Teenager SOLVED HER OWN MURDER With Fitness App

Feb 18, 2021
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Today's solved true crime case is about April Millsap, a 14 year old girl that solved her own murder with her fitness tracker app
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  • 26:17

    ProfileProfile2 hours ago
  • The fact that this happened on my birthday. A bit creepy.

    Jack AJack A4 hours ago
  • What about the phone fingerprints ..

    Lohane Da Cruz EvoraLohane Da Cruz Evora5 hours ago
  • It's so funny that after watching so many of these crime videos... Eleanor mentions "someone you trust like your boyfriend" and I'm just like NOOOOPPPPEEEE

    Wan Tse LohWan Tse Loh5 hours ago
  • You should make a podcast on Spotify, I would love to listen to your stories on the go.

    Alice CobleyAlice Cobley5 hours ago
  • I think because im an animal lover the fact the dog had to witness its companion be killed hit me differently 😓

    Shalisha MadisonShalisha Madison6 hours ago
  • You should check out Rachel Cooke’s case in the United States (Texas). She went missing while on a run in my hometown in 2002, it’s still unsolved 😔.

    UserUser7 hours ago
  • We had the Yorkshire Rupper to terrify us from walking home when I was younger. Was terrified.

    Will’s UNWILD Vlogs Channel 32Will’s UNWILD Vlogs Channel 328 hours ago
  • The silly rugby chemically box because bra oceanographically fry afore a normal protocol. painstaking, nosy walrus

    Shull KennedyShull Kennedy9 hours ago
  • I think the same!! I used to be everywhere walking alone at different times of the day now I’m paranoid especially being a mom now 😖

    nallely carternallely carter10 hours ago
  • Pie lady

    Oleg DubkoOleg Dubko10 hours ago
  • If someone is bothering you and other people walks by, pretend like you know them and were planning on meeting up. Then whisper that you feel you are in danger and ask them to walk with you while you call for help (whether it is cops or your trusted friend/family). Always better to be safe.

    maddsmadds12 hours ago
  • dude...the place I live doesn't have a police station closer than a 10 minute drive away XD The worst that has happened is a few robberies, so nothing murdery or anything, but that may be interesting to some

    Ruth BakerRuth Baker12 hours ago
  • I live like 30 mins from Armada and I bike the Macomb Orchard trail all the time. I remember for a long time after the murder there were pink ribbons tied on every tree and park bench along the trail in remembrance 💕

    JenniferJennifer14 hours ago
  • Your gymshark link isn’t working 🙁

    Nina TomaroNina Tomaro15 hours ago
  • I am almost the exact same person. I love to write, do good in school, am in band, and want to be a vet. I am wondering why the dog didn't attack the killer. (He might have I am only in the start of the vid)

    Callahan FamilyCallahan Family15 hours ago
  • i love your accent

    Cosmic SystemCosmic System15 hours ago
  • started running this same route for a few months straight, not thinking anything of it...well i get this message on social media of someone telling me they see me running. I think nothing of it until they started telling me what I was wearing, and some other creepy things. never ran that route ever again, even when id run people would pull up beside me and kind of box me in while yelling inappropriate comments and asking for my number. Please be careful ladies and gentleman

    Beautiful leavesBeautiful leaves16 hours ago
  • did no one hear her scream tho?

    Tammy kTammy k16 hours ago
  • the way she says nike 💀💀

    Tammy kTammy k16 hours ago
  • how does a registered sex offender live with a 3 year old

    Tammy kTammy k16 hours ago
  • i remember hearing about this. i was right by this area.

    oat meatoat meat17 hours ago
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    Ngo Tuyet NgaNgo Tuyet Nga17 hours ago
  • You would like super nanny 😭 you accent is so cute 💛💛💛

    undercover brookundercover brook17 hours ago
  • omg, u are so cute :))

    naniznaniz18 hours ago
  • I love the advice she gave us at the start, that was so sweet and caring of her 💕

    AshAsh18 hours ago
  • This case bothers me bc i’m almost just like April. i’m a 14 y/o girl who loves to walk in the woods behind my house. i even have a big black dog who i walk with. luckily I know the woods very well and if i felt unsafe i’d go to a neighbors house (all of my neighbors are my relatives, i’m lucky). i mean i even want to be a zoologist. its uncanny.

