Feb 21, 2021
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We told our parents we were moving back with them...

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Mamacita (instrumental) by Mike Leite
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Intro Song: “Mi Razón” by Fabiø Guerra​​​

  • “ is she underwater or what” 😂sent meee😭😭

    mari Chavezmari ChavezHour ago
  • I knew you were Hondureño since you started speaking 😂😂💙

    Jhansi KingJhansi KingDay ago
  • Move to Oregon

    Jose DuranJose Duran3 days ago
  • Is he Honduran lol he kinda acts like my dad.

    Andrea RedondoAndrea Redondo6 days ago
  • 6:31 ❤️❤️👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 LITERALLY

    Vanessa FloresVanessa Flores6 days ago
  • 😱

    Jaslene CampsoJaslene Campso7 days ago
  • Omg u guys liv where I liv

    Jaslene CampsoJaslene Campso7 days ago
  • wtf @9:18 when you guys said it was 3:43 I was watching it at exactly 3:43

    Dayanara Aguilar AviñaDayanara Aguilar Aviña7 days ago
  • Is it just me or Fabio kinda be talking like bad bunny ahh nvm

  • We need more videos where Fabio can show off his acting skills lmfaoo

    Joselin RamirezJoselin Ramirez7 days ago
  • Lol Fabio talks hella cool in Spanish!!!

    mannylocs Sanchezmannylocs Sanchez8 days ago
  • La rosa needs him😂😂

    kat. launica28kat. launica288 days ago
  • *tells us to stop making a ugly face even tho we’re not* *afterwards* “you guys are beautiful!” bruhhhh 🤣

    jxxandrajxxandra8 days ago
  • Thattsssss it im unsubing

  • 🪒🪒🪒🪒🪒🪒🪒pls

    vanja ilicvanja ilic9 days ago
  • He fr got a Honduran accent 🇭🇳🇭🇳💯🤣

    Samuel DuranSamuel Duran10 days ago
  • I was so ready to do an ugly face Nd yall gon do me like that 😭😂😂😂

    LexissLexiss10 days ago
  • Did that just say 3.50? ~> 1:30

    Âłèx -?-Âłèx -?-11 days ago
  • Is Fabio hondurannnn?

    Diogo MatosDiogo Matos11 days ago
  • Rechacharon 😂😂😂

    Karina HernandezKarina Hernandez11 days ago
  • when they said abt the air fabios face looked like kiko from el chavo 😂

    Isabel VillanuevaIsabel Villanueva11 days ago
  • The ending. I’ve never unsubscribed so quickly!

    Stephanie RiveraStephanie Rivera11 days ago
  • I had to skip all of Fabios parttt.. I can’t stand his accent 🥺🥺😂

    AzucenaAzucena11 days ago
    • Whats wrong with his accent 🤨

      Adriana MejiaAdriana MejiaDay ago
  • is Fabio from El Salvador or honduras lol 😂

    rachel nunezrachel nunez11 days ago
  • No e comido tampoco 💀

    Blackpink BlinkBlackpink Blink12 days ago
  • Ugh mbn ! Y’all have such a supportive family ! 😭❤️

    Vanessa HernandezVanessa Hernandez12 days ago
  • Lmao can yall do my pranks they are so funny btw love yall😭💕

    Gloria RodriguezGloria Rodriguez12 days ago
  • Yall should try out Bakersfield i thinks is like 2hrs from L.A 🤷 because L.A is expensive

    Miss. Morning StarMiss. Morning Star12 days ago
  • Fabio is me acting like I’m in an actually show 😂😭

    Bella MartinezBella Martinez12 days ago
  • 12:30 had me laughing

    Lizmari FelixLizmari Felix12 days ago
  • omg Fabio is such a good actor😂 hasta yo me la creo

    Esmeralda PelayoEsmeralda Pelayo12 days ago
  • Love your videos

    Andres LugoAndres Lugo12 days ago
  • 0:22

    Sharon’s LifeSharon’s Life12 days ago
  • 11:00

    Sharon’s LifeSharon’s Life12 days ago
  • Not me waiting for them to get to 3 🤣

    Ashley MendozaAshley Mendoza12 days ago
  • Yoo you like naruto?

