days later she made merchandise 🤨

    uh zireuh zire2 days ago
  • Everybody is so confused about their lives,so sad to go amongst the stupidest silliest things to make yourself Beautiful, it's natural beauty that I admire,no fake nothing ...

    Tammarra MooreTammarra Moore2 days ago
  • “I’m not this gorilla glue girl, my name is Tessica Brown” so why she say gorilla glue girl on her merch page 🤔

    Nothing nothinGNothing nothinG2 days ago
    • the only standard a professional victim has is the doublestandard. See Jussie Smollett and Anita Sarkesian.

      Lord SmokeLord Smoke9 hours ago
  • You know what, I like you! You owned your mistake and you were just looking for help. I know it's easy for me to say, ignore the insults, because I myself have been insulted throughout my life because of my looks. It's a long story and I don't want to confuse my message to you. You're beautiful honest young woman and I think very highly of you for your honesty. Not everybody has that. Don't let people take that away from you, embrace it. Good luck to you sweet lady.

    kcorbiekcorbie2 days ago
  • Tessica Brown where was her caretaker when she glued her head she is obviously special needs and cant care for herself

    ChadChad2 days ago
  • this is a joke, she did something so stupid it was on epic levels. The media laughed at her but now they want to give that whole poor thing it's not her fault. this is what is wrong with the liberal mentality nobody wants to accept it's their fault when they do something stupid.

    Kakerot BardocksonKakerot Bardockson2 days ago
  • Fake news!!!!!!

    L. SL. S2 days ago
  • I bet you don't got no more Gorilla Glue at home

    Quin ChildsQuin Childs2 days ago
  • I'm starting to think some of you people are sad with yourselves so yall find people like Tessica to say bad things to... I was so traumatized when I saw what happen to her... I'm happy the glue came out. Oh, can yall stop with the corny jokes? It's not funny poo!

    Tyara GoldTyara Gold2 days ago
  • I hope she gets peace. I know she definitely didn't think this would blow back on her but with trying to point a finger at the glue company like they did something wrong seems completely ridiculous.

    John NullJohn Null3 days ago
  • Just wondering is her problem been solved?

    happpy familyhapppy family3 days ago
  • My opinion she a grown ass woman she should have know better, that Gorilla Glue is not for people/ human beings to be putting in their hair it's for I thought to fix something in your house not you hair. I just can't see that happening.

    Faye WilsonFaye Wilson3 days ago
  • Very knowledgeable person

    Sheik SSheik S3 days ago

    Shill LeeShill Lee3 days ago
  • She has my support

    Yo_fav_ TalandaYo_fav_ Talanda3 days ago
  • I feel soooooooo bad

    Christina GeussChristina Geuss3 days ago
  • I have to confess something which I really feel bad for. Of course I also saw the video where she got the gorilla glue in her hair. At first I was thinking: ''Wow, it's her own fault - how can you think so little before doing something like that?''. Me thinking like that was so wrong, after I saw this interview my point of view completly changed. I shouldn't judge people personally that I don't know. Of course it was stupid to put gorilla glue in your hair, we don't need to discuss that but the fact that I judged her personality or just her as a person because of that one mistake she did was actually stupid of me. It would be very unusual if she sees this comment, but if yes then I hope she can forgive me for what I thought about her. I learned my lesson, and I feel like there are more people out there that think the same way I was thinking. We should open people's eyes more, teach them something about moral before we teach them about math and science if you know what I mean.

    astucieuxastucieux3 days ago
  • What an amazing interviewer. Class act.

    Asa KhaliliAsa Khalili3 days ago
  • I still can't get my head around this. She actually knew it was glue she said she used it at Christmas, I wish the interviewer had asked what had she used it on.

    Ms MsMs Ms3 days ago
  • What the hell does this woman expect to happen when using industrial strength glue on her hair.

    MoeNight 21MoeNight 213 days ago
  • Kids were sitting themselves on fire and eating tide pods.....how is this any different? It was a bad decision but she made it and made it known on the WORLD WIDE WEB.

    Misty MoyeMisty Moye3 days ago
  • I'm sure every black woman has heard of ampro and eco styling gel and a blow dryer. It doesn't matter if you were in a rush or not, you knew better. I wouldn't even put the got2b in my head. You should've googled or something. I'm glad she got it out of her hair but I don't have sympathy for stupidity.

    Lexan's StoriesLexan's Stories3 days ago
  • The scary thought is she might have a driver license, scissors, or sharp objects.