    Stanky Rat ManStanky Rat Man19 hours ago
  • If im not running with my husband (a US Marine), I run with ur family dog (a belgian malinois who is an extremely protective dog and is a trained personal guard dog)

    thelonewolf028thelonewolf02819 hours ago
  • I live one county away from the county where Armada is.

    Just Dev!Just Dev!20 hours ago
    • I've literally been to Armada and I had no idea about this case which is so wild!

      Just Dev!Just Dev!20 hours ago
  • Eleanor your advice tips for these young ladies is a great thing you are doing and might have actually saved a life or two. Thank you

    Jackie DavisJackie Davis20 hours ago
  • I love the tips. I don't exercise but very good advice.

    Salamata DialloSalamata Diallo21 hour ago
  • I watch your videos with headphones on as my daughter does her homeschooling... Thank you for offering a world that is actually less terrifying than homeschooling a child during covid!

    lounakinlounakin22 hours ago
  • Our village closed their police station because its rarely used does mean when you need them they can take ages tho

    Space DinosaurSpace Dinosaur22 hours ago
  • I haven’t seen any of your videos in so long && just came back and holy girl you look absolutely amazing

    Tiana NelsonTiana Nelson23 hours ago
  • Can you do Libby squire now there’s been a conviction please

    Rowdy Elite HaterRowdy Elite HaterDay ago
  • starts 5:20

    Tilly LorraineTilly LorraineDay ago
  • one of the reasons i watch your channel is that i can understand your accent absolutely perfectly because we have the same accent🤣

    libby hazlehurstlibby hazlehurstDay ago
  • why family with 3yo was living with a repeat sex offender? i cannot wrap my head around it. i don't care about the "relative" shit

    Zarina AhmadzadaZarina AhmadzadaDay ago
  • My mind is racing with Spanish Inquisition jokes

    EveEveDay ago
  • 🥺

    Dolsang TvDolsang TvDay ago
  • The weird thing is that at first witnesses didn't really see anything but once someone was arrested the whole town saw him going through an emotional rollercoaster in the park 🙄

    Dori roriDori roriDay ago
  • Nike

    Marissa CoteMarissa CoteDay ago
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    LouiseLouiseDay ago
  • I know this is way off topic, but Nike doesn't rhyme with bike. Theres a long E at the end.

    Fatal PhenomFatal PhenomDay ago
  • The fact that Penny stayed with her and lead people to her body breaks my wee heart 💔😭😭😭😭

    Melissa PetzerMelissa PetzerDay ago
  • People often think their little tip won't matter but so often it's something so small that leads to arrests or convictions. When people like this are in jail they're not hurting other people.

    Native NfreeNative NfreeDay ago
  • Was not prepared for the memeulous comment!

    Aaliyah BenthamAaliyah BenthamDay ago
  • How are they walking free you may be wondering? Two Words. White Privilege. White Male Privilege.

    Jojo \m/Jojo \m/Day ago
  • the beginning tips of your route were really nice, thanks for saying those things. I walk home from school and sometimes I walk to school in the mornings, and this one time I was approached by a man wanting me to get in his car and kept pressuring me to get into his car, I was told to start changing my route by my friends and family because of that.

    lowkey. dennyslowkey. dennysDay ago
  • I felt so sad about the family, they cared so much about her... And poor Penny, having to witness something like that happening to her favorite person

    Insecure Simp inc.Insecure Simp inc.Day ago
  • 8:50

    Emily SalomonEmily SalomonDay ago
  • And this is why I don't run or walk without my big dog, at least she can help out to find my body, it's so sad we can't do anything by ourselves. Rest in peace to this beautiful soul

    Carla RomeroCarla RomeroDay ago
  • This is so messed up how could any human being do something like this?! P.S. I should not be watching True Crime right now because I'm probably going to get nightmares :,|

    An Olly OscarAn Olly OscarDay ago
  • try to always have a friend to walk with or something (especially if you can carry something for self defense). being alone in public can be so dangerous to anybody of any age. its estimated that you will walk past 36 murderers in your lifetime. stay safe!

    d a w s o nd a w s o nDay ago
  • my town also only has two police officers😂 i’m not sure if they’re both full time or not

    Gracie HambyGracie HambyDay ago
  • You the British Kendall Rae?