    Chase BrownChase Brown12 days ago
  • Hahahahaha

    Diana AlvaradoDiana Alvarado12 days ago
  • When the screen said is she under water or what I’m dead cause my mom be taking in her speaker like that😭

    Kimberly PalmaKimberly Palma12 days ago
  • Omg Fabio 😂😂😂😂

    Aerian HarrellAerian Harrell12 days ago
  • Me not out here waiting for the count of three like “😐”

    XposedXposed12 days ago
  • "Do u like that shit " " love that shit"🤣🤣

    Life with NaaeeLife with Naaee12 days ago
  • Rechacharon 🤣🤣

    Alma LemusAlma Lemus12 days ago
  • Fabio acting skills tho 😫okay Fabio should start your own show

    Valeri Romero callesValeri Romero calles12 days ago
  • U can tell they give all of there 100% to do Vlogs cuz they almost got a heat stroke god dam 😂😂

    Edwin GomezEdwin Gomez12 days ago
  • Fabios fake crying got me crying god dam 🤣 Lemi wipe my tears rq

    Edwin GomezEdwin Gomez12 days ago
  • y no e comido tampoco😂😂😂

    JackiewthejattyJackiewthejatty13 days ago
  • Instead jumping in right away into renting a house you guys should’ve planned ahead looking at houses before you actually move to Cali cuz ion know if I guys know this but renting a house is very difficult at this time

    Cris MelchorCris Melchor13 days ago
  • Fabios mom is sooo positive my mom would have given me el cermon del año

    Miros AguilarMiros Aguilar13 days ago
  • STOPPPP I CHOKED ON MY SODA with fabios performance queeee dramático 😭

    kacei ortizkacei ortiz13 days ago
  • Why does Fabio voice sounds like Bad Bunny

    micaela Chaconmicaela Chacon13 days ago
  • Fabio should be a actor

    Cindy RodasCindy Rodas13 days ago
  • You guys should prank your family that you guys broke up

    Denise P. S.Denise P. S.13 days ago
  • 😴

    Carlos CariñoCarlos Cariño13 days ago

    Kamila MelgozaKamila Melgoza13 days ago
  • Fabio sounds like Messi

    hector troncosohector troncoso13 days ago
  • i love his Spanish accent😭❤️

    Camila RodriguezCamila Rodriguez13 days ago
  • Fabios mom is amazing. My mom would’ve cussed me out and lot let me back home😂

    Oscar_ The_Goat27Oscar_ The_Goat2713 days ago
  • Now this is the meaning of true love 🥺

    Josselyn PinaJosselyn Pina13 days ago
  • Fabio should test Alex by leaving him and Pau in a room together

    Dariel AlvaradoDariel Alvarado13 days ago
  • i cannot 😭...we need MORE PRANKSS !

    Jayleen ArellanoJayleen Arellano13 days ago
  • Fabios accent is 🤩😩😩😍 😂🤦‍♂️

    Lili OsorioLili Osorio13 days ago
  • Hahah I did the face before 3 💀

    Beatris BarreraBeatris Barrera13 days ago
  • Mom: its aprank its a prank Pau: i knew i knew it Me: stfu u didnt know shit 😂😂😂

    Miguel CarrilloMiguel Carrillo13 days ago
  • i used to be a fan...... now i’m an air conditioner

    crazymad editscrazymad edits13 days ago
  • Damn Fabio is a really good actor

    Joshua ClaassenJoshua Claassen13 days ago
  • fabios spanish is on point

    H2OdrewH2Odrew13 days ago
  • Hispanic people who don’t even have to read the caption 🤣

    Juliana DiazJuliana Diaz13 days ago
  • Fabio is meee 🤣 getting in trouble for crying