    ScooterFXRSScooterFXRS3 days ago
  • Chile just accept it and embrace what is iisssss ..

    Navajo AucklandNavajo Auckland4 days ago
  • nice

    Kabita SahuKabita Sahu4 days ago
  • Try WD-40 or Soap and warm water. Soak the skin in warm soapy water to loosen the glue, then simply attempt to peel the glue off. Lemon Juice. Lemon juice can be used as a substitute to soap if you have sensitive skin. ... Margarine or olive oil. ... Laundry detergent.

    Santana YoungSantana Young4 days ago
  • I sure hope her husband cooks (if she has any) because I am genuinely scared for her kids. What if she decides to cook meal next with motor oil, because both say "oil" on bottle package?

    njmfffnjmfff4 days ago
    • Lmao

      Lovely TLovely T3 days ago
  • IDGAF this still funny to me because it was dumb😭😂😂😂

    JustandstillkJustandstillk4 days ago
  • Of course because she felt like a BIG idiot

    golga14golga144 days ago
  • Even though she did some stupid as shit she seems really nice but please try to be careful next time

    65playz ‘65playz ‘4 days ago
  • The this dumb girl is on ET who’s next ??

    Luis HernandezLuis Hernandez4 days ago
  • Thinking about driving my car off a cliff and filing against Dodge. Nowhere in the manual does it say, "Don't drive car off a cliff." Imma get paid.

    stealth7gstealth7g4 days ago

    Gloria PomaroGloria Pomaro4 days ago
  • Can we all agree that it was her decision to use Gorilla glue and for that it's her sole responsibility?

    BroEdBroEd4 days ago
  • It’s funny a little bit but everyone makes mistakes so I can’t blame her Iv slept with slime in my hands before.

    Royale._. diamondRoyale._. diamond4 days ago
  • Glad her fingers didn't stick together. That happened to me when I was trying to patch up part of a carpet.

    Aimee WardAimee Ward4 days ago
  • No one should had put you down like that my god bless you and keep your head up I m still praying for you

    Cleo CharlesCleo Charles4 days ago
  • I I’m so happy for you that you got you hair back

    Cleo CharlesCleo Charles4 days ago
  • Who cares??

    Jeff BaxterJeff Baxter4 days ago
  • ENOUGH with tessica already!!!

    Jeff BaxterJeff Baxter4 days ago
  • Baby girl you going to be just fine

    Armenia JonesArmenia Jones4 days ago
  • Thank God it didn't get in your eyes

    Armenia JonesArmenia Jones4 days ago
  • It don't give no one the right to mistreat someone

    Armenia JonesArmenia Jones4 days ago
  • Y'all will reach what's your soul

    Armenia JonesArmenia Jones4 days ago
  • God see everything

    Armenia JonesArmenia Jones4 days ago
  • I will pray for y'all

    Armenia JonesArmenia Jones4 days ago
  • My black people

    Armenia JonesArmenia Jones4 days ago
  • You supposed to lift a person up encourage them

    Armenia JonesArmenia Jones4 days ago
  • Its. Wrong

    Armenia JonesArmenia Jones4 days ago
  • She can get a lawyer and Sue yall

    Armenia JonesArmenia Jones4 days ago
  • Yall slamming is young lady named.

    Armenia JonesArmenia Jones4 days ago
  • Tessica Brown. Just. Pray. For. Them. Don't know any better

    Armenia JonesArmenia Jones4 days ago
  • Stop hating on her everyone makes mistakes we all do not of the best decisions I mean I do dumb things and regret it you do dumb things and regret it so what’s the problem when she does it??

    Unicornz_ UnicornzUnicornz_ Unicornz4 days ago
  • Y'all need to get it together

    Armenia JonesArmenia Jones4 days ago
  • We already going through a crisis

    Armenia JonesArmenia Jones4 days ago
  • Y'all. Wrong

    Armenia JonesArmenia Jones4 days ago
  • Yeah most of our black African American women in men's said hurtful things

    Armenia JonesArmenia Jones4 days ago
  • Shame on y'all

    Armenia JonesArmenia Jones4 days ago
  • All those who say those hurtful words

    Armenia JonesArmenia Jones4 days ago
  • Stay calm. . Don't let them take your joy or your peace.

    Armenia JonesArmenia Jones4 days ago
  • I'm sorry if I have got your name wrong

    Armenia JonesArmenia Jones4 days ago
  • And her name is Tessa Brown

    Armenia JonesArmenia Jones4 days ago