    Talha HussainTalha HussainDay ago
  • Such a sad story and so sad that such a beautiful soul like April is no longer between us...may she rest in peace. :( It wasn't fair what happened to her and seeing that running/walking path in the video creeped the shit out of me...I was only trying to imagine if someone on a motor would harras me there, what would I do? It's really scary if you have nothing to protect yourself and probably, there weren't people around at the time of the attack. Somehow, I believe that it was indeed the son who murdered her because there was no sign of a rape...I think his dad, being a known sexual offender, would have never missed that chance(God, this sounds so wrong, I'm sorry!). But maybe, like some people in the comments also said, it was the dog(Penny) who stopped the sexual assault, seeing that she was partially naked (if I understood correctly). Does anyone know if the dog is still alive? Maybe they could try seeing how the dog reacts meeting the killer??? That might gave them some more evidence? Or maybe try that with the killer's dad...who knows, maybe it was him... although I'm 99% sure it was the son.

    Sabina LSabina LDay ago
  • omg penny 🥺

    Zoey LeighZoey LeighDay ago
  • Hi. Your vid was so instructional. I've been trying to research for a knowledgable USworlds vid similar to yours that really educates the stuff in this vid. 👩‍⚕️ 👩‍⚕️ The idea at 1:32 is helpful. Your video is like the vids of Doctor Ethan. Ethan's demonstrations are totally knowledgable and I really learned a lot for my wellness. Go see his USworlds out and give Doctor Ethan a subscribe! ➡️ #DrEthanAdvice

    alexandre bernieralexandre bernierDay ago
  • Imagine living in a “village” where there is a police/fire station but no one works there. It’s voluntary. We have a population of 400 something.

    Brittany MilesBrittany MilesDay ago
  • 33:08 "kind of like a memeulous" nice reference

    Kaela WilsonKaela WilsonDay ago
  • 17:21

    A PA PDay ago
  • Why couldn't the dog bite him? Or attack him?

    Aya MAya MDay ago
  • i literally was crying when eleanor said what penny had done, i just can't believe how sweet and honest penny was

    Lisamarie CathorneLisamarie Cathorne2 days ago
  • i cried when she said the dog looked for help, thats so fucked up

    Nurdia AzmimiNurdia Azmimi2 days ago
  • Thankyou for covering this I’m from armada and have been hoping one day you would find it 💖

    Bre MayBre May2 days ago
  • Where I live there’s only around 600 people most of them are elderly and related. There’s 6 firemen, 2 ambulance drivers and NO police officers

    lilsoapielilsoapie2 days ago
    • Well an incredibly long time ago

      lilsoapielilsoapie2 days ago
    • There’s never been any violent crime ever really

      lilsoapielilsoapie2 days ago
  • she was literally exactly me- i’m scared she even looks similar to me

    Lulu MillardLulu Millard2 days ago
  • video from hell

    Ada Jones FanAda Jones Fan2 days ago
  • Anybody miss the unsolved cases

    Becky FinanBecky Finan2 days ago
  • Ok wait did I miss anything at the end I feel to dumb to ask this but if james girlfriend searched his backpack and found a dirty hoodie with some sort of DNA(hair) shouldnt that be tested?