    Jocelyn NavarroJocelyn Navarro13 days ago
  • he got a tattoo 😂😳

    brianna Lbrianna L13 days ago
  • No1 watches y’all no more💀😂

    Josue TejedaJosue Tejeda13 days ago
  • I felt famous when he said “Fer” because that’s my name😹😹

    Wsp DADDY CHILLWsp DADDY CHILL13 days ago
  • Fabio should win a Oscar

    Jonathan ZapataJonathan Zapata13 days ago
  • It’s always the Hispanic parents the ones that say they not busy when you call but always end up doing sum while otp😭😭

    Andrea CienfuegosAndrea Cienfuegos13 days ago
  • Pau has the worst Spanish 😂😂

    Dereck SantiagoDereck Santiago13 days ago
  • I really like your videos and keep up the good work and God bless you

    Sweat_Drift NASweat_Drift NA13 days ago
  • I just found you guys and your so awesome!!

    Bella the gr8Bella the gr813 days ago
  • Damn so Fabio also got acting skills 😭

    Yesica RomeroYesica Romero14 days ago
  • If ur pregnant got me laughing hard 😂😂😂

    Javier Botello Jr YTJavier Botello Jr YT14 days ago
  • you should prank your parents that yall got into a huge argument and broke up or something like that

    Abigail GuadianAbigail Guadian14 days ago
  • Lmfaooo good one Fabio😂

    Maria RodriguezMaria Rodriguez14 days ago
  • Pau knew it but she was also soooo sad 😂😂

    Genevieve McCarthyGenevieve McCarthy14 days ago
  • I stuffed my mouth before u said that so i looked dumb 💀

    Ashley Rodriguez CamachoAshley Rodriguez Camacho14 days ago
  • LMAOO y’all didn’t even separate your clothes for the laundry. You said black and yellow UNITE

    Wicked SpiritWicked Spirit14 days ago
    • it was like $5 for load and we didn’t have that many clothes that’s why 😩

      PAU & FABIØPAU & FABIØ14 days ago
  • hi just wanted to say God gave his only son Jesus to die for our sins, you are loved-John 3:16

    I’m just watching videosI’m just watching videos14 days ago
  • 12:35 😭😭

    Jennifer MatiasJennifer Matias14 days ago
  • A was really dead the part of Fabio

    Jazmin NavarreteJazmin Navarrete14 days ago
  • Fabio is so talented, love his music ❤️ stay bless you guys ❤️❤️❤️

    Patricia VasquezPatricia Vasquez14 days ago
  • Holy shit I’ve watched all the videos you guys have , a year ago today I’ve watched all them

    John RodriguezJohn Rodriguez14 days ago

    Mariana Chirino RuedaMariana Chirino Rueda14 days ago
  • Why do they look so sad through out the whole video

    A IPadA IPad14 days ago
  • I love you guys i am a huge fan i wish i get to meet you one day stay safe

    Emma VeraEmma Vera14 days ago
  • So fijate vos

    Xiomara AlvaradoXiomara Alvarado14 days ago
  • Watermellons

    UnreAlisticUnreAlistic14 days ago
  • I love you guys and you are my favorite USworldss couples and you are so so beautiful amazing together

    Fatima alshihheFatima alshihhe14 days ago
  • Fabios mom is so nice gives motivation to her son

    Baby Mochi uwuBaby Mochi uwu14 days ago
  • Central American Spanish hit different

    Salvi1481Salvi148114 days ago
  • Y’all need to understand California is 2x more expensive then Colorado everything is more expensive keep that in mind

    Jay V1Jay V114 days ago
  • You should move to south central LA

    Alan MorenoAlan Moreno14 days ago
  • Bruh is Fabio from Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic cuz I swear he has that Spanish accent

    Dat1fooDat1foo14 days ago
    • @Dat1foo that’s what the accent is from

      Justin MartinezJustin Martinez13 days ago
    • @Justin Martinez how do you know?

      Dat1fooDat1foo13 days ago
    • He’s salvadoreño

      Justin MartinezJustin Martinez13 days ago
  • Such a great actor the crying though😂😂

    Isra RIsra R14 days ago