    IllustratingsIllustratings2 days ago
  • 1:42 ngl that accent caught me off guard🗿😭

    ELA CraeCraeELA CraeCrae2 days ago
  • I watched the episode of Murder Wall about this case just a few weeks ago

    MajeekaRevelMajeekaRevel2 days ago
  • Lucky she had that tracker

    Summer HartSummer Hart2 days ago
  • Could u do the menendez brothers case

    Heta ModiHeta Modi2 days ago
  • For real I could have easily been taken when I was younger. I lived in the middle of nowhere on a highway and I would walk that by myself all the time with people passing by. The way I walked was a complete mile to the end of the road and back. There were only two people who lived there one in the middle of my trail and one at the end of the road. Living in a small town where everyone knows you and your family so many people get a false sense of security for sure.

    Caitlin VieraCaitlin Viera2 days ago
  • The community of Armada really came together during this time, all around town you could see pink bows hung everywhere in honor of April. It was her moms idea as pink was April’s favorite color 🙏🎀

    Justine BJustine B2 days ago
  • My town is so small we don’t even have a police department we just rely on the state police if there’s an issue

    Sassy CasySassy Casy2 days ago
  • A great headphone option for runners is bone conduction headphones. They aren't in-ear so you can still hear everything going on around you

    Bryony BaxterBryony Baxter2 days ago
  • I have stopped running due to almost being kidnaped twice. Now I walk instead of running , inside Walmart or Malls. But Malls are becoming deserted due to soo many stores closing so don't feel safe going to Malls any more.

    Phyllis BurrisPhyllis Burris2 days ago
  • I have huge respect for the girlfriend.

    NeoTankNeoTank2 days ago
  • Can you do a vid on sana Mahmoud please

    Ska LaSka La2 days ago
  • stopp this is literally was my nanas neighbor they put pink ribbons on all the trees

  • It's so unfortunate that women can't do anything without some fucking creepy man possibly targeting her.

    HayleyHayley2 days ago
  • Take gender out of the equation, we just need to teach everyone to feel safe over being nice. It's just sickening that people, especially women, can't just go outside and not have someone harrass, assault, or even abduct them. It's just horrible. There's so much we need to teach people, and look out for people who do this shit...

    Yaoi TrashYaoi Trash2 days ago
  • me living in michigan and used to live near armada... 👁👄👁

    McKenzie SanchezMcKenzie Sanchez2 days ago
  • I love your accent 💕

    Charlotte EclairCharlotte Eclair2 days ago
  • Fantastic jogging safety info 👏❤love your videos 👌well done xxx

    Sarah HallSarah Hall2 days ago
  • I also found a tip on TikTok. It’s best not to wear ponytail while out running because it’s easy to grab person’s hair and drag them somewhere. So maybe consider making a low bun or something of those sorts.

    Diana KonsevichDiana Konsevich2 days ago
  • He definitely was wearing gloves and a helmet

    Kimara SibleyKimara Sibley2 days ago
  • This story just screams propaganda.

    Leslie KendallLeslie Kendall2 days ago
  • As a 14 yr old im scared to leave my house

    WhatareyoudoingherenarutoWhatareyoudoingherenaruto2 days ago
  • I wonder if the dog Penny barked loud & aggressively during the attack.

    Host Mo BerryHost Mo Berry2 days ago
  • It’s creepy how much this girl in like me. I want to work with animals when I get older, I’m an introvert, I like gaming, and I love to write small stories... I’m scared 😦

    Killua ツKillua ツ2 days ago
  • I gasped when you said Gymshark 😍

    Hannah GrohHannah Groh2 days ago
  • video starts at 5:21 you’re welcome

    Daisy GranthamDaisy Grantham2 days ago
  • Is it scary that I feel like I'm similar to her-

    Aidan ManuseAidan Manuse2 days ago
  • Warning 5 minute add skip to 5:20

    J&J DEANJ&J DEAN2 days ago
  • “Kinda like a memeulous” lmaoooo

    JoJo JaystarJoJo Jaystar2 days ago
  • I could never fathom murdering someone because they said no. SHE DIDN'T OWE YOU ANYTHING- SHE WAS YOUNG. LEAVE GIRLS ALONE WITH BASIC RESPECT.

    The person no one knowsThe person no one knows2 days ago